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Who’s that girl episode 4 – 5

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Who’s that girl episode 4 – 5 by : 8:06 am On June 26, 2021
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WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) …

Part 4

The next morning, Freddie woke feeling weak a little, he took his bath and wore his school uniform and hurried to school, on hoping to see Chad so he could tell him about his strange dream,
Getting to class, he saw Chad sitting alone he wasn’t talking or doing anything he just sat still, and he didn’t even blink, Freddie watched him for some time before, approaching him…
“hey man how you” Freddie asked but Chad didn’t reply he just sat still not blinking , “Chad you okay!?” freddie panicked shaking Chad but instead he didn’t reply, “what’s happening, Chad what’s wrong with you why are you like this” Freddie said but there’s was still no reply, all of a sudden, Nora walked in looking more beautiful, she was glowing and tempting, immediately she entered inside the class, Chad breathed in and blinked, Freddie was atoinshed , “Chad.. Chad are you okay now” freddie asked while chad nodded and said. “I guess, what happened you look alarmed” ..”you were just still a minute a ago, you weren’t breathing or talking or even blinking but immediately Nora walked in you.. you.. Came back to life.. I think I know what is going on, Nora is behind all this” Freddie said with disgust while Chad punched him hard in the face and yelled. “how dare you blame Nora for what she didn’t do ” .. Freddie was surprised but he didn’t punch him back because he knew this wasn’t his friend, “whatever she did to you I’m going to find out” he said and angrily walked up to Nora who was at the door talking to two guys, “nora we need to talk” Freddie said angrily as he got there, “boys ,out you can come back later ” nora commanded them and they left, Freddie held Nora’s hand and dragged her outside, he endured the pain he was feeling while touching her , he finally took her behind the school and immediately disengage his hand from hers and he couldn’t believe it. Nora was in tears the place he held her got burnt, it was like her wrist got burnt by real fire,..


all of a sudden the burnt mark in her hand suddenly disappeared.. Freddie eyes got wider as he moved back, “who is she? ” he thought and He took some courage and said “look nora I don’t know who you are or what you are, but whatever thing you did to Chad I want you to end it” ..nora frowned her face and said “I don’t know what you’re talking about”..freddie gritted his teeth together feeling angry, “oh you don’t know what am talking about huh, then can you explain how that burnt mark got close and why anytime I touch you the pain and shock starts, you’re not human and you’re gonna tell me what you are” Freddie said angrily while Nora laughed, and said “look Freddie i think you have mistaken me for another person. ” Freddie was burning in anger and could feel his tie tingling his throat and he angrily removed it, and behold Nora saw his necklace and gasped and immediately she started moving back and shaking her head negatively, Freddi studied her character and noticed she was scared of his necklace, as a smart boy he smiled charmingly and said “I know you’re not human, so Just tell ME what you are or else I’ll use my necklace on you and also tell me what you did to Chad, “..freddie said moving closer to Nora while Nora kept moving bak “where did you get that.. No.. No wonder my compelling didn’t work on you, please just stay away from me ” nora said still moving back.. “no until you tell Me what you are and what you did to my friend.. “.
Nora swallowed hard not knowing what to do but to say it, “I compelled Chad, he’s under my control now, his spirit is No longer in this word, and he’ll only worship me and do what I tell him to do, and I’m a siren, a nothern siren, a half witch and half siren,.. ”
“what you compelled my friend, so you mean he’s dead!!” Freddie said getting angry, so angry that his eyes got red and got tears in it ,

WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) …

Part 5

School was over that day quickly and Freddie didn’t hesitate to walk up to Nora..
“what? ” Nora said with her eyes all flared up
“please just tell me, you’re going to do it right? ” Freddie said, “I Am look you’re disturbing me okay” Nora said almost yelling.. “why won’t I.. When I risked that necklace” Freddie said through his teeth and walked away Nora watched him as he walked away from her she smiled devilishly and mutter to her self “don’t worry handsome boy your friend’s under my control and so will you be” ..
Lynn quickly shoved her notes into her bag and carried it on her bag, she watched Nora from her seat as she flipped her hair beautiful walking out of the class, and immediately Lynn followed her, without Nora’s knowledge, Nora majestically walked out of the school compound but unfortunately Freddie’s necklace fell from her bag without her knowing and immediately she went farther, Lynn picked it up and took it home..


/> Freddie got home lost in thought, “I hope Nora fix chad” he thought and sighed heavily, fred was hungry but he couldn’t eat he thought about all this staring at the wall, he left his food untouched and went to his room, he laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling..
Lynn, in her own room could be seen wearing sweats pants and a blue T-shirt she held Freddie’s necklace and stared at it suspiciously she kept spacing out in her room biting her lips, “what’s Nora up to? Who is she anyway?why did Freddie handed his necklace to her? Why did Freddie seems so weak?why is Chad acting weird?and why was there a burnt mark on Nora’s wrist after touching fred’s Necklace” Lynn asked no one in particular “hmm I’m going to find out everything about you Nora just wait and see Lynn said before she head downstairs to eat dinner putting the necklace into her bag again.

Nora appeared in front of a big ocean smiling she held her bag firmly as she walked into the water slowly, as the water touched her legs her eyes turned to a perfect blue her nails grew longer her uniform transformed into a white straight gown and her hair grew longer and turned from black to pure red, as she got deep down in the water her legs transformed into a beautiful glowing green tail and suddenly the white gown disappeared exposing her Bre*st , Nora swam futhur and farther with full speed making bubbles trail behind her. .

Few minutes later Nora stood in front of a beautiful woman sitting in a chair that looks like a throne who’s known to be the queen and other beautiful sirens [Male & Female]. “mother” Nora called with happiness in her voice and approached the queen.. “Noraline, my beautiful daughter How was school today” the queen asked and Nora smiled devilishly and said “it was the best.. ”
“mother we Donna have time to waste, just ask already I’m impatient and so are all of us” Nina the first daughter and Nora’s older sister.. “yes mother we do not have time to wait” Nika the third daughter and also second to the last of the queen daughters who were four in number.

Nina,Nija,Nika,and Nora..
“hmm.. Okay I can see you guys are impatient so my beautiful princess have you done what I asked you to do, ” the queen asked while Nora smiled devilishly and said..
“yes..mother.. I’ve got one he’s under me and in the spiritual realm his name is Chad and the other one whom I just captured today”
“today! I thought you would have captured the second one a long time ago” the queen said
“actually.. Mother.. He was actually protected by the numbania necklace..” Nora explained and the queen’s face and all of everyone’s striked with fear,”the Numbania necklace!!” the queen repeated shaking in fear, “yes” Nora replied. “but don’t worry mother he’s no longer protected by it I took it from him already and now hell awaits him ..” Nora added making everyone at ease..
“good.. Girl.. After destroying the numbania we will get your second sailor ready. Bring forth the numbania” the queen said with disgust. “yes mother” Nora replied and swam to her bag unzipped it and searched for the necklace but she couldn’t see it “oh no” she gasped and the queen ask “what’s wrong”
“I cant find the numbania mother.. ” Nora panicked.. What if Freddie took it back without my knowledge then we’re all doomed. Nora thought ..
“no.. No.. Try summoning the boy’s spirit if he appears here he’s not with the necklace but if he doesn’t he is.. ” the queen suggested and Nora nodded and moved to a place where skeletons of fish were floating in the water..
“Freddie.. Freddie Mercury.. Freddie!!!!
Freddie could be seen in his room sleeping peacefully but few minutes later he started sweating And water started coming out of his mouth and he was vibrating..

(okay guys let me tell you what Nora and her sirens troops are up to, every year each princess must deliver two spirit, [males] to the siren god and after that they receive excess power of a life time


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