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Who’s that girl episode 15 – 16

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Who’s that girl episode 15 – 16 by : 3:40 pm On July 2, 2021
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WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) …

Part 15

“i just had a feeling it’s over.. For now ” Nora said to Freddie
“so did she like give up ” Freddie asked..
“no Fred. My mother doesn’t give up that easily she might have stop now, but she’s not going to stop hunting you, I mean us.. She must have find out we did the bonding and will try to kill us both ” Nora explained
“wait.. Your mom will kill you?” Freddie asked
“oh yes. She’s my mom for you ” Nora said while Freddie sighed.. “I have to go now” nora said. Freddie didn’t want her to leave he’s actually enjoying her company
“well it’s true you better go it’s getting late my parents would be home any minutes and they’d probably Want to check on me anyway” Freddie said while Nora smiled beautifully and said “okay see you In school tomorrow but trust me you won’t even feel alone just sleep tight” Nora said and with a blink of an eye she vanishes into thin air..
Freddie sighed and laid back on his bed, Nora was right he still felt like she was still here he didn’t feel alone he smiled to himself thinking about her..
Nora appeared on her bed and smiled her room was dark.. Without any light or candles only the beam of the moonlight her room is always dark..
She turned to her side and grabbed a hold of her pillow.. She still felt Freddie’s presence, she closed her eyes and smiles but later falls asleep.. She could feel her love growing deep down inside her heart for Freddie..

The next day Freddie woke up and so did everyone else he got ready for school feeling great as ever, as he brushed his hair he noticed his hair has become darker and more soft and his skin, so smooth..
As he walked in school everyone stared at him like they’ve never seen him before he looked more handsome than ever he didn’t notice his midnight eyes and pink lips his skin was kind of glowing..
He walked in class and all the girls just paused and stared at him he walked up to his seat and sat down, he greeted Chad but Chad just stared at me
“okay dude you’re freaking me out” Freddie said and laughed nervously
“dude.. You’re. ..how can I put this.. Um..didnt you notice the people staring at you, you look more handsome what’s the secret man, introduce me ” Chad said and laughed making Freddie laugh also..
“okay.. You’re just saying things.. I feel totally the same just noticed my hair got more darker that’s all ” Freddie said
“hmm but whatever you’re doing keep it up okay” Chad said while Freddie rolled his eyes..


then Lynn walked in with her hands folded she sighted Freddie and gasped..

‘whoa what happened to Freddie he look so beautiful’ she thought and smiled.. Freddie noticed her gaze on him from the front of the class and immediately removed his eyes, she Held her bag firmly and approached him
“good morning Freddie you’re looking smoking hot ” she said and gasped at her straight words.
“well thanks…i guess” he said and smiled..
“I brought your necklace” Lynn said while Freddie smiled and said “great” Lynn reciprocated the smile and handed the necklace to him after bringing it out from her bag
“thanks” he saYs”
“you’re welcome” Lynn said and walked happily to her seat..
Just then nora walked in class looking beautiful as ever..freddie suddenly felt happy seeing her same for Nora she felt more alive and happy seeing him..
“good morning” Nora said immediately she sat down
“morning to u too” Freddie replied and they both smiled staring at each other..
“I’m over here thanks for noticing ” Chad said sarcastically while Nora laughed and said “oh sorry, good morning”
“well am not telling you good morning too incase you’re expecting that” Chad said and Freddie and Nora laughed together, Lynn noticed and looked at them she suddenly became jealous… So she got up from her seat and moved to a seat beside Chad but Chad didn’t notice including Nora and Freddie..
Freddie turned to Chad and said “Chad I want you to have my necklace again I don’t need it ”
“really have you guys done the bonding stuff or whatever you told me ” Chad said and they both nodded..
bonding?? Lynn thought..
Freddie zipped his bag open and took out the necklace but immediately threw it on Chad’s body.. “what?” Chad panicked looking at Freddie..
“I can’t touch it. It hurts but I don’t understand why can’t I touch it.. I touched it seconds ago and nothing happened but now that I touched it, it feels like tiny fire ants are trying to rip my skin apart” Freddie explained
Nora sighed and clasped her hands with Freddie and cooled the pain, Freddie breathed while Nora said…
“I told you before Freddie as Long as you are bonded with me the pain I feel you feel it too and the numbania necklace is a great treat to us and so it will be to you too you’re a part of me now ” ..
“what?? ” Lynn yelled from her seat and they all turned to her directions..


THAT GIRL? … (18+) …

Part 16

“what do you mean by you’re a part of me now” Lynn said referring to Nora..
“look Lynn just shut up and go back to your seat” Chad said while Lynn Gave him a glare..
“what did you do to Freddie, Fred what happened to you ” Lynn said with a soft voice..
“it’s none of your business okay” Freddie said and Lynn gasped and angrily walked to her seat with her hands folded across her chest..
Morning work started As their math teacher walked in and told them to solve some random math he wrote on the bed and everyone started solving it.
While solving it Nora started feeling awkward she was getting a hint of something just then she heard her mother’s voice calling her and she knew her mother was about to mind communicate with her..

“are you feeling that” Nora asked Freddie
“yeah and I heard your name who’s that and what’s happening ” Freddie asked
“it’s my mother she wants to mind communicate with me and you’re going To be there also ” she said and Freddie nodded nervously
“here hold my hand” Nora said and Freddie did “close your eyes and breath” Nora said again and Freddie did so.. And suddenly he saw himself in a red empty room with Nora a very beautiful woman and three girls who were damn identical and who looks so much like nora, you can’t know who’s who….
“I said it she did a bonding with the human boy” Nina the first daughter said..

“Nora I can’t believe your stupidness can reach up to this level how can you do this” the queen said
“I’ve done it and there’s no going back ” Nora Said boldly making Freddie breath a little cause no matter how beautiful her sisters and mother is they still look scary
“well you’ve left me no choice honey am going to kill you” the queen said threateningly
“I know mother, you’re free to kill me but am not giving up easily you know.. You’re just a siren but am a siren and a witch so I don’t think you can bring me down easily ” Nora said and Freddie gasped at her boldness..

“speaking of witches Nora, your sister Nina just killed her so are you going to stand there or bid her to hell” the queen said and Nora gasped. .
“you killed granny, ” Nora yelled while Nina smiled and said
“yes sis I killed that old hag cause she’s a bad influence on you”
Nora was boiling in anger that her hair turned red including Freddie’s hair but he didn’t notice..
She looked at Nina with her deadly eyes and Nina begin to choke on Her own breath .. The queen immediately used her eyes to make a shield for Nina so her sister wouldn’t choke her to death..
This is just the beginning mother ” Nora threatens and the queen laughed and so did her sisters except Nika, second to the last.. Who looked Nora in a way that says
“I’m sorry”
Nora nodded and then held Freddie’s hand and then they both came back to reality..

“okay everyone submit your book” the math teacher said and everyone went to submit their note on his table..
“what just happened to of you just went silent all of a sudden” Chad said.. And Freddie gave him a look and immediately he knew something was wrong..
“I have to go” Nora said
“why but your mother she’ll kill you ” Freddie pured
“I know Freddie you can’t win without a fight, they killed gran Lian and I will make sure she feels my wrath” Nora said
“but there’s one of you and four of them ” Freddie yanked
“no my sister will help me I trust her, Freddie please just trust me on this one ” Nora said while Freddie sighed and nodded..
Nora stood up to go outside when Lynn shouted..
“Mr Sydney Nora’s going out without your permission”
“seriously Lynn? ” Chad said quietly while Lynn eyes him
“stop right there Ms Ephron ” Sydney Says and Nora sighed with everyone attention on her, she was running out of time
Nora sighed and said some incantationions under breath and everything paused No one moved or breath or even blink except Lyn Freddie and Chad..

“whao what happened” Lynn panicked..
“I stopped time ” nora said and was about to head out the door when Freddie stopped her and walked close to her, he stood close to her and held her hand
“be careful out there ” he said and surprised everyone by klzzing her and Lynn almost passed out while Chad just watched in anticipation
“thanks” Nora said and as they disengaged..

“I have to go now” Nora said
“but who’s going to unfreeze all this people and time” Freddie askes
“you are remember you’re a part of you can do anything I can just do it ” Nora said and immediately disappeared..
Freddie turned to the class he closed his eyes and breathes and then everyone came back to life..
“I did it” he said and smiled..

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