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Who is my father batch 3

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Who is my father batch 3 by : 9:09 pm On March 3, 2021
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Who is my father?
Episode 5
“She’s awake! You can come in” the nurse said.
“Feyi!” the feminine voice exclaimed.
I managed to open my eyes.
My eyes suffered from dizziness and blurred vision. My eyes glued together but I forced in open.
Sis Tara!
She looked beautiful,ravishing and dazzling.
She is very brilliant and creative. She’s a whizz in Public Relation and Advertising back in school.
She had her hair waved. She never ceased to flaunt her elegant image irresistibly.
How did she got there? Who gave her the address?
I envisaged that I will die!
But I didn’t!
I was befuddled by the whole event. A sense of curiosity gripped me.
She bent forward and planted a klzz on my forehead.
I smiles wryly. I don’t want her get into my issues. In short,I don’t like Christian sisters.
“Gossips specialist” I concluded.
“How are you feeling now?”
I felt like uttering a word,but my tummy rumbled again. I just nodded like an agama lizard.
“Are you okay?” She shook me.
I gesticulated to my stomach. She dashed out for the doctor.
“Doctor Femi” she shouted.
“What’s the name ma?. Tara right?” Doctor Femi asked.
“Tara…Omotara” Sis Tara confirmed.
I eavesdropped on their conversation.
Doctor Femi continued “Who is she to you?”
“My..My…sis..Sister” She stammered.
She called me her sister!
I was surprised!
That was the least I expected from her.
My last encounter with a Christian sister was very embarrassing. Very embarrassing!
The sister was a course mate. Moreover,she’s an hostel mate(Queen Bee Hostel) .
She was privileged to be in my group during a course we offered then.
I thought I could confide in her.
I told her everything about me.
I told her about my relationship status,my encounter with guy and about my father.
“I heard Feyi is dating someone old enough to be her father”
“Do you believe Feyi is no longer a virgin?”
“She’s a cheap girl”
“She combined libido with brain”
“Oh! Only God knows if those grades she had are not purchased s£×ually.”
It spread insidiously.!
“For the fact that I told you my secret doesn’t give you the utmost audacity to give it a massive widespread.” I confronted her spontaneously.
“You don’t have a pleasant story. Do you?”
It sank deeply into my heart!
It infuriated me even more.
“I do” I retorted back.
Since then,I’ve vowed not to trust anyone not even sis Tara.
But I’m seeing a different Christian sister here. Playing a vital role in my life.
“Are you sure?” The doctor asked her again.
“Very sure” said Tara clearing her throat.
“She’s pregnant!” Doctor Femi announced.
I fixed my gaze on the portrait of a mother carrying her baby on the wall.
Pregnant! I grinned!
Not because I was happy but how unfortunate I am.
“Pregnant?” Sis Tara questioned.
Her voice was really audible!
“Yes! Three months gone” Doc. Femi replied affirmatively.
“I’m afraid the foetus is not in a good condition”
I made a move to stand up but the pain in my back was excruciating.
I heard their footsteps in the corridor. I presumed she’s coming back.
She came in!
“Sorry I took a while” she apologised with her teeth grinning.
I pointed at a chair for her to sit.
“You haven’t told me how I got here” I muttered.
“I think I’m a God sent” she teased.
I giggled!
“Tobi actually gave me the details. He said two hefty men asked after you that day. He said he peeped through the window when they forced you out of the compound.” Sis Tara said.
Tobi! That wonderful boy!
“Remember I called you concerning a published post about you. The headlines says ‘TUNJI WILLIAMS MOLESTED HIS DAUGHTER,FEYI KUTI’…” She continued.
“I vaguely remember!” I exclaimed.
“I informed the police and we began the search. Those culprit has been arrested. They’ve also started a thorough investigation on this case.”
“Thank you sis Tara!”
“The Lord made it possible. Grace found you! Grace availed for you! And I know HE just started HIS good deeds in your life” she seasoned me with words.
I smiled widely showcasing my striking teeth but she didn’t.
“We found your mum’s corpse”
My eyes dilated!
Tears welled up in my eyes. I blinked back my tears.
“You don’t need it my dear” She consoled patting my shoulder.
“You’re pregnant!” She announced breaking the silence.
“You are! The doctor test confirmed that.”
“Who’s the Father?”

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