Who is my father Batch 2

Who is my father
Episode 3
I was strangled by the neck,I felt a textile made with cotton on my face.
I screamed!
A hand covered my mouth and blocked my nostril.
Before I knew it,I was led out of the house. I wanted to shriek out for help, but my mouth had been covered.
My tummy rumbled again. I can’t hold it this time around.
I was huffing and puffing.
The miscreants jumped into the car and made a dash for it.
The car slowed down and I realised we’ve reached a checkpoint, my expectations were high.
“I’m free” I marvelled in my heart.
“Oga, how you dey naa?” The driver hailed.
I didn’t hear what the officer’s reply was.
The driver turned the ignition on and we drove off.
My heart sank deeply.
I was sweating profusely,I was breathing uncontrollably.
“Remove the cloth” a voice ordered.
I glanced through the walls of the room. It looked like a typical bachelor’s room. I checked the time, it was 4:03pm.
The last time I checked,the time was 1:03pm, that was when I arrived from the hospital.
I was damn thirsty. I needed water to quench my thirst,my throat patched.
I heard footsteps coming towards the room.
My mom!
My eyes widened in surprise.
“Mom!”I exclaimed.
“Shut up!” the man in red shirt roared.
At that moment,I can tell who was behind the trauma.
“Remove the cloth” that same voice ordered.
“You want to tarnish my reputation? You want to defame my image? For Christ sake,I’m a public figure. A renowned entrepreneur.”
I was shocked.
I scanned the room,but there was no one in sight.
Tunji emerged from a narrow entrance on the other side.
“Tunji” I called.
“How dare you?” A young guy said, smacking me on the face.
I freeze with terror. My tummy rumbled again. I want to ease this hunger.
“Make sure they don’t escape” Tunji warned and dashed out.
I looked away and sat alongside my mum.
“I’ve failed her” I thought.
I felt like hugging her,touching the wrinkles on her face,but I couldn’t. Our hands had been tied.
“Feyi” mom muttered.
She gestured(to me) that she want water.
“I can’t get it” I replied
She nodded and sat still.
“Forgive me dear” she broke the silence
I whimpered.”I’ve done that before now. You’ve been forgiven.”
She kissed my cheek.
“Let bygones be bygones. We need to get out of here” I whispered.
It was in the still of the night,those men that was saddled with the responsibility to watch over us had slept.
I made sure I checked before I tapped her.
“Get up” I instructed.
She appeared lifeless,I bent over and tugged my teeth at her short sleeve and drew her up.
She tottered to her feet. We tiptoed over to the corridor.
“Keep down! You mustn’t let anyone see us” I cautioned
A hand startled me.
“Where do you think you are going?”
Episode 4
A hand startled me.
“Where do you think you are going?”
I increased my pace instead. I vowed never to look back.
A bullet whizzed past my ear.
“Yeee!” My mother cried out in pain.
Gun shot!
I tugged at the sharp edge of an unfinished building and the cloth broke loose.
I ran towards were she laid in the pool of blood. The blood was gushing out from her neck.
I cried as I pulled at her cloth. I shook her swiftly.
I trampled on the floor as if it was going to crack.
I wailed and somersaulted on the floor.
I wished I never asked her about my father.
I wished I never had anything to do with Tunji.
I wished my mother never conceived me.
I wished she could just resurrect.
But those wishes was just a mere imagination.
The whole event seemed it was rocket-fuelled.
She’s gone! Gone for life! My companion! My life!
The man in red shirt pulled me up,I struggled to let go but to no avail.
I followed him and growled.
What is going to happen to me?
I was panting silently as my throat patched.
“Will you leave me!” I stopped and said sharply.
He slapped my face hard. I screamed!
The pain ran through my veins. It did hurt but I endured.
I don’t care if I die as well,I was determined to do anything possible.
I cried,hitting him with my wounded hands. He stood still. The look on his face showed he was surprised.
“Feyisara Kuti” the man called pulling me to himself.
I looked at his face sharply. He just mentioned my name, Feyisara and my surname, Kuti. That’s my mother’s surname.
“How on earth did you how ehn my…” I said incoherently.
He removed his black specs.
My eyes couldn’t believe who I saw.
“Lan..annn..ree” I stammered.
An old childhood buddy of mine. I met him at my mother’s feet,we grew up in the same area.
“Of course I’m the one. How did u got involved with Mr. Tunji?”
I didn’t say anything. I just fixed my gaze on him.
Finally I said. “What are you doing here?”
“You don’t need that now. Immediately I saw your face, I felt guilty and full of remorse. I don’t want you slaughtered” he looked around as if he’s about to fly away.
“But the other guy won’t allow me do that” he whispered.
“Okay! Okay!. So what do I do now?” I quivered.
“Take to your heels. By a twist of fake, we would see again” He said patting my back.
A sense of fatality gripped me. I nuzzled my eyes against his chest.
Just as he said,I took to my heels. I ran till I couldn’t run anymore.
I reclined on an uncompleted building. My legs felt weak, cold and weary.
My tummy rumbled again. This time,I said my last prayer though I was still a bit optimistic. I thought I would die because I was at the mercy of death.
What a mess! My life has been a mess for the past two days.
I wished it was all a dream.
I wished I didn’t conceptualised the idea of running away.
I wished my mother could just appear and say “Imagine,how could you think I was dead?”
I wished, wished and wished in vanity.
My thoughts flashed back to my mother,my past and those calls I received.
I thought about how Tunji cared for me,how he promised me heaven on earth.”Do people change easily?” I asked myself.
Could it be that the whole saga had received widespread media coverage? Was that why Tunji abducted me?
These unpleasant event reduced me to tears. I fought back my tears but my eyes welled up the more.
“I’m doomed” I said bluntly.
I whimpered like a toddler. I cried over spilt milk.
I awoke from a deep sleep. I touched a bed instead of the floor. I pushed my head up a bit but I couldn’t.
I don’t need anyone to tell me how I got here,but who brought me here was what I needed to ask.
That place doesn’t seems like an area where people live. It’s more or less like a construction site.
“She’s awake! You can come in” the nurse said.
“Feyi!” the feminine voice exclaimed.
I managed to open my eyes.
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