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Who Am I without you episode 5

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Who Am I without you episode 5 by : 6:54 am On August 9, 2020
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Who Am I without you episode 5
“No be you talk say it will be you and me till the sun comes down. That I will never wear a frown. You will love me till am down. Na only you and me go dey dey.” I murmured the lyrics to Miss Waje’s song that I could remember as I was coming back from dropping off my son at school. These days every time I see Dare he reminds me of how stupid I was. He reminds me of the mistake I made of being so drunk in love that I could not think clearly. “God! Why did he have to have his father’s eyes?” I thought to myself. Just maybe if I was not pregnant when we finished high school, I would not have fallen into an unwanted marriage.
All these thoughts were running through my head as I was walking home. I didn’t even know when a car pulled up in front of me. As soon as I heard the person call out my name, I quickly snapped back to reality.
Well look who we have here, Mr. Bolu to the rescue. “Wow!’ he said “Are you trying to tell me you did not hear my car honking at you for the past 2 minutes before I decided to pull over?” he asked worriedly.
I was so ashamed of myself to have let my thoughts fly away to the point where my surrounding was shut to me.
I hissed at him. “What do you take me for? Am I some street girl that you honk at?” I asked him trying to defend myself.
He just stood there with his back against his car and laughed. “Well Lola you are still the same. Same feisty girl with the best akara in town.” “By the way, I went to your house to buy some akara but you were not opened for today.” he said.
“And so you decided to come look for me abi? Are you following me around or something?” I asked him, not caring if the way his mouth curved in anger made my chest hurt.
“You know what? Its fine; Am done!” he replied. He was about to get in his car and leave. I have to do something because I know I do not have the strength to walk all the way home at this rate.
“Bolu! Bolu!” I called out to him with the biggest, brighter smile I could force on my face.
“Can you at least take me home?” he burst out laughing. He opened his car, and I stepped in. “You ehn, why were you making shakara before? Do you think I will let you walk home by yourself when there are lots of young men around ready to ravish such a beauty like you.” he said as he got ready to drive.
I sat there next to him. I was blushing like a 16 year old girl whose crush finally commented on one of her pictures on Instagram. “In broad day light again? Abeg forget that side Mr. Bolu, this beauty has seen uglier days.” I said to him looking at my side view mirror. I don’t even remember the last time makeup touched this supposed beautiful face of mine. I don’t want to give this guy any hint that I am some damsel in distress who needed someone guy to save her.
He did not make any comment on what I said but rather he asked “Are you hungry? There is this place I know that serves breakfast at this time.”
I was about to tell him I was not hungry but the loud growl from my stomach gave me away.
15 minutes later he pulled up in front of a restaurant. He got us a table and ordered us our meal. “Where were you come from before I saw you?” he asked while we waited for the food.
“Umm………..Well……” I did not realize I was stuttering now. I took a sip of my cold water and said, “I went to get something from a friend just down the street.” but when I figured that when he saw me there was nothing with me I had to tell another lie to cover up.
“But when I got to her place the girl was not even there, and she was the one who told me to come at that time oohh can you imagine?”
I was so happy when the food finally got to us. I needed to shut up my mouth, plus my stomach was already in need of the food. We ate, we laughed, we talked, and I can’t even remember the last time I laughed this much. When I looked at the time, I knew my mother would already be talking, and I needed to make launch for Dare before he gets back.
“I need to go now.” I said to him with a smile on my face. “Thank you for the food, my tummy is about to burst.” I said to him laughing. I guess he was enjoying our time together because he looked down when I said it was time to go.
“Okay then let me drop you off.” he offered.
When he dropped me off at my house, my sister just so happen to be outside. She waved at him as he came out to open his car door for me. He asked me if I was free on Friday, and I said yes. He told me about a party he was going to be hosting for his employee’s at his house. He wanted me to come so he could………”Do what?” I asked him. “So you can introduce me as the girl who makes those akara they loved.” I hissed. “Abeg ehn just forget it; find some other rich girl who would look perfect standing next to you.” I said to him. We said our goodbyes, and he drove off. Well I managed to ruin this perfect day!
“Hmm who was that?” Kate asked excitedly.
“Nobody! Mind your business.”

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