Who Am I without you episode 17 – finale

Who Am I without you episode 17 (finale)
For the first time in years, my mother and I sat outside with a smile on our face, talking about the good old days. Ever since Kate threatened to harm herself, my mother completely changed.
Before I returned from work, she would prepare dinner and ask me to come join her. She would even ask me about my work and about Bolu especially. She had really become fun of him. Today, she was telling me stories about my late mother. What she liked and what she disliked. She even told me about their childhood together. I realized my biological mother and I had nothing much in common. The woman who raised me, whom I looked up to for everything, was the person whom I’m more in sync with. It is commonly said that bad things happen for a reason; maybe this was not really out of the box. I was on the task of peeling the last orange I held on my hands when we heard the voice of someone singing.
He has given me victory
I will lift him higher
Jehovah I will lift him higher.
Kate sang and danced to where my mother and I were seated.
“Mama!” She called out excitedly. I was more worried about the way she jumped up and down as if she had forgotten her pregnancy. Feeling the excitement in her voice, we rushed to assist her; curious about what had come over her.
“Lola, help me thank the lord.” She said, as she continued to sing off-key. My mother and I gave each other a confused look.
“I was just resting ooh, after taking my meds for the evening when my phone rang, and guess who it was?”
She didn’t even give us a chance to answer when she screamed, “Dayo!” As if my mother and I had planned it, we both asked “Dayo?”
“Oya tell me what happened.” My mother said, drawing closer to Kate.
“Mama, I can’t even talk right now.” She said joyfully. “He started with greetings, asking how I have been. I told him I have been okay; managing.”
“Yes, that’s right.” My mother interrupted.
“I thought he was going to hang up any time soon but out of nowhere, he started apologizing!” She told us.
“He said he was sorry and that he misses me. As much as I tried to keep my composure on the phone, my baby was kicking and I couldn’t help but cry.” She added.
“Kate, did you tell him about the baby?” I asked.
“No ooh, not a word. You said I shouldn’t tell him yet nah.” She replied with a full smile on her face.
“Ooh good, very good.” My mother jumped in.
“Oh, come here, I am really happy for you.” I reached out to give her a big hug. My mother raised the song that Kate was previously singing and we all sang along. We were singing songs of praise to God for shining his mercy on our family. It was as if he was writing a whole new story for our family.
Two days later, I was wakened by the vibration from my cell phone. It was Bolu; my ex-husband. I wondered what he wanted with me. I was in no mood for any insult from him. Bolu had kept to his words after figuring out his plans with Lisa; his new wife. Last week, I received a wedding invitation from Bolu. Can you imagine? The nerves he had to send me an invite to his wedding. The invitation was in the garbage can as we conversed.
“Lola.” He said. His voice sounded as if the weight of the whole world had been dropped on his shoulders.
“Yes.” I replied, half awake and half asleep. It was 5:45 in the morning.
“We lost the baby……” He said wearily. I didn’t quite grab what he was saying until he mentioned that Lisa was still at the hospital receiving treatment. I felt this sadness inside of me. I wished no one any loss even if Lisa and Bolu had wronged me in so many ways.
“Oh…….My…….God!” I exclaimed, seating upright on my bed. I had been wishing them every stroke of bad luck that was possible on the face of the earth but I never meant they should lose their child.
“How did it happen?” I asked him.
“I don’t know, he said she was having pains, so he rushed her to the hospital. The doctor said she has to do an emergency delivery if not she might even lose her life. After all that, the baby still didn’t make it.” He said. I then realized the reason he called. He needed someone to rest his shoulder on, but in as much as I wanted to listen to him, I was seriously not about to get involved with Bolu.
“I am truly sorry about what happened.” I said. “I hope you two quickly find healing from this.” I added.
“Yes, I hope so too.” He replied. Then there was a long pause before he finally said, “Lola, can I please come and see Dare sometime next week? That’s why I am calling.”
“I really missed him; I want to really see him.” He said.
“Oh, it’s now you know you have a son abi?” I asked.
“Lola, I am truly sorry about everything.” He started to render a long apology.
“Abeg, abeg, just stop it Bolu. What is done is done and life has to move on.” I said to him.
“Lola, I am sorry………please forgive me. I don’t know what came over me.” He pleaded.
“Ehn, I am sorry too nah. Let’s talk about this some other time……..please.” I hanged up.
I took a long breath as I rested my head on my pillow. Nneka once sang in her song, “Restless.” She said. “And at the end of the road, I will seat and smile and say………..I don’t need him no more.” And with a smile on my face, I slept like a new born baby.
Thank you to everyone who read and commented on this series which was partly based on a true life story. And also a big thank you to Mrs. Sheryl for inspiring this series

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