What love did to him episode 6

What love did to him episode 6
Lectures were to start the next day after clearance, students could be seen trooping in and out of their lecture halls, the freshers especially don’t want to get late to lectures, they could be seen with their big bags containing their textbooks, of course, secondary school blood still in them. Among this new freshers were Gabriel and queen rushing into the faculty of life science, department of Science lab and tech. ( SLT). They were about twenty in the class, all of them were new and were staring at themselves. Gabi located a seat at the front and sat while Queen preferred to be in the middle . ” Is this all what university is about?” Gabriel asked himself as he stared at his opened textbook, he wasn’t actually reading. ” Good morning class” a boy from the back shouted, he was obviously also a fresher. ” Good morning” they all replied. ” I want to appoint myself as the class rep” the guy continued while the whole class bursted into laughter. ” My friend sit down, I think say he wan talk better thing” A girl shouted, ” We will vote when the time comes” Queen added with a smile. ” What’s going on here?” A voice interrupted from the door, they all turned and it was a young guy dressed in jeans and top. ” Who is this one?” The guy who had requested to be the class rep earlier asked while the hall went wild with laughter, ” This guy dey use he future play o, what if he is a lecturer?” Gabriel thought to himself, ” Just came to tell you guys that you are disturbing me” the guy at the door informed, ” Disturbing you? How?” another guy asked, ” I am a pre degree student , and am trying to read in one of the free halls, your noise is too much” the guy explained, ” Come, oya get out, na even pre degree the idiot dey do?” The guy who had agitated for class rep shouted, ” Hey, you should respect the fact that he is reading” Gabriel shouted back and turned to the class rep guy, the hall went quiet immediately, no one knew he would stand for the pre degree guy. ” He said he is a pre degree student, you know how hard that is, we should respect the fact that he is reading” Gabriel continued, it was like he was now talking to the whole, he paused for some seconds and move his eyes from left to right, his eyes fell on queen. He stared at her, he quickly remembered her as the girl of yesterday, she also stared at him , probably shocked to see they were in the same department. He gave her the kind of eyes that ask ” You again?” and the expression on her face seems to reply ” yes” . He quickly diverted his eyes from her and faced the class rep boy, ” We should allow the boy read” he concluded and sat down, ” Thank you brother” the pre degree guy appreciated and ran out, the whole class fell quiet after then but slight murmurs could still be heard from some students.
” Am Amanda” the girl sitting beside him quickly introduced herself, Gabriel stared at her contemplating on what to say, ” Gabriel” he finally blurted out and faced the marker board. ” Oh Gabi, that was a weird answer” he thought as he hit his head , but it was too late. ” Nice meeting you Gabriel” Amanda stretched her hand towards him, he stared at her for some seconds, ” Hey, just a handshake, a handshake is harmless” she interrupted his stares while he slowly took her hands. ♪ Background love song echoes ♪
” Nice meeting you Amanda ” he said and slowly withdrew his hand from hers.
” I love your courage, standing up for the poor boy” Amanda continued staring at him but he simply stared at the marker board and swallowed his spit knowing not what to say. ” Is anything wrong with you? Are you okay?” Amanda calmly asked him , ” Am alright, am fine” he said and turned to her, ” OK ” She concluded and faced the marker board, ” Thank God” he thought and also faced the Marker board.
• ” Good morning all” A middle age man entered the class, ” Good morning sir” the class answered him. ” Yeah, I am Mr. Okey Ugo, I ain’t here to teach you guys anything, I came here to give you guys proper orientation on your stay here, I won’t be doing this alone, here with me, is the great prof of Biology, Professor Matthew Philip” Mr Okey introduced and an old man with a walking stick and a hat on walked in. He was handsome for his age, he should be in his seventies. ” Hello c …” He suddenly stopped as he stared at Gabriel, ” You” he pointed at Gabriel, Gabriel stared at him. ” Who are you?” The prof asked him, the class went into murmuring again. ” Sir?” Gabriel asked as he stood up, he was obviously confuse by his question. ” What is your name?” The prof asked again, ” Gabriel Silas” Gabriel replied calmly, ” Maybe this is how uniben prof behaves” he thought to himself. Just then a car sped into the compound rising dust, it parked roughly and two men with a cover head jacket alighted from it, their faces were covered by the jacket. Old students could now be seen jumping over fences as an escape route, the freshers were still staring like ” What is happening?” It was until one of the two guys released two bullets into the air that realization hit them. The hall scattered and they ran out through the door, they couldn’t jump out through the window as their hall was in the uppermost building. They ran out through the door with the hope of finding an escape route. The prof couldn’t run as his age wouldn’t let him, everyone had gone out of the hall, leaving the prof and Gabriel, Gabi on his side was also about running out. ” They have come to kill me” The prof said as tears fell down his eyes, Gabriel stopped and stared at him. ” Yes they have….” He was interrupted by another shot into the air. Gabriel couldn’t wait anymore as he ran out of the class to the stairs, some lifeless body could now be seen on the floor. He caught up with queen who had stopped running, she was staring at something. He traced her eyes and saw that the two guys with guns had seen them and were now advancing towards them. ” whoa, no where to run anymore” one of them said, it was obvious he was smiling. ” Please , dont kill us” Queen begged, ” Nope, I won’t kill you because I like you, run away” He turned to Queen who made to run down the stairs. ” But I hate guys and so I dont mind killing you” The same guy spoke and pointed his gun to Gabriel, ” Close your eyes and pray for God blessing” The other guy who was behind the killer guy shouted, Gabriel immediately covered his face. ” Please, dont kill him, he is my brother!!” Queen shouted from the down part of the stairs and ran up.♪ Emotional love song from background♪
Wow, nice to know, you are her brother?” The man with the gun asked Gabriel, ” Yes , I am, I am her sister, sorry, her brother” he said in a rush. ” Today is your lucky day” he dropped the gun and walked pass Gabi while the other one stared at him ” The lord blesses his followers in a mysterious way, let this Sunday be your thanksgiving Sunday” he instructed and bounced off. Gabriel stood up immediately and hugged queen. ♪ Background love song♪ ” Hey , go off me, let’s leave here” Queen pushed him away and they ran away to somewhere self.
• ” Alika and Da Monk, why have you come to kill me?” professor Mathew asked as Alika pointed a gun at him, ” Nothing, we just wanna kill you” Alika answered and released a bullet to the forehead of The prof. ” Da Monk, pray for the dead!!”Alika shouted while Da Monk came forward with his rosary. ” Today, you shall be with him in Paradise. May the good lord guide you in the name of the father, son and holy spirit. Amen ” Da monk prayed and bounced after Alika. About thirty minutes later, the body of the prof could be seen covered
• ” Thank you” Gabriel finally spoke after the whole incident had died down, he was with Queen in a small hall. ” Next time, you might not be so lucky” Queen answered and made to go out, ” Thank you again” Gabriel greeted again and she finally walked out. ” So this is the Uniben my parent want me to come to? ” he asked himself , he then hissed and also walked out.
• ” Hello Don Carlos ” Alika greeted, ” Hey boy, I heard the news, nice job. Am adding a million naira to your money” Don Carlos spoke happily over the phone, ” Thank you Don ” Alika appreciated. ” I hope Da monk Prayed for his body?” Don Carlos asked laughing, ” Of course Don, Da Monk prayed for him” Alika answered also with a laugh. ” you will get your alert now” Don Carlos voice came again and he put an end to the call. ” Why didn’t you kill that boy?” Da Monk asked as he dropped the phone, ” Which boy?” Alika asked back. ” That boy who we caught by the stairs, the brother to that girl you said you liked” Da monk clarified. ” How do you expect me to kill the brother of who I have feelings for, I can’t harm the girl nor her relatives” Alika answered. ” Dont be a fool bro, she isn’t his sister” Da Monk stretched himself on the sofa, ” How do you mean?” Alika asked him sipping from his glass of wine…
“Think bro, if she was his real sister, she wouldn’t have gone down the stairs when we asked her to go, she only shouted he is her brother after an after thought. A real sister will have stick with him and wouldn’t even let him go” Da Monk explained gesticulating with his hands. ” Hmm, true words Monk” Alika told him and sat with him, ” Anyways, let me say today is his lucky day” Alika Concluded staring at the wines in their small bar.
• ” That prof, he is strange” Gabriel thought as he sat on his small student bed after class that same day, he was trying to revise the day’s work but what he had experienced that day was way far too much for a fresher. ” What a pity, he is no more” he spoke out loud to himself, ” Does he know me?” He asked himself but shook his head in disagreement, ” He doesn’t know me, that’s how Uniben professors behave” he concluded and faced his note but looked up some minutes later smiling happily. ” That girl saved me, I should have been a dead man now, all thanks to her, I dont even know her name. I will ask her tomorrow” He thought placing his hand on his chin. ” Okay, I know I can’t ask her” He concluded. ” What if I ask her?” He asked himself, ” I will swallow that demon and ask her” He said and faced his book again, ” If not for their guns, I could have taken the both of them down” he started another line of thinking, ” Next time, I will take them by shock, I will show name I was once a student for Sir Ajan” He laughed. ” Make I fight make them come kill me abi?” He thought with a smile. ” Thank you to the girl” He concluded and faced his note, it wasn’t up to 30 minutes before he started sleeping.
•” Rude boy, he couldn’t even ask my name” Queen thought as she sat on her reading chair, she was eating the watery indomie she had prepared. ” He is just so proud ” She thought on as she dished a spoonful of the indomie into her mouth. ” They should have killed him self” She spoke out angrily as she carried the plate of indomie to the kitchen, she dumped it in the washing sink. ” But what sort of stupid school is this? Just the first day of school and they are already showing who they truly her” she thought, ” I should have gone to a poly” She concluded and lied on her bed.
• School resumed a week after the incident, the school had calmed down after then but some student still refused coming to school, you can’t tell what might happen next. Gabriel rushed his breakfast of tea and bread then hurried down to school, his outside school hostel wasn’t far from the school so it took him no time to get there. He stopped at the main gate to see if there was anything strange still going on before going to his faculty.
Queen was outside their hall trying to buy Biro from the woman who sold it some distance from the hall, Gabriel caught up with her there. ” Good morning ” he greeted no one in particular, and no one answered him. ” Am greeting you” He turned to Queen, ” I know and I am not answering you” Queen answered. He had wanted to ask her her name but her reply discouraged him, he greeted the Biro woman and walked into the hall. ” So proud” she thought as she collected her Biro and also entered the hall..

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