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What love did him episode 11

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What love did him episode 11 by : 4:18 pm On April 8, 2020
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What love did him episode 11
what!!! You mean Wincho is dead?? What? Who did it? Who killed him?” The don asked as he spoke on the phone that hot afternoon, he had just gotten the news that Wincho is dead. ” We all woke up to meet his dead body at the main gate, there wasn’t any scar or sign of bullet on him, he died fresh ” The informant informed the Don , the Don hit his walking stick angrily on the ground, wincho wasn’t meant to die. “I knew it, it was that grandson of Silas, that boy is evil” the Don said angrily, he wasn’t actually talking to the informant, but he had the phone on his ear. ” Do you know that grandson of Silas?” The Don asked the informant, ” No Don, I don’t, I haven’t met him before” The informant told the Don. ” Okay then, thanks for this” The Don appreciated an put an end to the call. ” That boy must pay, just like his grandfather, he is tough ” The don thought as he placed his walking stick whose head was covered with his both palms on his chin, ” He is really tough ” The Don repeated nodding his head.
• ” I think now, other securities will learn to mind their business ” Alika told Da Monk who was busy with his plate of rice, ” Yeah, they won’t dare dare with any member of the pipeline guys again” Da monk assured not wanting to use his old way of speaking. ” But what about that body we found at the main gate when we went to dumb him?” Alika asked, ” Don’t know, I was with you so I ain’t meant to know what happened to the body” Da monk said chewing his yam. ” Hmm, that’s is something to think about” Alika concluded and went upstairs. ” For the ways of God is strange to man, so it is a mystery” Da monk shouted after him , Alika smiled. Da monk was still busy with his lunch of yam and oil when his Phone rang, he hissed and picked it up. ” Hello Da Monk” Don greeted, ” Don Carlos, an it says, he shall cometh like thief at night, be prepared. Don, indeed your call was unexpected, I didn’t expect it” Da Monk started while Don Carlos laughed, ” Dont start with , there is a problem” Don Carlos voice changed. ” What is it Don?” Da Monk asked, ” The grandson to Silas, I mean Gabriel Da Silas, his grandson, just killed one of my boys over there in Uniben ” Don explained, Da Monk stood up immediately. ” What, is he seeking for vengeance or what? For vengeance is for thy lord” Da Monk told him, ” I dont know, but the fact that he had killed one of my boys means he knows something ” Don explained, ” I want him dead” He concluded. ” Calm down Don, I dont even know him” Da monk informed, ” That’s the problem, the guy I sent to take his pictures was the one he killed, none of my other secret boys knows him but please I trust you and Alika, just find him” Don begged, ” We will try our best, we will just try” Da monk said and dropped the call. ” D–n, I didn’t even find out the name of this boy” The Don said angrily as he walked upstairs..
Da monk, on dropping the call stared at his cold yam and stew, ” Hmm, that guy must be on a revenge mission, let him just know I am also on one” He muttered to himself and hissed as he walked away from his food..
• ” Hey!!!” The class shouted as Gabriel tried fighting back, they were obviously happy that there was a fight going in and the big guy, Jasper is on the receiving end. ” Gabi stop this, its just an embarrassment” Queen begged holding his hand, ” Please let’s go” She drew him out of the class as Jasper struggled to get up due to the impact of the back kick, the class shouted in disagreement. ” Let them fight now” they shouted while Queen simple hissed and took Gabriel out. ” That guy is just mad” She laughed as they were out of the class, ” Yes, only a mad an will punch a girl” Gabriel added, ” Thank God my nose has stopped bleeding” She said, ” But you can’t fight o , look at the way he was just beating you before you managed to give him a kick” Queen insulted, ” I didn’t want to fight him” Gabriel explained. ” But you fought at the end” Queen reminded, ” And that was because he punched you” Gabriel informed her and they went quiet for some seconds, ” You Fought for me, why?” She asked, ” The least I expect from you now is to tell me thank you and not bombard me with your questions” He shouted throwing up his hands and walking away from her. ” Hey , please wait, am sorry ” She shouted after him as she ran to him, ” Am Sorry” She apologized on getting to him. ” Apology not accepted” He informed , ” Why? ” she asked, ” Because that isn’t how a gentle lady apologize” He smiled. ” Then how?” she asked, ” A gentle lady will kneel down to apologize” he told her , ” Wow, nice payback” She smiled as she slowly went down on her two knees and placed her head on his left knee, ” Am sorry” She said looking up to his face and he drew her up. ” you are humble, I forgive you”He said still holding her hand, ” You know, in big cities, this things do happen, when people apologize, they end up hugging as a sign that they are friend again” Queen informed him and immediately wrapped her hand around his neck and hugged him tightly ♪ Background love music echoes♪. Sweat could be seen forming on his head but he didn’t dare break the hug. ” Just because of a hug, see the way you are sweating” She laughed as she broke the hug smiling, ” what do I say ?” He asked , ” Nothing, so have you forgiven me wholeheartedly? ” she asked smiling , ” Of course, not because of the hug” he informed while she gave him a playful punch. ” Back to Jasper, I will just have to query him” Queen thought and walked forward, ” Query him that what?”he asked smiling, ” That he should never in his life disturb me again, I have some one am dating and I love so much” She said, ” Wait, you have a boyfriend?” Gabriel asked, ” Do I look single to you?” She asked smiling and folding her hand across her chest..
Okay, I was just asking, its nice you have a boyfriend, very nice” Gabi told Queen , he was trying really hard to smile. ” I see you are troubled, any problem?” Queen asked, “No. No, I ain’t troubled, am so fine” He replied smiling a false smile. ” Okay, this Is it, I am just telling Jasper I got a boyfriend so that he will leave the both of us alone, I dont like him tormenting you” she explained, ” Dont lie about having a boyfriend, I ain’t scared of him” he assured. ” No, I won’t let you fight because of me” She argued, ” Then do it any other way and not lying that you got a boyfriend” He said and walked away angrily, ” Gabriel!!” She called back but he just walked on, ” I wished she knows how much I love her” He thought as he walked away, ” I really do love her ” He continued to say until he was out of sight. ” I hope one day, he will just walk up to me and say Queen, I love you” Queen said as she rubbed her hand across her hair. ” Hmm, I wish i can fight love” She said trying hard not to let tears fall off her eyes. ♪ Background love song♪.

” Da Monk, its today or never, I will get that girl ” Alika told Da monk, ” What about Don’s mission, kill that grandson of Silas?” Da Monk asked, his eyes was placed on his system. ” Let’s leave that one for another day, my girl first” Alika informed him. “Okay then, I myself have no interest in killing that boy, killing grandpa Silas is enough” Da monk said with a serious expression written all over his face, ” Why do you call him grandpa?” Alika asked sitting on the couch, he had originally wanted to go out. ” Nothing, I just see him as an old man” Da monk smiled. ” Okay then, let me go and try again” Alika stood up tucking his gun by his side and walking out.” I dont want any interference, I want to kill his grandson myself, it should be a sweet revenge” Da monk said laughing, ” A sweet revenge I say” he repeated..
” Hello Gabi” Queen greeted holding her phone to her ear. ” yes queen” Came the reply from Gabriel on the other side of the call. ” Hey, that isn’t the way to answer a greeting” Queen said with a twisted voice, ” Hello Queen ” he greeted. ” Hey, Gabi am sorry for today, I was only joking , I thought Jasper was on your neck, am sorry ” Queen apologized with a serious tone, ” Okay its fine, I forgive you” Gabriel said , ” Thank you, but why were you angry about me telling Jasper I have a boyfriend?” Queen asked, ” Nothing” came the simple reply from Gabriel, ” Gabi, Gabi, you are still angry ” Queen said with a pleading voice, ” I have forgiven you, and I hope we forget about it” He said while she nodded like she was seeing him, ” Okay then, let’s forget” Queen answered, ” Am in the shop alone” She informed. ” I know , I am busy at home” Gabi told her, ” Please now, please now,I beg you, I am lonely” She begged, ” No, am not coming, am tired, I wanna rest ” he told her with a serious tone, ” Okay then, I will just lock my shop and go home” she told him, ” Okay wait, am coming” He said and put an end to the call.
In twenty minutes, he was in the shop sitting with her on her bench, he was putting on a red jersey and a black trouser. ” So , am here ” He told her after about some minuted of silence. ” Gabriel now, am sorry” She knelt to the ground. ” Have forgiven you” he told her looking away, ” No, I won’t believe you until you smile” She told him placing her head on his knee. ” Okay , Queen, get up” he smiled and drew her up to the bench. ” You have fully forgiven me now?” She asked, ” Yeah, you are forgiven” he said with a smile while she nodded and then a short silence fell between them. ” Queen, there is something I want to tell you” he said holding her hands and sweating, ” Yes, tell me” She said like she was expecting him to say something, ” I dont know how you might take this, but Queen, I…” he was interrupted by a voice, ” Hello princess” Came the voice Of Alika from behind, obviously, he had come at the wrong time. ” What the hell do you want here?” Queen asked angrily while Gabriel sat down nodding his head. ” Hey, you are always rude, the last time , you slapped me and embarrassed me, and now you want to create a scene, do you really like causing crowds, people coming to support you, take your sides and embarrass people, you are f—–g embarrassing and inconsiderate” he barked back at Queen, she was taken by surprise and stared at him in disbelief. ” You are so rude, you deserve no one or better put, no one deserves you because you are simply a beast” He shouted again pushing queen backwards, Gabriel stood up immediately and drew queen away, he drew her to his back. ” She is a girl, or better put, my girl” He told Alika sternly, ” So she isn’t his sister after all”Alika thought. ” Sorry bro, I want her” Alika said pointing to his chest. ” You dont treat a girl you want this way ” Gabi countered beating Alika’s hand off his chest. ” Wow, big boy” Alika said and threw a punch at Gabriel, Gabriel weaved his swiftly and unfortunately, the punch touched Queen who fell down immediately. Alika didn’t mind and turned to face Gabriel immediately, Gabriel gave him a dropping kick ( A type of kick in which you do with your both legs on the air). Alika fell across the bench to the floor. Gabriel took advantage of that and sat on Alika and started dishing punches to the face of Alika, at a point Alika’s nose started bleeding blood. Now the crowd was enormous, and some guys went to carry Gabriel away from Alika’s body. Alika was pushed away and soon , the crowd departed. ” Thanks” Queen appreciated as she held her face in pain. ” Sorry about the punch” Gabriel apologized holding her cheeks where she got the punch. ” Thanks” she said again resting her head on his broad chest, ” Its okay” Gabriel said again and drew her head to face him. ” Gabi, who is this guy I do see anywhere you are? ” Queen asked looking beyond him, ” Which guy is that? ” Gabriel asked turning his neck slowly and tracing her eyes, he could only see a guy with a cover face, black jacket. He had beards scattered all over his face, he has a small eye..

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