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Veronica episode 11

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Veronica episode 11 by : 9:13 pm On September 19, 2020
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#Extraordinary #thief 🔞
Episode (11)
Written by Marvel Infinity and Capri Leo 🦁
Later that day, after we left Justina’s place, I went to buy a killer outfit that could knock a man’s senses away when he sees me, after that I went back to my place and decided on a plan of action.
Veronica ➡ so what’s next? I need something from you guys.
Angie ➡ Well…… I really don’t have anything here!
Veronica ➡ Bobby?
Bobby ➡ Well, I really don’t know but….. If you’re to approach this guy, you have to do it without cherry!
Veronica ➡ Why?
Bobby ➡ Look, if we succeed in scamming the guy which I seriously doubt, and he knows you and cherry are together since she introduced you, he’s going to hurt her until she tells him where you are.
Veronica ➡ You’re right, I never evening thought about it.. So I should just go on like that but how do I know the guy?
Angie ➡ That’s another problem.
Bobby ➡ Didn’t cherry said that she and the chief would meet, just go and see for yourself.
Veronica ➡ Okay, so how do I approach him? I can’t go as someone looking for job in that club cause it will be awkward.
Bobby ➡ then why don’t you go as some one trying to buy an estate, at least its better and won’t be awkward besides a lot of business deals are talked about in clubs and other places.
Angie ➡ But what about the finances?
Bobby ➡ Look at this one! We have lots of money besides it mustn’t necessarily be an estate, you can claim you want to buy a house, and as for money, 10million will do.
Veronica ➡ Oh Bobby that’s a wonderful plan, I could just klzz you now.
Bobby ➡ Don’t even dare!
Its been a hectic week working on my case and it seems to be going no where but I did get something from the videos clips I’ve watched from where the victims claim to have met the thief I copied the video and gave it to our informants if they could locate or give me more information about her, and as of recent, no one has reported any theft or heists lately, it must seem that the lady thief has decided to lay down low!
So I was in my office, sipping a nice cold Coca cola drink, when my colleague Femi came into my place blasting insults, he sat down and gulped down my drink.
Chris ➡ Femi wetin dey do you?
Femi ➡ I no know why I come become police self? You know that case wey I dey work on about that Chief Adebayo? The one wey people dey claim say he dey cheat them?
Chris ➡ Yes?
Femi. ➡ The case don close, something wey I done almost solve am and it reach me weeks o,
Chris ➡ God! Na who do this now?
Femi ➡ If not C. O. P na who get that kind power to do so? Abeg me I don tire, I dey go house.
Chris ➡ Make I see your case file.
Femi ➡ Here, collect am.
Femi threw me the file on the table, I checked to see what I could know about this guy! As I read the reports and from what I saw, this guy is a scumbag, using his power to rob people of their own property and sells it at the highest bidder, I check if I could see where he usually hangs out, and there it was, his main place was the Xtacy club.
Since I had nothing to do, I decided to go and check this guy out.
The sun had already gone down and the moon was starting to show, I got ready and fixed up my makeup 💄 and wore my killer dress, Even Bobby was stunned by my appearance.
Veronica ➡ So Bobby, how do I look?
Bobby ➡ Uhm, well………….. Ahem, you look superb!
Angie ➡ Superb? At least you can try harder!
Veronica ➡ Never mind, okay I set to go.
Bobby ➡ Wait, I have something for you.
Bobby brought out a lovely necklace, he went behind me and placed it around my neck, from the way his hands were shaking I could tell he was nervous.
Veronica ➡ Take it easy bobby, I won’t bite.
Angie ➡ Tell him o.
Bobby ➡ Angie! Shut up.
Veronica ➡ so what’s this for?
Bobby ➡ the necklace is like a video recorder, I planted a small chip inside the design of the necklace, it allows me to see what going on at the party.
Veronica ➡ Okay, wish me luck you all.
I left the place and drove to the Xtacy club, as I arrived, the place was filled with jet setters, men and women of wealthy background, I parked my car and walked in swaying my natural assets and as expected all eyes were on me, I entered the club looking for a place to seat, as I went in further , I saw a familiar face, It was that guy Chris, that I met on the day I was to meet with Nicholas.
He seem to be looking for someone, well I went on my way minding him, I couldn’t talk to him so as not to blow my cover.
I continued walking around the club, some men had already descended upon me trying to seduce me but I didn’t pay any attention to them, just then I located Cherry at the bar table, she was wearing a different dress, and she looked hot, I walked to her place to see if she would recognize me.
Veronica ➡ Hey lady excuse me?
Cherry ➡ Excuse you? Who do you think you are?
Veronica ➡ I should as you the same, do you know who I am?
Cherry ➡ You must be sick in the head.
Veronica ➡ I can the same for you cherry!
Cherry ➡ How did you know my name?…. Jesus, Ronnie is this you?
Veronica ➡ Yes you silly bitch.
Cherry ➡ I swear I couldn’t recognize you! I’m impressed, and where did you get this lovely dress? You look smoking hot.
Veronica ➡ So do you! So where’s the idiot?
Cherry ➡ he’s there talking to his friends, he made me put this dress, God I hate it, I look like a prostitute.
Veronica ➡ Babe, you look amazing!
Cherry ➡ Really?
Chris ➡ Evening lovely ladies, mind if I share a drink with you?
(#Chief #Adebayo)
(The chief is having a good time with his friends, laughing, talking, and drinking 🍹 with them)
Chief Adebayo ➡ Ahh, life is good when you have money and loyal friends, thanks for dropping the case, C. O. P
C. P Emeka ➡ Anytime but you need to lower the heat, people are bringing in nasty reports about you and if we’re not careful some may go wrong!
Judge Reginald ➡ Yes, Emeka is right! People are complaining and if things get too hot, I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do.
Chief Adebayo ➡ Ahhh, don’t worry, those worthless peasants can’t do a thing, This is Nigeria and as long as you have money, you can even f√¢k the presidents wife and go Scott free.
Money is what rules this country and I have that, so chill and relax, and as long as you both cover me, I’ll full your accounts with money up to the point it will be begging for mercy.
C. P Emeka ➡ Chief! Its a pleasure doing business with you.
Judge Reginald ➡ So chief, where’s the lady? You’ve been telling us about?
Chief Adebayo ➡ There she is…. Oluwa mi o, Wo arabinrin alamobinrin yii ( Oh my God, see this s£×y lady).
C. P Emeka ➡ Jesus! Who’s that lady close to cherry?
Chief Adebayo ➡ I don’t know o! So ketekete re! (See her ass)
Judge Reginald ➡ What is going on? Somebody should tell me what is going on?
C. P. Emeka ➡ You see those two women there? *pointing at cherry and veronica *
Judge Reginald ➡ Yes?
C. P. Emeka ➡ The one on the left is chief’s new catch.
Judge Reginald ➡ And the other one?
C. P. Emeka ➡ That’s what I want to know! God just look at her, she’s too s£×y……. I’m going to try my luck tonight and bang her.
Chief Adebayo ➡ Emeka, Oya were ni? You’re not touching anything.
Judge Reginald ➡ Chief don’t be silly, you have your own piece of ass and p√zzy, allow Emeka to take the other one, cause if he’s done, I’m next.
Chief Adebayo ➡ I won’t allow it, those two bitches are mine for the taking.
C. P. Emeka ➡ Why are you so greedy? I have a better solution, let’s see if she chooses one of us, the winner takes home his prize? What do you both say?
Judge Reginald ➡ I agree! God! If I catch that ass, I’m going to use my d!¢k as steer it the way I steer my car.
Chief Adebayo ➡ Agbalagba ti ko wulo (useless Adult)
C. P Emeka ➡ Who’s that fool talking to them?
Chief Adebayo ➡ I’ll take care of this, *talks to security guard* you!
Security ➡ Yes sir?
Chief Adebayo ➡ Tell those two lovely women to come this way and forget about that Ede Elegbin (dirty pig).
Security ➡ Ok sir!
To be continued

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