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Veronica episode 10

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Veronica episode 10 by : 9:06 pm On September 19, 2020
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#Extraordinary #thief 🔞
#Episode (10)
Written ✍ Marvel Infinity and Capri Leo
Cherry ➡ Chief please don’t call me that.
Adebayo ➡ Ehn? Then what should I call you? Sugar cherry?
Cherry ➡ I don’t want that either….. Look chief I’m not in the mood for all this, what do you want?
Adebayo ➡ You know what I want, come on sherry, I promise you’ll enjoy it.
Cherry ➡ Chief, I’ve told you times without number that I’m not interested in your offer.
Adebayo ➡ Come on cherry, you don’t know how crazy I am about you, come one just give me this opportunity .
Cherry ➡ Sorry sir, I can’t…… Besides I just got divorced recently and its too early for me to be in any form of relationship, I need some time alone.
Adebayo ➡ You’re playing hard to get huh?……. Look how much do you want? Just name your price, anything you want as long as you’ll allow me access your body.
Cherry ➡ Chief, we can’t, I don’t want any trouble…. and besides aren’t you married? What if your wife finds out?
Adebayo ➡ Forget that woman jare! She’s just there like a bag of cement, she no longer gives me the satisfaction I need, I want to try something new. Besides she won’t find out, it will be our little secret.
Cherry ➡ Chief look, I just woke up from bed moments ago and I’m tired, can we please discuss this some time!
Cherry hung up the call and hissed with disgust muttering insults under her breath, She stood up and went to her toilet to wash herself, Whoever this man is, he must be really missing her off.
Minutes later, she came out from the toilet, looking refreshed and lovely.
Veronica ➡ Babe, are you alright?
Cherry ➡ I’m fine, why do you ask?
Veronica ➡ You looked pissed when you finished talking to that chief on the phone, who is he?
Cherry ➡ Chief Adebayo is my boss.
Veronica ➡ Your boss? What kind of job are you into?
Cherry ➡ I work as an estate contractor and my boss is in charge of every estate or land fields in this Abuja and if you want any estate, he’s the man to talk to.
Veronica ➡ Wow, so what’s going on with you and him?
Cherry ➡ The f√¢king pig has been setting his sights on me since I started this job and when he found out marriage was over, he made his move, asking me to have s£× with him, can you imagine?
He’s old enough to be my father and what possibly can I do with a old man like him? God forbid.
Veronica ➡ Don’t let him disturb you besides this job is a gold mine.
Cherry ➡ Gold mine indeed, you don’t know anything yet.
Veronica ➡ What is that suppose to mean?
Cherry ➡ This job is not all that sweet and honey, The chief is a cheat, our salaries is not what you expect, if we sell an estate we’re suppose to have at least 30percent of the money but instead he gives us 15 percent and the only people that get that 30percent is the one he fancies, and that’s people like me.
That chief is a double crossing bastard, he has cheated most of our clients already and nothing is done about it.
Veronica ➡ Ehn? So can’t the people report him?
Cherry ➡ Babe, that has been done already but he always goes Scott-free, that man has connections.
Veronica ➡ Really? Hmmmm, do you know his house or where he hangs out?
Cherry ➡ Yes….. Why are you asking?
Veronica ➡ Nothing…… Just been curious.
But right in that moment, Cherry knew what I was planning to do,…… well this Chief has certainly got my attention, Not only is he a cheating husband, he also does cheats his clients and deducts the pay of his employees, What a worthy target.
Cherry ➡ Ronnie, I know what you’re trying to do, and I’m telling you it won’t work.
Veronica ➡ And why will it not work?
Cherry ➡ Look here! This man is dangerous, whoever gets in his way, will sure be eliminated, and he has connections to a lot of influential people.
I’m telling you, if you mess with him, the only reward you’ll get is a journey to the after life.
I’m telling you whatever you’re going to do will surely end in a terrible way.
Veronica ➡ Come on, you don’t know that yet.
Cherry ➡ Look, even if you succeed, you’ll never get him, even if you take him to the police or court, he’ll still walk out free and I promise you, he’ll come for you and hunt you down, this thing of yours is suicide.
Veronica ➡ Cherry, don’t worry, I have a plan.
Cherry ➡ Really? What’s the plan?
Veronica ➡ Get dressed and let’s go..
Cherry ➡ Go where?
Veronica ➡ Just get dressed and let’s go.
Cherry ➡ Okay, but you have to also take your bath, you can’t just go out in the streets looking rough.
Cherry went and got dressed and I took my bath, the shower 🚿 was equipped with a hot water, and I took my time washing myself, God the water was great.
After that, I got dressed and cherry and I drove to my place. Minutes later we arrived at my house and talked about our next target with my crew.
Bobby ➡ So we’re going after this Chief Adebayo guy?
Veronica ➡ Yes,
Bobby ➡ And he’s dangerous and well connected?
Veronica ➡ Yes.
Bobby ➡ Wow, you know what I’m sitting this one out.
Angie ➡ Come on Bobby, don’t be like this now.
Bobby ➡ Look, we still have cash from our previous heist, and now you’re going for more…… This is too much.
Veronica ➡ Look, bobby we have a plan!
Bobby ➡ Okay, tell us your plan!
Veronica ➡ Look, this man is a hard target but after listening to what my babe said, I think i know how to work this out.
Angie ➡ Wait o, who’s your babe?
Veronica ➡ She’s standing next to you.
Cherry ➡ I’m no one’s babe.
Bobby ➡ Ronnie, don’t tell me you’re a l£sblan?
Veronica ➡ Well sort of….
Angie ➡ Sort of.??? Veronica since when did you start having this crazy thought?
Veronica ➡ Look all of you should get of my back, yes I like having s£× with my fellow women but I also like guys as well.
Bobby ➡ This shit is just…… Crazy!
Veronica ➡ Do you have a problem with that?
Bobby ➡ No absolutely not. Go on.
Veronica ➡ as I was saying, this man is going to be hard but all we need to do is find out what he does, we need to know everything about him, his friends anything!
Cherry ➡ well I do know where he usually hangs out with his friends.
Veronica ➡ Where?
Cherry ➡ Well, he goes to Xtacy lounge on Fridays in the evening.
Bobby ➡ And today is Friday, so….
Veronica ➡ That’s very good, Angie! That’s your cue, find out everything about this man!
Angie ➡ How? I can’t go o.
Veronica ➡ Why?
Angie ➡ Look, this job requires women that look so far out attractive and s£×y and I don’t have any of those.
Bobby ➡ She’s right………Veronica you should go and do the job.
Veronica ➡ But what if one of the guys we scammed showed up, what am i going to do?
Cherry ➡ Don’t worry, I know someone that is good at disguising people.
Veronica ➡ Okay, then let’s go.
Cherry and I drove to the person she suggested is good at making disguises.
We later arrived at a Fashion makeup shop, We entered the place, going straight in, Cherry exchanged pleasantries with the people inside, they all looked and dressed weirdly.
At last, we entered a room which was filled with designs and makeup kits, whoever owns this place was a gifted one cause I looked at the pictures of the people he worked on and it was marvelous.
Veronica ➡ So cherry where is this your guy?
Cherry ➡ Don’t worry, she’s coming?
Veronica ➡ She??
Suddenly, A huge and hairy creature roared behind us making us jump with fright, the look on its face was hideous and ugly, it came at us with full speed stretching its arm forward trying to grip us, Cherry was too frightened to move but I wasn’t, Before it could reach us, I landed a hard swift kick on its stomach, the creature caught its belly m0@ning in pain, I swept my feet around its own knocking it down completely as soon as it landed, I jumped at it, landing on its chest with an elbow! POW!!!
But what happened next surprised me, after I landed the creature shouted “JESUS” making me jump in astonishment.
Veronica ➡ Jesus!? So you can talk?
Cherry ➡ What kind of demonic creature is this? Ronnie let’s get out of here.
But before we could go out, The creatures removed its head and to our surprise we saw a human face, Cherry shouted in amazement as she saw who it was.
Cherry ➡ Justina?!?
Justina ➡ You both are crazy, don’t you know a joke when you see one?
Cherry ➡ After scaring us to death, you think that’s a joke?
Justina ➡ Damn my stomach hurts, this your friend is strong, what is she? Wonder woman, thank God this costume is thick and strong, she would have killed me.
Veronica ➡ Sorry for that, I didn’t know there was a human inside this ugly thing…….. I have to say its pretty impressive and real too.
Justina ➡ Thanks I bought it from Newyork, it’s worth a fortune.
Cherry ➡ Thank God, ehn Justina, this is my friend Veronica and I want you to make her the perfect disguise.
Justina ➡ Well, I have to say, your friend looks attractive, what does she need a disguise for?
Cherry ➡ She’s uh, uhm, you see……
Veronica ➡ I’m a detective and I need a perfect disguise that won’t make me suspicious.
Justina ➡ Hmm, let’s see……..
Justina went to her drawer and opened it, it was big and filled with alot of stuffs, plastic nose, fake moustache, wigs and a lot of things, after looking through her stuffs, she brought out a Bob hair wig and a pair of glasses that looks like Harry potter’s.
She made me sit down and fixed the hair on me and applied a small simple makeup, and made me put the glasses, I brought out my phone and compared my self and it worked, I looked completely different from my usual self, Cherry too couldn’t believe it, when she saw me.
Justina ➡ so is this one okay?
Cherry ➡ Damn Justina, its perfect, I can’t even recognize Veronica, she looks different, she’s like a geeky nerd 🤓.
Justina ➡ Yes, a s£×y nerd.
Veronica ➡ So how much should we pay?
Justina ➡ Nag, just leave it, besides its not challenging enough it was a simple task.
Cherry ➡ Thanks Justina, okay we don’t have all day besides I have to go to work, I’m late.
Justina ➡ Okay, see you then.
Cherry and I left the place, that Justina was sure a simple minded per, despite the fact she’s a bit weird.
So as we came out, Cherry drove to work, while I went back to my place.
The evening was going to be a busy one.
To be continued

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