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Unwanted fiance episode 8

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Unwanted fiance episode 8 by : 9:11 pm On April 11, 2021
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🌜(just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by bella writes😊😊😊
Chapter 8✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭Dora POV 💭
“Granny” not caring about what she just said, I ran to her and hugged her so tight
“Your going to choke me kid” she said and I pulled away from her
“Why did you scare me like that? I was so sad and heartbroken when I read that mail” I said
“I just had to do it, That was the only way to bring you home to us” She said
“I now have a home in New York granny, come with me, Lets go live there” I said to her
“And what about them” she said and my expression changed
“I dont care”I said not bothering to stare at them.
“Well you will care cause they are the reason you are back here” She said
“Then I wont stay granny, Am glad that your fine but am leaving ” I said
“Your no longer the eighteen year old that we knew, Your now an adult act like one” He said suddenly
“Out of all the people to speak ” I said feeling so very angry
“Dora please stay, lets talk this out” My dad added and I stared at him too.
The last thing I remembered about him at that moment was him telling me to leave
My heart just cant soften to them, they had all hurt me in the past.
“My child, please come with us, lets talk this out” Granny said and reluctantly I agreed.
I went in the same car with granny, I didnt want to go anywhere with them but It seemed like I chose the wrong one because Micheal was the driver himself
He is the last person that I wanted to see right now.
“Now tell me my dear, How is life in New York for you” my granny said and I told her how I got there and worked and also went to college.
How I got a job and is now working with a big company in New York
“Am so proud of you my child, You made it on your without any help “she said holding my hand
“Are you sure she did ” Michael said suddenly
“And what is that suppose to mean ” I said angrily
“Am just saying that I cant believe that you made it all on your own ” He said
“Well you better start believing cause I did it by myself and I wasn’t talking to you” I said
“Its enough the both of you, Michael please focus on driving” she said and he did.
We got home and we all got out of the car.
I stood for a while starring at the house,Never would I have thought that I would be coming back here.
“Common my dear” granny said as she pulled me in
We all filled the living room and our discussion began but what I cant understand is why Michael is here, He is not family, so why?
I wanted to ask but I kept my mouth shut.
“Dora have just been telling me how she lived her life in New York, would you like telling your parents” granny asked
“They wont be interested in knowing, lets just get to the main point here, why did you bring me here” I asked
“For your forgiveness , We’ve hurt you a lot Dora please forgive us” My mom said as she came to sit beside me
“Fine its my forgiveness you want right, then you have it, Have forgiven you all, so can I leave now” I said
“There is one more thing” Michael was the one who spoke this time
“Its not the right time to address that issue” she said
“It is the right time Michael ” My dad said
“It has to be addressed, have waited for months for this, not anymore” he said starring at me
“Micheal please, she just came back to us, dont!” My mom pleaded
“What is this about” I said
“Your father company is bankrupt and I agreed in helping your dad with only one condition “he said
“And that is?” I asked feeling scared already
“For me to have you” He said
I stood up feeling so very annoyed , So this is the reason why they wanted me home with them.
“You must be crazy if you think i will be with you” I said
“But you love him” Grace said suddenly
“Wrong Grace, I despise him,all of you , the only reason you called me back home was for this,am sorry I wont be doing anything” I said taking my bag
“My dear dont go, dont” my granny said starring as she pulled me
“No granny, no! You of all people should know what I went through, you knew everything and yet you agreed to all of it”
” but its for your own good”
“Its not for my good okay, Its for theirs, why doesnt he just take grace, after all she is the one you love” I said angrily
“Not anymore” he said non chalantly.
“Well I dont care okay, see this, see this!!!” I yelled showing him the ring
“Am not engaged, engaged to a man who loves me so much and I wont trade him for anything, So I suggest that you look for someone else” I said and then walked off
I got outside only for him to stop me by holding my hand
Feeling so very angry I slapped him hard on the face
“Who do you think you are to demand for me? You have no idea how much I hate you, I should have killed the love I had for you but stupid me still did stupid things for the man I loved only for him to rub it back in my face” I said hitting his chest angrily and he took it all without stopping me.
“My child had died because of you, you know right ” I said when I saw him stare at me
“Granny must have told you, it was that same day you said those horrible things to me that he died, I fell by you pushing me,I called your name but you left without a backward glance and my child, my child died” I said crying, he tried touching me but I moved back
“Its too late to try to console me, with each tears I cried my hatred for you grew so much, you have no idea how much I hate you and just like you said to me that day, I never want to see you again Michael, Am finally happy so get lost” I said snapping my f!ng£rs in his face and with that final word I left him standing there.
correct girl👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
You heard that Michael,” GET LOST” 😁😁😁
Your likes, comment and shares guys😊😊😊

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