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Unwanted fiance episode 20 – finale

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Unwanted fiance episode 20 – finale by : 9:32 pm On April 11, 2021
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🌜(Just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden desire for him)🔥
written by Bella writes☺☺☺
I was feeling so very happy and excited while going to the room
Finally Michael and I can finally be happy.
He loves me and I love him and we will be happy together
I was feeling still thinking about the future with Michael when someone called my name
I knew who it was even before I turned around
“Liam!” I called gently,ever since my whirlwind marriage to Michael,Have not even given Liam one thought and now here he is,looking so very angry .
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the news that you were married” He said walking towards me
“And out of all the hotels and countries here you are in the same place as I having your darn honeymoon”
“Something that should have been mine” he said
“But you chose to throw it away because you wouldn’t try to hear me out” I said
“And why should I do that? I caught you both red handed and the worst part of all was that I tried! I tried coming back to you but your Darling husband threatened me” He said
Michael had threatened him not to come to me! How could he have done that
“He even payed me off but knowing that am not a greedy soul like him,I went to refused the money and left,I left because he threatened to kill me if he sees me close to you”
“And in no time,you fell for him and now your happy, Your going around enjoying his company while I have to live with this heartache, Well I will tell you this,He will never make you happy like I did,I never lied to you but he did lied to you,that’s not the right way to start a marriage” He said
I stood there listening to what he said and what he said last got to me
There was still a chance that I could have been with Liam but Michael had threatened him and send him off and then he forced me into marrying him
“Didn’t I warn you to stay away from my Dora” Michael thundering voice behind us brought me back to reality
“I couldn’t miss telling your new bride the sort of creep you are” Liam said
“You are really going to pay for coming here” Michael said walking towards him but I got into the middle stopping him
“Your not going to do anything Michael” I said and he starred down at me
“Don’t tell me that you believe everything this creep told you” Michael said starring down at me
“Why won’t she,I told her the truth,The truth that you kept from her” liam said behind me
And Michael charged at him but I stopped him again
“I said you should stop it!” I yelled at him and when he saw me looking so serious he took my hand and drew me into our suite.
Liam laughter followed me us all the way.
“Don’t tell me that you believe that creep” He said once the door had been shut and we were the only one at home
“Why wont I believe him,Youve done nothing but threatened and forced me into this marriage,You threatening to kill liam just to stay away from me is the worst of all” I yelled at him
“Did he tell you that I threatened to kill him?” He asked
“He told me that,Liam could have come back to me,You stopped him by threatening him and by trying to pay him off” I said
“That son of a b***h” Michael cursed angrily
“So its easier to believe his lies than to give me the benefit of doubt” He asked starring at me
” don’t try to turn the table on you Michael, I know what you can do,You did it with me right,So doing it to stop Liam from coming to me wouldn’t surprise me a bit”
“Tell me Something Dora,If I hadn’t stopped him would you have accept him back” He asked and I thought about his question before answering him
“I would have but this isn’t about me accepting him or not,Its about the way you lied and threatened everyone just to have me” I said
“And I do have you right ”
“Everything was all based with your lies and deceit Michael, I don’t think I can be with someone who manipulates my life and also the people around me” I said
“What if I told you that I did it all because I love you”
“That is not love Michael,You don’t force or threaten someone into loving you”
“But just a while ago you would have said something different” He said
“That was because I thought that we were meant for each other but knowing of your lies and manipulation,I don’t think our love or marriage will survive” I said feeling so sad
“So what comes next? The give me a divorce speech right?” He asked looking so very angry and hurt himself
“If you know why ask?” I said too, suddenly getting angry at him
“Fine,fine I will give you your divorce bit I won’t let that bastard go away with this and if telling you the truth is the last thing he tells you then I will make him talk myself” He said and walked
Sensing some sort of danger ahead,I ran after him but he way ahead of me and before I could get to him,He was already beating the hell out of liam
A girl stood over them yelling at Michael to stop while the other guest watched
I saw the angry way Michael kept on punching Liam and I knew that if I didn’t stop him,He would kill him
“Michael stop!” I yelled at him,running towards him to hold his hand but he yanked me away and kept on hitting Liam
The security guards came and pulled Michael away from him and I went to Michael
Holding him back “please stop it” I said gently
“That mam needs to tell you the truth,Will you tell her or Should I continue with you” Michael threatened
“I will” Liam said gently wiping the blood off his mouth
“I lied okay,I lied about Michael,He never threatened me,He only gave me money so that I won’t try to contact you and I accepted”
“But you……”
“Is that all?” Michael yelled impatiently interrupting my words
“I never loved you Dora,I only got engaged to you so I get a share in your inheritance, You see my company was going bankrupt and I needed money, That was why I pursued you” Liam said
I felt so stupid, How could I have trusted this man words against Michael
“My love are you alright!” the lady said holding unto Liam
“You see that lady over there,while he buttered you up and gave you the darn ring,he had her as his mistress” Michael added angrily
I starred at Liam in shock and the bastard nodded his head in agreement to what Michael said
I felt so stupid, I had believed what he said than To believe Micheal
I starred at Michael and saw the angry look he had on his face and it was directed at me
Pushing me away angrily,He walked off.
I was about leaving when Liam mistress yelled at me
“Who is going to take care of him,Your brute of a husband did this to him,He has to pay” the lady said
Feeling so very angry,I walked back to them and kicked liam hard
“Are you crazy!” She yelled at me
“No,Am just paying him back in return,Hope he gets out of it Alive” I said and walked off
It took me hours to find Michael,He was in the hotel garden sitting on the chair and what shocked me most was to see the tears slipping off his face
Could the tears be for me? If it was for me then that only mean that I had hurt him a lot.
If I want his forgiveness, I better do it now,I thought as I went to him and sat beside him
I took him by surprise because he began to rub at his eyes, Giving excuse that something entered it but have seen him crying already,I laughed gently and he turned to stare at me
“What’s so funny?” He asked
“You,You are funny,One minute you are crying and then another your saying that something entered your eye” I said
“Forget you saw anything,This will be the last time I shed tears over you” He said rising up and I quickly block his path
“Leave Dora,You already know the truth and soon I will be granting you that divorce” He said and walked past me
“And what if I told you that I don’t want a divorce” I said and he stopped and turned
“Why? Now you will tell me you believe me and then you will doubt me again and ask me for a divorce? Well am sorry to disappoint you,I won’t be sticking around to listen to anymore of that ” He said and knowing how strong headed and determined Micheal could be at times
I ran to him and hugged him close to me
“I won’t ever say the word divorce to you again,Am sorry for not trusting you,sorry for believing that creep over you,I love you Michael and I won’t ever leave you” I said as the tears fell off my face
He stood like that not holding me back and neither did he say a thing
I knew that he was angry but having confess my feeling to him,I thought that would changed his mind
But he arms never came around me and that made me feel scared
“Hold me back Michael,Tell me you love you me too,Reassure me of that” I said
He never did that instead he pushed me away from him
And that hurt, It hurt to know that your being rejected by the man you love all over again
“Michael I………..”I couldn’t finish my word because he pulled me to him and klzzed me instead
” Don’t ever do this to me again”He whispered in between klzzes and I Nodded klzzing him back and enjoying being in his arms
“I love you Dora,Never ever doubt that” He said and I nodded
Too choked up to respond to him.
“Aren’t they so cute” My mom and granny cooed over the twin who were both in their cot
“Sander looks like his mom while Stella looks like her dad” my dad said as he stood to watch the twin too
“You all are wrong ,Those twin took after their gorgeous aunt” Grace added as she came to seat beside me on the hospital bed
I saw the look of horror in my parents and granny face and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing,the other followed suit and even Grace herself laughed
It looks so good to see everyone like this, happy, for the two years now have always been smiling because Michael have brought nothing but Joy to me
He has been the perfect husband,lover and companion
My marriage has now been blessed with two twin,What more could I ask for,I thought happily and just then the door opened and the love of my life walked in
“Okay its time for my wife and I to have some alone time” He said looking a bit grumpy
“Always the party pooper” Grace said as she walked off and my parents gave him a smile
Alone Michael brought our twins to me and while he held sander,I carried Stella
“They look so perfect” He said happily
“Like us” I said gently and he klzzed my lips
“What about your parents, Are they coming to see the twins”
“Of course,they are so very excited to see their grandchild,they are on their way now” He said and I smiled, Finally Michael parents will acknowledge me,they were the only hurdle between Michael and I and since they have finally accept me,All will be well,I thought and sighed gently
“Are you tired”he asked
” No am just feeling so happy right now,You have brought nothing but happiness into my life,Am so lucky to have you”I said
“And I my love” He said before klzzing me and I knew that together as one we will face any difficulties that comes our way……………
Another story ending well ☺☺☺
Thanks to everyone who have been patient with me with this particular story😊😊😊
Thanks for putting up with me and I promise to do better with the next story✌✌✌
Thanks once again and love you all❤❤❤❤❤

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