Unwanted fiance episode 2

🌜(just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(My forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by bella writes☺☺☺
“what do you mean by your not going” Priscilla my closest friend said to me as she sat on my bed
“I dont just want to go” I said
“It’s your sister engagement party with Michael,Our school buddy, Why dont you want to go” she said as she came to seat beside me
“I love Michael okay,are you so blind to see it” I said
“But Michael is now engaged to your sister, And you never showed it that you love Michael” she said
“How can I do that,he never saw me more than a little sister” I said as I cried on the bed
“Oh poor you” Priscilla said hugging me
“I never knew that you loved him,if I had I would have tried to help you” she said trying to console me
“It’s all my fault,I should have told him when I had the chance but I let my fears get the best of me and I let my sister take him from me” I said
“Its going to be fine okay,we are young and still fresh,we will find someone better ” Priscilla said
“I really want to believe that but I just can’t,Michael will be the only man I love” I said
“Stop saying those things,there Are a lot of guys out there and am sure that one of them is yours” she said
“Priscilla I just want to die” I said as I played on the bed
Just then there was a knock on the door and I was still telling Priscilla not to answer when she went to open the door.
My mom dressed in her beautiful gown walked in
“What’s this why are you not ready” my mom said
“She said she is feeling a bit sick and have been telling her to come to the party at least it would subside for a while but she just won’t listen” Priscilla said
“Is that true dora?” My mom said starring at me
“Yes it is mom” I said,flowing with Priscilla lies
“Its important that your there,go and get dressed and come downstairs,the party have started already” she said and was walking off when she turned around and came back to touch my forehead
“No fever or headaches,you will be alright” she said as she walked off
“Why did you do that?” I said
“I knew you would not want to go,so I had to get your mom to talk to you” she said
“I hate you for this” I said and she smiled
“We both know that you can’t possibly hate me” she said
“Look am doing this for your own good,you can’t just sit around in the room and mop yourself to death,I won’t let that happen because I know that you are an attractive girl and someday someone would see you and love you for yourself”she said
” and that day will begin from now,now hurry take your bathe, I will get you ready “Priscilla said and reluctantly I went to prepare
A while later I starred at myself in astonishment
I can’t believe that I can be this beautiful,gone were my glasses and baggy clothes and here was a beautiful me, another me
” see how beautiful you are,am sure that if Michael sees you, he wouldnt think of you as a his little sister though it’s a bit late for that, so now Bestie,let’s go show them how beautiful we are”Priscilla said and I smiled
I only hoped that when Michael sees me he would change his mind,I know that that is wishing for something impossible but
I starred at my watch the second time,where could she be,I thought as I stared around
One thing about dora is that she is never late for anything and that’s the main reason we both got close at school
She was being bullied when I met her,I defended her and since then we became something Like buddies
She was in her second year at college while I was in my final year
We had hit it off as friends and had become close
Sometimes I wonder to myself that if I hadn’t meet dora then I wouldbt have meet the love of my life
The one who stole my heart just when I first met her
I smiled when I saw grace with my parents, flowing with them,I just hope everything goes well between them because I so much want grace as my bride
But my mind keep drifting to dora,I wonder if she will come to the party
Because for the past few weeks she has been avoiding me and why I dont know
“My love,come let me show you something” grace said as she came to me looking extraordinary in her black dress
We were heading outside when suddenly I heard the guest all gasping and talking at the same time.
I turned only to see dora looking so beautiful ascend the stairs,along with Priscilla
She had been hiding her beauty with her baggy clothes and glasses
She looked so different from the nerdy dora everyone calls her
“Seems like my foolish sister decides to steal the spot light tonight” grace said beside me
I was surprised to hear her calling dora foolish,she had always made me think that the relationship between her and dora have always been a good one
“Dont look her way okay,pretend she is not there at all” grace said
“What do you mean by that” I said starring at her
“I dont want her stealing you from me” she said and I stared at her
“And why would she steal me from you, for crying out loud dora and I are only friends” I said
“Thats what you think but she told me the truth today and I would like it if you stayed away from her,I dont want to lose you” she said and kissed me
💭Dora POV💭
I kept on looking around for the one man I hope would notice me
And when I finally saw him,he was kissing my sister
I felt my heart breaking again,I had thought that I would be able to get his attention but he didnt even look my way
“Come here dora,why dress this way and steal your sister spotlight,tonight is her night but everyone seems to be talking about you” my mom said as she came to my side
“You could have been patient a bit, grace is suppose to be the one they should be talking about but they are talking about you” my dad added as he came to stand with us
“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to….to steal the spotlight” I said sadly
“If that is so then go back upstairs and change” my mom said
I nodded gently and began to head back upstairs when I stopped
I turned right and head to the garden instead
I want to be alone,to think and clear my head a bit
But instead I found him in the garden and this time he wasn’t with grace,he was all alone
poor dora🥺🥺🥺
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