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Unwanted fiance episode 19

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Unwanted fiance episode 19 by : 9:30 pm On April 11, 2021
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🌜(Just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden desire for him)🔥
written by Bella writes☺☺☺
Semi final (chapter 19)✌✌✌
I opened my eyes and found Michael starring down at me
“Why do you keep on starring at me anytime am sleeping” I said as I smiled up at him
Ever since have agreed on the truce with him
Michael had spent all day making love to me and I enjoyed each and every second of it
“I still can’t believe that I have you here beside me”
“For four years have always dreamt of you,of having you like this beside me But each time I wake up Its not to see you on the bed and I feel hurt and lonely”
“Having you here like this seems so unreal to me,I thought that if I closed my eyes and open it,you would be gone,so I don’t want to close them at all” He said lightly
I pulled him down and layed his head on my chest
” I am here now and I intend to stay for forever”I said klzzing his fore head
“Thanks my love” He said as he held me close
Wanting to make this atmosphere a bit cooler,I said
“Well you also have to suffer ”
“Suffer for what?”He asked
” for having put me through the same thing, when we were at school,I always thought of you,dreamt of you,Wanted only you but you never looked my way, so its some sort of payback”I said smiling up at him
“I was such a fool right?” He said looking so serious
“I never looked your way?” He added
“No Michael, I never said it to make you feel bad” I said
“Its a good thing you took me back,I might have been lost without you ” he said and klzzed my lips
“I love you,never doubt that” He added and klzzed me
A long time later,We showered and went out of our suites
Together we took a stroll around las Vegas
Michael showed me things I didn’t know and explained the history of las Vegas to me
Hand in Hand we went to a restaurant and ordered our meal
We were half way eating when I took a spoonful of my food and set it to Michael mouth
He smiled at me and ate it “Have always wish to do this with you” I said a bit shy
“Oh really! What are the other things you’ve wished to do with me”
” who knows I might be willing to grant them for you”He said giving me a smile
“Its a lot Michael,I hope you will be able to do all of it……………” I said giving him a smile.
Together Dora and I walked into the amusement park
One of her wish was for the both of us to spend time together at the amusement park
And since its something within. My power, I decided to indulge her
I had felt so very happy when she had agreed on a truce with me
I had thought that it would take me a whole lot of time before I could get her to say yes to me
I promise to cherish and love her and Though she hasn’t said she loves me yet,I will make sure I get those words from her
“Its time to fulfil every of my wish” she said giving me a smile and I smiled in return
It was getting a bit dark when we walked out of the amusement park.
“You really are good when it comes to shooting, You even won me a teddy,I will call it Michael” She said as she starred at the teddy
“Why call it Michael when you have the real me here,want me to be jealous” I said
“No,Its the real you I want most,Never doubt that” She said and I smiled in return
“Time to fulfil your second wish” I said and led her round another street
“I know a good cinema around here,Am sure that you will enjoy the film they show us”I said and then held her hand tightly before walking off
After watching a film titled Titanic,we went back to our hotel room.
A lot of wish were still remaining but that will be for tomorrow
It was dark now and though she didn’t want to say it,I knew she was tired
We walked into the hotel lobby and was heading to our room when the receptionist called me
” Sir you have a call,They say its very important “the hotelier said
” why don’t you go upstairs,I will follow suit” I said and she nodded and left
I answered and it was Grace.
“I did Something terrible Michael” She
“What did you do ” I asked
“I told Liam where to find you guys, He said he had something important to tell her but I doubt if that thing is good, so whatever secret your hiding,just go tell it to her” Grace said
Knowing what that important thing, I quickly dropped the phone
“And there is a man upstairs, He came saying he had to speak with your wife” the receptionist added
Without waiting for anymore confirmation that the person upstairs is Liam
The creep was here to tell her about me paying him off,I just hope he hasn’t said anything yet
I got upstairs and saw Her standing in front of liam
Am too late! The bastard has told her the truth,I thought as I stared at them
Your likes ,comments and shares🙏🙏🙏
Final episode loading………☺☺☺

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