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Unwanted fiance episode 13

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Unwanted fiance episode 13 by : 9:21 pm On April 11, 2021
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🌜(Just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(My forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by Bella writes😊😊😊
She slept in my arms and I held her close to me.
Did I put too much tranquilizer in her drink,I thought as I lifted her into my arms
“Boss,Boss”I turned on hearing John, My personal secretary called
“Why are you here?I thought I asked you to keep a close eye on Liam”I said
“My apologies Sir,But I just came to ask if you would come back downstairs,Its hard to distract that man”He said
“Just distract him,Introduce him to our big client, Get him drunk,do whatever you can,Am counting on you john”I said and he nodded
“Yes sir,I will do my best “He said and walked off
Still carrying Dora in my arms,I took her to her room and layed her on the bed
I felt bad about doing this but I had to do it and after all she did the same thing to me
I slid her gown off her body and it took me a lot of will power not to stare at her Creamy body
As soon as I was done with hers,I pull off my clothes and gently layed beside her
I pulled her close and she moved closer.
“I should be making love to you right now but I wont,when I make love to you, You would be wide awake” I said and klzzed her forehead, Now I only have to wait for her Liam.
💭Dora POV 💭
I opened my eyes to the sound of the birds which were chirping so loudly outside.
With my eyes still close ,I stretched a bit only to hit something or someone
But that Is not right! This is my room and am the only one that sleep on this bed,I thought as I opened my eyes
I gasped when I saw him beside me, what had happened last night? Why am I here with him? I thought and just then it all began to come back to me
The party,Michael arrival and asking me to drink the champagne with him.
He had drugged me,Had drugged me and had brought me to the room to……to sleep with, I thought as I starred at my n@k£d self under the duvet
I was about getting up when he pulled me back to the bed
“And where do you think you are going” He asked starring down at me
“Let me go you creep!!!” I yelled at him
“Why should I? I like having you like this” He said as he stroked my thigh under them duvet
“Don’t touch me!”
“You had done the same thing four years ago, you touched me in places that are pr!v@te,You slept with me,Why don’t I just do the same with you ” He said
“That is something I regret always, The worst mistake of my life was sleeping with you, I certainly don’t want you now or ever,Get off of me !!!” I yelled angrily
“Sorry love but I won’t, I want you Dora and have told you that I would have you” He said moving my hair out of my face
“Don’t touch me! Get off me Michael” I said and he smiled
“I like us being this way” He said still smiling
“Dora,Dora are you in?” I heard Liam voice outside and I starred at Michael who was on me
He smiled and said gently “Just the person have been waiting for”
Then he klzzed me and at that same moment the door opened
“What’s going on?” I heard Liam say and with my might I pushed Michael away
“Liam” I called and stopped when I saw the murdering look on his face
“I just asked what’s going on Dora!” He said
“Its not what you think Liam,I can explain,I…..”
“What you saw now, Is us making sweet passionate love to each other, Dora didn’t know how to tell you,We are sorry that you caught us this way ” Michael said interrupting me
“Dora, How could you?” He asked angrily and then walked out of the room
If my clothes had been on me,I would go after him.
“Wow,He believed me so fast” Michael said laughing
I starred back at him feeling so very angry
“Your doing this because I had done the same to you years ago right?” I asked and immediately his look change to the one of seriousness
“No Dora,whether you believe me or not, I did it for your own good” He said
“I hate you Michael, So very much” I said and with the duvet around me, I went to the bathroom .
Fully dressed,I went in search of Dora.
Did I go far by doing what I did to her,The only thing I want is to have her for myself but now She hates me more than ever.
“Is it true? Did you and My sister………” Grace asked the minute got into the Room
“You should only try to win her love,Not to push her away” Granny said
‘”By doing this, You’ve ruined Any chance with her ” Her mother said
“Where is she?” I asked
To me she is the only person I want to talk to now.
“She is outside,Trying to pacify her fiance” Her dad said
So the creep was still around,I thought that with what he saw,He would have left Dora for good but he still plans on sticking around right? Well I will just have to see what is going,I thought as I went outside
“Please don’t go, its all a misunderstanding” her pleading was the first thing I heard when I got outside
“You must think am a fool Right? Well sorry am not one, Have fun with your best friend, I don’t care” He said and got into his car and then he left
At least,I managed to get the thief out of her life, I thought as I went over to her
“Just leave me alone okay, Youve gotten your revenge, you did the same thing I did to you, You must be happy right?” She asked
” I would be lying If I say that am not happy, I am happy that your free” I said
“You are a real jerk” she said as the tears slipped from her eyes.
“He isn’t worth your tears Dora” I said
“And you are right? ”
” I might not be worth it now but I know that with time,I would be worth it, So am asking you right Now Dora, Will you marry Me?” I said starring at her.
Your likes and comments guys✌✌✌

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