Unwanted fiance episode 12

🌜(Just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🌹(When the rich fall for the poor)🌹
Written by Bella writes😊😊😊
CHAPTER 12✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
“What nonsense are you spluttering now!! Dad tell me that its not true” I asked starring at my dad whose head was bowed in shame.
“It cant be true!”
“Its the truth Dora, I now own everything you call yours” He said
” Shut up okay, Just shut up” I yelled at him
” Its the truth Dora , I lost my company due to my incompetency and Michael here bought the company ” He said
I sat on the chair, Letting my dad words sink in.
Michael pulled a seat and sat right in front of me
” I bought the company thinking of you” He said gently
” How much is it?” I asked suddenly
” How much what?”He replied
” How much did you buy the company, I will buy you out and If my money is not enough, Liam would help, Just as long as this man is out of our lives” I said starring at him
” Do you really think you can buy me out And that fiance of yours, You think he would help?” He asked
” Yes he would help and if I have to use all my savings to buy you out, Then I will” I said
He moved towards me and starred at me
” Give up my dearest, You wont be able to buy me because I wont let you, I will be in your live for as long as I want,Remember that” He said to me and then left the study.
” What a bastard” I yelled angrily and stood up
” Am sorry my child” My dad said gently
I turned to find him looking so sad abd I felt my heart reach out to him
” I should have payed more attention to the company, I only saw it late and I couldnt do anything than to accept Michael offer” He said
“Its okay dad,Dont think about it too much, All will be well” I said and he stared at me, Giving me a smile too.
I got back to the room only to find them all in the sitting room.
” My dear come over here” My granny said as I walked in
” whats going on granny” I asked as I took a seat beside her
“Its just that we all decided to plan an engagement party for you and Liam” She said excitedly
” you dont have to worry ,We already had our engagement party,Right ?” I asked starring at Liam
“It wouldnt be bad if they celebrate us again” He said
” Liam, You know we ca…….”
“Dont worry Dora, I will take care of all the expenses” Michael said
“No, I wo……….”
” My love lets just accept okay” Liam said as He came to my side
” This for you guys Dora , Just accept ” My mom said
“In this case Dora has to accept because Its your best friend that is planning it”Liam said and I starred at him.
” Michael has told me that you two are best of friends, He wants to make it up to you,so he has decided to throw this party for us” Liam added
” So this party thing is your idea right?” I asked starring at him and he nodded
“Just want to give you guys a befitting party ” He said
” Thanks a lot Michael, We are sure going to enjoy it, Right my love” Liam asked but I didnt answer
I had a feeling, A weird one, There is something behind this party Of Michael but I cant really pin point what it is.
I just hope that nothing goes wrong at the party.
I stood by the balcony, Watching how the decorators prepared for the party.
It has taken me a whole lot of money but its worth it
Today I plan on making Dora mine By doing the same thing she did to me four years ago
The sooner I get her out of liam clutches the better
When I heard the conversation he had with whomever he was with on the phone
I got my Investigators to search about him and what I found out was not really good
The man is nothing but a swindler, He marries rich young girls, Divorce them and then take half of what they own
The same thing he is trying to do with Dora , If I wanted to, I would have let him marry her and there will be nothing for him to take cause in the end, Dora family is bankrupt.
But I cant let Dora be with someone who is only after her money .
Tonight I will make sure He leaves Dora .
” You must really want my sister, For you to prepare all this” Grace said as she came to stand beside me
” She is everything a man wants, Why wont I spoil her with what I have” I said
” Are you sure that she will be yours, Cause she is really In love with Liam and am sure that she would leave with him”
” Dont count on that, I have plans myself” I said
” You never did this for me” She said and I starred at her
“I made a mistake back then, I should never have chosen you over her, You proved to be a waste of time for me” I said
” I was scared, That was why I backed out,Am sorry for humiliating you that way, If being with my sister is some sort of revenge towards me then please stop” She said
” You flatter yourself too much Grace, What makes you think that me wanting to be with your sister is all because of you?” I asked
“Youve hurt my parents already, You want to use my sister to hurt me now”
” You watch too much films, This is reality Grace, I took everything from your dad and made him bankrupt because I wanted to hurt you for the way you stood me up at the altar but get this straight, I want Dora for myself” I said
“Well I wish you luck on that, cause i doubt if my sister will ever love you like she did in the past” Grace said
” Luck isnt what I need, Save it for yourself,Cause up till this moment you havent seen a guy who you will love you like I did in the past, Should we call that Karma?” I said before walking off.
Just talking to grace,Makes me so very angry
She even have the nerve to wish me, Well I certainly dont need luck on this because I plan to get Dora whether by hook or by crook.
I stood by the counter sipping my drink gently and watching everyone who came for the party
I wish I was in my room right now, Liam who I thought will be at my side is amongst the guest, charming them all and leaving his fiancee to deal on her own.
My parents are being the perfect host and my granny is up in her room,feeling so very tired,Grace is nowhere to be found and as for Michael he hasnt shown up yet
And I hope he doesnt, I thought as I picked up my glass to drink the champagne
“All by yourself I see” His voice behind me made spilled the drink on my gown
“Do I really cause this reaction with you” He asked as he brought out his handkerchief
“Why are you even here?” I asked feeling so very angry
” Am here for my best friend engagement party” He said
” Still on that best friend rubbish!!!” I asked angrily
“Yes, Am still on it and Since your fiancé is busy with other stuff, Why dont you we just go to the balcony and have a nice chat” He said
” Am not going”
“Dont cause a scene Dora” He said and led me to the balcony
” What is your problem? Why wont you just let me be” I asked him angrily
” I already told you what I want” He said
” Then you can think again, I wont leave liam for you” I said
” We shall see about that” he said and just then a waiter brought us a drink
“Let’s toast to a better future” He said
I dont know why but I felt somehow, I had a feeling that he is up to something
Feeling nervous, I gulped down the drink
“Now Its about to begin” He said starring at his glass
“What do you mean” I asked
“Can’t you guess yet?” He asked
And just then I began to feel dizzy
“Am about to do the same thing you did to me four years ago” He said and I stared at him in shock
I staggered a bit wanting to get away from him but he pulled me back
“This time,I will be the one making love to you tonight and am sure that once your fiance sees us tomorrow, He would be so angry and leave and then you will be mine for good” He said
“Le…..let me go” I said feeling sleepy
“If I let you go, You might fall, So I will just take you to our room myself” he said and lift me into his arms
This can’t be happening,It just can’t be……I thought as I fell asleep in his arms…
Payback time!!!
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