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Unwanted fiance episode 11

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Unwanted fiance episode 11 by : 9:18 pm On April 11, 2021
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🌜(Just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(My forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by Bella writes😊😊😊
Chapter 11✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
He kept on klzzing me and though I tried to push him off
He pulled me closer, I stood still in his arms.
Since I wont return any of his klzzes, He would just have to let me go
” I never had the chance to feel the taste of this lips that night,Because you had drugged but now! Now that I know the taste, I find myself wanting more ” He said
The nerve of the creep, I thought as I pushed him away angrily
“More ? You make me laugh, If you want more then look for a slut on the highway, They are a lot of them there” I said
“I find that I dont want a slut, There are a lot of girls wanting me to notice them but I dont want anyone of them” He said and I pulled away
“Listen and listen good cause I wont say it again, I dont want you close to me” I yelled at him before going back in.
I stood by the balcony touching my lips.
For four years have always tried to remembered what had happened that night, To know every little detail
But each time I try,I just wont remember
So I took a goal at it, I klzzed her and It felt so good.
I just had to know if what am doing Is worth it and its worth it, I thought smiling to myself.
To her and everyone else it is suppose to be my revenge on what her and her family did to me
But to me, Its to have her with me, To marry her and make her my wife.
I should have looked her way, should have noticed her but Instead I was fascinated by her sister beauty
I threw away her love and hurt her badly.
She had loved me so much as to drug me and sleep with me.
I should have just married her then but stupid me had got so angry and had went along with Grace wishes, Which was to hurt her sister and to support her to convince her parents to send her out.
And it had worked, Like a fool I had done what she asked of me, Only for her to jilt me at the altar.
Well I wont be letting Dora do the same, This time I plan on making her my wife and I will make sure I do.
I was about going in, When I saw Liam coming out, His phone with him.
I quickly hid behind the wall cause I saw that he looked so nervous and suspicious.
“Yes,Am finally in ” He said gently to whoever is on the phone with him
” Well it was hard at first, The stupid Dora didnt want to have anything to do with her father”
” For years she has been angry with them about something they did to her but I dont care about that, The only thing I care about now Is to get My hands on Dora Inheritance ” He said
So the creep is only with Dora for the money he can get out of her, I thought.
” She is rich okay,Her dad is a tycoon and she is the second daughter, Once her dad dies, He would hand his company over to me, His daughter husband and from there, I will squeeze out the money I can get from it”
” You know I would have to make sacrifices and If one Is to marry Dora , I will do it, My company is bankrupt And I need money from Dora And the only way to get it is to marry her and own half of her Inheritance” he added
” Have told you already , I dont love Dora, Never will I love her, Your the only one I love ”
So apart from wanting to Squander Dora money, He also doesnt love her, What a bastard, I thought as I clench and unclenched my f!ng£rs.
” Fine,I will keep that In mind,Someone Is coming, I need to hang up now” He said quickly and hang up the phone then he went in
At first I wanted to go after him but I stopped
Knowing that the creep doesnt love Dora at all makes me feel happy
He is only after her money and that Is the last thing He will get Because I wont let him have her money nor would he have her, I thought as I went back in
” Does he really have to be here ?” I asked my dad
As soon as I left Michael, I came in search of my dad
He had to find a way to get Michael out of this house
The creep had no respect for anything or anyone.
He had klzzed me fully knowing that My fiance Is just around the corner and he could have seen us
I just dont want him close to me, So its either dad sends him away or I leave.
” Yes he has to Dora, You see he…….”
“He is nothing okay, How can you let someone who has hurt your child close to her?” I asked angrily
” Its not my intention to do that , If It were up to me, Michael wouldnt even be here” He said
” So why Is he here? Send him away” I said
“I think that would be impossible” Michael himself said as he walked in
“Should I tell her or would you” He asked starring at my Father
“Tell me what?” I said starring at him angrily
” Dont tell her yet” My dad said to him
” Am sorry Mr Belmont, But since your daughter is so inquisitive about it, I will tell her” He said starring at me
” Your father cant throw me out of this house because I own it, To make things very clear to you Dora, I own every little possession you call yours” He said
“What!!!” ………..
” when Your dad company went under the bridge, I bought everything And If your dad is acting as the president that Is because of you, I Dont want to remove him from his post because of you, Because I want you In my life” He said starring at me intently….
So this is it guys……MICHAEL true feelings is to get back with Dora, Cause he loves her and not wanting to let anyone know about his feelings.
He pretends that he only after Dora for revenge which is a lie😊😊😊
So now my sweets😁😁😁
Give me your likes, comments and shares❤❤❤

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