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Unwanted fiance episode 1

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Unwanted fiance episode 1 by : 8:38 pm On April 11, 2021
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🌜 (Just one night with him changed everything)❤
🔥(My forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by bella writes☺☺☺
“You did the same thing to me four years ago,its time you pay back”he said as he starred at me harshly
“But i never meant to,i never meant to destroy your relationship with my sister”i said as i pulled up the sheets trying to cover my n@k£d body
“But you did,you made her hate me,made her call off the wedding and made me a laughing stock to everyone”
“But that was never my intention?”i said
“It was your intention and so dont worry my dearest cause am here to do the same thing to you and whether you like it or not,you must marry me?i mean it when i say it and you will marry me”
Meet isadora belmont,she is a shy helpless virgin who made the mistake of falling for her sister fiance
Meet micheal blake,the only heir to blake industries,he is s£×y,rich and talented and he is every girl dream
At least to dora he is the love of her life,she met him first at college,wanted him and loved but she never got the chance to tell him because her wilful sister caught him and hooked him
And dora at eighteen felt so sad and longed for him secretely,it was on the night of their engagement party that she finally confessed and one thing led to another and she had a one night stand with him,with a forbidden man
Her sister and parents had caught them both and they had cancelled the wedding with micheal,while they sent her away
Now four years later,she is happy with her new found fiance,ready to put the past behind her but micheal is not so willing to do the same thing
He wants to have revenge to what she did to him and what other way could he have done it than to do the same thing to her
This time he wasnt to leave like she did,he is determined to stay in her life and to marry her whether by hook or by crook
Now what do you guys think would happen to dora?
Will her life ever be the same after he puts his threats to action?
🌜(just one night with him,changed everything)🌛
🔥 (My forbidden desire for him)🔥
Written by bella writes🙂🙂🙂
“Common wake up,get out of bed you lazy bone”my mom said as she drew the covers off my body
“Let me sleep some more”i said as i layed back on the bed
“You must be joking right?today is the engagement party of your sister and we still have a lot of things to do,now get up and go get dressed then come downstairs so we finish arranging”she said as she left the room
I sighed and got off the bed “why cant she prepare things by herself,am i the engaged one “i said as i massage my neck
Yesterday i had stayed at school late just so i wouldnt come back home to meet them decorating but still i met them there
And while the engaged bride sat down like royalty,i helped them with the decoration,we worked until midnight and early in the morning,i have to help again
This is the weekend,the only time i get to relax but still am still being bothered with preparing my sister engagement party,something i know i would never be thanked for
So why bother myself with the engagement party at all
“You know its because of micheal”my conscience tormented me making remember what have vowed to put behind me
“Why did you have to remind me about it”i said to myself hitting the bed with my fist
Its been a year now,a year since micheal and my sister have been dating,a year since i vowed to put my feeling aside and to just focus on my education
But it doesnt seem like its working right?
Afterall you just cant stop loving someone because you command it
Yes,have always been inlove with micheal,micheal who is now my sister fiance
Micheal who is so handsome,kind and sometime a bully but not to those he love
At least that was how i felt,i thought he loved me but with one look at my sister he fell hard and now they are going to be engaged tonight
I stood in front of the window starring at the caterers and mom who was busy arranging her favourite daughter engagement party,i doubt if i would ever recieve the same treatment from her
That is if i do find myself a fiance but i doubt if that would ever happen cause as much as i would have loved to fall for someone else,i wont be able to do that cause i only love micheal,my heart still longs for him even knowing that his heart belongs to my sister
I met micheal on my first year in college,he was in his final year in the university
Some students were bullying me but he butt in and helped me,i can still remember that day perfectly,that was the first time i met him
I had been pushed on the floor and then i saw someone approach me,he stretched forth his hand and i had put mine trustingly in his and it was then that i had given him my heart
From then on,we became close friends,he helped me with subject i didnt know,apart from being the son and also the only heir to Blake industires he is also very smart and these was the quality i saw in him,for the months that we were together as friends,i couldnt summon the courage to tell him the truth
The only mistake i made was taking him home
It had been late,we had been revising on a project that belonged to me,he had decided to walk me home but the rain had started and i had invited him in
He met my parents and met my sister that night and since theb they’ve hit it off
And now sadly he is going to marry her,i thought as i sighed gently
I saw a car driving in and i knew that it was him
He got out of the car giving a smile to my mom who went to hug him
This is the last day,have got to get him out of my heart and mind for good
The door opened and my sister walked in
“Like seriously you arent even dressed yet,dont you know that we need you downstairs “she said as she layed on my bed
“Am no one maid grace”i said
“And who said you are a maid”she said eyeing me
“You guys treat me like one,your the one having the party here but i have to be the one to do everything while you sit around like royalty”i said
“Oh now i see where the problem is,your jealous have always been jealous and its all because of micheal right” she said
“Leave”i said
“I am right!!!you have always wanted my fiance”she said
“I dont want him”
“Liar!!!your such a bitch”she said angrily
“Youve always wanted him right from the start and that is why you are angry now”she added
“You knew!!!you knew that i loved micheal,i even told you about it but instead you went ahead and seduced him,you took him from me first “i said
“Yes i did,so what?he was just a friend to you,you were so foolish as to keep mute about your feelings but i seduced him and made him mine,you heard it he is mine now ,so stay away from him “she said pushing me
“You think micheal could ever set his eyes on a girl like you,well sorry sis,he doesnt go for plain ugly girls like you,its s£×y girls like us that micheal go for,youve been warned dora stay away from my fiance”she said before going out of the room
I sat down on the bed feeling so hurt and sad,she is right,guys like micheal doesnt go for girls like us but for more s£×y ones like grace
I layed back on the bed feeling so hurt……….
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