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The wedding night episode 9

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The wedding night episode 9 by : 4:16 pm On April 11, 2021
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The Wedding Night (episode 9)
⭐Beautiful Ending!!⭐
You never know how many problems can be prevented or averted in relationships if only couples can communicate their feelings or issues with one another. Despite the fact that the saying “communication is key” has almost become a broken record, the sad reality is that not too many people actually practicalise it. Whenever you see a major problem in any relationship that unfortunately became unresolvable, just know that the parties involved had a communication defect. L'ttle misunderstandings every now and then might eventually led to gradual Loss of Love and Interest for your partner.
In Natalie’s case, she kept an important detail of her life a secret from Richard and that secret sadly resulted to the issues that led to their brief separation. If only she came clean and confided in him about being molested as a child, he would have given her all the support she needed to scale through and heal completely. The fact that she kept such an important detail from him was the genesis of their problem and this could have been prevented if only she communicated her feelings and revealed her emotional scars to him. Too bad things had already began to get sour in their relationship before she decided to come clean about her past. At this point, all we can do is hope that Richard empathizes with Natalie and eventually forgives her. F!ng£rs crossed!
After Natalie finally revealed her dreaded secret to Richard, he was dead-drop shocked. At that moment, all he found himself doing was staring intensely at her with no words in his mouth. A thousand thoughts sprang through his mind as he just stood there staring at her. For the first time in over three weeks, everything suddenly began to make sense. What a relief because that confession finally put his confusion to rest.
As Richard stood there speechless, Natalie began to shed bitter tears. As she sobbed, she narrated how she was molested and s£×ually abused as child. Just as Natalie was about to go deeper into details of what actually happened to her, Richard rushed to where she stood and held her tightly till he could feel her soul. “ssshhhh, don’t talk about it anymore because I can see you are hurting with every word that comes out from your mouth. Baby I am so sorry too, I love you so much” he said as he held her tightly.
That hug from Richard held the remaining piece of Natalie’s heart from shattering due to the grief she was feeling. As he held on to her, she burst into uncontrollable tears. Natalie cried bitterly till Richard began to feel her pain. He gently walked her inside the house and shut the door so as not to attract third parties in their personal business. Despite the fact that he lived in an elite estate, he still had neighbors so he needed to take her inside because the display of affection was getting intense.
Immediately they entered inside the house, Richard carried Natalie on his lap as he laid on the couch in his livingroom. She rested her head on his chest and cried non-stop. He tried to console her but that didn’t seem like it was going to work so all he could do was pat her back and assure her that everything was going to be alright.
“It’s ok my darling, I know that you are hurting and it kills me to know that I am helpless and can’t do anything to stop your pain other than to console you. If I could go back to your past and change what happened to you, I wouldn’t wait another second to do so. I love you regardless of whatever happened in your past. It wasn’t your fault so stop denying yourself happiness because of another person’s actions. Trust me enough to tell me anything, knowing that I will always have your back no matter what it is. I want our relationship to work out but the only way that can be possible is if you see me as your partner and not your enemy. I would never intentionally do anything that will cause you pain. I love you with all your scars and nothing will ever change your position in my heart. Now, wipe your tears away and show me that smile I fell in love with” Richard said. When he was done talking, Natalie felt at peace like she had never felt in a long time. She managed to smile faintly and he said “That’s my girl”. They both smiled afterwards and that was how the atmosphere began to cool down.
That day marked a new era in their relationship and decked their love for each other. Richard held onto Natalie till she fell asleep in his arms. He carried her to his bedroom and laid her on the bed to sleep comfortably. In order to be extremely careful so as not to trigger any sad memories, he slept in another room and left her all by herself in his room. He woke up every now and then to check up on her and say a short prayer for her. For every time he prayed, she was aware but pretended to be fast asleep. That little gesture brought peace to her heart and gave her all the conviction she needed to accept that he was her soulmate.
That night was a long one but it was eventually over when dawn came. Natalie stayed an extra day in Richard’s house because she was too tired to show up at the office. In order to keep her company, Richard stayed back home that day too and they bonded like never before. They had deep conversations and got to know each other a lot better than they initially did. Natalie became more open about herself and that transparency was a good step in the right direction for their relationship. Richard cooked for her and she blushed all through. It was such a blissful day and they both enjoyed every bit of it.
The following day, Richard dropped Natalie off at her house very early in the morning so she could prepare for work. After dropping her off, he pecked her on the forehead and said “Goodbye”. Natalie felt genuinely loved for the first time ever and it was a good feeling indeed. Immediately she entered into her house, she called Nene to give her a run down of how things went for the past two days. While at Richard’s house, she switched off her phone so she could give her undivided attention to healing their relationship. She didn’t have any chance to contact Nene all through her stay at his house. Immediately Nene picked up the call, she anxiously asked to know the outcome and Natalie told her that everything was settled and that she now has her Man back. Shouts of joy instantly followed up afterwards due to the good news.
“Before I forget, I want to say thank you for all you have done for me. I don’t know what I could have done without you by myself. Thanks for giving me strength when I had none in me and thanks for all your wise counsel. You are a true friend indeed and I would never trade you for anything in the world. May God bless you and Jennifer for me, you both are more than I could have ever asked or prayed for. I will always be here for you both no matter what. Everything I own is yours too!” Natalie soberly said. Nene was happy to hear those beautiful words from her friend’s mouth because it showed that healing was gradually taking place. They spoke briefly before ending the call because Natalie had to hurry to the office. They said “Goodbye” and scheduled their next meeting for later that week. What initially seemed like a good day just got better for her after speaking to Nene.
Suddenly, It felt as though the universe was smiling towards Natalie. From that day henceforth, she began to glow and deliberately took actions to completely heal from her past. Richard was with her every step of the way and never held back from showing support one way or the other. Due to the recent closeness, their relationship grew stronger to the extent that they could finish each other’s sentences. Life was good!
While Natalie was engrossed in work and her total healing, she had no idea that Richard had been planning on taking their relationship to the next level. He wanted to make things official but was a bit hesitant because he knew that Natalie wasn’t in a good relationship with her parents so he sought for ways to fix that. He didn’t want to ask for her hand in marriage without her parents blessing. For all he knew, they didn’t even know that he was in their daughter’s life. In order not to cut corners, he decided to do things the right way.
After much pleading and persuasion, Natalie finally accepted to visit her family house with Richard. it was a nice duplex with vintage architecture. When they arrived, Natalie’s parents were so happy to see her because it’s been a very long time since she visited. Her parents welcomed them warmly and offered them refreshments. “My daughter, we are happy to see you after almost a year since you came here last. We appreciate the huge money you send all the time but that doesn’t make up for your presence. We miss you and would love to see you at least every month” her mum said. Natalie tried her best to fake a smile often, so as not to make her anger show. Richard was glad that the visit was going on smoothly so far.
Everything went on smoothly till when they were done eating the food Natalie’s mum served them. After eating, Natalie got up from where she sat and carried the plates to the kitchen; leaving her parents in the livingroom with Richard. Few seconds after she was gone, another conversation began. “You are welcome once more my son, I am glad to see you because you happen to be the very first man my daughter has ever brought home to us. I never thought I would live to see this day and I am happy I did” Natalie’s dad said. Richard instantly felt happy on hearing that he was the first man Natalie ever brought home to her parents. That little detail made him feel really confident about his stand in her life and also reassured him that she was ‘The One’ for him.
Before Richard could say anything to the elderly couple, Natalie walked back into the livingroom and that conversation ceased. “Babe are you ok? You don’t seem happy and relaxed” Richard said to Natalie after she took her seat. Before he knew it, she began to shed tears. Everyone that was present was shocked as to why she was crying because they didn’t see it coming at all. As a informed partner, Richard was able to quickly detect what could be the problem and acted very fast. “Please can we excuse ourselves for few minutes, we will be right back” Richard said and held Natalie’s hand. He pulled her from where she sat and they went outside the compound to where Richard’s car was parked. He opened the car for her and they entered inside to talk.
“Baby what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?” Richard calmly asked as he handed Natalie a tissue to wipe her tears. “I just can’t fake being happy with my parents when all I genuinely want to do is go far away from them forever. I would never stop blaming them for being the primary cause of my misfortune and pain. Staying in that room with them is intoxicating and I can’t stand being in their presence for another minute. Baby please take me away from here, I want to go home” she soberly said.
In as much as Richard wanted to drive off as Natalie had said, he still felt it wasn’t the right thing to do. He knew deep down that he was going to propose to her soon so the last thing he wanted to do was be in her parents bad book. He also wanted to put an end to the issues Natalie was having with her parents and the only way that can happen is by urging her to Forgive them for every pain they caused her. After about two minutes of consoling her, he began to plead on her parent’s behalf. “Babe, don’t you think it’s time to forgive your parents? If telling them the truth of what happened to you will open their eyes to how much they failed you, then I think it is time to drop this burden off your chest. Tell your parent the truth and give them the chance to ask for your forgiveness. If they would be my in-laws someday, I wouldn’t want you to be in bad terms with them. Please temper justice with mercy and forgive them, please I beg you” he soberly said.
When Richard was done talking, Natalie cried even more but saw so much wisdom in what he had said. Despite being stubborn at first, she later gave in and followed him back into the house to see her parents. Immediately Natalie’s parents saw her, they took in a deep breath and sighed in relief. “Welcome back my daughter, please what have we done wrong to you? Tell us so we can apologize if it demands an apology” her dad calmly said.
Immediately, Richard gave Natalie a side eye and that was when she knew it was time to start talking. For over an hour, Natalie narrated everything to her parents and their mouths were wide open as she spoke. At a time, her mum shed few tears as she listened to every word. It was a lot for her parents to handle as guilt filled their hearts. The fact that their daughter was molested right under their nose only because they were too busy as parents to be actively involved in her life, made them feel as though everything they ever worked for was in vain. Such a sad way to find out that they failed as parents. Too bad!
When Natalie was done narrating her sad childhood ordeal, apologies began to pour in from all angle. Her mum, dad and even Richard all joined together to beg for her forgiveness. It was such an emotional day for everyone as tears fell uncontrollably from their eyes. Natalie’s heart was too fragile to still hold a grudge after such display of remorse from both parents and her Man. Despite being a bit hesitant at first, she later accepted their apology and fell into the warm embrace of her remorseful parents. A day that started off in a hostile environment ended with a loving and happy atmosphere. Such a good way to completely heal from the past and move on once and for all.
After that day, Natalie bloomed and began to glow even more than before. The burden she was carrying as a result of the grudge she held against her parents had finally been lifted. She wasn’t a bitter and sad person anymore, but was rather a cheerful and vibrant lady. With all the good vibes and energy now in the atmosphere, Richard felt there was no better time to propose than during that period. He procured a beautiful ring and waited for the perfect time to strike.
Weeks went by and it seemed as though the perfect time would never come because they were both busy attending to their businesses. Richard had a huge deal to close and Natalie also had a new branch of her office she was trying to open all around the same time. Their busy schedule made things almost impossible for him to propose to her. After about 3 weeks later, Richard had to create the perfect time since it seemed as though it wasn’t coming.
Prior to the engagement, Richard contacted Nene to help him out with the engagement. He was introduced to Nene and Jennifer not too long ago by Natalie so it was ok for him to contact them to help him out with the proposal. “What!! Are you serious right now? Awwwn, I will be more than glad to help you out” Nene said the day Richard called to break the news to her about his proposal. He pleaded with her to get Natalie to a chill location on the scheduled day without her knowledge that something was about to go down. Richard gave Nene money so she could take Natalie to the saloon to do her nails and hair so she could look beautiful for such a memorable day. Nene was super happy and didn’t hesitate to plan with Jennifer on how they were going to get Natalie to go with their whole plans. F!ng£rs were crossed as everyone began plotting.
The engagement was scheduled for that weekend so Nene began to ring it in Natalie’s ears that she would be escorting her for an important event. At first, Natalie didn’t want to accept the invitation but had to give in when Nene kept disturbing her to come. “Don’t worry, I will make your hair and fix your nails just for the event, the bills on me. Use this opportunity to change your hairstyle and nails, please nah” Nene pleaded and Natalie laughed; “Ok, I have heard you. Since you will be paying for all this nice treat, who am I to refuse since I don’t even have anything doing on that day. Count me in!” She said and Nene rejoiced that her plan was going accordingly. Richard was informed about the success and he was more than happy.
All through that week, Natalie wasn’t able to see Richard because he told her he was extremely busy and tied down with work related activities. She was sad because she missed and wanted to see him but that wasn’t possible. If only she knew that he was avoiding her on purpose due to the engagement he had planned out, she would have been beyond shocked. She was kept in the dark all those while but it was done to make her day a memorable one she would never forget.

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