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The wedding night episode 7 – 8

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The wedding night episode 7 – 8 by : 7:23 am On April 7, 2021
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The Wedding Night (episode 7 & 8)
⭐Worth The Wait!!⭐
A bad past experience can interfere with the present if you don’t make peace with it and heal from it completely. Most times, our actions are subconsciously triggered by an experience we once had in the past that still haunts us; especially when you come in contact with a similar situation. In Natalie’s case, she reacted the way she did with Richard because he triggered an unpleasant memory from her past that had to do with the pedophile that molested her years ago when she was still a little girl. Despite being innocent, Richard still felt the heat of what someone else did to his partner and the worst of it all was that he wasn’t even aware of the sad incident because Natalie kept it a secret from him and everyone else. If only Richard knew about it, I bet the outburst wouldn’t have been as sudden and bad and it was because he won’t have been caught unaware. Also, I believe he would have taken precaution when being intimate with Natalie to avoid triggering any bad memories. Too bad things had already degenerated to the level it was at; too bad indeed!
After Natalie had left, Richard was clueless and confused as to what could have caused her sudden outburst. He stood at his door for over ten minutes wondering what could have gone wrong with the intimate moment he was just having with his partner; “What did I do wrong?” he wondered as he tried to wrap his head around all that had just happened. After standing outside for several minutes with no accurate answer to his questions, he sadly walked back inside his house with a sad countenance.
While Richard was eating himself up thinking of what could have gone wrong to ruin such a beautiful evening with his partner, Natalie was crying bitterly as she drove back home. She cried uncontrollably due to the pain she was feeling at that moment. To an extent, she felt terrible for treating her man the way she did and also felt bad for remembering a sad experience from her past that made her hate her life and existence. There were just too many thoughts in Natalie’s mind as she drove home and those thoughts only worsened her deteriorating mental health.
Before Natalie reached home that night, Richard had already bombarded her phone with missed calls. She intentionally left the phone to ring without picking because she didn’t know what to tell him if she picked up. At that moment, she felt ashamed and sad, so the last thing she wanted to do was confront Richard. As far as she was concerned, she wasn’t ready to spill her secret to him or anyone at all. The thought of losing Richard over a sad childhood tale was too much of a risk for her to take. There was fire on the mountain, but it was apprent that no one was running yet.
Back at Richard’s house, he was seriously contemplating on paying Natalie a surprise visit that night so they could talk things through and hopefully resolve their differences. It was a long shot because he wasn’t even sure she was at home or had gone to somewhere else that night due to the incident that occurred. There were many thoughts in his head but none seemed to be making much sense to yield any solution to the problem at hand. The only significant thought that made sense was for him to drive down to Natalie’s house and find out what was going on. To that effect, he called her a few more times but she still didn’t pick up. Fraustrated and perplexed, he laid on his couch and closed his eyes to be alone with his haunting thoughts.
While Richard buried himself in deep thoughts, Natalie had already arrived home. She took a cold bath and laid on her living room couch with tears falling from her eyes. At that moment, she was completely numb and sad at the same time because it seemed as though the whole world was against her.
“What am I going to do now? How on earth am I going to explain my awkward behavior to Richard? What would I tell him resulted to my sudden emotional outburst? Is this how I will push away the only man that ever showed my what true love is? How am I going to come out from this mess without ruining my beautiful relationship? I hate my life at this point” she soberly said as she laid on the couch crying.
That day was probably one of the worst days of Natalie’s life because it seemed as though she was about to lose her relationship because of something that wasn’t her fault. The feeling that took over her were sad feelings of regret for not seeking the help she dearly needed early enough to avoid an incident such as what had happened to her. It was as though her whole world was crumbling with no one to run to for help.
As bitter as the truth may be, it’s safe to say that Natalie was part of the reason she was in such a mess. If only she was strong enough to confide in her friends or Richard about being molested several years back, they could have been able to give her the mental and emotional support she dearly needed. However, we can’t blame her for being secretive about it because we sadly live in a world were people can be judgmental and cruel. I believe Natalie thought she would be judged or perceived in another light if she ever came clean about her past. Due to this load of doubts, that’s why she thought to stay mute about the whole thing, but we can clearly see that it wasn’t doing her any good other than harm. It’s clear that she dearly needed help!
Very early the next day, Richard called Natalie thrice but she still didn’t pick up. He stopped by at her office at around 10pm, only to be told by the receptionist that she didn’t show up for work that day. Worried and scared, he zoomed off to her house and arrived in no time. With every step he took to get to her door, his heart dropped due to the fear that something bad might have happened to her. After few minutes of climbing the staircase, he finally got to the door.
Natalie was still lying on the couch in her livingroom when she heard a knock on the door. She remained silent without saying a word to the unknown person that knocked countlessly. It was after over two minutes of knocking tirelessly that her phone rang. She looked and saw that it was Richard calling. Still clueless on what to tell him, she refused to pick up the phone.
Fortunately, the livingroom wasn’t far from the door so Richard could hear Natalie’s ringtone. Immediately, he knew she was around and screamed “It’s Richard, babe please open the door”. When she heard his voice, her heart dropped and a chilled sensation filled her whole body. Breathing became difficult for her as she sat up and rubbed her palms against each other. “Babe please open the door, I need to see that you are alright. You are reallly getting me scared, wondering what’s going on” he said. After few minutes of contemplating on what to do, she finally walked down to the door and opened it.
Immediately Richard set his eyes on Natalie, he needed no seer to tell him that she had been crying for a long time. He instantly felt bad and didn’t know what to do or say because she had a straight face. “I can’t talk to you right now and I certainly can’t let you into my house so please leave” she bluntly said.
The manner at which Natalie spoke got Richard even more confused and troubled. “Did I do anything yesterday that hurt you? Was it the foreplay or the intimate moment we shared? If that is what’s making you angry then I am sorry. I wasn’t aware you didn’t want us to go that far. I only felt you were in sync with me that’s why I went with the flow. We really shared something special but I had no idea that you didn’t like nor want it. Babe please I am sorry, let’s just sit down and talk this through” he soberly said.
Unfortunately for Richard, Natalie wasn’t ready to hear anything he had to say because she clearly wasn’t ready to open up about what truly led to her outburst. The only thing she could think of at that moment was for him to leave her house. After much plea to have a conversation but all to no avail, he sadly gave up and walked away.
As Richard took each step further away from Natalie, tears began to fall from her eyes. She dearly wanted to run and hold him from behind but couldn’t move an inch from where she stood. Tears piled up in her eyes immediately he went out of sight. She banged the door and stood at the balcony as she watched him drive away. It felt as though a huge part of her body instantly shut down and wasn’t functioning anymore. It was a lot to handle at once so she went back to her livingroom, laid on the couch and cried as much as she could. Everything was happening so fast as she watched her relationship headed for the drains. “Why didn’t I just tell him the truth? What on earth is wrong with me? I’m clearly handling this wrongly and might regret my actions sooner or later” she said to herself.
While Natalie ate herself up for the way she was handling the whole issue and also treating Richard badly, he was headed to a nearby bar because he couldn’t concentrate one bit. He switched off his phone and sat at a lonely corner of the bar. There were series of thoughts going through his mind at that moment as he plunged himself into alcohol. He drank till he became tipsy and just placed his head down on the table.
For over two hours, Richard was lost in his thoughts and highly intoxicated. He stayed still so as not to act up and draw any attention to himself. He order some bottle of water to dilute the alcohol he had taken earlier so as to be able to drive back to the office or his house. After taking two bottles of water, he was able to get a hold of himself and leave the bar because it was getting quite late.
Sadly, Richard forgot the ‘no drinking and driving’ rule and didn’t see any need to call someone to drive him back home. Still tipsy, he got into his car and headed home. Just few minutes into the highway, he got into an accident that totally disfigured his car. He ran into a huge tree while trying to turn the car towards another lane. Thankfully, his life was spared but he obtained a severe injury in his legs and arm. He was immediately rushed to the hospital by passerbys where he received immediate treatment.
Few people were contacted with Richard’s phone to inform them that the owner of the phone was involved in an accident. Natalie was among those that were called but as usual, she didn’t pick up because she felt he was the one calling to beg her. Fortunately, they were able to get hold of one of Richard workers whom he spoke to that morning. They informed him about the accident and in no time, the general manager of Richard’s firms was present at the hospital. Bills were cleared and they were assured that Richard was going to be alright with no permanent damage on his body or health. F!ng£rs were crossed as everyone hoped for a quick recovery.
It’s been about a week since Richard was admitted into the hospital but still no show of Natalie. She hadn’t received any more calls from him since that day and didn’t bother calling to check up on him. All she had been doing all week was cry at any given opportunity she had. It was too sad that she let her desire to keep her past a secret come in the way of her relationship to the extent of ruining the beautiful relationships she had with Richard. It was sad but she felt it was the best thing to do to save her secret, but little did she know that she had unknowingly succeeded in pushing him very far away from her.
After about a week and few days of receiving treatment in the hospital, Richard was finally discharged. He left the hospital with mixed feelings of both happiness and sadness. He was happy because he was now feeling better and sad because Natalie never showed up at the hospital for even one second. As painful as it was, he had to move on and not let the negative thoughts weigh him down.
Two weeks passed and they still haven’t seen nor heard from each other. It didn’t take too long for Natalie’s friends to notice that something was seriously wrong with her. Nene came visiting one Saturday afternoon to check up on Natalie, only to find her crying bitterly. Without saying a word, she hugged her tightly and patted her back gently. “Is anything wrong with you and Richard?” she asked and Natalie nodded ‘Yes’. They both sat down on the floor and began to talk.
“What happened to Richard, did he do anything to hurt you?” Nene curiously inquired. Natalie sobbed and held her forehead; “I was the one that hurt him and is still hurting him. It’s my fault and not his” she sadly revealed. Nene was a bit confused as to what her friend could have done to warrant her to be in such a position. She allowed her cool off a bit before asking what she did wrong to Richard.
At that moment, Natalie was silent because she knew that her secret would be revealed if she tells Nene what had happened. At first, Natalie didn’t want to say a word but had to break her shell after Nene kept persisting to know what happened. It took a lot of courage and guts before she said these words “I was molested as a child”.
Immediately Nene heard Natalie’s confession, she was shocked beyond words could say. Without hesitating, she gave Natalie a warm hug and held her tightly. Few seconds into the hug, Natalie began to tear up. “Shhsss, it’s ok my dear friend, don’t cry anymore. I know how you are feeling and can’t even imgaine what you might have gone through in the past, but what I want to let you know is that you are not alone in this. I was also molested at a very young age but didn’t let that define who I became years after. I know it is very difficult to let go but trust me, you are hurting yourself more by holding on to it. Forgive your molester and forgive yourself too so you can have peace. Ask God to help you whenever the pain shows up because he only can give total restoration. I know we live in a tough world but let that not prevent you from seeking help whenever you need to; especially from those that genuinely care about you. I am happily married today with less scars from my past because I decided not to let the past mess with my future. You can do same or even more than I did. Call Richard and sort out whatever issues you both have because he is too good a man for you to lose. Be wise Natalie, don’t do this to yourself and regret later. Go and get your man back and work on your relationship. I beg you my dear friend” Nene soberly said. Both of them cried and comforted each other all through the day. It was such a good step in the right direction for Natalie and she was glad she finally confided in her best friend.
That same day, Nene drove Natalie to Richard’s house and dropped her off before heading home. For close to 20 minutes, Natalie stood outside the compound contemplating on how to go about her apology to Richard. Unkown to her, he was watching her through the CCTV camera outside. After standing outside for too long with no intentions of knocking, the door opened on it’s own and it was no other person than ‘Richard’.
Immediately Natalie set her eyes on her man whom she had missed for close to three weeks, her heart dropped. His countenance wasn’t friendly in anyway so she knew he wasn’t happy to see her.
“Why are you here? I honestly think you should leave because we are done” Richard bluntly said and was about to shut the door when he heard a shaky voice say; “please we need to talk about something I have been keeping away from you”. He turned and looked at Natalie in disbelief; “It’s too late for all that now, you should have shown this effort few weeks back. Now if you will excuse me, I have to leave” he said.
Before Richard could take one step into his house, Natalie dropped the shocker; “I was molested when I was eight years old”.
End of episode 7 & 8 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.
✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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