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The wedding night episode 5 – 6

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The wedding night episode 5 – 6 by : 7:52 pm On April 2, 2021
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The Wedding Night (episode 5 & 6)
⭐Getting Intense!!⭐
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Regardless of the fact that Natalie felt she ought to have been married at that time in her life, it was however refreshing for her to be in a healthy relationship that had potentials of marriage in the nearest future after having experienced several heartbreaks in the past by those she felt would have been her final bus-stop. The fact that Richard asked Natalie to be his Lover and partner after a month of meeting her, was a good step in the right direction to restore every lost hope she had in Love. Finally, she could boldly claim him as her ‘Man’ and not bother about being played or tossed away too soon. This new phase of her life was worth celebrating and trust her besties never to disappoint.
“Babe, I know this will sound too early but I believe this new phase of your life calls for celebration. Who would have thought that a man you met just a month ago would change your life in many ways and bring you so much happiness that your exes who knew you for a long time couldn’t give you. I am so happy for you and pray that this guy stays and fulfils all your heart desires because you honestly deserve it. You are one of the nicest person I have ever met and I say this with all sincerity. This joy you feel this moment is all I pray for you always. Let’s hook up this weekend with Jennifer and celebrate” Nene happily said. Without hesitating, Natalie agreed to the celebration offer and thanked her friend for being such a sweetheart. That day was one of the best in Natalie’s life in a long time and she was glad to have shared such a good news with her best friends. What a day indeed!
While Natalie was overjoyed and couldn’t contain her excitement, the feeling was mutual with Richard too. He was happy that she accepted his relationship proposal and couldn’t wait to see what the future held for them. For all Richard knew, Natalie was a good and industrious woman whom he saw as a perfect companion and fit for him. She unknowingly inspired him in ways she hadn’t realised yet and he loved the way she made him feel always. Such a soulmate feeling indeed; however, it was too early for him to conclude that she was his final bus-stop but that didn’t stop him from being positive.
Before sleeping that night, Richard put a call through to Natalie to check up on her before going to bed. She was happy to receive his call and they talked for over an hour but it still felt like they had spoken for only few minutes. “I like the way you make me feel. Talking to you is so easy and addictive, I don’t seem to ever get enough of our conversations” he said. She blushed and thanked him for the nice compliment. “I don’t seem to ever get enough of you either. This is the first time in my life I have been so love struck and genuinely interested in every word someone ever said to me. You are interesting to talk to and I always love talking to you” she responded. They spoke for a little more while before ending the call and retired to bed afterwards.
It was no doubt that these two were madly in love and into each other. They didn’t hold back their feelings for one another and certainly respected each other’s feelings too. For the first time ever, Natalie gradually began to find a little bit of closure in Richard and this was strange because such never happened in her past relationships. I believe the reason she found closure in him was because he seemed genuinely interested in her and was invested in getting to know her better and deeper asides knowing her for the successful lady that she was. The fact that he was interested in knowing her beyond what she portrayed made him different from the rest. That day birthed a healthy and serious relationship between the two lovebirds.
With each passing day, Richard showed Natalie how to be genuinely loved and cared for. He called her whenever he wasn’t occupied with other important things. He made sure to check in on her everyday. Most days, he sent food over to her workplace through delivery and bought her flowers once every week. As if that wasn’t enough love, he always seek her advice for his businesses and took her on a date every weekend. To reciprocate the Love, Natalie also did same thing for Richard except buying him flowers maybe. She called him whenever she was less busy, visited him at his house during the weekends and delivered lunch to him whenever he was at work. They made sure the love was mutual and not one sided in anyway. Life was looking extremely beautiful for the two lovebirds but you know what they say about unhealed scars and wounds? They always find a way to affect our future if not properly healed.
In Natalie’s case, she looked absolutely alright in the outside but had lots of emotional and mental scars on the inside. Her scars weren’t visible for the eyes to see but it affected her life one way or the other. Just when it felt like everything was falling into pleasant places, just when she felt so close to experiencing her wedding night fantasies in reality and not only in her dreams, just when she had finally found the man that loved her with all his heart and saw a bright future with her, just when all her past pains felt like it was going to be worth it at the end, the devil showed with his book of remembrance and messed her mind up with her past. If only Natalie had confided in her friends or partner about what happened to her several years ago when she was a child, they probably would have given her the help she dearly needed.
To be honest, it’s hard to blame Natalie for not confiding in anyone because in the world we live in today, people are quick to judge than to listen and find solution to a problem. It’s sad that she held the secret about being molested as a child from everyone because she was afraid of being judged or misunderstood. She felt the best place her secret could be was in her thoughts and the only person she could tell was God because she knew God won’t judge her or tell a third party. Sadly, It’s just a matter of time before something goes wrong but we hope it doesn’t ruin the beautiful potential relationship she has with Richard. F!ng£rs crossed!
Just as planned, Natalie hooked up with her besties weeks later to celebrate her new relationship. They met at a nice restaurant in town to celebrate. It was a wonderful gathering of three friends filled with positive vibes only as they talked about lots of things and tried to catch up on the happenings of each other’s life. “Natalie, you are really glowing I must confess. I have never seen you this happy for a very long time, Richard must be doing something really special” Jennifer happily said. Natalie blushed and raised her wine glass cup up; “Here’s a toast to happiness, joy and fulfilment in our lives. Cheers to a better life” she said and they all toasted in excitement.
After the toast, Natalie began to give her friends a little glimpse of how life had been with Richard. “Girls, I want you both to help me Thank God whenever you pray because it’s clear that only God could have brought such a man like this my way. This man adores me, he listens to me, he puts me first and makes me a priority in his life. Not just that, he is such a kind and gentle man too. Everything about him is gentle and thoughtful. God really had me in mind when he created Richard because he complements me the way no one has ever done. I must confess, I am blessed to have a man like him and he was worth the wait” she happily said.
When Natalie was done talking, her friends couldn’t hold the joy in their hearts for their dear friend who had gone through a lot in the past. They blushed and cheered her on as she described Richard in every word she spoke. They needed no seer to tell that Natalie was head-over-heels in love and had finally found her soulmate. They were sincerely happy for her.
After a wonderful day of celebration, Nene and Jennifer had to retire back home earlier because their husband already called to checked up on them to know when they would be returning home. When they left, Natalie drove off and headed to Richard’s house because she told him she would be visiting later that day. She arrived his house by around 6pm in the evening and bumped into a nice home cooked meal and light dinner decorations done by Richard. She was blown!
“Awwwn babe, you cooked?” Natalie happily asked and Richard nodded ‘Yes’ as he majestically walked closer to her. “I miss you so I had to make dinner because I knew you were coming. Let me take off your jacket” he said and removed the jacket she was putting on. At that moment, Natalie couldn’t stop blushing as she wrapped her arms around Richard’s body. “I miss you too” she said and planted a soft klzz on his lips. They klzzed passionately for a little while before parting their lips; “Let’s go and eat” he said and they walked towards the dinning table to have their seat.
One taste of the food and Natalie was mesmerised. “This taste really good, bravo!” she said and Richard thanked her for the nice compliment. They ate and had a really nice dinner time. After eating, they sat on the living room couch and began to talk about random things till the conversation got intimate and they began to klzz passionately again. That was the very first time they got intimate beyond klzzing since they started dating.
From klzzing to touching and finally to undressing each other. Natalie was starved of intimacy so she held unto every bit of Richard like she was going to drop dead if he stopped touching her. One the other hand, Richard was caught up in the moment and dearly desired his woman because he was committed to their relationship and had eyes for only her; which included her body. Despite being aware that it wasn’t her wedding night yet, she couldn’t stop the energy in the atmosphere.
It’s been over 30 minutes and they weren’t done yet. Natalie wanted the romance and foreplay to end so bad but didn’t have to will-powder to actually stop it. Before then, they hadn’t talked about their intimate life to decide if they wanted to wait till marriage before getting intimately involved. This made it difficult for them to know what was on each other’s mind. Things began to get heated up till something happened that turned everything around and changed the atmosphere in just a flash of light.
It happened that while they were caught up in the moment, Richard unknowingly did something that brought back old painful memories to Natalie. That exact action was what the man that molested her usually did to find pleasure in her underdeveloped body as at then. This action was no other than inserting his f!ng£rs into her pr!v@te part. None of her exes ever went that far with her whenever they got intimate so it’s safe to say that he was the first to re-act the actions of her childhood nightmare.
Immediately Richard did that single act, Natalie screamed “No!! Leave me alone” and knocked his hands off her body. She got up immediately and began to cry bitterly. Without hesitating, she wore back her clothes, picked up her bag and car key. Before Richard could wrap his head around what was going on, Natalie opened the door and ran outside to where her car was parked. Without wasting even a second, she zoomed out of the estate.
Standing at the door completely clueless wearing only a short, Richard shockingly muttered “What just happened?”.
End of episode 5 & 6 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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