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The wedding night episode 3 – 4

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The wedding night episode 3 – 4 by : 8:44 am On April 1, 2021
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The Wedding Night (episode 3 & 4)
⭐️Grab Your Handkerchiefs!⭐️
Assumptions are dangerous in relationships because it has the ability to stir up issues that are based on uncertainties and not real facts. If only Natalie was patient enough to wait for Richard’s actual explanation for being late for their dinner date, she won’t have gone through the emotional stress she went through all night, thinking that he had played her and didn’t value her just like her ex-partners did. If only she was patient enough to hear his own side of the story to know that his mum was actually hospitalized that same evening which led to the delay in arriving earlier for their date, she wouldn’t have had any reason to be mad at him; if anything, she would have rather sympathized with him. However, Richard did the right thing by showing up at her office unannounced with a thoughtful gesture of bringing flowers and a balloon that said “I am Sorry”. All we can do at this point is pray that Natalie accepts his apology and possibly hear him out to know why he came late for their dinner date.
Immediately Natalie saw Richard with the flowers and balloon, her heart dropped because she wasn’t used to such thoughtful show of affection. None of her exes ever went the extra mile to apologize to her whenever there was a problem in her past relationships. This was the very first time a man was going out of his comfort zone to make things right with her and the fact that she only met him few days ago, actually made her see him in a different light than before. “What a thoughtful man” she said to herself as he whispered “I am Sorry” into her ears.
When Richard was done apologizing, Natalie stood there blushing. “How did you find my office location? I don’t remember giving it to you” she said while blushing, “you gave me your business card remember? Your office address is boldly written on it” he said and handed the flowers over to her. At that moment, Natalie was filled with excitement and could hardly control it. However, she was still mad at Richard for showing up late for their date and wasn’t about to let that pass. “You left me hanging yesterday, I was mad and annoyed as to why you would do a thing like that on such a special occasion” she said with a sad countenance.
Without wasting any time, Richard began to explain to Natalie all that happened the day before. He told her how his mum collapsed and was hospitalized just when he was on his way to the restuarant for their date. While Richard explained his ordeal, Natalie instantly felt bad and began to apologize too for acting the way she did. He told her it was alright and wasn’t her fault. After spending close to 30 minutes at the reception, Richard said a sad ‘Goodbye’ to Natalie and took his leave. They agreed to see each other later that same week. He left the office building to his car, then zoomed off.
With Richard gone, Natalie smelled her flowers, smiled and walked into her office. The receptionist couldn’t stop smiling too after witnessing a love scene at her section of the office. Immediately Natalie got into her office, she picked up her phone and dialed one of her besties number. “Nene, guess who just showed up at my office with flowers?” She happily said, “Who? Is it Richard?” Nene asked and Natalie screamed “Yes!”. Both ladies screamed for a while before calming down. “Why bring flowers to you this morning? I thought you both went on a date just yesterday night or was the date that great that he wanted to see you again so soon?” Nene anxiously asked.
At that moment, Natalie realized that she hadn’t told her friend what transpired the night before. She wanted to tell Nene all that happened so bad but had to take things slow so as not to bring third parties opinion into her friendship with Richard so soon. However, since Nene was one of her most trusted friends, she had no other option than to give her a little hint. “We had a little misunderstanding yesterday but it’s nothing serious. Matter of fact, I was more at fault but he still showed up to apologize with flowers and a balloon. I feel spoilt and pampered for the first time ever” she happily said.
Nene was genuinely happy for her friend and prayed that nothing would ruin this new phase of her life. It was a long shot but they were all hopeful that things would be different this time around.
After about ten minutes of speaking to Nene on the phone, Natalie ended the call and focused her attention on work related activities. At close of work that day, she received a call from Richard at around 5:45 pm. They spoke for quite a long time till Natalie had to end the call because she was about driving home. “Call me when you get home” Richard said before the call ended.
For the very first time in Natalie’s life, she felt valued, important and cared for. “But I just met him few days ago, how could he be this amazing to a lady he just met or is this the way he goes around being nice to every lady that crosses his path? How am I sure I am the only one he is showing all this attention and affection to?” She sadly wondered as she drove home. It was hard for her not to imagine the worst after all that had happened to her in the past. Regardless of how good or bad she felt about Richard, she wasn’t about to let him slip through her hands without giving him a chance at least. She wasn’t going to give in to her fears and doubts about him; If anything, she felt it was right to give him the chance to prove himself otherwise.
After a brief ride back home, Natalie took her bath and called Richard back. “I thought you weren’t going to call back because you seemed tired few hours ago when we spoke. Are you back home now?” He asked, “Yes I am back home and decided to call back because we weren’t done with the conversation we were having earlier” she replied. The both laid comfortably on their bed and began to talk. “Tell me more about You. I want to know you more that the elegant lady I have perceived you to be. Feel free to share only what you are comfortable with sharing” he calmly said.
At that moment, Natalie took a deep breath because that was the very first time a man was interested to know more about her as a person and not just her business side. Her exes always praised her for being a strong and successful woman but never tried to know the lady behind the title. The lack of depths in her previous relationships made it easier for things to fall apart after few months of meeting each other. Her ex-partners were shallow in their communication level with her and this made it impossible for her to get the closure she dearly needed from them.
On the other hand, Richard seemed more interested in Natalie as a person and wanted to know more than what she was showing him. He wanted to go in depths with her and not remain at shallow grounds. “I’m still waiting for you to tell me more about yourself or do you want us to change the topic? You have been mute for few minutes now” he curiously said after over two minutes of not getting any reply from her. It was at that moment that Natalie came back to her conciousness after being lost in her thoughts for a while. “What do you want to know about me? Tell me and I’ll give you the reply you seek if it’s ok with me” she assured and without hesitating, he began to talk.
“How was growing up for you? Did you have both parents while growing up or didn’t? Just give me a little tale about your childhood, I will love to know how it all started for you” Richard said. Natalie took a deep breath and chuckled; “well, there’s not so much to know about me other than the fact that I wasn’t given much attention as a child. My parents were hardly ever around because they both ran successful business. I was mostly left at the care of relatives and family friends whenever my parents weren’t at home. I got my business ethics from them but that’s basically all I can say I learnt from them, asides that, they were mostly absent in my life” she sadly revealed.
On hearing Natalie’s childhood story, Richard could tell that she lacked parental care and love, hence the reason she might not want to tolerate same thing from him or anyone. After hearing that, he felt sad for her and extended his sympathy to her. “I am so sorry for all you went through while growing up, I know it was hard for you to experience such neglect from your parents, however, you never know if they were working so hard so they can give you a life they never had. There’s no excuse for such behaviour but try and cut them some slack” he said.
Those words from Richard were quite encouraging to Natalie but wasn’t enough to make her see her parents less than anything not related to her pains. She blamed them for her molestation because it was during one of those days they kept her in the custody of a third party that she was molested. If only her parents made time for her and were always actively involved in her everyday life, there won’t have been any room for someone to molest her. This fact was one of the reasons Natalie beared a grudge against her parents. No one knew about the molestation that happened years ago except Natalie and her neighbor who molested her. It’s sad that she had to carried his burden and bear the pain alone all these years with no one to confide in. She loved her besties but held that crucial detail from them.
As the conversation with Richard got deeper, Natalie began to feel a little safe with him for reasons unknown to her. He succeeded in making her comfortable around him and this opened more grounds for trust and deep communications. However, Richard wanted to take things slow and held back most of his questions that night. He was satisfied with the little details Natalie had revealed to him about her childhood and wanted to let other important information come to light naturally as time goes on. They spoke for a little more while before ending the call and retiring to bed.
All through that night, Natalie thought of Richard and was a bit scared they might not work out. She compared him to other guys she had dated in the past and saw a lot of positive difference but that didn’t stop her from being worried. “There’s so much more I couldn’t reveal to him because he might run if I do. There’s no way ever I would tell him I was molested as a child. What if he can’t handle such detail and leaves afterwards? I can’t risk it at all, matter of fact, it’s all in the past” she said to herself as she tossed to and fro on the bed.
On the other hand, Richard also thought about Natalie all through the night. It was clear that he liked her but was also scared of taking things further because he had been through a lot in the past too. Every lady Richard had been with in the past was after his money more than they loved him. He was used to getting played so that made him more careful than ever when it comes to women. However, Natalie was just different because he already knew she had her own money and was a successful business woman. He wanted someone that could complement him and not extort from him. The few days Richard had been around Natalie was enough to open his eyes to how sophisticated and outstanding she was. That day ended on a good note for the two lovebirds.
Days and weeks passed by and it’s been almost a month since Richard met Natalie. At this point, they were still friends but he knew it was time to elevate their relationship status from ‘Friends’ to ‘Lovers’. For the past one month, Richard had fallen deeply in love with Natalie’s personality and couldn’t hold his feelings any longer. He knew it was time to make things official and didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity. After thinking of what better way to make his intentions clear, he finally came up with a good idea.
It happened that Richard asked Natalie out on a casual hiking date like he had done it the past. At this point, they have gone out together few times so she didn’t suspect that anything was up other than their normal routine of meeting at a nice restaurant to see each other and talk. Not in a thousand years did Natalie ever imagine that Richard was about to officially ask her to be his girlfriend.
On that Saturday, they were scheduled to go hiking together at a mountain not far from town. Natalie loved the idea to work out and burn some calories so she jumped at it immediately without sensing Richard’s ulterior motives. Unknown to her, a nice table had been set at a good spot in the mountain and was decorated with nice rose petals, wine, snacks and comfortable sitting pillows. Richard had his crew go up the mountain to decorate it prior to the hiking.
When Richard received the call that the decoration was done, he drove down to Natalie’s house to pick her up so they could leave for the mountain. Immediately she saw him, she grabbed her water bottle and hurried towards his car. They talked all through the ride to the mountain but not for once did Richard give any clue that he was about to officially ask her to be his girlfriend that day. He made sure to instruct his crew to decorate a particular section of the mountain that was his favorite spot so as to locate the decoration easily.
When they arrived at the mountain, they could see other people hiking so they began hiking too. Richard strategically took Natalie through the area the decoration was so they wouldn’t miss the surprise. After a 24 minutes walk into the mountain, they bumped into the nice decoration with rose petals littered all over the place. Richard’s crew has been on standby monitoring the decor and food to avoid any intruder from messing with it. Thankfully, no one came across that spot because it was in a hidden place and not at a random spot people normally passed by to hike.
Immediately Natalie saw the decor, she felt it belonged to someone else and alerted Richard’s attention. “Awwwn, look at this! I believe someone set it up to propose to his girl or something, it’s so cute” she said and before she could turn towards Richard’s direction, she saw him staring right into her eyes with the warmest smile she had ever seen on his face.
Before Natalie could figure out what was going on, Richard wrapped his arms around her waist and calmly said; “the past one month of my life with you has been the best in a very long time. I knew from the very first day I met you that you were special and someone I wanted to keep around me for a long time but it’s clear now that I need you all the days of my life. I love you so much Natalie and I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you that. I wanted to take my time so when I eventually say it to you, it would come form the depths of my heart. I love you so much and need you in my life as my friend, partner and lover. Allow me to love and care for you the way I truly want to. I want you in my life today, tomorrow and forever. I know the future still holds a lot for us but I have decided to take the first step today by asking you to be my girlfriend. I love you so much dear, please give me a chance and I promise never to disappoint you”.
Oh My! It felt as though Natalie was dreaming at that moment. Her whole body was numb as she tried to gasp some air into her lungs. Without notice, tears began to fall from her eyes as she watched Richard pour his heart out to her. The feeling was unexplainable; she was more happy than she had even been with any man and most definitely said a resounding “Yes” to his relationship proposal. They klzzed passionately afterwards and held each other tightly. That was one of the most magical moments of Natalie’s life because it felt like her love life fantasies were about to become a reality soonest. They ate the snacks there and popped the wine to make merriment of their new relationship status. They had such a good time and wished that moment would last forever.
After a wonderful day well spent, both lovebirds retired back to their various homes. Immediately Natalie entered into her apartment, she began to shed tears of joy. She sat on the floor and quickly dialed Nene’s number. When she picked up, she overheard Natalie crying and was a bit scared that something drastic had happened to her. “Babe are you ok? What’s wrong and why are you crying?” Nene curiosity inquired.
With a joyful heart, Natalie broke the good news. “I am in love and I feel so happy. Richard officially asked me to be his girlfriend today in the most romantic and thoughtful way ever. No man has ever done that for me no matter how much love I gave them. I haven’t even shown Richard half the love I showed my exes but he has always put me first and have somehow succeeded in making me the happiest woman ever. I love him so much and can finally see my wedding night fantasies and dream love life coming to pass at last” she happily said.
At that moment, Nene couldn’t hold the smile on her face and joy in her heart for her dearest friend who had gone through a lot in the hands of love. Without hesitating, Nene happily screamed “Ayeee!”.
End of episode 3 & 4 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.
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✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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