The wedding night episode 2

The Wedding Night (episode 2)
⭐Getting Hotter!!⭐
Emotional scars can affect a person’s life in ways they don’t even realize. Natalie was having a hard time keeping relationships due to the emotional scar her molester inflicted on her several years back. There was a void in her heart none of her past lovers could fill no matter how much she tried to find closure in them. It was a tough reality for her because she hadn’t even realized yet that her past was greatly affecting her present and delaying her ‘wedding night fantasies’ from coming to pass. Just when she had given up all hope of ever experiencing love and probably get married, a mysterious man turned her whole world around in a flash of light with an act of kindness she hadn’t witnessed in the past with her Exs. What a wonderful way to make a significant statement in the heart of a woman that was at the verge of giving up on any chances of a ‘Happily Ever After’ in her love life.
Immediately the stranger went out of sight from where Natalie was standing, it instantly dawned on her that he hadn’t even responded to the ‘thank you’ she said to him few seconds ago. There and then, she figured it was a perfect excuse and reason to go after the mysterious stranger. Without hesitating, she ran after him and fortunately caught up with him on his way out.
“Excuse me please, I believe I owe a ‘Thank You’ after rendering such help to me. In a world where there’s so much negativity and hatred, it’s refreshing to meet a kind person so I don’t take such opportunities for granted” Natalie happily said when she caught up with the handsome stranger. Immediately she was done talking, he smiled faintly and spoke for the first time ever. “It’s my pleasure helping out and I’m glad you didn’t injure yourself. By the way, my name is Richard and I own this supermarket. I was on my way home and decided to stop by to see how business was going for the day and I guess God wanted me to come here because he knew a damsel would be in distress today that would need my help and I guess it is you. Anyways, just kidding, it’s nice meeting you; what’s your name if you don’t mind?” He said with a smile on his face.
All through while Richard was talking, Natalie was smitten by how gentle and friendly he was. His sense of humor topped everything up and made him much more attractive than she had already perceived him to be. “My name is Natalie” she managed to say after several seconds of being mute. “That’s a beautiful name, I would have loved to talk to you more but I won’t want to keep you out this late at night. Maybe we could meet some other time and talk above lunch or dinner if you don’t mind” Richard said and Natalie smiled faintly. “I’ll take you up on that, see you some other time” she said and they exchanged business cards with each other. He walked her to where she parked and said his finally ‘goodbye’.
If only you have an idea of how many butterflies danced for joy in Natalie’s stomach as she drove back home that night. She had never been that happy in a very long time and it was so refreshing for her to meet someone completely different from her Exs. For some unknown reasons, Richard was different and actually seemed like a good company to keep. “Even if we never take things beyond casual friendship, he is someone I would most definitely want to keep in my life” she thought to herself as she drove back home. A day that began as every normal day in her life, ended quite well.
All through that night, Richard’s thought popped up every now and then on Natalie’s mind as she tried to catch some sleep. Having had a hectic day at work earlier, all she wanted to do was fall asleep but it was a huge struggle for her because she couldn’t get her mind off Richard. She stared at his business card every now and then and smiled while at it.
On the other hand, Richard also couldn’t get Natalie’s thoughts off his mind. Despite the fact that he wasn’t too excited like she was, he still thought about her every now and then. At this point, it’s safe to say that they both had an effect on each other and all we can do is hope that their excitement doesn’t die down as fast as it came.
The next day was Saturday and a work-free day. Natalie’s two besties came visiting that day after over a month since they last saw each other. As always, Natalie was extremely excited to see her friends since she barely saw them since they got married. What a great timing indeed for her to give her friends the latest gist.
“You both will not believe what happened to me yesterday” Natalie said as she served her friends some refreshments. Without hesitating, they inquired on what happened and she immediately began to reveal. “I met the most charming person yesterday at a supermarket not far from a new restaurant that just opened in town. I stopped by at the supermarket on my way home yesterday to get some necessities, only to bump into this gentleman in the most embarrassing way. He is very kind, thoughtful, funny and amazing. We spoke for few minutes but it felt as though we had known all our lives. It actually turns out he owns the restaurant and just came around that evening to check up on a few things. I know it’s too early to have any sort of expectations but I unfortunately can’t get him off my mind” Natalie happily said.
To be honest, Natalie’s besties were happy for her and genuinely wished that things would work out this time around for their dear friend. They had fun as they all tried to catch up on each other’s lives. Few hours into their meeting, a call came into Natalie’s phone and it was an unknown number. She hurriedly cross-checked with the number on the card Richard gave to her and they matched.
“It’s him, it’s him!” Natalie happily revealed and her friends jumped in excitement too. “Calm down and pick up” they said to her and she took a deep breath and picked up the call. “Hello, Good day” she greeted, “Hi Natalie, this is Richard; how are you doing?” He asked, “I’m doing great and you?” She happily replied and he said “I’m great, thank you”.
At that moment, it took the grace of God for Natalie to control her excitement. The fact that Richard called too soon showed that he was equally into her; just as she was into him too. They spoke at length and finally managed to schedule a date the next day. After an amazing conversation, the call ended with “Goodbyes” from both parties. Immediately the call line disconnected, Natalie’s besties screamed “We have a date to prepare you for!”. Everyone screamed afterwards and jumped up in excitement.
Before leaving that day, Natalie’s friends helped her select a nice outfit for her date scheduled for the next day. They knew they won’t be around to help her get dressed so the least they could do was help her select the best outfit before leaving. The thought of the upcoming date brought happiness to Natalie and made her a bit hopeful. For every minute that passed by, she was tensed and happy at the same time, knowing that each passing minute brought her closer to seeing Richard again. What a beautiful feeling indeed!
Finally, the long awaited date came and before Natalie left her house, she prayed and asked God to step in and have his way. She wanted things to be different this time around but was lowkey scared that something bad would happen and ruin the happiness she was currently feeling towards Richard. It wasn’t easy for her to open her heart again but there was no harm in trying.
At around pass 6pm that day, Richard texted the date location to Natalie and she was an hour late. When she arrived, Richard was nowhere to be found despite being an hour late herself. “Could it be that he hasn’t arrived yet?” She wondered as she dialed his number. It rang twice before he picked up. “I’m so sorry, something came up and got me hooked up. I wanted to call and inform you about the latest development but thought I could round-up and still meet up with you early but that doesn’t feel like it would work out. Kindly wait a little more because I am already on my way. I’m so sorry” he sadly said.
At that moment, it felt as though Natalie’s whole world crumbled and crashed. She was numb, sad, angry, disappointed and felt undervalued. Without saying a word, she ended the call as tears fell from her eyes. “I knew he was too good to be true. What happened to valuing other people’s time or even communicating with me about the sudden development. All he did was waste my time and make me feel like a fool; just as all my Exs made me feel. I can’t wait here for even another second” she sadly said.
With tears falling off Natalie’s eyes, she picked her bag, walked to her car and zoomed off without notifying Richard that she had left. She cried bitterly in the car as she drove home and wished she hadn’t raise her hopes up. Too bad!
After about 30 minutes later, Richard arrived at the date venue but Natalie was nowhere to be found. He searched for her at ever nook and cranny but couldn’t find her. Turns out the restuarant also belonged to him and he had a little surprise planned out for her only for him to receive a call on his way to the date, informing him that his mum collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. It was only right for him to divert and head to the hospital his mother was admitted in. Natalie had no idea about this vital detail because he couldn’t tell her everything over the phone. He wanted to explain better when he arrived.
On realizing that Natalie must have left due to anger, Richard immediately called her but she didn’t pick up. After calling severally, she switched off her phone. A night that was supposed to end well unfortunately ended tragically.
All through that night, Natalie couldn’t stop crying. She literally cried herself to sleep and woke up the next day with less zeal to go to the office. However, she managed to take her bath and head to the office because as a successful business woman that she was, she knew better not to trade a productive day at work for her emotions. As she drove to the office, she shed a few more tears and finally turned on her phone after switching it off all through the night.
Immediately Natalie pulled up to her reserved parking spot, she saw a car that looked familiar parked at the extreme end of the parking lot. Without giving much thought to it, she carried her laptop and walked into the office building. Immediately she stepped into the reception, her heart dropped when she saw Richard holding flowers and a balloon that said “I am sorry”.
At that moment, Natalie was dumbfounded because no man has ever tried to fight for her love. It was the very first time a man was going the extra mile to make amends and it was such a beautiful gesture for her to experience.
Before Natalie could think of the right word to say at that moment, Richard walked closer to her, gave her the flowers and calmly muttered; “I am so Sorry!.
End of episode 2 😉

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