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The wedding night episode 1

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The wedding night episode 1 by : 3:26 pm On March 29, 2021
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The Wedding Night (episode 1)
⭐Story Time!!⭐
Fantasies are beautiful and perfect imaginations of real life events you wish to happen in reality. The mind is powerful because there’s no restrictions or limitations as to what you can think as a person. Almost every person’s dream is to have the best and perfect wedding night ever with their spouse because that’s the day a new journey of their lives begins. A typical wedding night is the moment couples seal their marriage s£×ually. That moment is magical and one they will cherish forever all the days of their lives as they live together as husband and wife. Well, nobody fantasized and longed for that precious night like a beautiful woman named ‘Natalie’.
In a busy city lived a very successful business woman named Natalie. She was in her early thirties and have never been lucky with relationships. The longest relationship she had ever been in lasted for only four months before hitting the rocks. Her ‘on and off’ relationship status became a thing of great concern to her because it made her worry if she would ever find that special man that would walk into her life and never walk out. As time passed by, Fear overtook the Worry.
Despite being a workaholic and bossy lady, Natalie was a sweetheart to the core and always gave her all to her relationships but sadly, things never really worked out with her partners. The absence of stable partners were replaced with friends and long hours talks. Natalie had two female friends she loved and cherished so much. They always had her back and stood by her through thick and thin; they were her ride or die!
It been over ten(10) years of solid friendship for Natalie and her friends. They talked about almost everything; with their fantasies not being an exception. Since when Natalie was in her early twenties, she always talked about her wedding night fantasies with her friends and to be honest, it had began to sound like a broken record but who could blame her for imagining something beautiful and perfect for herself? Well, I guess no one.
After a while, the excitement on Natalie’s face whenever she talked about her wedding night fantasies slowly began to die down after series of heartbreaks and disappointments from the men she felt would be her final bus-stop. Things got worse for her mentally after both of her friends got married and weren’t always there for her like they used to be. From meeting almost every week to meeting once a month. Natalie was quite understanding about this new change because she knew her best friends now had husbands that came first in their lives before her. As sad as that reality was, she had to accept it.
Most nights, while Natalie brainstormed and planned for more success for her businesses, the reality of her loneliness flashes before her eyes and leaves her feeling lost for a while. Most times she cried and other times she put up a strong attitude and continued with work. It wasn’t easy for her especially for the fact that she dearly desired to settle down and start a family, while still conquering the business world. The reason why she never successfully held even one relationship down was still a mystery to her because for all she knew, she was down to earth and a nice person at heart. “I guess not everyone is lucky with love and relationships” she usually wondered.
Oh My!! If only you have an idea of Natalie’s most talked about wedding night fantasies. It was beyond magical and a typical imagination of every woman. It was a night she would completely give herself to someone special without the fear of being played or abandoned afterwards. That night where she would put aside all the stressful thoughts of her business and relax in the warm embrace of her husband. A night that would completely heal her broken heart by replacing every pains, heartbreak and sadness with affection and intimacy. A night she won’t have to worry about getting pregnant for the wrong person and a night that will erase and replace the void her ‘molester’ left in her life.
Wait a minute! Did I just hear the word ‘molester?. Now it’s perfectly clear why Natalie have always had a hard time keeping relationships. It wasn’t a character problem but was as a result of the void that was left in her heart and life by a relative that molested her several years ago as a teenager. It been a long time since the incident happened but the scars and emptiness it left in her life was still fresh like it happened yesterday.
The reason why Natalie was unable to keep her relationships was because she was looking for closure in her partners but never got it. No one she had ever dated was able to fill up that void her molester left in her life. She felt unloved even in the midst of Love and always felt lonely even in the presence of company. This was a battle she was unknowingly fighting without her acknowledgment. The truth was that Natalie wasn’t aware of the extent of the damages her molester caused her. Too bad!
As each day passed, the hope of ever experiencing that magical wedding night slowly died down. Due to the huge decline in Hope, she subconsciously buried herself deeply into her businesses and nothing else. Since she couldn’t control her love life, she dived deeper into the only thing she could control; which was her career and businesses. Days slowly went by, same as weeks, months and years and ‘no show’ of that special someone till the unexpected happened one fateful day and everything changed.
It was on a Friday evening after a long day at work. “TGIF!!” Natalie happily said as she walked towards her car while her personal assistant communicated some vital information to her. After talking briefly, Natalie entered into her car and drove off to a new restaurant that just opened in town. “I pray their food is lovely and delicious” she spoke out loud as she drove to the restaurant. After what seemed like a 20 minutes drive, she finally arrived and walked inside to have dinner.
On that day, Natalie wasn’t looking her best but she cared less after a stressful day at the office. When she walked into the restaurant, she located a nice spot close to the water side and sat there. The serenity was calming with a slow background music to back it up. A waiter attended to her and her order was placed. The food was served shortly and she ate; while enjoying and having a good time. After eating, she stayed for few minutes before taking her leave.
On the way home, Natalie decided to make a brief stop at the supermarket close by to get some necessities she needed in the house. The supermarket was at the verge of closing when she arrived so she needed to get whatever she wanted in a hurry. While in a haste to get everything possible, her leg twisted due to the high heels she was wearing and she accidentally fell on the floor.
The cashier counter was a bit far from the scene of the incident so before she could scream for help, a hand stretched out to her from behind and as she grabbed it and stood up to her feet, her eyes jammed with that of a ‘jaw-drop’ handsome gentleman that looked like he was in his late twenties.
Before Natalie could say “Thank you” to the kind stranger that helped her, he bent down and picked up her items, gave them to her and majestically walked away without uttering a word to her.
There and then, Natalie was smitten and amazed. She had only one thought on her mind which was; “who is he?”.
End of episode 1 😉

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