The Unfaithful wife episode 3

Episode 3
I could not sleep that night. Every now
and then, I found myself playing the
video to watch my estranged wife and
my best-friend having s-x. The images
were so painful to watch. My heart
ached. I wept. Even though I was a
teetotaler, for the first time, I felt the
desire to take alcohol. I wanted to do
anything that will ease the pain I was
going through.
At about 2:45am, I went to my children’s
room to check on them as I always did.
They were peacefully asleep, oblivious of
what had just happened. I stared at
them, sorrow in my heart, aware that
with the action I had decided to take, life
will no more be the same for them
Their mother had broken the sanctity of
their home. The father and mother they
used to see together were going to be
together no more. Their father and
mother were going to live apart. And,
though marriage was not on my mind
any longer, I knew that they would one
day have either a step-father or a step-
I stayed in Peter and Pamela’s room for
close to one hour, staring at them and
crying. Finally, I left them while they
were still asleep. Returning to my room, I
took off my clothes and went to have my
bath. Then I returned to my bed and
lying down, began to reflect on the
drama that had taken place.
And Edwin! Hmmmm! He was my
best pal. He was not only a friend, he
was like a brother, one whom I had so
much trust in. Though I was a medical
doctor, I also ran a huge business and
he was my business partner. While I was
into the export of charcoal, shea butter,
plantain, pineapple and pepper to
European markets, he was into the
importation of European goods to
This was one man I was so close to that
some thought we were brothers. I
believed, at the time, that I could trust
him even with my life. Yet, he was the
same person I caught doing it with my
wife in my house in my bedroom and on
my bed. I sighed. Only God knew how
long he had been having the affair with
my wife.
Edwin was a widower. His wife died
when he was only 33, that was two
years after their marriage. She was then
25. Since then, he had remained single,
dating once a while but making no real
attempt at getting married again.
With his wealth, friends made attempts
at getting him to marry again but he
obviously was not interested. And, he
didn’t care either that he didn’t have a
child of his own.
He and I had together made several trips
outside Ghana to transact business.
Sometimes, I facilitate his imports and
on other occasions, he helped me with
my exports. On some occasions, I slept
over at his house and on others, he
spent the night in my house. That was
how close we were. So, catching him
with my wife in the act was a real
That night was the longest night ever in
my life. Finally, however, morning came. I
was happy to see day break. I was just
getting ready to go and prepare the
children for school when I had a call; it
was my wife.
“Kwame, please forgive me. I am on my
knees. I don’t know what came over me.
Please, in God’s name, forgive me. I will
never repeat such a behavior again” she
pleaded. I could sense she was in tears.
But, there was no way I could forgive
her. There was no way she could be my
wife again. I told her calmly that the
sound of her voice could kill me so I
would appreciate it if she does not
phone me again.
“It is over between us so better start
getting used to that fact,” I said. Then I
hanged up. She called and called again
but I ignored her, switching my phone
to the silence mode so when she calls,
the phone could not ring to my hearing.
Then I went to wake the children up.
Preparing them for school made me
realize the tedious task I had ahead
because they both courteously asked me
where their mother was. I had to lie to
them. I said she had travelled and would
soon be back. They believed me.
With my driver, Yao, on leave, I drove
them to school myself. On hindsight, that
was the fatal mistake I made – with the
issue at hand, I should not have allowed
them to go to school that day.
Having dropped them off at school, I
phoned my lawyer, briefed him about
what had happened and told him to
begin divorce proceedings against my
“Paul, you don’t mean you actually
caught your wife, Ivy, and your friend,
Edwin making love in your house, in
your bedroom and on your bed” the
shocked lawyer said.
I told the lawyer that was exactly what
happened. And there was no way I was
going to stay married to Nora any
Due to what happened i canceled my trip,
and i called the office that i would not be
going for the seminar again and i told them to put me in the roster immediately because I need to occupy my mind with something .
Back at work, I had a long queue of
patients waiting for me. My day at the
hospital usually started at 7:00am; I do
the rounds in the wards to review the
condition of in-patients. But on this day,
I was late. I got to the hospital at
7:45am to find anxious nurses waiting
for me.
There was an emergency waiting for me
to deal with. A woman who had been in
labour for two days needed a caesarian
done on her and I was required to do
I went to the theatre, saw the patient
and then to everybody’s surprise, left
without a word. The nurses and other
paramedics chased me to my room,
pleading with me not waste time lest
mother and baby would die.
I sighed and told them I knew it was an
emergency but it would be better if
another doctor did the surgery. I asked
them to return to the woman; another
doctor would be there to do the
As soon as they left, I placed a call to a
colleague, Dr. Ntim and quickly told him
about the surgery and pleaded with him
to take over from me because I was not
in the right frame of mind to operate on
Dr. Ntim was a close friend. I had done
surgeries on his behalf on many
occasions and he had done same for
me. So, he didn’t hesitate; he didn’t ask
questions either. He knew that if I said I
was not in the right frame of mind, then
it meant something was wrong. He said
he was heading directly to the theatre
After I put my phone down, I placed my
head on my table and sobbed. I felt bad
not going to do the surgery but I knew I
had taken the right decision; with my
mind pre-occupied with my wife’s
infidelity, I knew I could make an error
that will be fatal to mother and child.
Two hours on, I was still seated behind
my desk thinking about my wife and
what I caught her doing when the door
opened and Dr. Ntim stepped in. I got up
and looked up enquiringly at him. He
smiled and sitting down and told me
that the surgery had been successful;
mother and baby were doing well.
I got up and hugged him, thanking him
for stepping in for me. Then after he sat
down, I told him why I was not in the
right frame of mind to do the surgery.
“Oh my God! Paul, are you sure of what
you are telling me?” he asked, stunned.
“Kojo, would I lie to you in such a
sensitive matter? Would I tell you
something so shameful for no cause? If
you want to watch her and Edwin, here
it is. I captured it on my phone,” I said as
I switched the phone to video mode.
But, Dr. Kojo Ntim stopped me, saying he
wouldn’t want to watch.
“It’s good you called me to do this
operation for the woman. There is no
way you could have been in the right
frame of mind to do it,” he said.
He sympathized with me and agreed
with me that divorce was the way to go.
Then he left. He had patients to attend
to. I too had patients to attend to.
To be continued.

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