The Unfaithful wife episode 16

By: Ebube Nwuze
Episode 16
My wife had me cornered and I knew it.
She was a very cunning woman.
“Peter, your mother asked you to call
and say what you are saying, right? And
I am sure she is standing by you right
now, gesturing to you” I said. My son
said he was alone with his sister and
that they were at a public pay phone.
They had sneaked out of the house: that
their mother was not aware that they
had sneaked out to call me
I believed him. I knew Peter very well. He
was terrible when it comes to lying. I
was in a fix. My children loved their
mother to a fault just as they loved me.
Now, to have their mother jailed would
have an adverse effect on them. I asked myself what is going to be my gain, if i jailed the Mother of my Children.
And, I
guess they will never forgive me for it.
“Daddy, are you there?” he asked me.
“Yes I am here” I said
“Daddy, do this for Pamela and me. We
beg you in the name of God” he pleaded once more. I could
feel the passion in his voice. I also knew
he was crying.
“Okay, for the sake of the two of you and God, I
have forgiven her” I said
“ Daddy! Are you sure?” he asked.” Are
you sure you have forgiven
our mummy?
“I have. I love the two of you so much”
“So Daddy, will you take mummy back in
our home? Will she be your wife once
again” he asked. I remember when I was dating Nora, I remember the day of our wedding, I remember my vow I made in the present of God ( for better for worse ). I said she will. I heard
him scream in joy and narrate what I
had said to her younger sister. She
screamed and asked to talk to me.
“Daddy?” she asked. Her innocent and
soft voice immediately set my heart
racing. How I missed her!
“Daddy, I love you. Let us see you soon!”
she said, giggling happily.
“I love you too, Pamela” I responded.
Then the connection went off. I sighed
as tears began to trickle down my
cheeks. I took a handkerchief and wiped
it off. Then I got my car going once
more. Suddenly, I wished I had made
John drive me to work.
By the time I arrived home, I was at
peace with myself, having decided not to
pursue the case in court. Once I was in
the privacy of my bedroom, I phoned my
lawyer to tell him I was no longer
interested in pursuing the case in court.
I explained to him that my wife had
confessed to me that she lied to the
court concerning the DNA and once she
had pleaded for forgiveness, I was no
longer interested.
“Wow! She confessed to perjury. That is
an offence for which she can be jailed.
You have a golden opportunity to put
your wife away for a long time” he said.
I repeated that I was no longer
interested in the case. He was stunned.
Apparently, he saw the news twist as an
opportunity to make money.
“Doctor, you are throwing away an
opportunity to make some cool money”
he said, I asked by sending my wife to jail? frantically. However, I stuck to
my guns. That ended it.
John and Efe, my driver and house-help
respectively were stunned when I later
told them, after supper, about my wife’s
“Jesus Christ!” John exclaimed. “So
Madam concocted all that lies against
Efe, though stunned, spoke up, saying
that many a woman would do what my
wife did to ensure no one takestheir
children away from them.
“So, you mean Nora acted right?” I
asked Efe.
“Daddy, I am not saying Madam’s actions
were right. I am only saying most
women will do anything to ensure that
their children are not taken away from them”
Efe replied.
Then I dropped the second bombshell of the evening.
To be continued
What could be the bombshell??

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