The Unfaithful wife episode 12

By: Ebube Nwuze
Episode 12
He screamed my name. ” Daddy Daddy, Daddy ” I quickly asked
him where he was.
“New York” he said. “Daddy, we want to
come to you. Daddy we love you, we are not happy. We want
to come to you”.
“I miss you, Peter, I miss your sister. You will always be my
son and I will always be your daddy,” I
heard myself say. I heard him begin to
cry so I tried to console him.
“Daddy, come for us, please. Come for
us now!” he said. I was about to say I will
when the line dropped dead.
Had his mother found him out and taken
the phone away from him? Or, his units
had run out. Quickly, I searched for the
number on which he called me only to
find to my dismay that the name did not
appear on the screen. I felt helpless.
Hearing Peter had an effect on me. It
made me yearn for him and his sister.
But, I had to also remember that it had
been established that I was not the
biological father of the children.
Then I began to wonder who the
biological father of Peter and Pamela
was if I was not their biological father.
Was it Edwin, my b—m friend who I had
caught in bed with my wife? Or, it was
another man I did not know? Did it
mean that all these while, my wife was
having an affair with another man?
Then my thoughts drifted to Nora, my
estranged wife. After the treatment she
had meted out to me, I had lost interest
in women entirely. But I knew that once
I was through with my fertility test I had
to get involved with a woman so I will
be able to have my own biological
children. I sighed!
Monday finally came after a long boring
weekend. It was the day I was to begin
my fertility treatment. I had a sugarless
and milkless tea as advised by the
fertility doctor, after morning devotion, I prayed like never before, because of what iam going for. Afterwards, I set off with
John for the fertility center.
Finally, we arrived there. I got down and
went to see Dr. Paul Quansah. He
explained to me once more the process I
was going to be taken through. Then he
said for the avoidance of doubt, I had to
take another fertility test to first of all,
certify that I was not fertile and
secondly, to enable him determine the
extent of my infertility.
“No problem, doc. I am hopeful that all
will go on well. I can’t wait to have my
own children,” I said. Dr. Quansah
beamed with a smile.
A lady in a white overall came to escort
me to a lab and handed me over to the
laboratory man who gave me a small
bottle and asked me to provide my
semen. I was asked to go into a room
and do all I can to get my semen out. That
meant self- stimulation. After about
thirty five minutes, I emerged and handed
over to him the bottle in which my
semen was. Then I went to sit in the
waiting room. I was there thinking about the next step.
An hour later, a nurse
came for me, saying my result was ready
so I had to see the doctor.
Once more, I found myself seated in
front of Dr. Quansah again who looked at me
quizzically as if I was funny.
“Well, Dr. Mensah, our test proved that
you are fertile, you are a complete man.
so I don’t understand why
you are here,” he said.
His statement was like a joke to me. I asked if
he could repeat what he said.
“I said the result of the fertility test we
conducted on you shows that you are
fertile you are okay, so I don’t see the reason why you are here.”
I was shocked, and then decided that
the doctor was playing a joke on me. He
handed me the result of the test to read.
I read through it three times. It said I
was fertile and could father a child any
day anytime. There was therefore no need for
me to undergo a fertility treatment. 😀
To be continued
Question: Fertile???
Dr. Mensah fertile? What is going on?
Something seem to be wrong somewhere,
where could it be? If he is really fertile, does that means he is the biological father to Peter and Pamela? .

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