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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 9

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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 9 by : 5:33 pm On May 21, 2021
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© Alabede Jude Oluwabamise | All rights reserved.

Amidu could be seen lying on a small sized bed. The monitor hung above the headboard of the bed was giving a slow beeping sound at intervals of every two seconds.

Just beside Amidu was his mother; Alimi Rukayat clutching his hands in hers. Her fossilized eyes were red and puffy, obviously from crying as tears trickled down her timeworn-wrinkled face. The reason why she was crying couldn’t be farfetched from the comatosed Amidu. Lately, she got to know that Amidu had resented into drinking and was sure, it was the cause of the misfortune that befell him. She wouldn’t forgive herself if Amidu happens to die. Amidu hasn’t gotten himself back ever since the trauma which makes him go bonkers some times. More so, being the only male child in the family was another paramount reason to her.

Amidu suddenly moved his hand which startled his mother, She was shocked but then, there were no movements. She gazed at him hoping he would make any movements but there came none. She rested her head on the bed string after waiting desperately for Amidu to make a movement which he didn’t and she started to doze off.

After some minutes, Amidu hands twitched, moved, twitched again, then he slowly opened his eyes which is vision was blurred and obscured which the powerful white bulb in the room penetrated into his eyes and it made him to quickly close back his eyes. He blinked his eyes a million times and finally opened it when his pupil had adjusted to the surroundings. He felt a body resting on him and he craned his neck to look at who it was but was surprised to see his mother.

‘What is happening? And what is she doing there?’

Amidu made to sit upright thus, waking up his mother in the process as she quickly sprung up to her feet when she felt the movement.

“Jesus! You’re awake!”, she half screamed and embraced him in sheer joy which pissed him off. She let go off him when she saw how pissed he was and then went to call the Doctor.


frowned and hissed. His initial anger wasn’t his mother’s display of affection but realizing that he was hospitalized and the reason behind it?. He shook his head, he needed to get out of the hospital fast, pretty fast. He doesn’t want the public to know about the accident because, if they get to know, they’ll also get to know about his obsession with alcohol which actually caused the accident. He just hoped the press hasn’t been there.

Amidu hastily removed the drip on his wrist and jumped out of the bed. Almost immediately, his mother walked in alongside the doctor and two other nurses which one had a tray in her hands containing syringes, ampoules and bandages. The look and expression on every one’s face changed to a surprised one as each all had their mouth slightly opened in bewilderment.

“No!”, the doctor shouted, running towards him.

“You can’t do this”, the doctor said holding him at the shoulder in a bid to sit him down.

“No, I have to”, Amidu objected looking at everyone’s face and finally stopped at his mother before he continued. “I’m fine and I have to go now”.

“No, you can’t!”, the doctor half-screamed which shook everyone’s feet and he quickly concealed his mouth.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout”, he apologized. “But you still can’t go, you need a lot of rest and we’re not done with the treatments”.

Cole shook his head, “All that can wait but I can’t wait, I need to go now”, Amidu said in a tone of finality.

“But”, the doctor objected. “We need to redress your bandage”, the doctor said pointing at his bandaged head.

Amidu touched his forehead. Truly, the bandage is outdated and needed to be redressed. “Don’t worry Doc, I’ll do that myself”, he said and walked out of the room while everyone watched astounded, especially his mother who couldn’t contain his surprise but only stared into space in disbelief of his action.


Alexandra paced the room. One would notice she was unhappy as she kept a stern looking face. Streams of the past flooded her head again which aggravated her initial anger. Governor Martin had spilled just a little of the information she ought to know. He confessed that he only know a little and with the little being said, Alexandra could deduce what actually happened. They were murdered not just because the Twelve Famous wanted his position as a mayor but.. the but was what made everything complicated.

Alexandra stopped in her tracks, brought out a small book from the inner pocket of the suit she wore and opened it. The book was a very small one which had just two pages and one could best describe it as a pamphlet which had red features like it was being colored. On the first page was an inscription which was written boldly in a red ink. It read; ‘The death book of the Famous Twelve.’

Alexandra smiled scornfully, she’ll surely make the book a death record.


touched the earwig fixed in her ear. “Wa hilto kure desu yo?”, she asked which means; “is everything ready?”

“Schi”, a voice replied which means; “yes”.

“Daijoubu, tsukete kudasai___Okay, just be careful”, Alexandra said, walking out of the room to the main sitting room. The room she previously was, wasn’t the room used in interrogating Governor Martin. It was another empty room in the building which has a hidden door aside the main door leading to the room.

Alexandra slouched heavily into the sofa, in front of her was a laptop on a silver glassy table and beside the laptop, laid a coffee mug which hot steam of air oozed out from. She drew the laptop to herself and powered it on. She took the coffee mug and sipped from it while she waited for the system to boot. The laptop beeped and a passworded window came into view. She input the codes and tapped the enter key on the screen and it started loading while she sipped from the mug again but this time, she blew the hot steam away before sipping as it was too hot. The system finally finished its booting and the home window came into view which has several softwares programmed on it. She navigated through the applications by scrolling down with her index f!ng£r and finally tapped on a CCTV camera application. Again, she sipped from the mug while she waited for the application to load. She sipped three times from the mug before the application eventually finished its loading and she placed the mug back on the table and focused on the screen. She searched for names of places that the CCTV cameras were not covering and it immediately brought out the names. She minimized the app and opened the Google map street view and searched for Onne. It immediately showed the name of the location with a green arrow pointing at it, moving diagonally. She zoomed in studying the roads leading as entrance to the town. She sank back into the sofa and took the mug, sipping from it at intervals until she emptied the mug. She dropped it back on the table, closed the laptop and strode to the crystal glassy door. She pressed some buttons on the wall beside the door, activating the wall lasers, floor spikes and finally turned on the intruder alert system while she exited the sitting room, outside to the gate. Alexandra stood before the gate, looking up at the eye scanner which hung inconspicuously above the gate; it scanned and captured her retina before it allowed her a pass through the gate which the gate opened by itself and automatically closed back.

All the guards bowed immediately she stepped out of the gate: they were four in number and all were wearing a black ninja suit, the type Alexandra had on but theirs were low in tech. Two guards were standing by a car; one at the front and another at the back while a Mitsubishi sports car stood elegantly in the middle. It was undoubtedly meant for Alexandra as she began to walk towards it while waving at the guards who still had their heads bent down in curtsy to the boss. She hopped into the driver seat of the car, jammed the door and looked back at Governor Martin who was duck-taped with hands tied.

Alexandra smiled slyly. “Hello Governor, ready for a ride?”, Alexandra said with a wink and focus back to the road. She ignited the car, stepping on the throttle, raising the speedometer mark to the highest mark then back down to the lowest. She looked at the rear view mirror, she could see Governor Martin palpitating on the seat.

She smiled, it gonna be one hell of a ride.

She focused back to the road; the road was free and clear as it was 1am in the morning. The road beamed of street lights while other roads and buildings were void of light.

“Yuschi tare desu____ Let’s race boys”, Alexandra said. She had a running voice transmitter which was connected to the guards.

The guards grinned at each other when they heard this; they seem to like this Alexandra of a girl as they weren’t pressurized by her.

The car in front of Alexandra also started its engine likewise the one at the back. Then, they started moving slowly at first but later, they increased their speeds and sped past Alexandra who was still racing the car engine.

The two cars were now far ahead but that didn’t get Alexandra shaken a bit. The guards knew of this and they were prepared for her.

Alexandra smiled and stepped on the accelerator and brake pedal at the same time, making the car jerk forward and its tires screeching ferociously on one spot. She then moved her leg from the brake pedal and the car sped off at an alarming speed which made Governor Martin cringe in fear.

Alexandra maintained the high speed, the car by now had already leveled up with the other two cars and they increased their speeds, giving Alexandra a long gap to cover.

Alexandra smiled as she was enjoying the show but then, there’s something else she needed to attend to and not perturbed about the race. She brought out a medium sized iPad from the suit she wore and attached it to the dashboard. The iPad had a small magnetic device which enabled it to stay fit on the dashboard. Then she powered it on, using a hand to do the job while the other on the steering wheel. In the course of the iPad loading, she decided to give the guards a hot chase as they were far gone and not in sight again. She raced the engine, making the speedometer mark hit the highest mark, speeding down the road at top speed. She closed in fast on them in a matter of minutes and continued with the iPad as it has finished loading. The guards weren’t surprised, instead they were expectant of it as they knew she was good when handling cars.

Alexandra opened the Google map on the iPad and waited for it to load. It finished loading and the map of the town she was going to appeared on the screen, she was halfway already.

Alexandra pressed a button on her left wrist and the time appeared showing in red figures; 1:20am.

It was just twenty minutes into the journey and they were almost arriving at the town.

Alexandra had already set the iPad to be on standby as the screen lights still remained on. She looked at the map, the road had a left turn at a round about. There was a round about ahead and they were fast approaching it.

“Tuyu kure dare yure desu___ Take a left turn at the round about ahead of you”, Alexandra spoke into the voice transmitter.

The guards did as instructed as they took the left turn on getting to the round about while Alexandra also followed suit, tailing behind them.

Suddenly, Alexandra increased her speed using the Mitsubishi turbo speed as her car overtook others in a matter of seconds, giving them a very long gap to cover. The guards couldn’t level up as they were taken by surprise.

Alexandra continued at a high speed, swerving left and right which made Governor Martin terrified as he tried talking but couldn’t as he only mumbled incoherently. Alexandra looked at the rear view mirrror and smiled.

She suddenly cut into a tarred road with bush paths, slowing down her speed as she was approaching her stoppage point.

The car slowly grounded to a halt in the middle of nowhere. She opened the door and hopped out of the car, stepping out first with her legs before her body followed suit.

She could hear the sounds of the other cars approaching, she knew they would find her as they were intelligent too.

Before long, the two cars pulled beside Alexandra and all hopped out.

“Kanochi kure yo desu___bring him out”, Alexandra said to one of the guards and he bowed before carrying out the instruction given to him.

He dragged Governor Martin out and made him kneel down, his mouth duck-taped and hands firmly tied.

Alexandra smiled mischievously as she gazed at Governor Martin. “Any last words?”, Alexandra asked, removing a hand revolver from her back waist then brought out a short knife from her shoes.

Alexandra watched keenly as Governor Martin shook his head sideways signaling ‘No’ as the answer.

She smiled and started circling him. “I’m gonna make you die slowly”, She began saying in a hoarse voice. “painfully and…”, she stopped and looked at the guards faces; they were expressionless and indifferent of what she was about doing. She pulled out a cell phone from her suit inner pocket and dialed the emergency number, pressing it to her ear while it rang. It took quite a while before the call was answered.

“Hello, please your name and….”

“Sorry, I have a victim here who is about to die”, Alexandra began, interrupting the male attendant. “And the victim’s life would be on you but..” She paused waiting for his reply but there was none as the other end of the call was dead silent.

“You can save the victim only if you would be fast”, Alexandra continued, talking in low tunes. “The victim will be counting on you. Please, come get me fast or the victim dies”, Alexandra said, corked the gun and shot Governor Martin at the kneecap while he yelped out in pain trying to clutch his knee with his tied hands.

“You heard that right?”, Alexandra said but got no response. “I’m not kidding, so don’t take me for granted!”, Alexandra screamed but in a subdued tone. “I give you thirty minutes to make your decision”, she said and hung up.

Alexandra squatted beside Governor Martin and looked into his eyes, he was groaning in pains and blood trickled down from the gunshot wound.

She smiled, “you just getting started”.


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