The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 8

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 8

Cole was stupefied by what he heard.
“Are you f***ing kidding me?”, he screamed over the phone, slowing down his speed and then parked beside the road. He sank deeper into the seat and laid his head on the headrest of the chair while he continued the converse.

“No, I’m not kidding!”, Agent Bola shouted back, feeling offended.

“Then how is the footage for only that area deleted?”, Cole asked.

“I don’t know but it was deleted without a trace.”.

“Without a trace?” Cole muttered heaving a deep sigh of frustration.

“Yes, I think someone breached our surveillance cameras but I don’t know who did.”

“Then find who did”, Cole said and hung up the call angrily.

“Holy sh*t!”, he cursed as he banged his clenched fist on the steering wheel.

Who could have done this?, is someone trying to kidnap Amidu?…No, the bas***d already kidnapped him but could it be the same perpetrator that kidnapped Governor Martin?’
Different questions bombarded his mind which he found no answer to and that was more frustrating than anything else. He knew there’s more to it than just kidnap. After all, the kidnappers were not demanding for a ransom and wouldn’t have gone as far as kidnapping the Governor when they already had his wife and daughter which is enough to demand for a huge amount of money but that’s not the case here. He was fully sure that they were not kidnapped but he just couldn’t figure out the whole thing.
The ringing of his phone truncated his thoughts as he jolted back to reality. He checked the caller; it was the previous person he had called asking to check all hospitals for newly brought-in patients.

“Hello”, Cole spoke into the phone.

“Sir, there are only two hospitals that have patients brought in an hour ago”, a male voice said.

“What are the names of the hospitals? And did you check their files?”

“Yes I did.”

“Go on”

“One, a private hospital which is God is able and the other, the state general hospital which has SA Amidu as a patient brought in an hour ago.”

Cole suddenly sprang up from his seat. “Are you f***ing serious?”, Cole asked with glee.

“Am serious sir but what’s that about? You sounded happy at the mention of SA Amidu”, The caller was surprised at his excitement.

“Oh you didn’t know?”

“Know what?”

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to know” Cole said and hung up the call and immediately, he ignited the car engine stepping on the accelerator pedal and took off with great speed.
He was going to the state general hospital to ascertain what the agent said as he couldn’t believe if it was true or not, he just have to see things for himself.

Alexandra walked into the room where she had kept Governor Martin while she had his wife and daughter moved to another room. The room was a small and empty one which was dimly lit by a green inbuilt bulb. She stopped at Governor Martin’s front who cringed in fear on seeing her walk in. Alexandra was clad in a ninja suit; a suit she uses in executing her missions as she just finished executing one, only that she didn’t cover her face with the hood.

“Hello Governor” Alexandra began, squatting on her haunches. “I see you’re having a hard time here but don’t worry, I’ll make it easy before dawn.”, she said, removing the duck-tape from his mouth while he gasped out.
Alexandra stood up and began circling around him, then she abruptly stopped at his front staring hard at his face which made him cower in fear at the deadly mean look.

“Now, tell me all you know about Desmond Elliott’s death and those who contributed to it.”, Alexandra said and continued circling him.

“I know nothing and will tell you nothing”, Governor Martin replied almost immediately as though, he had been anticipating the question.

Alexandra gave a short chuckle, “Oh! I see you know nothing. Its just painful that I hate to hear screams of a tortured man.”

Governor Martin flinched. Would he be tortured by her?

“I still won’t tell you anything even if you torture me”, He said bravely but hell knows he was damn scared.

Alexandra touched the earwig.”Anata yure wa hito kore desu”, She said which means; “You, bring me the chair of torture”.
Governor Martin was surprised as he thought she spoke in Chinese which he couldn’t deduce what it means.
Soon enough, the door which enclosed the small room slid to the side and a huge metal chair took shape before the silhouette of a man also took shape. Suddenly, the light flicker and went off, throwing the whole room into abject darkness. In a second, a shadow rolled the chair into the room and in the next second, the shadow seemed to disappear and then, the lights flicker and came on. This time, it was bright and not dim, almost blinding Governor Martin with its brilliance which he shielded his eyes from. After some minutes, he opened his eyes to see a huge metal chair at his front which was layered with spikes on every surface with tight straps around it. He felt a chill of shudder slid down his spine as he gazed at the chair which would undoubtedly be used to torture him.
Alexandra stood with her hands on the waist, watching his reaction and she got what she wanted. She could see him palpitating on the chair which he sat on, looking at the chair of torture. Your life would never remain the same if you sit on it; the chair is one of the torture elements which the blind master trained her with. It was an element they used in forcing out informations from their captives.

“Are you ready to talk? or I go ahead with that”, Alexandra said pointing at the chair.

“I’m ready to talk”, He replied with uneasiness as he glanced at the chair.
Alexandra smiled. “I knew you would comply after all”.

Governor Martin forced out a smile and readjusted himself on the chair he sat on. “It all began when Desmond Elliott was appointed as the mayor of kutana city”

Cole stood looking at SA Amidu who was on the hospital bed still in a state of comatose. A drip was connected to his wrist and his head bandaged due to the collision. His vitals were okay as seen on the monitor hung above the headboard and would be conscious in a couple of hours.
Cole felt at ease seeing SA Amidu in the hospital and was more elated seeing that he was responding to treatment but he felt bad seeing him in such a terrible condition. He wondered how he got himself in that predicament and then, his mind drifted to the person who brought him there and the deleted footages.
He quickly ran back to the receptionist demanding for the card of the person who brought SA Amidu in. The receptionist gave him the card and he immediately scanned through it.

“Eshema Kate”, he muttered under his breath.
Cole looked up at the receptionist. “Did she come in with anyone?”, Cole asked.

The receptionist shook her head. “No, she came alone rushing Mr Amidu as he needed quick treatment”

Cole nodded his head, that would be a start of his investigation. “What did she say when she rushed him in? and before she left?”.

The receptionist looked confused. “Excuse me sir, is there any problem?”, she asked.

“No, not now”, Cole simply replied.

“but why the questions because it is against my job ethics to give out informations”

Cole smiled, she’s smart but not smart enough as he already gotten what he wanted which she shouldn’t have given out. Cole shoved his ID in her face and she gasped out in shock realizing he was a DSS Agent.
“I’m sorry if I sounded rude”, she apologized.

“Its okay I understand”, Cole said with a broad smile.

“Well” She began. “She said, she was just passing by with her car when she saw the accident wreckages and she decided to take a look which she saw Mr Amidu in need of help and had to rush him here”.

Cole hummed.”Is that all?”.

“Yes, but she promised to come back”.

“Okay, thanks for your time”, Cole said and walked a metre away from the receptionist before dialing a number.

“Hey Dave”, Cole spoke into the phone. “Help me run a check with the name Eshema Kate and …”.

“But Cole”, Dave interrupted. “I was about to call you just now, a body was found by the security officers of the state general hospital.”

“What?, but am inside the hospital now and no one found any dead body!”, Cole said half screaming drawing attention to himself from the receptionist and other nurses who lurked around.

“Then you should go check yourself”, Dave replied and hung up the call.
Cole hissed immediately he dropped the cell phone into his side pocket. He was agitated by Dave’s rude behavior but, there is the case of the body being reported. Could it be true?.
He ran out of the hospital premises to meet a small crowd of the security officers hovering around something which he presumed to be the dead body.

“Make way”, He shouted as he approached them shoving his ID in their faces and they parted ways for him.
Cole bent down scrutinizing the body; it was a female, the clothes was soaked in blood and the face disfigured while the body was battered with stabs from a knife.

“Get me the paramedics!”, Cole shouted at no one in particular.

“On their way already”, a voice said from behind while Cole looked back to see Dave. “I did as you instructed me but there is a problem”, Dave said squatting beside Cole.

“What problem?”, Cole asked sounding less interested.

“She is the Eshema Kate”, Dave said pointing at the corpse.

“What tha f***?”, Cole exclaimed.


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