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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 7

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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 7 by : 6:47 pm On May 20, 2021
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© 2018 | Alabede Jude Oluwabamise | All rights reserved.

Alexandra winced in pains as she felt pains of different stings coursing through her body. She was uncomfortable with the position she found herself in; she was upside down in the highlander jeep which was also upside down with its tires up, rolling in the air. She wriggled out of the seatbelt which strapped her to the seat and kicked the door open. She slid and fell off immediately the door opened and started coughing, the Jeep was already oozing out smoke and would be in flames anytime soon. She groaned in pains as she struggled to stand up, removing some broken glass which pierced her shoulder. Then, started walking to the Venza which was few metres away and was also upside down due to the collision. She felt a sting of pain from her stomach and she touched it, it was damn! red. She was bleeding and she needed to stop it before she loses too much blood. She stopped beside the crumpled car, observing the occupant of the car as meticulous as she could in a bid to avoid surprises or any impending danger. When she saw that the coast was clear, she dragged out the lifeless man from the seat through the broken windscreen and laid him on the floor, his clothes soaked in blood and his body reeked of alcohol.

Judging by her experience as a trained assassin, she knew the man wasn’t sent to kill her. She further observed that he wasn’t dead yet but was only in a state of comatose due to shock and blood shortage. She wondered why he was driving in a reckless abandon but she knew better; he was drunk.

Alexandra thought of what to do with the man and get out of the accident scene before the cops or ambulance meets her there. She wanted to leave him dying there but something else propelled her not to do so which was against her wish as the man only ruined her vehicle and wasted her time. She hurriedly walked back to the jeep, searching for her phone but couldn’t find it. She gave up and opted to use the ear wig but couldn’t find it in her ear. She heaved a sigh of frustration and thought of what to do as she was running out of time. An idea suddenly flashed through her mind and a smile appeared on her face. she forgot she had a tiny device pinned to the collar of the blue sleeveless top she wore. The tiny device was a voice transmitter that she always had on any cloth she wore and she had it in variety of colors which would fit in with the color of the cloth she would wear and wouldn’t be detected by anyone as it was inconspicuously pinned to the collar or neck side of clothes that doesn’t have collars.


tapped the device and it connected to all the guards working for her. She spoke into the collar in Japanese as the guards only understood Japanese and none of them understood English or any other language. She detested the idea of guards walking around her or working for her in as much she herself was an assassin, a ruthless one at that. So there was no need for her having a guard following her everywhere. As a matter of fact, the guards she had was only a gift from her master which was against her wish but she couldn’t reject it. It was a given she takes them to Nigeria and here she was with the guards, though she rarely uses them.

A car honked and stopped beside Alexandra. Then, two huge white men came out of the car and proceeded towards Alexandra. They bowed as they got to her front and handed her a white polythene bag. Alexandra collected it and conversed with them in Japanese, instructing them on what to do and what not to do. The two men walked over to Amidu who was lifelessly lying on the floor and both carried him into the back seat of the car they brought and immediately, they sped off.

Alexandra brought out clothes and bandages from the bag she collected earlier from the guards and took off the top she wore which was already drenched in blood, leaving the black bra on. Then, she dressed the bandage on her stomatch and wore a yellow round neck top. She tapped the device attached to the neck region of the cloth and it beeped.

“Kare kuruma desu”. Alexandra spoke into the device. which means; “Bring me a car now”

In no minute, a black Camry pulled up beside Alexandra and she hopped into the back seat.

“Anare nare hopiteru desu” she said to the guard driving the car. which means “Take me to the hospital”. The guard changed gears and sped away.


Time: 10pm

Cole was on the wheel driving at top speed. One would notice that he was restless as he kept on checking the android device attached to the dashboard at intervals. He had earlier received a call from the state emergency unit of a ghastly motor accident with a mystery of the victims disappearing. One of the vehicles was identified as SA Amidu’s Venza but he was not found in the vehicle after the unfortunate incident which kept Cole tensed up. Cole changed gears and added more speed overtaking a car at his front. The road was scanty as it was late in the night and only few vehicles could be seen on both lanes of the highway which made it easier for Cole to drive at such a high speed. He turned on the indicator light as he approached a round about which he took the left turn on the return lane, changing gears as he added more speed overtaking two cars at a time. In no minutes, he got to the accident scene which was a mile away from the 24/7 clubhouse. He hurriedly alighted from the car and ran to the scene to meet an ambulance vehicle with two male ambulance officials.


evening sir” one among the officials greeted Cole as he approached them.

“What happened?” Cole asked impatiently, ignoring his greetings.

“We received an emergency call of an accident but we couldn’t find the victims when we got here.” The other official replied.

Cole stood bemused by what he heard, how could the victims disappear if it wasn’t a planned incident and moreover, the victim here is no other person than Amidu.

“Let me check out the wreckages” He said as he walked down to the damaged vehicles. He bent low as he checked out the wrecked vehicles but found nothing, he was about standing up when he saw trails of blood on the floor underneath the wrecked vehicles. He traced the blood but stopped midway beside the road, he at once knew what actually happened after the incident.

He brought out his phone from his pocket and pulled a call across to an agent in charge of CCTV cameras.

“Hello Agent Bola” Cole said immediately the receiver answered the call.

“Send me footages covering Okuru road as soon as possible.” He said and hung up the call. Then he dialed another number.

“Hello” he spoke into the mouthpiece of the phone.

“Check all emergency wards in every hospitals with patients brought in an hour ago and give me feedback” He said and hung up the call.

He walked back to his car, hopped in, ignited the car engine and took off with an alarming speed. Cole’s phone rang and he checked the caller, it was Agent Bola. He immediately picked it, pressing the phone to his ear with his right hand while he drove on with the other hand.

“Hello” he said as soon as he answered the call.

“All footages covering Okuru road has been deleted” Agent Bola said.

“What?” Cole shouted.


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