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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 6

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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 6 by : 6:47 pm On May 19, 2021
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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 6

SA Amidu sat on a swivel chair in his office.

Everything had been arranged and it seemed in order. He had it taken care of by his assistant, Cole.

He heaved a sigh of frustration as he remembered that the DG would arrive in less than thirty minutes.

He only got two leads which weren’t solid and might get him no where.

He had run a search on the face defragmentator engine but the computerized voice kept saying ‘match not found’.

He was only left with the f!ng£r prints which he hoped and pray would be a concrete lead.

The door suddenly opened startling him. Cole poked his head in.

“The DG is here” He announced.

SA Amidu stared at him for a brief moment before the statement materialized in his brain.

“Omg!” he exclaimed.

“Don’t worry boss, I got this” Cole said and left.

Amidu hit the table with his clenched fist. He stood up, adjusted his suit and walked out of the office, heading to the conference room.

Amidu stepped out of the elevator door as it clicked open and walked into the conference room.

DSS top agents and team leaders assembled in the huge conference room. All seated on seats respectively reserved for them except Amidu; he stood facing the DG who read the reports submitted to him. The DG rarely summons emergency meetings and each time time he did, there was trouble. His silence kept the agents tensed and edgy. So far, he hadn’t uttered any word.

The DG suddenly cleared his throat and all eyes were focused on him.

“I’m not at all, impressed by your reports” He began. “with your investigations so far, you could only come up with f!ng£r prints and obscured images.”

“Sir!” Cole raised his index f!ng£r attracting the DG’s attention.

“Yes Cole, what do you have to say”. The DG summoned him.

“The f!ng£r prints aren’t just any prints. After running a thorough test, I found out it was the f!ng£r prints of Desmond Elliott”.

Everybody murmured on hearing the name and the DG hushed them to be quiet.

Everywhere became silent and Cole continued.

“Apparently, Desmond Elliot was murdered twenty years ago and it has been buried in the fog of history.” Cole finished and sat down. Then, the DG turned on the big smart computer. Images of Desmond Elliot flooded the computer screen.


dead man?” the DG asked.

“Someone is using his prints” A young female agent suggested.

“Then, the question is who?” A male agent said.

“That’s your mission, find out who did this” the DG said. “meeting dismissed, SA Amidu stay behind”

That was it, Amidu knew this was coming. A self interrogation with the DG and he wasn’t at all prepared for it.

Amidu watched as the other agents departed the conference room and lastly Cole, who left with a wink; enjoy it while it last.

“Amidu” The DG called as soon as everyone has evacuated the room and both walked into the inner chamber of the conference room.

Amidu nodded, his mouth seemed too weighthy to talk.

“Have your seat” the DG motioned him to sit down.

Amidu drew a chair and sat on it, facing the DG. A table with piles of document demarcated them.

“The Deputy Governor had asked me to change you if you are dormant” the DG said, looking straight into his eye.

Amidu flinched and quickly composed himself.

“But I believe you’re good” the DG continued. “your previous hand-held cases proved that. So, that’s why am still entrusting you with this case, handle it like your life depended on it. This may be your last chance.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir”

“The kidnapper is still out there on the loose. Who knows? Governor Martins might be dead now”

“I’ll do everything in my capacity as the Special Agent to nab the perpetrator. Whoever kidnapped Governor Martins would be brought to justice.” Amidu pledged.

“Good, so take the bull by its horn and let me know if you get any new development.”

“Okay sir”

The DG stretched out his hand for a handshake. Amidu took his hand in his as they shook hands.

Time: 8:00pm

Location: Port-harcourt

Alexandra laid on a three-seater couch, eyes glued to the t.v screen and was watching the 8pm news flash.

A lady was shown casting the news and the headline read; Chaos in Rivers state as Governor Martins was being kidnapped in the state government house. Alexandra watched on as they showed guards that were killed numbering up to twenty five, all with a throwing star on their forehead and then, a lady was shown covered with a white silk clothe leaving her face region uncovered. The picture of the lady was shown beside it, wearing a red flowing gown with a smile on her face. She was identified as Kayle the stripper.

Alexandra smiled, she knew there would be a lot of investigations concerning the girl in which the governor’s dirty secrets will be revealed. Her thought was interrupted by a noise erupting from the t.v and that gained her attention.

A crowd of people were shown shouting at the top of their voice, holding placards. There were different things written on the placards held up by the angry protesters which looked obscured to read. The scene was replaced with the female newscaster and she continued casting the remaining part of the news.


took the remote which was on the small table in the sitting room and switched off the television then, she picked up her car keys on the table and left the sitting room for the parking lot. The Highlander jeep beeped as she unlocked the door using palm prints scanner and she hopped into the driver seat. She ignited the engine and stepped on the accelerator. The gate automatically paved way as she sped out and it immediately closed back.


SA Amidu sat down at the corner of the ever wild 24/7 clubhouse, nodding his head at the groove of the music blasting from the speakers at top volume as he sipped his drink. He was drinking again; something he had tried to abstain from but he couldn’t, he always find himself compelled against his wish and he became a regular patronizer of the club which the manager knew of this but only tend to make it a small secret.

The club was one of the bests and expensive in town which only the high class were privileged to patronize while the low class were deprived of this opportunity unless they were booked by an high class patronizer. The club was well known for its provision of quality foods and drinks plus the exquisiteness of the building.

Amidu poured another bottle of beer into a glass and he downed its contents in a gulp. It was the fifth bottle he was drinking now and he was already tipsy as he could only make out faint figures dancing on the stage. The red and blue rays of light emitting from inbuilt bulbs was too dim in his eyes that he believed they already turned off the lights. He poured himself another glass of beer and gulped it down at a-go. The reason why he found himself in this state wasn’t far fetched from his runaway-bride. It was the most disastrous thing that ever happened to him. He could vividly recall that unfortunate day, supposed happiest day which turned out to be the saddest day of his life. On the wedding day, Cynthia; his wife to-be refused to show up while everyone was waiting for the bride. Amidu almost went nuts but was suppressed by his mother who still gave him false hope that Cynthia would show up and was only stucked up in traffic. All efforts to reach her to know the situation of things were futile and that only threw Amidu into a state of jeopardy. By noon, Amidu had already gone insane and was taken to a psychiatric hospital immediately which he was being taken care of and at the end of the day, Cynthia was no where to be found. Rumors had it that, she was being kidnapped but the truth eventually surfaced when a letter was sent to him by Cynthia. In the letter, she stated the reason why she didn’t show up at the wedding and she made it known to him that she never loved him but only toiled with his feelings. It was too late before she realized that things would take a drastic change and she had to do the inevitable by not showing up at the wedding. Moreover, she had someone she want a future with and not him that he should find a better person who will love him.

You could imagine the kind of tears that poured out of Amidu’s eyes when he finished reading the letter. He was devastated and downcasted that he was indoors for weeks, starving himself to death. He could have committed suicide if not for his mother’s intervention, she found him almost hanging himself. All that disaster summed up made him someone else who couldn’t live a day without drinking. It took him a whole year before he could put his shattered self together.

Tears prickled down Amidu’s face as recalled his past full of marriage thorns. He gulped another glass and he belched loudly. He poured himself yet, another glass but a thought flashed through his mind. He brought his car to the club and would drive back home. He would have loved to take a cab home which would be safer but he couldn’t which made driving home the only option. He stood up, paid his bills and walked out of the noisy club, staggering as he walked. His vision was blurred and he tried his best to comport himself so he could see well. He staggered to the parking lot where variety of cars and sizes were parked. He walked over to a black hilux van, he slipped the key into the keyhole of the door and turned it over and over but the door never gave way as the key wasn’t compatible with the key hole.

He heaved a sigh of frustration as he realized that it wasn’t his car. Then, he staggered away from the van looking for his Venza. Fortunately, he recognized his white venza and he quickly unlocked the doors and hopped in and immediately, he ignited the engine. He breathed heavily as he realized he was about taking a risk which is perilous but he quickly dismissed the thought and braced himself up for the task ahead of him. He pressed the throttle with his foot in two quick succession and then took off, driving slowly in a bid to avoid accident. He narrowly drove out of the parking lot not without hitting some vehicles and faced the road in which he honked at the gate keeper. The gate keeper sluggishly walked to the gate but quickly opened the gate and fled for his life when he saw the car coming towards him at top speed. Amidu didn’t know when he stepped on the accelerator as he was intoxicated by alcohol and the speedometer reaching its maximum speed. He tried stepping on the brakes but couldn’t as his leg felt too weighty to be lifted and he kept going at top speed facing the main road. In his fuzzy sight, he could see that he was running into an oncoming car. He tried swerving away but his hands seemed too weighty too. He closed his eyes with a thumping heart as he ran into the oncoming vehicle.


Alexandra was fidgeting with her phone trying to make an important call to one of her personal guards watching over Governor Martin when she suddenly looked up to see a car coming towards her at top speed and she quickly swerved left but it seemed too late. Being an expert with cars, she quickly stepped on the brakes in slow pumps making the highlander Jeep spin in rotation which the oncoming car collided with hers in full force as the car was racing at maximum speed. Both vehicles somersaulted and skidded off the road into a nearby bush.


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