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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 5

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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 5 by : 7:26 pm On May 13, 2021
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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 5
Alabede Jude Oluwabamise | All rights reserved.
Cole heaved a sigh not of relief but for the information he was about to reveal.
“Bad news, the governor’s wife and daughter are missing”, Cole said and pulled the chair backward, he sat down and looked at Amidu straight in the eye.
He could read his expression, his expression was that of shock and fear but he did a great job at concealing it.
“Missing?”, Amidu asked with doubts removing the eye glass from his face.
“Yes, they are missing, i presumed they were kidnapped by the same perpetrator”, Cole said with certainty.
“Yeah that could be true, so what about the good news”, Amidu asked crouching on the backrest of the chair.
“Good news, the surveillance camera captured a faint image which I believe was the perpetrator and we observed some f!ng£rprints on a flat piece of metal which the vicious criminal used as weapon”
“wow! Thats a good news, have you run a test on the f!ng£rprints?”, Amidu asked elatedly.
“No, we haven’t we were waiting for your go ahead order”, Cole replied.
“lets do this quickly”, he said and stood up. He walked out of the office to the control room while Cole follwed suit.
“lets check the surveillance camera first”, Amidu said as they reached the door of the room.
The door had a small screen beside it; it was a password panel which would grant them entrance into the room.
Cole input the four digits pin as the door opened and they both walked in.
The room was a very small one, dark and was only lit up by the reflection from the computer monitor’s screen.
Cole sat on a chair in front of the master computer, he punched in a command and the screen maximized showing different on going video clips.
He clicked the footage of the governor’s house and they started watching.
Cole fast forwarded the streaming to 23.57, the video display showed no specific movement or activity.
“Rewind the streaming!”, Amidu suddenly shouted.
Cole did as he was being instructed.
He paused the footage and rewound it slowly.
They saw a shadow sliding down from a roof of a building with the aid of a rope and then the shadow seemed to disappear.
Cole paused it and zoomed in on the shadow. The face of the shadow was blurred and covered by a mask as it was in the darkness. They only saw the eyes but the rest of the body was covered in a black suit.
Cole took a deep breath, he turned back and looked at the puzzled Amidu.
“Do you have any idea of who that was?”, Amidu asked pointing at the shadow.
“No, i don’t, but i’ve seen that type of suit somewhere”, Cole replied
“you’ve seen it before?”
“yes, but it was just a mere picture , the suit is a ninja suit” Cole explained.
“A ninja?”
“yes, a ninja”
“Then, we have no idea of what we are dealing with”, Amidu said with worriment in his voice
Governor Martin twitched in pain and discomfort as a bucket of cold water was poured on his face, his eyes opened slowly. His vision was blurred at first and he felt drowsy. At first, he was seeing more than fifty faces staring down at him. It took him sometime before his vision became clear, then he saw a lady seated on a chair with her legs crossed.
He looked around the room, squinting his eyes to accommodate the light as his head pounded with an headache, the room was quite empty.
He saw two people tied to a chair at the end of the room, he couldn’t make out their face as their back was turned to him.
He tried to sit comfortably, but only ended up groaning loudly.
He was strapped to a chair, hands and legs firmly tied.
He looked up at the seated lady, the lady was clad in a black suit covering her whole body, save for her eyes.
He realized she was his captor, he immediately had cold feet.
He knew what she was capable of doing, but the reason why she hasn’t killed him baffled him alot.
Probably, she needed him alive or so he thought.
Alexandra stood up and walked closer to the governor. She squatted before him looking straight into his eyes.
He frozed for a moment but quickly regained himself.
“Hello governor”, she said with a wave of hand.
“Do you remember me?”, she said and uncovered her face, allowing her hair to fall back freely.
The governor stared at her, pouting his lips, trying to recall but he couldn’t. She didn’t look familiar and he couldn’t have seen her anywhere.
He shook his head before saying
Alexandra let out a short laugh and in the next second, her face and expression was damn scary as a frown crept over her face.
“Does the name Desmond Elliott ring a bell?”, She asked in a hostile and gruffy voice.
Governor Martin’s lips parted wide open ajar but nothing came out, he was too stunned and gobsmacked to talk, neither could he believe his eyes. He was tremendously dazed as he kept his gaze on Alexandra, different thoughts running through his mind.
Events of the past started replaying in his head like a filmstrip.
He could vividly recall the day, he and his colleagues planned the massacre on Desmond Elliott’s family in which they gave the job to the best assassin group in Nigeria called the Faceless. They killed the parents but spared the little infant to tell of the massacre that befell her family.
But here she was, seeking for revenge.

The night was cold and hawkish, such was it in times of harmattan.
The breeze blew gently in accord with the frosty night air and the leaves of trees swayed right to left whistling.
A family of three were seen eating dinner in a big mansion which was the biggest found in the whole of kutana city.
The family ate happily and they laughed at any joke cracked by the father.
After a while, the family seemingly kept quiet and the silence was deafening.
The only sound that was heard was the clinking sounds of cutleries and forks scraping dishes.
A knock which seem like a bang suddenly sounded on the door.
Desmond Elliott exchanged glances with his wife wondering why the lunatic would be knocking instead of pressing the doorbell.
He stood up and went for the door but was immediately silenced with the butt of a gun.
The wife waited in anticipation for her husband to return but he didn’t.
And that arouse her suspicion as she also went for the door leaving her only daughter eating.
She stopped in her tracks when she saw her husband being led into the room by a masked man pointing a gun at his skull.
She wanted to scream but couldn’t as a gun was also pointed at her by another masked man
Which passed a message to her damn brain that she would be shot dead if there is any foul play.
She muffled her screams in panick and fear, she never knew when she peed on her pants but only felt a hot liquid dripping down her thighs. She could have been embarrassed had it been she was in the public but now, that’s the least of her concern.
Five masked men moved towards her with their guns aimed at her head. They led her to the dining table and saw the young girl eating peacefully. Alexandra immediately stopped eating and was ordered to rise up to her feet which she did shaking vehemently.
They cleared the table and laid the mother on it. She was stripped n@k£d and they all made out with her starting with the leader.
The m0@ns of pain and agony filled the room hitting Desmond’s ear, he fumed with rage and anger as he tried getting up to rescue her but two quick shots on his leg stopped him and he sprawled on the floor groaning in pains.
They finished her off with a bullet on her forehead when they were done, causing an outcry from Alexandra.
They ignored her and proceeded to where the father lay wincing in pains and bleeding heavily.
Two quick shot was released to his knee cap and he yelped out loudly.
Another two shot was released on his arm. They left him totally paralyzed and amputated in a pool of his own blood.
Alexandra crawled to his father who was fast losing consciousness as he bled through differents regions on his body, he managed to move his left arm and he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a small book drenched in blood. He threw it to Alexandra who wailed uncontrollably with snot dripping off her nose.
He tried to talk but couldn’t, he opened his mouth and screamed with all the energy he could muster, blood gushed out from his mouth as he shouted.
“kill them all Alex, be ruthless” gradually, his voice faded off.
“I believe in you”, were his last words and he went still, motionless.
Alexandra wails doubled with a soul shattering cry that reverberated and shook the building.
She stood up picking the small book on the messed floor and opened it.

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