The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 4

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 4
She sped towards the North, still maintaining the speed. She looked through the rear view mirror and saw police vehicles numbering up to five giving her a hot pursuit.
She continued smiling as she drove on, swerving right and left.
SA Amidu was in a police vehicle which was also on the run giving Alexandra a hot pursuit.
“Speed up! Speed up boy!”, he shouted at Agent Cole who was behind the wheels doing a great job at it.
Apparently, their vehicle had outrun others and they were fast closing in on Alexandra.
SA Amidu rubbed his head, his temple bang in a way that he had never experienced before which was due to the alcohol he took hours ago.
But well, he was getting used to it. The headache didn’t come as a surprise to him, it was more of a usual thing.
He was obsessed with alcohol as though he was being cursed. He had promised himself to let go of it but just like an addict, he found himself drinking like someone who is drinking in misery.
It was the aspirin he took that saved his ass. His colleagues at work all knew him to be a drunkard but well, he was the superior. A special Agent in the DSS force. They could not voice out his obsession with alcohol to the Director General, because they knew the DG wouldn’t think twice before dismissing him in the force, but as long as he got everything under control, he could live on with his Agent life.
“Swerve to your right boy! And add more speed”, he shouted again at Cole who looked at him with a frown. He gazed back to the road and swerved to his right. He added more speed as he was being instructed.
SA Amidu looked on at the SUV which kept on gaining more distance. He shook his head and brought out his beloved .25 automatic pistol. He wound down the window and peered out.
He aimed at the right back tyre and took two clear shots.
The tyre immediately gave out a hiss sound as air oozed out from it and the SUV swerved right and left loosing control and was about to skid off the road.
“That’s a great shot boss”, Cole hailed smiling broadly.
“Thanks boy!”, he said and smiled back.
Alexandra was perplexed, she never knew someone in there had instincts but she wasn’t perturbed about it, she had everything under control.
“Wow! That was impressive, but sorry try more”, she said chuckling as she gave a short laugh.
She pressed a button on the dashboard and the compressed tyre immediately pumped itself and fastened itself up.
She changed gears and increased her speed.
They had passed her small test, and its time she needed them to lose track of her.
She was almost getting to a roundabout where she would have to take the left turn but she decided against it and took the right turn.
She raced speedily like the fast & furious as the Jeep turned weightless in her hands, she had reached the maximum speed of 220km/hr.
She looked at the rear view mirror, she realized that she had given them a long gap which she knew they couldn’t cover anytime soon and that’s all she needed to make them fall off her tail.
She continued driving but suddenly stepped on the brakes in slow pumps, making the jeep jerk forward. She immediately took a right turn and drove through a bush path.
Cole continued driving at a high speed but the SUV was no longer in sight and he became worried. He turned his head swiftly looking at the dejected Amidu. He could read his mind, he had the same thought in mind.
“Boss”, Cole called out while Amidu gazed at him with a frown.
“We’ve been fooled”, he said with frustration, slowing down his speed.
“Yeah, I know that boy”, he replied rubbing his head, the bangs were now unbearable.
He closed his eyes and clenched his fist.
He hated to be played. Whoever that was had just gotten the other side of him.
There was a big commotion and pandemonium in the government house as police officers trooped in and out looking for clues.
The press were not left out either, they gather as much information they could from people.
The number of journalist and reporters in the government house were too much for the security officers to control.
“Mr Amidu, who do you think is behind the kidnap of Governor Martins?”, a journalist threw a question at SA Amidu immediately he came out from the government house.
“We have no lead yet, but be rest assured that the criminal would be apprehended soon”, SA Amidu replied as different microphones were stretched to his mouth while several cameramen were taking his pictures.
“Could you please, explain why…”
“We can’t give out crucial information to the press, so as not to screw up things”.
The journalist voice trailed off as SA Amidu cut in and left the premises to the parking lot.
He opened the driver seat of his BMW 6x and hopped in, he closed the door and heaved a sigh of relief.
He badly needeed results but mind you, not just any result but good results.
He ignited the car engine and drove off to his office at the DSS headquarters
The Deputy Governor, Oludare Kayode was seated on a swivel chair in his office, his head buried in his hands.
The office was exquisitely furnished. There were two chairs at his front reserved for visitors and a desk loaded with piles of documents.
He was drowned in his thoughts as he kept on muttering incoherent words to himself.
The reason why he was worried wasn’t far fetched from the kidnapped governor.
If the first and overall citizen could be kidnapped then the whole state and its citizens are insecured.
To make matters worst, the attacker left no trails behind, nothing for the police to deliberate on.
He raised his head up, his facial expression was that of a boy worried about his father.
He was in is late forties, he had a bald head and a goatee beards on his chin which suit him.
He stood up, picked his phone, dialed a number and pressed the phone to his ear.
“Hello Haruna, whatsup”, he spoke into the mouthpiece of the phone.
“Nothing much sir”, the receiver replied.
“So, what do you have for me?”
“Like i said, nothing much sir. Amidu hasn’t debriefed me about their findings yet, but i will arrange to meet him right away sir”, Haruna replied with a quivery voice. He was the director general of the DSS force.
“Are you sure Amidu is competent for the work? You know the people need answers”, the deputy asked with quandary in his voice.
“Very well sir!, he is able and efficient”
“Well then, he got to prove himself in this”, the deputy said and hung up, he sat down and swirled on the chair.
A smile crept across his face as he remembered something.
SA Amidu drove past the gate and into the carport, the guards saluted him as he drove in but he ignored them.
He stepped out of his car and wore his sunglasses, he walked into the building majestically as though he was having a show off of his walking skills.
The DSS agents were huddled in offices. The disappearance of the governor is making them go bonkers, making them do kooky things, mad as a hatter.
His phone rang out aloud as he was about entering into his office.
He brought the phone out from his pocket and checked the caller, it was the DG, He picked it.
“Hello”, he spoke into the phone.
“Hello Amidu, i want a debriefing meeting in an hour time”, the DG said with impatience in his voice.
“Alright, i’ll be right there now”
“No, save your stress. Am coming over”, the DG said and hung up.
Amidu frowned as soon as he dropped the call. He hasn’t gotten enough information to brief the DG and he very much knew the DG wants immediate answers.
“Good morning sir!”, Cole saluted bringing him back from his reverie of thoughts.
“Yeah morning boy”, he replied and pushed the door open while Cole followed behind.
The office was spacious, having an ample space which was occupied with a desk, filling cabinets, a swivel chair, a water dispenser, bits of paper pinned to a wallboard.
The desk was occupied with different documents and case files; a laptop, mugs full of pen, a telephone, a framed photograph of the Governor, unwashed coffee cups and sheets of paper scattered all over the place.
He settled down on his chair and shook his head at the mess. The alcohol was really taking its toll on him and he couldn’t withstand being busted by the DG.
“The DG demands for a debriefing meeting in an hour time”, he said to the hearing of Cole who his eyes darted around the office. To him, it was a normal thing for his boss to be messy.
Cole looked at him surprised. But anyway he knew what that meant.
“So, what do we have?”, Amidu asked and looked up at Cole who was still standing and his hand on one of the visitor’s chair.
“Bad news and good news” he replied emphatically.
Amidu took a deep breath.
“Bad news first” he demanded.

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