The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 20

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 20

Alabede Jude Oluwabamise | All rights reserved.

Alexandra continued to stare at the iPad in confusion. The text was shown boldly on the device’s screen which was attached to the car’s dashboard. The text was very illicit which she doesn’t have to think much before she could get her alternate answer. She knew someone was coming after her but the question is who?. Alexandra began to weigh the possibility of the person bearing the same name as hers to have tagged it with ‘namesake’. Without much or further ado, she removed the iPad from the dashboard and began to operate it but the device remained static as it failed to operate. The text wasn’t a message, the iPad has been hacked into which gave the hacker all access to the device. Alexandra frowned. Whoever this person is, is already going too far. She had wanted to carry out all her operations without any interference or distraction but it came earlier than expected.

She was still static on the road, thinking of what to do next as she had no alternate plan but like every other assassin; trust your instincts, they are never wrong. She trusted hers too, so she knew her f***** namesake would be on her tail, she shouldn’t just go off the radar.

Alexandra glanced back at her victim; Mr William. He was crouched at the back seat, flanked by two of her guards and the remaining two were at the back of the van. Alexandra returned her gaze back to the road and just as she stepped on the throttle of the car, different sounds of cars came screeching from behind which made Alexandra to look at the rear view mirror and she saw numbers of cars speeding towards her. Without thinking or hesitation, Alexandra changed gears and stepped on the accelerator, taking off with great speed which took those at the back off guard as they shook back and forth before they regained their balance.

Alexandra maintained the high speed of the car while she used the opportunity to ascertain her assumptions. She looked at the side mirror, there was a white sedan car following behind with a very small gap to cover. She looked beyond the sedan car and there were several other cars following too. She was right after all, she just wasn’t followed but was been given a hot pursuit. She returned her gaze back to the road, changed gears again and stepped on the accelerator, increasing the gap between her hilux van and the white sedan car.

Alexandra glanced back, hands still on the steering wheel.

“Ture karema desu”, she said which means; ‘Get ready guys’.

The guards sprung into action as they brandished their guns, aiming at the cars behind. Alexandra on her own part, began to suit up too while driving with one hand on the wheel as she used the other hand to arrange the UZI submachine gun lying on the other seat. She continued driving at a high speed, approaching the police checkpoint. Some officers stood in the middle of the road with their ak-47 strapped across their chest, expecting the crazy driver to slow down and halt before them but the reverse was the case as Alexandra changed gears and increased her speed, hitting the 180km/hr on the speedometer. The police officers took to their heels and ran for their dear lives as they saw that the hilux van further increased its speed.

Alexandra sped past the police check point and looked back. The cars were still up and running, they were following behind maintaining a high speed too. The white sedan was doing a great job. It was alternating very well, gaining more speed as it was fast closing in on them and would make impact soon. Alexandra knew she had to throw them off her track or better still, take them out or she would be busted and smoked, but she wasn’t going to let that happen. She could have thrown them off her tracks long ago had it been it was her Mitsubishi car that she was driving as the hilux van was not a speed car and the speed could not be compared to that of the Mitsubishi. Well, she didn’t plan for this at all, so the surprise was a given.

“Tshuchu kure desu”, She shouted at the guards. Which means; ‘Take them out now’.

The guards aimed at the cars following them but the headlights of the cars were too bright that it made their eyes fuzzy as they squinted and they began to shoot misaimed with the bullets flying east and west without making impact or taking out their targets.

Alexandra saw what was happening and they had very limited time to take them out as the cars behind were two close and the white sedan had overtaken them and was at their front, reducing its speed. Alexandra knew what it meant. They were going to get her busted by boxing her in. The occupants of the car behind and at the front also brandished their guns, aiming at the hilux van Alexandra was driving. They began shooting and the bullets went flying by, crashing the windscreen which made Alexandra to duck, keeping her head low at the guise of the steering wheel as she drove on, swerving left and right to avoid the bullets hitting her or any of them in the car.

“Holy sh**!”, Alexandra wheezed as bullets began flying into the front tires, making it to emit a hiss sound as the tires began to shrink and went flat but Alexandra still drove on, but this time, the speed was reducing drastically as the car wasn’t able to move fast like it did before due to the impact of the bullets in the tires. She looked back, still keeping her head low to check if none among them was hit by the bullets, but the guards standing at the back of the van were down and their lifeless body lay in the trunk. Alexandra clenched her fist and gritted her teeth, fury blazing in her eyes. This wasn’t good at all. She picked up the UZI submachine gun and aimed at the white sedan, pulling the trigger. The explosive flew like a bullet hitting the car and the car went up in flames, its parts scattering into different directions.

Time: 10:30pm

Location: Opobo, Obo Town.

(Elliot Alexandra’s hostage house).

The Faceless leader, Riggs Alexandra trotted into the building after destroying all security tech. Following closely behind her, were two of her men holding an assault rifle each, wearing uniform which looked like SWAT uniforms but was only deep in colour. She stopped in front of the main building, her eyes scanning the compound and she detectecd the security cameras. She raised her gun up and shot at the security cameras.

She smiled, everything was under her control and she was several steps ahead of her opponent. She had planned it all this way by sending a team of her men against Alexandra as a form of distraction while she would be at her hostage house to take away her victims after which she had destroyed the whole building and then, send the police after her through the FBI agent who was the second-in-command of the Faceless. She smiled again. It was indeed a perfect plan.

She dipped her hand into her ears, activating the small listening device in her ear and she began to hear sounds of gunshots and screeching of tires which signifies that they were in a heated shootout but she couldn’t tell who had the upper hand in the gun duel, so she radioed in.

“Agent Matt do you copy?”, she spoke into the mouthpiece attached to the shirt she wore.

A loud noise erupted in her ears and the sound of something bursting into flames.

“Agent Matt, do you copy?”

A cough sounded in her ears and it repeated, once, twice then a voice croaked.


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