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The Thirst For Revenge Episode 2 – 3

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The Thirst For Revenge Episode 2 – 3 by : 3:18 pm On May 10, 2021
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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 2
She was fast enough to see the guard pointing the gun at her as she quickly ducked and rolled backwards taking cover behind the metal door.
The guard shot sporadically having realized that he missed his first shot giving the other guards clue of where the gun duel ensued.
They rushed in with their guns leading the way and immediately took positions.
They waited for several minutes anticipating an attack but there was none. Their prying eyes saw a shadowy figure moving very fast and they all cocked their guns in-readiness to pull the trigger.
They failed in their attempt to aim at the figure as the dark shadow’s speed was at an alarming rate. They maintained their positions but were fully alerted to any slight sound.
Alexandra was now in the Governor’s large sitting room. She hid herself behind a couch and quickly unzipped her knapsack. She hurriedly brought out a hand full of shurikens (throwing stars) and stood up. The throwing star was a flat star shaped piece of metal which had sharp edges and could easily pierce through. She moved with a flashing speed and climbed the stairs to the second floor flying over five stairs at a time.
One of the guards saw the shadowy figure climbing the stairs rapidly and he immediately signalled to his colleagues as they ran after her shooting sporadically.
Alexandra kept on running, she dodged the shots by whiskers, keeping her head low as she ran. In no time, she finished climbing the stairs and a hallway came into view.
There were several rooms in the hallway. Twelve on each row, which got her confused on which one is the room leading to the Governor’s room. She halted in her tracks as she felt the heat of a bullet whizzed past her left ear. She immediately spun around and saw the guard who had shot the gun, running towards her accompanied with other guards numbering up to twenty.
She closed her eyes and positioned the throwing stars in her hand. She splintered it to the guards who were almost pulling the trigger and they all fell down with the throwing star on their forehead. It was a perfect timing even with her eyes closed.
Governor Martin stirred on the bed, his body hitting a soft fleshy part of a human. A gunshot sounded and his eyes opened immediately, but to his surprise the room was pitch black. He rolled the blanket away and sat upright on the bed wondering why the light was off. Then, his mind drifted to the gunshot he heard.
‘Am I under attack? Or the guards are playing pranks with their guns?’ he thought aloud as different questions bombarded his mind. Fear gripped his heart but he quickly dismissed it.
He chose to believe the latter but then, another question popped up in his mind. ‘Why would they play pranks?’
He became more worried as he could not provide a suitable answer to the questions. He stood up and pushed the girl he had just finished sleeping with and walked to the table where he had earlier dropped his two phones. He picked his ipad and pulled a call across to the head security guard.
The phone rang at the other end and then, beeped as the call was not answered.
He frowned and dialed the number again.
After some minutes, the phone beeped and the call ended. It was unanswered.
The frown on his face doubled and he dropped the ipad with frustration.
The head security guard always picks his call at the first ring, but now his calls weren’t answered which only meant one thing.
They are under attack, that answered the question of why he heard a gunshot.
But by who?
He paced the room with fear boldly written on his face.
“Your Excellency”, the feminine voice made him stop in his tracks.
He turned around and saw her walking closer.
She was stack unclad and her erected nlpp!e led the way. She stopped right in front of him and laid her hands on his bare chest, rubbing it.
“Why did you switch off the light?”, she asked still rubbing his chest.
“I didn’t”, he replied less interested.
“But you look worried, what happened?”, she asked now holding his cheek.
“Hey kayle, just leave me alone”, he snapped and pushed her gently away.
Kayle was a celebrity stripper who he met hours ago in a club. They both got hooked up and he brought her to his residential villa not to do any other thing but to get her laid. He walked back to the bed and took a pair of trousers from the closet. He wore it hurriedly and fasten his belt.
The door suddenly flung open and a shadow walked in. Kayle screamed but her screams were cut short as a throwing star landed on her forehead.
“Hello Governor”, a feminine voice said.
Episode 3
Governor Martin froze in fear, ranging from Kayle muffled screams to the feminine voice he heard.
He was petrified, shaken to the feet and unable to look back for the fear of what he would see but either way, that almost seemed inevitable.
He could hear slow steps which was inaudible to the ears, but anyway his ear picked the sounds.
The sounds stopped and he felt the pressure of someone behind him but still, he refused to look back and that gave him enough confidence to protest. After all, the people of Rivers state didn’t vote for him to be a coward. They voted for competency. He needed to be strong, to be strong for his people. To prove himself strong to his counterparts who he thought had orchestrated the attack on him.
She could feel his pulse and she very much knew he was only forming brave. It would only be a matter of time before she get him dished on a panic-stricken plate.
She walked to his front with her hands crossed, staring right into his eyes.
Governor Martin felt the eyes piercing his soul and he avoided her gaze. He never knew what he was dealing with but right there standing in front of him was a lady dressed in an overall ninja suit.
Probably, she was hired to assassinate him, so he thought.Alexandra raised her right hand over her head to her knapsack and brought out an injection.
He immediately froze on seeing the injection and took a step back.
“Another step from you, will make you lose this”, Alexandra threatened, bringing out an android device. She showed him a live video of a middle aged woman with a much more younger girl strapped to a chair with bombs strapped to their stomach.
She waited in anticipation to read his expression and yes, she got what she needed as Governor Martin gasped in disbelief. He was obviously stunned and gobsmacked.
He opened his mouth but nothing came out except for heated air which freed itself from his grasp.
“So Governor, comport yourself and cooperate or you lose your wife and your daughter”, she said with a tone of finality.
She walked closer to him and pushed his head sideways to reveal the part of his neck. She took the injection which contained a yellowish substance and drove it into his neck with agitation. He yelped in pains and immediately fell on the ground with a thud.
The injection contained a deadly substance which is called serum. It will make him lose consciousness for twelve hours.
There was a loud noise, followed by the sirens of the police blaring loudly.
“Seems like i got company”, Alexandra said aloud to herself and chuckled.
She dragged the governor to the window, broke the glass with a kick and carried the governor on her shoulder.
She jumped out of the window which was the fourth floor of the governor’s mansion and held onto a parachute which aid her in landing safely.
She landed beside a parked SUV and opened the door to the backseat which she laid him on it.
She jammed the door and opened the door to the driver’s seat and hopped in.
She closed the door and banged the honks with her hands which made a loud ‘pinh pinh’ sound.
She needed the attention of the police.
She continued banging the horn until when she knew she got their attention.
The police cops heard the honks of a car which persisted for a while and some diverted their vehicles to where the sounds of the honks emanated from.
They suspected nothing as they drove towards the black SUV Jeep.
Alexandra smiled broadly, she now have the attention she sought. She only want to put them to a test, to test their intelligence.
She got behind the wheels and ignited the car engine.
She stepped on the accelerator and took off with an alarming speed Immediately the Jeep roared to life. Driving recklessly hitting the 80km/hr mark on the speedometer.
The police were surprised as the SUV Jeep sped away. They immediately gave it a hot pursuit.
Racing speedily after the SUV in a convoy of vehicles.
Alexandra laughed heartily enjoying the whole show, she switched the gear and increased her speed driving 100km/hr
“Oh wow! This gonna be one hell of a ride!”, she said aloud still laughing at the cops.
To be continued

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