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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 19

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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 19 by : 6:27 pm On June 2, 2021
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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 19

Time: 7pm.

Location: Rainbow Town

Amidu hopped out of the car after parking at an acute angle in the park of his house. He jammed the door so hard that the car shook and began walking towards the main door of the house. The house was a two storey building having an ample space in the compound with a basketball loop and a volleyball court situated at the back of the building. The door gave way as he twisted the key in the key lock and proceeded into the large living room which was exquisitely furnished. There were four couches flanked by a low stool each, with a glassy table in the middle. Two chandeliers hung down from the ceiling and a flat screen TV hung on the wall flanked by two stereo speakers.

Amidu slouched heavily into the couch and started taking off his suit and shoes tiredly. He was dejected and downcasted about the whole thing. Now, he was off the case and any slight mistake could derail his position at the DSS. He felt sulky and the only possible solution he knew was to drink himself to stupor but then, he remembered he has been busted by the DG which kept him wondering how he got to know. A smile slowly curled up over his lips when his mind drifted to Cassandra; the lady he had an encounter with at the EAGER BEAVER’S CLUB.

He could remember her pretty face, her ravishing blue eyes, her cute dimples that never fails to show whenever she smiles radiantly. Oh! Her glistening light toned skin that sparkles like the star and her angelic voice could resurrect the dead. She was damn gorgeous, but it felt weird for his heart to flutter whenever he thinks of her. The effect she had on him was more than words could describe. Hell knows, he had never been this happy all his life. He just couldn’t describe the feeling and he couldn’t tell if it was love or lust but he discarded the thought of it been love. He is not ready to love more so, he’s not capable of love. Definitely, it must be lust, so he thought.


sat up slightly and pulled out his phone from the side pocket of the trouser he wore and dialed Cassandra’s number. His heart began thumping as he waited for the call to connect but a frown suddenly appeared on his face as the call was unable to connect. It was switched off.

Time: 7:30pm.

Location: Port- Harcourt, DSS Tower.

Cole stood watching the DSS forensic team working on the dead bodies of the late Mrs Martin Oluoma and her daughter who were laid on a stretcher. The forensic team were five in numbers; three males and two females and all were wearing white apparels with latex gloves worn on their hands. One of them held a UV torch looking for more clues.

“Sir, we only found f!ng£rprints on the bodies”, one of the forensics said, looking up at Cole.

“You found nothing else?”, Cole asked, feeling unimpressed.

“No Sir”, the forensic man replied. “But I think you should run a check on it. It might turnout to be a substantial lead”.

Cole nodded. “Get me the hardcopy of the prints. I’ll be in my office”, he said and exited the lab.

He stepped into the elevator as the door divided. He met a FBI agent in the square shaped elevator. He bowed as he entered while the FBI agent only smiled briefly at him. He was holding a blue file in his hand which caught Cole’s eyes. He was trying to look at the case serial number when the elevator door clicked open and he stepped out, walking hurriedly. Cole heaved a sigh before stepping out after the FBI agent. The FBI agent has been working alone, changing their tactics and strategies which made Cole to be suspicious of the FBI agent. Moreover, it is understandable under the circumstance that he was from the bureau which never accepts failure.

Cole pushed the door to his office open and close it behind. He trotted to the swivel chair and sat heavily on it which made it swirl. He drew the laptop on the table nearer to himself and powered it on. Then, he turned to the desktop computer by his side and powered it on too. He kept the laptop running while he worked on the desktop. He was working on the distinctive f!ng£rprints the forensics found on the bodies, running a check on the Automated F!ng£rprints Identification System. It began synchronizing with the Facial Defragmentation Engine as images of different people flooded the computer screen interchangeably. It stopped when the synchronization service was completed and ten images appeared on the monitor; the images were pictures of ten white men with spiky auburn hair which Cole undoubtedly knew were not citizens of Nigeria but were registered as citizens. Cole was confused as he stared at the images on the monitor. He was thinking of how they got registered since he was sure there’s no possible way they could have acquired citizenship by birth plus their names which says otherwise. The images were arranged in two columns, and on each image was their names. His eyebrows gathered as he pronounced the names: Atsushi, Eiji, Gorou, Hajime, Keiji, Satoshi, Takeshi, Mitsuru, Raiden and Nobuyuki. The names sounded strange in his ears and he felt the urge to dig in deep. He swirled around and faced the laptop which was on the table and began tapping the keyboard. He launched an app and put in the names in the space provided by the search engine and then, clicked search. It brought out the full names and their locations. Cole squinted as he looked at the location, the location shown was Japan. He gulped a breath and heaved a sigh of frustration. He was thinking of the possibility of these men to be in Japan and at the same time in Nigeria. He knew


was amiss. Probably, they changed their location after they were registered as citizens and that could only be by naturalization.

Cole sank into the swivel and let out another sigh, this was proving to be another dead end after he thought he was close. His phone beeped and the screen lights came on. He rolled the swivel a little and picked up the phone. A message popped up on the screen, he clicked the message open and began to read; ‘I’m sorry, i took your girl but I’ll send you her last words before she dies’ . A befuddled look suddenly appeared on his face as he finished reading and he sprung up to his feet, his heart began to thump. The message was very short and detailed. At first, he thought it was a prank but when he looked at the sender, there was no number and that couldn’t have been a mistake. He quickly scrolled to his contacts and dialed Funmi’s number but her phone was unreachable and it was switched off at the second dial which proved that the message wasn’t a mistake nor a prank. He began sweating all over even under the air conditioner which was on and at its full blast.


Time: 9pm

Location: Ahoada east, Ekueme.

The minister of finance, Mr Bamidele William stepped out of his SUV jeep as the door was opened by one of his security officers and began walking on the walkway towards the entrance of his house. Lights from inbuilt bulbs on the wall fence illuminated the large compound. Beautiful flowers surrounded the compound which also lined up the walkway.

There were several guards in the compound, some stood like a statue with their hands behind. One could see shapes of gun at their waist region. They seemed to be good at their job as they held up a serious straight face. Two guards were leading the way and two were at his back while he was in the middle, walking in slow strides to the house. The door was opened by the guard standing beside it and the other guards stopped outside while he proceeded inside. Mr Williams suddenly halted in his tracks as he saw the guards in charge of the inside all sprawled on the floor, dead with blood spilled everywhere. He slowly raised his head up to meet another shocker. A lady dressed in an overall black was seated on a long sofa comfortably with her legs crossed. He could see two swords latched onto her back and a gun was lying on the center table. His mind went numb and he closed his eyes for a millisecond and when he opened it, he saw the lady standing at his front with the gun he had seen earlier pointed at his head. He froze, and cringed in fear. He wasn’t sure of what scared him most as he had seen the lady seated on the sofa earlier before he closed his eyes which wasn’t even up to a second and now, she was at his front with a gun pointed at his head. He couldn’t tell if his brain had stopped working that he couldn’t process what was happening.

He stared blankly at her, her face was covered by the black suit she wore, leaving only her eyes region. His guards were outside and they didn’t suspect anything even till the guards inside were killed. That was when the real fear crept into his mind and he began shaking all over. He never knew the huge number of guards he had were just useles. A smile slowly curled up over his lips as he remembered the Faceless guards would come to his aid but. The but made a frown replace the smile. The Faceless guards would only come when its 12 midnight and would leave before dawn. There’s no way, they will be aware of the scary lady at his front. Probably, she was the Desmond Elliott’s daughter that was seeking revenge.

“Hello Mister”, Alexandra said with a mischievous smile.

“Take a look at this”, She held up an android phone which showed a streaming live video of his two sons and daughter, each tied to a chair with bombs strapped to their stomachs.

Fear gripped him on seeing the video as chills of shudder slid down his spine but it was not from cold.

“The bomb will explode at the release of this”, Alexandra said, showing him a detonator with a button which she pressed tightly with her thumb.

“So comport yourself and do as i say”.

He could only nod his head in response.

“Now, move”, Alexandra motioned him forward with the tip of the gun, still holding the device.

He turned around and began walking with shaky legs as the muzzle of the gun was positioned at the back of his head while Alexandra followed behind.

He opened the door, hoping the guards outside would save his ass but what he saw demoralized all his hopes. The guards outside were all sprawled on the floor, dead too. He began to wonder how all of this happened. Just as they began walking down the walkway, four men trooped out of nowhere with gun in their hands. They were Alexandra guards; they had their gun pointed at Mr William. Alexandra led him outside, there was a hilux van parked beside the road. The back seat door was opened by one of Alexandra guards and Mr William was thrown inside while Alexandra sat in the front seat, behind the wheels and drove off to the hostage house.

Time: 9:30pm

Location: Not detected.

“She just attacked one of the famous”, A lady said, facing a man wearing a FBI jacket over a brown combat trouser. There were two desktop computers at her front and several other gadgets lay on the table.

“What do we do now?, we keep overwatch?”, the man asked, taking off the jacket.

“No, we’ll go after her”, the lady said and turned back to one of the desktop. She was the leader of the Faceless and she also bears Alexandra.


Alexandra was driving at top speed, swerving left and right as she overtook some cars on the way, she suddenly stepped on the brakes and the car screeched to a halt which made Mr William to yelp out loudly from behind. There was a police checkpoint some meters away and that was what made Alexandra to halt the car. She was thinking of speeding past them or drive slowly but the iPad attached on the dashboard gave a loud beeping sound and the screen lights came on. Alexandra squinted as she read the text showing boldly on the screen.

It read; “Shall we play a game namesake?”.

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