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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 16

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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 16 by : 4:54 pm On May 31, 2021
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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 16

“You can’t go now, its too dark out there”, Amidu said, pointing out to emphasize the ‘dark’.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find my way”, Alexandra said nonchalantly, standing up from the seat.

“Did I do anything wrong?”, Amidu asked after noticing the change in her countenance.

She faked a smile.

“No, you did nothing wrong. I just have to go now”.

“But its ain’t safe out there at this hour”, Amidu protested.

“I’ll be fine, I just need to go now”.

Amidu sighed, giving up already. He knew the argument would get him no where as she stood her ground, insisting that she needed to go.

“Okay then. Just be careful, I don’t trust these guys”, Amidu said, watching as she hurriedly walked out.

Alexandra stepped out of the frenzied club and pulled out a phone from her purse. Then she speed dialed a number. Apparently, it was a number of the head guard in the quarters.

A frown appeared on her face as the call wasn’t able to connect and the phone beeped. She knew immediately that something was amiss but couldn’t tell.

She rushed to the park but stopped halfway when she remembered that she didn’t bring a car but made use of the taxi. She let out a sigh of frustration as she placed her hands on the waist thinking of how she could get back to the hostage house.

She looked at the car park; there were several gigantic fast cars that she could use. All she had to do was to break the key lock and switch the wires but she doesn’t want to create pandemonium in the club making the man she spoke with know who she was. Thus, stealing a car was not an option.

Alexandra heaved another sigh. Nothing was coming to her head and it was aggravating her patience. She needed to think fast, pretty fast. She glanced at her wrist, the watch was still beaming red lights but she couldn’t tell what danger awaits her. More worse with the communication which proved to be a futile alternative and she was not with her iPad which she could have just checked the surveillance cameras.


scanned through the cars parked with her computer eyes and a car caught her attention. It was a white Toyota Supra; the car was a speed car which could outrun Ferrari but that wasn’t what caught her attention, it was something else. She noticed that the car wasn’t there in the park when she had came there. It was probably after she had gone inside that the car was parked there and no one came in aside Adam (the man she spoke with). It either someone was following her or the car belonged to Adam.

She proceeded to the car to ascertain her assumptions with the flashlight of the phone in her hand on. She groped around and squatted down beside the back tyre of the car. There were fresh trails of the tyres on the ground which signifies that the car was recently drove in. She stood up, put off the flashlight of the phone and headed back inside the club. She had weighed the options of having someone trailing her and the possibility of the car belonging to Adam. She chose the latter because it was only Adam that entered the club after she did.

“Hey Adam”, Alexandra called with a smile on her face as she approached Amidu’s table.

Amidu stood up with immediate alacrity as he saw her standing by the table.

“You back?”, he asked, surprised.

Alexandra shook her head sideways.

“No, I’m not. I need your help and its urgent”.


Alexandra nodded.

“Are you in trouble?”, Amidu asked with concern.

Alexandra shook her head.

“No, I’m not in trouble. I just want to make use of your car since there is no commercial vehicle working at this hour”.

“How did you know I brought a car here?”, Amidu asked with a surprised demeanor.

“Your pocket”, Alexandra pointed to his left side pocket, the shape of a car key was showing.

Amidu nodded and smiled.

“You’re smart Cassandra”.

Alexandra smiled coyly and mouthed the words “Thank you.”

“I’m still curious about you going late at this hour. Is there anything I need to know?”, Amidu asked looking her in the eyes.

She faked a smile.

“You see Adam, I’m a doctor and i have an emergency which i need to attend to now”, Alexandra said emphasizing the ’emergency’ so he could understand how urgent and important it was.

“Which hospital do you work for? Or you own one?”

Alexandra sighed. The questions were too interrogative.

“I’m a resident doctor and I do not own a hospital”.

Amidu nodded and shrugged.

“Alright, let’s go”, Amidu led the way out while Alexandra followed behind with tentative steps. She was thinking of what she could do to get rid of him. She knew he was going to drive the car himself which would be detrimental as she doesn’t want him to know she was lying.

They stopped in the park beside the Toyota Supra. Amidu unlocked the doors and opened the side door for Alexandra while he proceeded to the driver’s seat but Alexandra stopped him midway as he was about entering the car to the seat.

“No, I’ll drive”, Alexandra said.


can drive?”, Amidu asked turning back to look at her.

“Sure”, Alexandra said with a toothy smile.

Amidu handed her the keys and proceeded to the other side of the car.

“I’ll like to go alone”, Alexandra further said.

Amidu stopped and turned to look at her.

“You said?”.

“I’ll like to go alone”, Alexandra restated.


“I don’t want to get distracted. You know, it’s a sensitive job”.

Amidu nodded slowly and swallowed hard. Hell knows he was hurt and felt sulky inwardly.

“It’s okay”, he said.

“I’ll be back within minutes, I promise”, Alexandra said when she noticed the hurt and change in his countenance.

Amidu nodded again and watched Alexandra hop into the car, ignited the engine and drove away, smiling at him. He stood numb for some minutes before he retreated into the club.

Alexandra increased her speed immediately she was out of sight, hitting the 120km/hr on the speedometer. The road was hitch free and the Street light shone brightly upon the road. Waves of breeze blew Alexandra’s long curly hair as it was flowing and fluttering in the air.

She changed gears as she added more speed hitting the 200km/hr, speeding down the highway. The car was racing speedily like she expected but she wasn’t driving speedily for fun, she was driving fast to know what danger awaits her.

She reached for her purse on the dashboard and pulled out a short gun as she approached Opobo town, cutting into another road leading to the hostage house.

The gun duel had stopped some minutes ago but not without casualties of both men. Alexandra’s guards were taken by surprise as the unknown hooded figure fired sporadically which the bullets stuck four Alexandra’s guards and they fell, sprawling on the floor while others managed to escape but not without the bullets grazing their skin as they ran back inside for cover.

The remaining six guards were groaning and clutching their arms while some their legs but the unknown hooded figure continued firing sporadically as they approached the entrance of the quarter the guards had entered. The bullets ripped off the door and proceeded inside the house. One of the guards who wasn’t ready to give up had hid behind a pillar so he was at a vantage point to the hooded men and didn’t hesitate before pulling the trigger of the 9mm revolver in his hand killing two of the men instantly while others retreated.

5 Minutes later.

Alexandra drove slowly as she was approaching the hostage house. She was observing and driving as meticulously as she could but found nothing.

She halted the car halfway to the house, hopped out of the car with the short gun in her hand and proceeded to the gate. She placed her palm on the door for palm print scanner but the door gave way easily which was a bad sign. Alexandra knew immediately that the house has been attacked. She stepped in to meet four of her guards sprawled on the floor dead and pieces of flesh littered the floor. She sensed that the attackers were long gone even before she arrived there.


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