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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 14

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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 14 by : 9:04 am On May 29, 2021
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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 14

Alabede Jude Oluwabamise | All rights reserved.

Time: 2pm

Location: DSS Headquarters, Port Harcourt.

“What tha hell is wrong with you?”, Mr Haruna yelled, slamming the table hard as he stood up to face Amidu who was standing with his head bent down as he was being reprimanded.

“I’m sorry sir”, Amidu apologized in a subdued tone.

“You’re sorry, the Governor was murdered. You’re sorry, the wife and daughter was also murdered and you got no clues, no f****ng suspects!”, Mr Haruna ranted as he walked about in his office, running his f!ng£rs through his hair.

“So tell me, what the f**k have you been doing all these while?” Mr Haruna asked as he sat back on the swivel chair, looking at Amidu in the eye.

“I did my best sir”, Amidu said, still with his head bent down.

“Oh! Your best?”, Mr Haruna chuckled. “You did your f****ng best and the damn killer is still out there walking freely?”.

Amidu shook his head, it was getting worse than he anticipated.

“I investigated it thoroughly but the killer always had his tracks covered”.

“Well”, Mr Haruna let out a deep breath. “You’re saying that the killer is too smart for you right?”.

Amidu nodded. “We got a number from the emergency unit but we couldn’t trace it to its source”.

“You got only number as a clue?”

Amidu shook his head sideways. “No, I got several clues but unfortunately, they proved to be dead ends”.

“Dead end?”, Mr Haruna asked.

“Yes, every evidence of getting the killer behind bars is always erased before we could dig in deep”, Amidu lamented in a sad tone.

Mr Haruna buried his head in his hands, thinking of what Amidu said.

“Or is there a mole?”, Mr Haruna asked thoughtfully.

“Mole?”, Amidu looked surprised. “You think there is a mole giving us up?”.

Mr Haruna nodded in affirmation. “That should explain how the tracks of the killer were covered”.

Amidu nodded too, it was now making sense to him. The killer seemed to have an inside man feeding him informations that should have been kept secret but the question now is, ‘who is the inside man working for the killer?’

“I guess, the question on your mind right now is who is the mole?”, Mr Haruna said after watching Amidu’s reaction.


nodded. “We’ll have to find out”.

“Do you know the FBI are interested in the case?”, Mr Haruna asked, standing up and went over to sit beside Amidu on the second visitor’s chair, facing him directly.

Amidu shook his head sideways signifying ‘No’.

“They were very upset about the murders recorded in the space of a day and they are demanding to see you, to chat pr!v@tely”, Mr Haruna said. “If they don’t get useful leads from you, they will get you off the case”.

Amidu flinched, looking up at the DG. “They will get me off the case?”, Amidu asked to confirm his worst fears.

Mr Haruna nodded. “Yeah, if you prove to be dormant”

“But I’m doing my best”.

“Don’t say that crap again kid”, he scoffed.

“I’m sorry”, Amidu apologized.

“Just get your sorry ass off my office and give me heads up for any new development”, Mr Haruna said and watched Amidu stand up reluctantly, walking to the door.

“Expect a visit from the FBI soon”, Mr Haruna said before Amidu could turn the door knob while he nodded in response and exited the office afterwards.

Thirty minutes later.

“Cole”, Amidu called as he entered his office without knocking which startled Cole as he sprung up to his feet.

“I’m screwed Cole”, Amidu said, pulling a chair and sat on it.

“What’s the problem boss”, Cole asked in a concerned tone. He had never seen so much fear in his eyes hitherto.

“The DG was haranguing with me some minutes ago before he told me that the FBI wants me off the case”.

Cole was perplexed as he kept mute for a while comprehending what he heard.

“The FBI have never taken interest in any of our case before, so why now?”.

“I’m surprised too”, Amidu said, rubbing his head with his palm in a way that his elbows were on the table.

“So what do we do now?”, Cole asked as he sat down.

“I don’t know myself but we need to reopen the case file you closed maybe we can find any subliminal lead”, Amidu replied.

“Then we need to pay the family of the deceased a visit”.

Amidu looked around while Cole knocked on the metal door of a house; it was a bungalow judging by the way it was built. The surrounding looked neat as it was well swept but seemingly quiet in the hot afternoon. The only sound that could be heard was faint honks of vehicles from the highway far away.

“Is no one answering?”, Amidu asked as Cole still kept on knocking.

Cole was about to answer the question when the door opened to reveal a middle aged woman wearing a blouse over a wrapper with a headtie hanging loosely on her head and trails of tears were on her face.

“I’m agent Cole and with me here is agent Amidu, special agent in charge, can we come in?”, Cole said shoving his ID in her face.

The woman nodded. “Yes, come in”, she said and step aside for them.


walked in first before Amidu followed. The interior was exquisitely furnished regarding the setting of the sitting room. There were two couches and two long sofas, the walls were painted blue and a plasma TV hung on the wall with two stereo speakers by its side.

Amidu sat beside Cole on the sofa, facing the woman directly who sat on a couch.

“We don’t mean to disturb you at such a terrible time, but we really need to ask you a few questions”, Amidu said while Cole brought out his note pad and a pen.

“I understand”, she replied.

“Thank you”, Amidu let out a brief smile.

“Where did Kate tell you she was going to before…”, Amidu had to stop when he saw the woman sobbing, trying to muffle the sound.

“I’m sorry about your loss”, Amidu said.

She nodded and wiped away the tears with the tip of her wrapper.

“She told me she wanted to see a friend”, she said with her voice cracking as though it was the most painful words she ever uttered.

“And you allowed her that late in the night?”, Amidu asked.

She shook her head. “She went out before 8pm and should have been back at least, by 9 but she never came back, she was murdered”, she said now crying.

“I’m sorry ma’am”, Amidu said, grieved by her tears

She nodded, urging him to continue.

“Do you know the friend she went to see?”

“Yes, I do.”

“A male or female?”

“A male.”

“What’s the name?”


“Full name please”

“Adewale Adekunle.”

Amidu flashed Cole a brief look, he was jotting down like he expected.

“Were they just friends? Or with strings attached.”

She sighed, a painful sigh.

“She told me they were friends but I know they were in a relationship”

“You knew?”, Amidu asked surprised.

She nodded.

“And you allowed them be?”

“Yes, and i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Besides, she’s old enough to be married”, she replied, feeling offended.

“Yes that’s true but you should have at least confronted her to tell you the truth”

“Please, what does this have to do with her murder?”

“This is just routine…”

“Please, Agent Amidu”, she interrupted, her voice up a notch. “She’s a girl, remember? You’re not here at this bad moment for routine questions.”

“I’m trying to find a motive”, Amidu said.

“A motive?”

“Yes, I think it was a setup, probably the reason why she doesn’t want to tell you she has a guy. The guy could have told her against her will that she shouldn’t tell you so he could finish his mission.”

“No, he’s not the killer”, she said.

“You think so?”

She nodded.

“Am just wondering, why is he not here with you to mourn her death?”

“Maybe he doesn’t know”, she said.

“He doesn’t know? And he hasn’t called to check on her?”

She gulped a breath and swallowed hard.

“But. . .”, and then she quieted down when she couldn’t find any words to say.

“You know am just doing my job”, Amidu said. He wasn’t sure if the woman was trying to protect the guy or just a self trust she had for him.

“You think he’s the killer?”, she said, breaking down in fresh tears.

“I’m not sure since there’s no evidence to prove that he is the killer and I think it might be connected to Governor Martins murder but am not sure also”.

“Do you know his address?”, Amidu asked.

She nodded and then said ‘yes’

Cole gave her a paper and a pen to write it. She handed it back after she had written the address.

“We need to pay him a visit too”, Cole said as he collected the paper.

“Please, let him rot in jail if he’s the killer”, she said with all seriousness.

“You have nothing to worry about ma’am, we will make sure justice is served”, Amidu said as he stood up.

“You can always reach us if you find anything”, Amidu gave her his card and they began walking out.


Time: 4pm

Location: Not detected.

Three SUV jeeps hurtled down the dusty road and halted in front of a building surrounded with tall fence and a huge gate at the front which served as the entrance and exit. The building was isolated from other buildings as it was far away from the city.

A man clad in a black suit stepped out of the SUV in the middle and proceeded to the gate. The gate opened after he had slipped his card in the designated slot. The man walked into the building and the gate automatically closed. The building was more of a warehouse but a huge one which had an underground leading to the Famous Twelve’s crib. Some men could be seen carrying cartons, loading them in a long vehicle while some were packaging the cartons before loading them in the vehicle. The men at work stopped when they saw the man walking in. One of the men approached him and they spoke in a coded language which was best understood by them. After the converse, he led the man into a tunnel which led to the Faceless crib. The man climbed a ladder down and began walking in the dark tunnel.

Suddenly, the lights planted in the tunnel came on but the man wasn’t perturbed instead, he was expectant of it.

“Stop there”, a voice said but there was no one in sight.

The man stopped and looked up at an holographic screen which displayed a Caucasian male.

“We have gotten her location and will pay her a visit soon”, the voice said again.

“But the Famous needs your protection”, the man said.

“We got them covered already, you know we are Faceless, we can’t be seen.”


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