The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 12

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 12

Cole was on the wheel, driving crazily like a maniac as he sped down the road at top speed, overtaking cars on the lane. Amidu sat beside him in the front seat, he had his head buried in his hands obviously devastated. He was thinking of the recent murders and how he could nab the perpetrator behind it. First was the lady murdered in front of an hospital, second was Governor Martin barbarously annihilated and now, another murder. All in the space of a 24hours?. Amidu wasn’t sure if the murders were connected, he knew Governor Martin’s murder was a revenge one. Hence, the reason behind the name Desmond Elliot but different questions seemed to be eating him up and he badly needed answers which made everything to be absurd as he was lost in a maze of intricacy.

“Drop me by that bar”, Amidu said, pointing at a mini bar which was few meters ahead. He needed to clear his head and alcohol is what he could think of, even though he got into an accident the last time he indulged in it but he couldn’t just help it.

Cole looked at him surprised, slowing down the speed of the vehicle. He knew what Amidu was up to and there’s no way he would allow it.

“No boss, not again besides, we have a crime scene to go and we must be there before any one touches anything”

“Just drop me by!”, Amidu yelled, slamming his fist hard on the dashboard making it creak.

Cole shook his head. “But..”

“Just drop me!”

Cole slowly pulled over in front of the bar and killed the engine while Amidu hopped out and walked into the bar.

Cole shook his head again as he looked at Amidu who was already seated, talking to the barman. Cole liked his boss but disdained the drinking aspect of him. He could have had him busted out to the DG who wouldn’t hesitate in dismissing him but he was going through an emotional derangement which was understandable under the circumstance though, he had talked him out of it several times but he wouldn’t just listen due to his obsession with alcohol which has been doing more harm than good to him. Thinking about the recent murders, Cole believed the first murder could not be anyway connected to Governor Martin’s murder though he still needs clarification and clues to ascertain his assumptions. He really needed to proceed with the first murder case since he already got a lead though, not solid enough to get to the root of it but it can still go halfway. The ringing of his phone truncated his thoughts as he jolted out of his reverie. He brought the phone out from his side pocket, checking the caller; it was Dave.


modaf**ker”, Cole said humorously as soon as he answered the call. Both were teammates but Dave works in the cyber unit and they’ve known each other for long which they graduated from the same high school.

“Where the f**k are you?”, Dave shouted over the phone.

“Hell bro”.

“Stop kidding, am being serious here”, Dave said in a serious tone which got Cole convinced that he was truly serious.

“What’s happening?”, Cole asked.

“The DG is at the crime scene anxiously waiting for you two and…”

“Are you f****ng serious?”, Cole immediately interrupted him at the mention of the DG.

“I’m damn serious modaf**ker”.

“Oh my God!”, Cole exclaimed. He looked at Amidu but was no longer in the bar, he was coming out already but half-staggering.

“Holy sh*t!”, he wheezed.

“Two bodies were found beside the lagoon and not one as previously signalled but we are currently working on the footage covering the area”, Dave said.

“Have you gotten anything yet?”, Cole asked with impatience.

“No, not yet, just get here fast. The press are too much for us to control and the DG is not ready to give a speech, he is waiting for SA Amidu, I have to go now, the FBI agents are here already”, Dave said in a hurry and the call ended.

“Damn it!”, Cole let out a painful sigh.

Amidu was already at the door, fumbling with the door lock, trying to open it but his hands didn’t get the handle properly. Cole hissed when he saw this before opening the door from inside and Amidu got in exhaling as he sat comfortably, resting his head on the headrest of the seat.

Cole groaned as the awful stench wafted into his nostrils, Amidu had drank alcohols of different labels to a drunken state as his body reeked of it.

Cole covered his nose with his palm as he looked at Amidu who was trying to steady his eyes from closing.

“You need to take care of yourself boss, we got a big problem”, Cole said without taking his eyes off him but it got Amidu unshaken as he now felt relaxed, willingly closing his eyes.

Cole shook his head, he knew that Amidu wasn’t perturbed by what he said but he would this time.

“The DG is at the crime scene waiting for you with some FBI agents”.

Amidu opened his eyes immediately on hearing what he said, he glanced at Cole and forcefully cleared his vision.

“Please, tell me you kidding”, Amidu said in a pleading tone.

Cole chuckled, concealing the laugh that was threatening to spill. He couldn’t believe Amidu was this feeble when it comes to the DG but who wouldn’t?, the DG was known to be a narcissist and a tyrant bossy type who doesn’t give a damn about you but some agents who were close to him do oppose this assumption.


not and its getting worse with each passing minute”, Cole said while Amidu flinched.

“What’re you still waiting for?, let’s get out of here now!”, Amidu yelled at Cole who quickly ignited the engine and kept it running.

“But you need to take this else, it’s gonna get worst”, Cole tossed an aspirin pill to him which he took and gulped it down with a bottle water.

“Thanks, now am good to go”, Amidu said, adjusting his suit.

“What about the smell on your suit?”, Cole asked.

Amidu smiled, “I got this”, he brought out a body spray and sprayed himself with it. Soon, the sweet fragrance of the perfume filled the air.

Cole hummed, “Its smells nice but your breath?”.

Amidu sighed, there’s no way he could get rid of the smell in his breath but he just hoped that he doesn’t get busted.

“C’mon let’s go”.

Cole immediately stepped on the accelerator as he changed gears, taking off with an alarming speed. The address to which they were going to was just a kilometer away.

After some minutes of crazy racing, they got to the crime scene which was full of cops and agents, all huddled around in disarray. The road across the lagoon was void of commercial vehicles as the cops already placed a barricade on the road. Only police vans and their private vehicles were seen parked on the highway.

Cole slowly grounded the car to a halt beside a police van and killed the engine. He glanced at Amidu who was adjusting his suit for the umpteenth time; he seemed to be nervous as he exhaled and inhaled in a bid to calm himself down.

“You ready for this?”, Cole asked.

Amidu nodded, spraying himself again and heaved a sigh before he stepped out of the door while Cole followed suit. He started walking unsteadily towards the yellow tape area where the bodies lay. He tried hard to walk normally but he couldn’t, so he hastened his pace which rhymed with his unsteady movement.

He shook his head. Had it been he listened to Cole, this wouldn’t have happened. Now, the alcohol was working in full force, taking a toll on him. He squinted his eyes as his sight was becoming dim, he could see some journalist approaching him with microphones and voice recorders. This wasn’t good at all.

He looked back, Cole was still far behind walking in strides which couldn’t match up with his.

He heaved a sigh of frustration as the journalist leveled up with him, shoving their mics up to his mouth.

“Sir, what do have to say about the recent murders”, one of the journalist began; a lady in her mid twenties.

Amidu sighed again, he was about talking when Cole walked up to them.

“With the preliminary investigations, we’ve gotten leads on the first murder which we are still investigating to get more evidence against our suspect”, Cole said while the journalist turned to him, asking him another question.

Amidu immediately walked away but some of the journalist ran after him. The DG walked up to him on seeing him before the other journalist could get to him.

“Why are you just coming?”, the DG asked in an angry tone.

“I’m sorry sir, I was incapacitated and was being treated when I got the…”, Amidu was explaining when a huge man putting on a FBI jacket over a black trouser interrupted him, seeking the DG’s attention.

Amidu excused himself and quickly ran to the medics who were about entering their van; the bodies were already in the van


“Excuse me?”, Amidu beckoned on a male official.

“What’s the status of the victims?”.

“Its a woman and a young girl, both having a bullet on their foreheads with their private parts ravaged by numbers of men who gang raped them.”, the man explained.

Amidu opened his mouth in surprise. “Were the victims identified?”, he asked.

“Yes, they were easily identified as the late Governor Martin’s wife and daughter”

“What?”, Amidu exclaimed.


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