The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 11

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 11

Time: 8:30am
Location: Port Harcourt, Rainbow T own.

At Alexandra’s main residence.

The sun had risen from the east and was up in full blast. The serenity of the environment was disturbed by the music blasting from the speakers at top volumes in the large compound accumulated with the loud cheers of the guards dancing in merriment to the beats of the music blasting from the speakers. There was a large swimming pool located at the back of the massive building and beside it was a mini bar for merriment and refreshments where the sonorous music was emitting from, which had several round tables surrounded with armless chairs all lined diagonally across the pool. Some guards were dancing with nude girls clad in pants and bikinis who were twerking their butts in front of them.
Alexandra was in the pool alone, deeply immersed that one would think she drowned but was only at the depth of the pool. Her eyes were closed as she sat on her haunches in the pool. She was in this position for about thirty minutes before she opened her eyes and swam up. Coming out of the pool, she took a white towel neatly folded on the tiled floor and dried her body with it. She looked sexy and hot in a swimming trunk which showed her fresh and not too massive backside. She loosed her hair which was covered by a shower cap and it fell freely down to her back. The guards couldn’t continue with their merriment as they feasted their eyes on her body, even the half naked girls couldn’t twerk anymore as they stared at her in admiration.
Alexandra walked back into the building swaying her hips on purpose as she already noticed the unceasing stares.
She trotted slowly into the library after pressing the combination codes.
The library was a big one with books shelf which had books of variety sizes arranged in them. She walked to the pamphlet section and picked a red old pamphlet and sat on an armchair in front of the shelf. She opened the small book, brought out a red pen and ruled out Governor Martin’s name. He’s out, and there are eleven more to go. She turned the page over, skimming through the names. Her next target on the list was Bamidele Williams.

Amidu was seated on a swivel chair in his office with Cole who sat opposite him.

“Cole”, Amidu called, leafing through the case file on the desk; there was a closed tag on it.

“Have you done a thorough investigation on the murder of this lady?”, he asked, showing him a picture.

Cole squinted his eyes as he looked at the picture held up. It was the lady whose body was found outside the hospital premises.

Cole shook his head. “No, I haven’t”, Cole replied, resting his back on the back rest of the chair he sat on. “I only did a preliminary investigation on the murder”.

Amidu looked up at him with a frown. “A preliminary investigation? And you closed the case?”, Amidu said, yelling at him.

“I’m sorry boss”, Cole said with an apologetic look. “I closed the case since there are other cases to worry about.”

“Don’t you think it might be connected to Desmond Elliot’s murder?”.

“I never thought of it”, Cole said thoughtfully, opening another case file. “It might be connected”.

“Might?”, Amidu asked, looking up at Cole. “We don’t assume here, we find evidence”

Cole nodded. “That’s what we do”.

Amidu nodded too. “Let’s get to work”.

Amidu stood up and walked to the edge of the office, facing the wallboard. There were bits of paper pinned to it; it was clues to a murder which was a year ago but they never got close to finding the perpetrators, the clue was a dead end. That’s what frustrates him most, after working strenuously on clues, it always proved to be a dead end.

He sighed and ripped the paper off the board, there’s another case which needs utmost attention.

“Boss”, Cole called, he was operating a laptop, he had deviated from reading the case file to the system on the desk. “There are no cameras covering Onne town”.

“Was it intercepted?”, Amidu asked.

“No, there are no cameras installed there”

“What about the accident that I was involved in?”, Amidu asked, walking around the room.

“It was intercepted and deleted”, Cole replied, still punching the keyboard.

Amidu stopped and faced Cole, if it’s true then it simply means someone is covering the tracks he/she left behind.

“Are you sure about this?”, Amidu asked, sitting down on the swivel chair.

Cole nodded without looking up.

“That’s why the lady was murdered”, Amidu said thoughtfully.

“She was stabbed but there are no clues, no suspects, just a dead end. That’s why I closed the case”_

“No, there are clues”, Amidu said.

Cole’s eyes popped open. “There are clues?”.

“Yes but..”, Amidu was saying but stopped when the alert signal went off, beeping loud in the whole building with the red lights beaming.

“Two bodies has just been found”, A voice said as the head poked out of the door.

Time: 10:00pm

Location: Unknown.


The night was eerily quiet, not even the sounds of the crickets chirping nor the sounds of sleeping squirrels could be heard. Everywhere was dead silent and for a moment, the sound of trees rustling could be heard.

Not far away, There was a massive building with bushes surrounding it. There was no other house in sight, only thick shrubs could be seen and the darkness was as black as black could be.

In the massive building was a large hall with people who were wearing black robes and all were seated waiting for the alpha leader, they are the Famous twelve.

Not long after, the silhouette of a man could be seen wearing a black mask walking towards the altar. He stood on the altar with his back turned, there was a bold inscription inscribed at the back of the robe. It was ‘Famous’.

There was tension in the hall as the alpha leader remained mute and silence prevails.

Minutes after, the alpha leader turned and faced the members. He kept mute as his gaze darted around the hall.

“One of us is gone”, his thick baritone voice echoed in the hall as he spoke. “And we’re not complete without him”, he continued. “We called this impromptu meeting because of his murder”, he paused looking at their faces, then he continued.

“Who among you handled the Desmond’s family?”, he asked.

A man stood up slowly and the alpha leader motioned him out.

“Why did you spare that little b****?”, the alpha leader asked him.

“I spared her to witness the deaths of her parents and the families who we killed”, the man replied.

“Why her of all the families executed?”

“I’m sorry alpha, I never knew it would get to this”

“She already took Fmartin out but we don’t know who’s next?”, the alpha said thoughtfully.

“We need to find that b****!”, one of the members shouted.

“No, we don’t find her, she finds us”, the leader said.

“Then we are all dead men”, another man said.

“No we are not”, the leader replied. “The Faceless will take care of it.”


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