The sacred bride episode 8

The Sacred Bride
Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 8
Leila huffed as she parked the car at the garage house of our father’s mansion, she still don’t wanna come but alas, we were here. Three guards already ran to our car, ready to take orders, I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door with a smile, I miss my siblings. I got out of the car and waved at the guards before rushing inside through the foyer linked to the house. I ran inside impatiently, my most favorite person, even more than Leila is Bernice, the youngest.
‘Bloom!’ She shrieked immediately she saw me, I spread my hands open for her. She ran in squealing, she’s my look alike, only younger and cuter with black hair like Leila but violet eyes like mine. ‘I’ve missed you so much!’
‘I know, I’ve missed you too.’
‘I was just about to call you, why didn’t you let me know you were coming?’
‘Wanted to surprise you, begged dad to keep his wife’s mouth shut…..speaking about her, where’s she?’ I asked looking around, let’s just say Leila is somehow like my mother. Not just because they are literally identical with the hair and everything, but because their personality are the same. Leila and our brother, Odyn, looks exactly like her, same hair and eyes and almost the same voice. Bernice and I however, carried our face from our ancestral great great great great grandmother – according to the family tree photos – but our eyes are from dad. Great share. My hair glowing hair is something all the previous chosen scapegoats have, that is how the chosen daughter is identified.
‘Mom prepared a feast grouchily,’
‘Uh oh, what happened?’ Leila asked from behind me.
‘Dad is inviting a very important unknown person home, he forced mom to cook so now she’s planning on poisoning the meal tonight and of course, glue dad to his chair.’
‘Doesn’t he know that forcing his wife to do something is summoning the spirits of the underworld to come destroy him?’
‘Yes! I’m going to help her!’ Leila squealed and ran inside to find mom, see what I mean?
‘Did Odyn know you guys were coming?’ I nodded positively. ‘That figures.’
‘He locked himself up in his room and poured ashes allover his room to keep Leila away,’
‘Since when did that help?’ I asked laughingly.
‘Oh Odyn!’ I heard Leila shrilled in a singsong, we burst into laughter, nothing but one can hold her.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dad, the man that will die early because of too much yelling and bossiness. It was almost time for whoever was visiting to come, we weren’t dressed and dad was yelling at Leila for chaining Odyn to the front porch and having Dark sit on him spiritually. She and Dark settled their differences, by that I mean Leila wrestled him to the ground and then made to shave him so he begged. They are under a sacred contract, he will do whatever she wants for a week. Knowing that sly cat, he will turn the table on her later. Anyways, Leila who chewing gum nonchalantly with her legs crossed and hands folded behind her head relaxedly and mom was filing her nails.
Where’s Odyn? Still outside, crying. Mom would have cared if she wasn’t angry herself.
‘Leila Nyx Wellington! I am talking to you!’
‘Is she deaf?’ Mom asked lucidly. ‘Can a deaf man not hear with the way you are shouting?’
‘Doretta, stay out of this! I know you have your own madnesses so keep them to yourself!’
‘I have said it and I will keep saying it, if your throat burst, I will divorce you. I’m still beautiful and men are after me, behave yourself.’
‘Of course you will say that, it’s easy for you since you cheat on me with every single handsome men you see, young and old….’
‘There’s the keyword, handsome. The problem I have with you is that you are very ugly, I don’t know what manipulated my head to marry a certified monkey like you. Leila have you seen this? A gorilla accusing an Angel like me of cheating when he’s the one doing the cheating.’
‘Don’t mind him mom, maybe you should cheat so he’ll know you are really a cheater….’
‘Are you mad? You want my wife to cheat on me?’ Dad asked furiously.
‘So you knew, huh? You just keep accusing me to cover up your filth you ugly thin headed….’
‘Mom….’ Bernice tried to interfere.
‘Please shut that your useless mouth, nobody wants your holy preaching right now. Back to you,’ mom hissed and looked at Leila. ‘What wrong did I do by marrying him? An Angel like me!’
‘You are not an Angel mom, you a….’
‘You are just like your father, ugly and stupid with terrible hair and freckled face,’ mom said pushing Leila’s face.
‘Mom, I look exactly like you so if I’m ugly, we are both ugly.’
‘Who’s ugly? I divert that curse to your mother…’ We burst into laughter, including dad. She pouted, realising she insulted herself.
‘Mammaire!’ Leila hailed, throwing her hand over mom’s shoulders.
‘Leave me alone, you made me curse myself,’
‘I didn’t do anything,’
‘Leave me alone,’ she tried to shake Leila off. ‘You are your father’s daughter.’
‘I am my mother’s daughter, her look alike, gorgeous queen like you….’
‘The most delicate, elegant, glorious, extravagantly beautiful!’ I hailed. ‘The exalted Majesty!’
‘The woman more powerful than Queen Elizabeth herself!’ Leila added, her teasing grin on. ‘When she smiles, all heart leaps, when she laughs, flowers bloom….’
‘When she speaks, every authority bend! When she winks, many like our father commit suicide….’ I cut in.
‘Say what?’
‘When she takes a step, all eyes turn. She’s the cynosure of all eyes in the midst of crisis, the highest of all Highness!’ Leila hailed.
‘The empress of beauty! What is beauty compared to you? Who the hell is Beyonce when you are involved! Even the sun turns jealous knowing your smile can never be like yours.’ I added.
‘My perfect mother, the woman amongst all women! My everlasting starlight!’ Leila hailed, showering her with praises. Mom loves praises more than she loves sassing, it makes her feel important and perfect. She was blushing seriously, nodding her head at her praises.
‘At the mention of Doretta Carla Wellington, every mouth must open and all heads shall bow!’ I finished the praises. Mom covered her face sheepishly while dad nodded.
‘See the reason why I didn’t let you girls go at first, without you both, we fight a lot.’ Dad said smilingly.
‘That’s because you are the stupid husband who don’t know what to do in order to calm his wife since he married her for 30 years!’
‘Mother,’ I sang. ‘My beautiful mother.’
‘She can smile so sweet,’ Leila sang too.
‘Does anybody realise that Odyn is still outside?’ Bernice sang.
‘My son!’ Mom shouted, she wasn’t angry anymore. She dashed Leila one very incredible slap, one she will never forget in a hurry. ‘So, you have been tormenting your own brother!’
‘Mommy, I was playing….’
‘You wanna play, good. The maids are going on vacation and you are the new maid until next week Tuesday,’
‘That’s impossible! I can’t….’ Mom smirked, oh she’s more crazy and deadly than Leila, the one person in her life she’s freaking afraid of. ‘I will get to work immediately,’ she said hastily and clammed her hands against her mouth. ‘Thank you ma.’ She stood up and ran outside to free Odyn, I had everything on video. Dark and I will have fun taunting her for the rest of her life.
Leila was busy cursing under her breath as I helped Bernice comb her short black hair, Odyn was at the door of my room where we were, watching the video with Dark and laughing their stomach out. I was already dressed, wore a simple loose jumpsuit short, fever like covered one with black knee high gladiator sandals. Leila was sporting a green body con dress with yellow flip-flops, her hair looking like a mad woman’s. Bernice wore a turquoise ballet shoes with a weird baby pink boat neck flare gown that stopped at her knees. Odyn wore a very huge sky blue suit….coat, extra large with an oversized green basketball shorts, white canvas and purple socks stretching to his knees.
Why are we all dressed like this? One word, mom.
‘Will you guys stop laughing already!’ Leila yelled.
‘Laugh more,’ Dark grinned and again they went. Mom came behind them, she smiled at us proudly.
‘You all look perfect,’ she looked down at Odyn and nodded with pride, his is worse. ‘Come downstairs, the men are here.’
‘Alright,’ I smiled dropping the comb, I didn’t look bad. Mom took Odyn’s hand and led him away, I entwined my hand with Bernice and we walked to the door. Leila stayed back to argue with Dark over the phone. I giggled and laughed as Bernice and I chatted while walking downstairs, I’ve missed her a lot.
‘Oh, they are h….’ Dad froze on his words, his jaw dropped at Odyn’s “beauty.” The two men turned their head to look at us, my face went pallid, my legs weakened. Oh no.
‘Bloom?’ He asked calmly, I grinned nervously, it was Mr. Alisdair and that Heartcode guy. ‘I thought you said not THE Wellingtons,’ is that a smirk?
‘Er….I lied,’ I said chuckling nervously.
‘You know each other?’ Mom asked.
‘He’s my new boss,’
‘What a coincident,’ mom grinned, glancing from me to him. ‘Honey, isn’t it?’
‘Y….y….’ Dad stammered.
‘Bloom, can you come warn Dark to give me back my bra!’ Leila yelled from the staircase, obviously forgetting we had guest, the very guest. She stomped into the living room but the very moment her eyes met her crush, she lost her balance and fell face flat on the floor. The impact made a loud slapping sound, like she was a wet rag.
Odyn and I freely laughed, reason to taunt her number 2.
‘Oh, dinner is about to get interesting,’ Dark said from behind me. I grinned, very.

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