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The sacred bride episode 6

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The sacred bride episode 6 by : 6:13 pm On June 8, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
Segment 6
I flung my dresses carelessly on the floor, I needed a good dress to impress him, I mean it’s not everyday you get to meet a star that is begging you for help, I wonder what help. Dark sat on my bed, sleeping, all he does is sleep, eat, poop and sleep again. He’s a very lazy animal, although, all cats sleep a lot. Bloom sat on my bed too, watching him with amusement, he have been sleeping since yesterday morning until now.
‘Men, this guy can sleep!’
‘You haven’t met a lion,’ I chuckled. She averted her eyes to me and frowned. ‘What?’
‘Your room’s a mess, can’t you just pick a dress already!’
‘I’m going to see Heartcode, that’s a huge deal.’
‘You are going to see a man, not a god. Stop being so extra excited.’
‘I don’t blame you, you don’t know how it feels to meet your crush.’
‘And that’s exactly why I’m worried, remember you promised me not to sleep with him just like that, right?’
‘I swore on Dark’s life, you know how impossible it is to break that promise.’
‘Yes,’ Dark purred, turning over on his back. ‘Break your promise and your own powers will kill you. You can’t sleep with that guy, no matter what.’
‘Wait, like forever?’ I asked in shock.
‘Not forever, if you don’t feel any sincere affection for him, you will die.’
‘By sincere you mean….?’
‘Love, like. If you sleep with him when feeling pity, crush, lust, obsession etc. I will kill you myself.’ I glared at Bloom, she tricked me!
‘I’m awesome, I know.’ Bloom said proudly. I rolled my eyes, f√¢k.
‘Whatever, call the secretary of that company, accept the job.’
‘Okay,’ she picked up her phone nervously and fumbled with it. ‘I still don’t feel right about it. Dark, are you sure I shouldn’t go there?’ Dark stood up and stretched with a very wide yawn. ‘Dark?’
‘Like I said, one way or the other, what will happen, will happen.’
‘Speak straight dude,’
‘Where’s food? I’m hungry.’
‘It’s funny because you eat shadow food, go hunt or die.’
‘Shut up,’ he poofed away. I chuckled and sighed, putting my arms akimbo.
‘What am I going to wear?’
‘Just wear something very simple,’ Bloom advised. ‘Don’t make it look like you dressed up pretty for him.’
‘I always dress up hot, what are you talking about?’ I chuckled. She rolled her eyes and stood up. ‘So, I should just wear something simpler than what I normally wear?’
‘Nay,’ I said waving her off dismissively. ‘Why will I dress up simple when I’m me, that’s ridiculous!’
‘Okay, do whatever you like.’
‘Good, now call him.’
‘Her,’ she corrected. I stuck my tongue at her, she giggled and unlocked her phone. I kept searching, what have I been doing all my life wearing such dresses? They are lame. I dived into the heap of clothes and searched while pretending to be drowning. At last, I found something lame to wear. A loose sapphire batwings top, fuchsia cowl skirt, I will top it up with gray dorsay shoes. Eh, whatever.
‘Good afternoon, it’s me again….yes, I called to give you my reply…..I don’t need the job…’ My head snapped to her. ‘I’m fine, I’ll work something else out. Thank you for the offer though.’ She hung up.
‘What is the meaning of that? I thought we agreed that….’
‘I never agreed, you only concluded.’
‘I have decided,’ she said coldly. I shrugged, not my problem.
‘Like f√¢king hell! This girl is hot!’ I exclaimed laughingly. ‘With her as your girlfriend, Droplet and that slut of a being will feel like shit.’ I was looking at her photo in his phone, her black hair is familiar but many have black hair.
‘I know, right,’ Eric said proudly.
‘She’s not that beautiful,’ Alis said coldly typing away on his laptop.
‘Nonsense! She’s amazing! Gorgeous! Can I have her?’
‘Don’t even think about it,’ Eric growled warningly, snatching his phone back.
‘Chill, I will never try to steal your girl.’
‘She’s not my girl,’ he whined. I laughed and smacked his head, that was worth it. ‘She’s harsh, very harsh.’
‘Girls like that will make a great bed buddy,’
‘All you think about is bed bed bed. Don’t you ever think of something positive when it comes to ladies?’ Eric huffed.
‘I am absolutely positive that ladies are meant to be used for s£× and that’s all,’ I said grinningly. Alis shut his laptop and folded his palms, placing his elbows on the arms of the white swivel chair he sat on. We were in his office, I was bored so I decided to come disturb him but found Eric here already fulfilling my dreams.
‘Should I sleep with your sister then? Use and dump her?’ He asked sneeringly. I chuckled nervously, my sister is not amongst them, she’s sacred.
‘My brother, if you are my brother then you are her brother because my brother is her brother and therefore we are family.’ I nodded to my amazing speech.
‘Stop disrespecting ladies, they are human beings too.’
‘One of them weakened my d!¢k for days, I had to stay without s£×.’
‘Speaking about her,’ Alis said smirkingly. ‘Have you found her?’
‘She’s a ghost,’ i sighed.
‘What do you plan to do with her if eventually you catch her?’
‘I don’t know, I’m still interested in getting her laid.’
‘Must you?’ Eric asked lowly.
‘Is she your sister? As long as she is not your sister, then I will still sleep with her.’
‘If you find her,’ he smirked. ‘If.’
‘Yeah, if,’ Alis said with a very creepy grin. They both nodded like weirdos.
‘Ok…..weird. Yes, what did I just hear? Well, not just but when I was coming in, I heard three of your employees talking about you hiring a PA. Is that true?’ I asked Alis curiously. He nodded with a smile. ‘Why? Since when did that start?’
‘I guess I’m tired of always doing things on my own and over stressing Estella,’
‘That would have been believable if I didn’t hear them say you offered the particular lady the job without her applying for it…?’ He blinked his eyes slowly, something he unconsciously do and it’s very cute.
‘Alis, for real?’ Eric asked in shock.
‘Yes, I offered her the job.’
‘Why?’ Eric and I asked simultaneously.
‘She looks very cut out for it, she’s smart….’
‘Or pretty,’ I cut in. ‘You think she’s beautiful, don’t you?’ I asked smirkingly.
‘Seriously? I just offered her the job with nothing else attached, mind off.’ He warned. Eric and I grinned noddingly.
‘We understand,’ we chorused. The office doorbell rang, Alis pressed a button on a small gray remote and it opened on it own. Estella walked in gracefully, she’s very beautiful and intelligent. She’s a Britain woman who loves Alis a lot but even if a gun is point to my head, I won’t let him even make out with her, let alone love her back. She’s a tall ash blonde woman with sharp baby-blues, plum pink lips and a little freckle on her nose. She’s too white, extremely white and I don’t like that.
Why will I never let her be with Alis? One, I’ve slept with her. Two, she once tried to seduce Eric. Three, she’s rude, emotionless. Cold, selfish and can be cruel. Alis needs someone who is bright, happy, someone with good light that can tolerate him, penetrate into his heart like we did. Someone who will make him happy, bring out his inner boy, the one only us and Kristal know. Estella can never bring that boy out, she’s evil and can kill to get what she wants.
‘Estella,’ Alis said emotionlessly. ‘What is it?’
Estella was smiling brightly, what happened. ‘The lady you asked me to call, she rejected the offer.’ Oh, that’s whats up.
‘She rejected?’
‘Yes, she said she can never condescend to working as a PA for such a cold person.’ I can swear on my life that what she just said is a lie but what is more interesting is the hurt that flashed in his eyes. I smirked and glanced at Eric who was smirking too.
‘Give me her number,’ I said still smirking.
‘What?’ Estella asked frowningly.
‘Her number, give it.’
‘It’s okay Seb, forget about it.’ Alis dismissed like he didn’t care.
‘Alis, don’t try to stop me, give me her number or I will strip n@k£d right here in your office and do the happy dance, you know you hate that.’ I threatened.
‘He already said not to bother, why are you persisting!’ She yelled angrily.
‘You do not yell at my friend, you are nothing but a stupid worker,’ Alis said with his eyes glaring dagger at her. ‘Pack your things and get out of my premises.’ Her eyes widened in shock.
‘Please, I’m sorry, don’t fire me….’
‘I’m not firing you yet, you are suspended for a week. Don’t breathe the air of this place for the next one week so now, get out.’ He snapped.
‘B….’ She tried to protest but he inhaled deeply, something he does when warning someone to shut up. She glared at me and turned.
‘Phone number,’ I smiled. She huffed, slammed a book on the table and stomped out.
‘I hate that girl,’ Eric said lowly, picking the book gently. ‘Name?’
‘Bloom Wellington,’ he looked at Alis questionably. ‘Yes, they are related.’
‘You know already?’ Eric asked shockingly.
‘Way before you did,’ what are they talking about? I rolled my eyes and snatched the book. I flipped through the list until I saw Bloom Wellington and slide the book over to him. ‘Why are you giving me the book?’
‘Because you are the one who wants her, not me.’ He stared at me and then looked at Eric who shrugged, looking at his wristwatch.
‘I gotta go now, I will be late for my date if I stay here,’ he stood up, the chair made a loud scraping sound against the floor. ‘Give me the gist later?’ He asked me. I nodded. ‘Bye guys.’ I averted my eyes to Alis who staring at his phone like it was the greatest enemy in his life.
‘Alisdair,’ he raised his eyes and pouted. I stretched my hand forward. He slapped the phone in my hand and pushed the book to me. Alis liked a girl, that’s phenomenon. I unlocked the phone and went to the dial log, is she beautiful? What exactly is in her that attracts a whole him? ‘Here,’ I said lowly, stretching the phone to him after dialing the number. He took it, just as the call connected.
‘Hello, good afternoon.’ The silkiest female voice I have ever heard said softly.
‘Good afternoon,’ he replied with a cough. I laughed silently. ‘Sorry, I mean good afternoon Miss Bloom.’
‘Your voice gives you away,’ she giggled. ‘You really want me to take this job, don’t you?’
‘I wouldn’t call if it wasn’t really needed,’ she remained quiet. ‘Are you still there?’
‘Yes, sorry, I was t….whoa!’ She screamed, followed by a loud thud. I cringed, that must hurt. She whimpered in pain, groaned and cursed under her breath. ‘Hello,’ she groaned.
‘Are you alright?’ Alis asked worriedly, worry is involve….cool!
‘I didn’t break anything so I guess I’m fine,’ she puffed. ‘I’ll be there on Monday, thank you sir.’
‘Okay,’ he hung up. Awkward conversation but just fine. I will be the first person here on Monday, I have to see this girl.
To be continued.

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