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The sacred bride episode 45

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The sacred bride episode 45 by : 7:17 pm On August 11, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB)
Segment 45
>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<< Bloom exhaled as she watched the man tied her hands apart, her head was lowered down as she knelt over a table. Her stomach churned at the thought of having her head chopped off, that was what was going to happen to her. She looked up at Bernice who was crying as she struggled to get free from the men holding her so she could free her sister but her strength was nothing compared to theirs. Bloom knew the ritual wouldn't work at the end, she knew he would get disappointed but also knew very well that she would die before that. She was confident that before he found out, Alis or Leila would be there to save Bernice. With hope, they wouldn't kill Eric as soon as she thinks. 'There, I win at last,' he said smirkingly. She battered her lashes and smiled sweetly. 'Have you now old man?' She sniggered. 'It isn't over yet.' 'But it is over for you,' 'And I will die knowing that you certainly failed and you will always be lesser than my husband.' 'The moment the sacrifice is complete, I will have Argider under my control as well, wanna know how? Your blood now carries his as well, it would be killing two birds with one stone.' 'Only that this time, the second bird will be you,' she said confidently, he scowled and straightened up. 'Just get her head cut, it's almost sunrise.' He stepped away from her and nodded. Bloom's heart sank into her stomach as her body shivered, her lips trembled as soft sobs left her mouth. She shut her eyes and waited for it to happen, waited for her death to come but as the axe was about to be smashed on her head, a panther's roar echoed everywhere. The assassinator turned around with fear. 'My Lord!' Boris shouted. 'Dark, finally came to play, haven't you?' 'Leave her alone!' Dark barked. 'You know you can't stop me,' Velásquez hissed. 'Yes, you seem to have forgotten I am a power guidance, one of the remaining living amongst the nine. I am among the main five, aren't I?' 'You are right, I cannot beat you, Link!' Just as the name left his mouth, a tiger jumped out of him. The tiger had claret stripes instead of black, his eyes deep red like his teeth. 'I presume you remember Link, second strongest.' 'Link, get out of my way.' Dark growled at him. 'You know I can't, even if I want to. I am subjected to my master, his every words and his telepathically command says destroy you.' 'Like you destroyed the rest of our kind, killed each and every one except Sapphire, Maroon and I. He has turned you against us but I blame you not, I know a master's command is very powerful but you must fight it, fight it Link.' Velásquez secretly signalled for Bloom to be killed as Dark was distracted. 'I can't, I only wish Argider will release Maroon, so Maroon will end me for good.' Link said sadly, indeed he hated what he had done for so long. 'We both know he will never let Maroon free, letting him go is accepting his powers fully and he doesn't want that, he wants everything to end with him, break the curse Velásquez made.' Dark said tired of talking. Once upon a time, in the past, they were nine creatures with powers, living in secret until Velásquez came and altered the balance. He chose the second strongest, Link, the one bound by loyalty. They were the hybrid; lion and cheetah, the tiger, wolf and fox hybrid, jaguar, panther, cougar, leopard, puma, white fox and snow leopard hybrid and rhinoceros. Link killed them all by Velásquez' order, so no one would be able to stop him. The covenant rules simply stated that Link would be pass from father to son every two hundred years, Velásquez didn't like that so he altered it and killed all to remain alive. After seeing the death of all the others, Dark, Sapphire and Maroon decided to stop him their own way, by making him have a daughter and sending Sapphire to her; Meghan Blues. Then with the help of Sapphire, they were able to send Dark to Leila and Maroon into Alisdair. Everything was their plan from the beginning, the only thing they didn't predict was Alisdair sealing Maroon away in order to stop the covenant between Velásquez and the gods of old. That was the only black spot in their plans but Dark was ready to put his life on the line to stop everything once and for all. Back to Bloom, Dark quickly dashed to her and jumped on the assassin, digging his claws into his skull as he fell on the ground. His weight crushed him, breaking his spine to pieces. Velásquez growled and glared at Link who quickly sprung into action, running towards Dark with a speed he didn't expect, jumping on him and tearing at his chest, his teeth bared as he went straight for the kill, hoping to end Dark quickly. Dark barely had time to duck, he managed to roll out of the way but ended up with a large gash instead of a huge rip. Dark staggered back, the poison from Link's teeth sinking in immediately. He whimpered in pain, feeling his head turn but wasn't going to give up. Link flew forward again, Dark anticipated his move this time and dodged, spinning around fast and sinking down low. Link growled and puffed, hot steam dashed to Dark, he quickly hit his paws on the ground, creating a wall of shadows. His shadows hazed around him, protecting him from all of Link's hot claret steams and attack. Seeing that his attack wasn't getting through, Link charged forward again. He was stronger physically than with his powers when fighting against Dark, Dark had more experience with powers than physical fight. Now if he was to face Maroon or Sapphire, then he would have a serious trouble ending either of them. He blew air, covering the entire place with fog to blind Dark from his attack. Dark stayed vigilant, relying on his instinct to guide him. He switched his physical form just in case of any unsuspected attack and he was lucky to have done that. Link shot his paw forward and sliced along his side, digging his claws in and pushing then forward, it would have hurt if he wasn't in shadow form. Dark flew away, swiping his tail and pushing enough haze off to see Link coming again. He acted fast and moved aside, slicing deep into Link's ribcage, he ripped out two bones out of him and jumped far. Link fell to the ground, crying out in pain as Dark's touch which was of death spread through him. At least if Link's poison kills him, his touch would eat into Link as well, slowly decaying his organs. Link angrily charged forward, without missing one strike, he sliced at Dark's face with both paws repeatedly until his eyelid swelled and face was badly cut into misshapenness. Dark backed off, whimpering in agony as he tried to keep his eyes open. Link jumped on him and bite down at his rip, ready to rip it out when something had him flying away and crashing against a pillar. He stood up to attack the attacker but huffed at the intruder, Leila. Her eyes were pitch black, she still has some few powers left in her. 'Stay out of this human!' Link roared. 'Stay away from him!' She yelled back. He roared and charged at her. She spun her hand over her head and slammed it on the ground, ripping it open with the black energy that gushed out of her. The waved hit Link, whipping him against the same pillar again. He stood up, looking over to Velásquez who was pinned down by Sapphire as Alisdair cuddled Bloom who was bleeding from her stomach. What happened? What had he missed? He returned his gaze to Dark too late, Leila who had slashed her palm held his head and chanted a spell, a spell to seal Dark in her body once more. Shadows surrounded her, he knew it was hopeless fighting her because Dark was stronger as her than as him. So, he decided to protect his master by attacking Sapphire. What happened during Dark and Link's fight.... When Dark and Link attacked each other, Velásquez stomped to Bloom and yanked her up by her hair. She yelled and kicked the air as her feet left the ground, he wrapped his hand around her neck and tightened it. Eric who had been asleep the whole time woke up, he was what was happening and looked around, he saw an axe and picked it up, he didn't have the liver to kill so he attacked the men holding Bernice with the edge of the axe. 'Let go of me old fool!' Bloom yelled as she elbowed his stomach but the angry demigod wasn't going to give. He brought out a dagger and held it to her throat, ready to slit it open. Her eyes turned orange completely as her body exploded with fire, sending him flying and crashing on the alter. She fell on her knees and looked at her flaming body, wondering when she got pryokinesis. Her teeth extended as claws grew out. 'What is happening,' she cried. Velásquez stood up in his own form. 'Argider!' He yelled angrily. She felt her mouth moved on it own as Argider's voice came out. 'You didn't think I would let you kill my bride, right? I'm not a fool to the rules, but you are. By touching my claimed mate, you gave me the authority to let Maroon temporarily defend her by possessing her body. Try to kill her now.' 'I am done with this family! I will move on but I will make sure you all die!' 'Try me,' she smirked. The earth shook underneath as Velásquez commanded it to cage and crush her. She hit her palms on the ground, spreading her fire to him and hitting the earth back into position. Her body moved, in a flash, she was in front of the old man and punching him 20ft away. Velásquez rolled on the ground and looked around, he knew he couldn't fight the angry Maroon. He smirked and removed a big knife from his pocket and sent it towards Bernice with his telekinesis, knowing the selflessness in Bloom would move first. She ran towards Bernice and pushed her, letting the dagger pierce into her stomach. Bloom screamed out in pain, falling down as she cried. Maroon had to leave her before he too get affected by the poison. 'Good heart, I hate it,' He said sneeringly as he approached her, Eric picked up Bernice and dragged her away as she cried for Bloom. 'You are going to pray for death by the time that poison start working, y...' His body crashed on the floor as Sapphire cut him off by jumping on and pinning him down on the ground. 'Bloom!' Alis shouted, hurrying to her. He knelt down and carried Bloom, his eyes covered with tears. 'Please don't let me be too late, please,' he dragged out the dagger in her stomach, causing her to scream out in pain. His eyes turned maroon as her cry made him rage. He brought out a nephrite knife from his pocket and slashed her palm to take her clean blood. He turned and looked at Link who was coming to attack Sapphire. 'Don't move,' he commanded. 'Jump at my command.' 'Okay,' she said pressing Velásquez face to the ground so he wouldn't warn Link. 'Now!' Sapphire leapt out of the way, the action knocked Link out of balance and sent him flying towards Alisdair. Alis dropped Bloom in a swift movement and stood on his feet. In that brief moment, he grew taller and stronger, strong enough to whip Link down and shove the bloody dagger into his heart. 'Aaaaaaaaaaaah!' Velásquez roared in pain as his entire body burnt. Link cried and shook violently under Alis' hold, he crinkled up as he slowly and painfully withered away. Velásquez screamed, feeling his own body withering. Alis stomped to him in anger and cut his wrist and knelt down. 'You want my blood!' He yelled, roughly yanking his head up. 'Take it!' He forced his wrist into Velásquez mouth, making him drink the blood which also had Bloom's. 'Bloom!' A mix of Leila and Dark's voice in Leila's body shouted and teleported in front of her. She knelt and raised her hands over her as she immediately started chanting a healing spell. Alis took one look at the pain his wife was going through and angrily shoved the nephrite dagger into Velásquez skull and stood up. He watched with delight as his ancestral father screamed in pain until he died. He looked around the place and sneered at the knocked out men. 'Take Bloom and the others away,' he commanded. Leila's body turned into a shadow before she enfolded Bloom in her haze and disappeared. Sapphire already handled Eric and Bernice. Alis took one look at the place before closing his eyes, his body burst into flame, flowing to the ground and surrounding the entire place. That was the end of their troubles. 🌺🍀 Bloom 🍀🌺 I m0@ned as I opened my eyes, my body, especially my stomach hurt so badly. I whimpered again and turned my head around, looking for who would be beside me. Alis was sleeping beside me, his beautiful eyes swollen from too much crying. I forced my hand forward and touched his cheek, he opened his eyes. 'Hi,' I smiled. 'Bloom,' he said with a croak voice. He sat up and touched my cheek, his hand still holding mine. 'How do you feel?' 'Did anyone I love die?' 'Dark was badly hurt but healing inside Leila, Paige is dead.' He said bitterly. 'He killed her?' He nodded as tears rolled down his cheeks. 'It's all my fault...' I sobbed. 'Don't do that, please. We didn't lose much, that is what matters.' He laid back on the bed and pulled me into his arms. 'Did I lose my womb?' I asked sharply. He chuckled and placed a klzz on my lips. I closed my eyes and klzzed him back. His hand went down to my stomach, my stomach stirred. I broke the klzz. 'How long have I been out?' 'Nine days, and no, you didn't lose your womb,' he whispered and klzzed my forehead. 'Am I pregnant?' 'God Bloom, no.' He laughed. I pouted in disappointment. 'But why!' I cried. He rolled his eyes. 'We will work on that soon, I promise.' Better, I want a baby. 'Velásqu...' 'Dead. Bernice is fine as well as your mother, everything is fine Bloom, trust me.' I smiled and started laughing realising that it was all over. I'm free! To be continued. Yay! Heh heh, story ending. 🍂🔥 Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel 🔥🍂

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