The sacred bride episode 44

The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 44
~ Alisdair ~
I ran into the house breathing heavily, my heart was failing me. Paige called, her voice was so low, like she was dying but there was no one there to help her, take her to a hospital. I lost it and zoomed off without Bloom, but her case is for later. ‘Paige! Paige! Little Squirrel!’ I shouted, running up the stairs. I barged into her room and found her sprawled on the floor with eyes sealed close. ‘Paige!’ I ran to her, lifting her up into my arms, I ran out of the room. She was bleeding from her nose and foaing from her mouth. ‘Where the fuck where you when she was all alone!’ I yelled at her nanny.
‘I was…was…’ I pushed her out of my way and hurried to my car.
I paced around the waiting room anxiously, I hadn’t called to tell anyone what was going on, I was too busy panicking to think about that. I puffed and pushed my hair back, my skin was starting to tingle and Argider slowly itched at the back of my mind. What’s his own damage? The door opened, I inhaled and looked at the doctor.
‘I don’t know what went wrong sir, she was starting to get better, I don’t understand…’
‘Just tell me how she is faring!’ I barked.
‘Well,’ he cleared his throat and chuckled nervously.
‘She…I’m sorry sir, we lost her.’
‘What sort of stupid lost her are you talking about! Better start telling me something better before I rip your tongue out!’
‘Sir please calm down, we tried our best but it seems like she was poisoned…’ My head snapped to his partners who just stepped out. ‘The result are out, I could detect a little trace of poison injected into her, a poison that kicked start her dying illness.’ I face palmed myself, fighting the tears and anger.
‘What would she have done to warrant such, she’s just a kid,’ I said gruffly. ‘She was j…’
‘Something is wrong!’ Argider shouted.
‘What?’ I asked weakly, walking forward to rest my hands on the wall. I suddenly felt sick, a heavy banging headache.
‘Bloom! They have Bloom! Paige was a distraction!’ My eyes widened, Bloom!
‘Call any of my family member, tell them the news!’ I shouted and ran out of the waiting room, I had barely ran further when I felt something snap inside of me. I tripped and fell on the floor, groaning in pain. More connections between Bloom and I snapped until there was nothing else. The pain was worse than the stabbing, the doctors tried to touch me but I pushed them away, screaming that they get me my wife. A final hit on my head, like I was hammered knocked me out cold.
🔶🔷♦ Leila ♦🔷🔶
I cried like a baby as Odyn tried to console me, the news that Eric was kidnapped had spread but no one knew who did it except us of course. The next thing was Paige, the poor kid is gone for what she knows nothing about, Bernice too had been kidnapped and finally, Alisdair and mom were in a coma. That is the worse, Alis in a coma. I was helpless, we all were. I had no powers, Sapphire was no where near and Dark, I don’t know.
‘This is all your daughter’s fault! If only she had just kept to herself!’ Uncle Gill shouted. That idiot!
‘Better keep quiet before I kill you for real this time!’ I yelled furiously, they still think I have my powers. I burst into tears again, Alis’ ward was just around the corner. Apparently, everyone thinks he got an heart attack after Bloom was declared missing. I sniffed and cried more. ‘Dark, I need you, do something…’ I sobbed.
‘Leila,’ he whispered. I stood instantly, looking around for him. ‘Come, follow my voice…’ I ran, following his voice to Alis’ private ward and that was when I saw the river of guards filling the hospital.
Give way for The First Lady!
First Lady? I saw two women walked in, one crying and the other sauntering like the world was waiting for her. The first one was the President’s wife and the other was an elderly woman, old yet still walking with her two feet. I gasped realising who it was; Alisdair maternal great grand mother, the eldmother of his mother’s family. I’d heard rumours that she was still as strong as a sixty years old woman, I never believed before because she keeps her identity hidden but now I do. She wore her signature blue shades and flowing blue dress, a small cat with blue stripes carefully cuddled in her arms. I sneaked between the guards and walked to them as fast as I could.
‘Ma’am!’ I shouted. There turned, she snapped her fingers at the guards to leave me alone.
‘Leila,’ she knows me? ‘Just walk.’ She headed off while I followed, holding my skirt as I sniffed. We walked into Alis’ ward, I gasped at what I saw. Alis was so pale he looked dead. His veins were so stretched with a dark maroon, almost leaning to the red side in a mixed way.
‘Oh, my poor nephew,’ Martha sobbed, rushing off to touch Alis. ‘Mom, do something about this.’
‘Calm down,’ the blue woman said and snapped her fingers, all the doctors exist immediately. She smirked and removed her shades, that was when I saw the stricken blue eyes. My mouth fell open in shock, Meghan Blues!
‘You are Meghan Blues!’
‘Yes, I am,’ she said maintaining her smirk.
‘You are Alisdair’s grandmother?!’
‘Great,’ she corrected, walking to Alis. She pulled up her sleeve and placed her hand on his head. The small cat slowly shifted to Sapphire. ‘Surprise? Of course you are.’
‘How come?’ I asked quizzically.
‘I’ll explain later, Dark is searching for Bloom, relax…’ She blew her breath Into Alisdair’s face and stood up. Alis gasped and coughed before going still. ‘It’s a good thing I listened to him, good thing I let him talk me into a backup plan, I owe Dark a lot.’
‘What is happening?’
‘Alis is in pain, his connection with Bloom was forcefully ripped…’
‘Did that bastard fuck my sister!’
‘He knows better than to lay with his son’s bride…’ My mouth fell open again. She looked at me and back at Alis whose color was returning. ‘Velásquez is my father, originally my father.’
‘Mom, just tell her, we don’t have much time.’
‘You see, Velásquez is not a god, he is one of those humans that seeks to play god. In his thirst, he was able to make himself a demigod, one that lived off humans ignorance. You see that virgin ritual he does, it is to regain his strength and life force, not for wealth. Your wealth, your family wealth belongs to you all, he was playing with your minds. For agreeing to do the covenant, your family members become useless and your daughters willingly sacrifice themselves to him to live. That is the flaw in his powers, will.
Every two centuries, he would marry and sleep with a woman, she would bear a son and he would sacrifice that son to add more years to his life. His sons ought to take over after him, not get kill. My father was greedy, he wanted the powers all to himself. When my mother’s turn came, she had a daughter instead, me. Father was furious, he wanted a son because he could only bear a child once every two hundred years. He turned on my mother, beat her, maltreat her in the worse way until she escaped with me, I was ten then. I swore to destroy him, vowed to bring him down, me and my mother…’ She orated her story with eyes closed. ‘We researched, dug deep into his source until we found a way to destroy him, she had to trade her life for that answers, to give me more powers to fight.
That way was by using the same way he uses to regain his energy, to kill him, use his two sources; his son and the covenanted girl. I got married, had my two daughters, one who had Alisdair’s mother and finally, Alisdair. He was perfect, stronger, powerful. The first wife was always his chosen bride, his original one so I twisted it a little, made his bride Bloom. It was so simple, yet everything went wrong.’ She said bitterly.
‘But, Bloom already lost her virginity…’
‘But Bernice haven’t,’ my eyes widened. ‘I missed a part, I didn’t see it. If the chosen girl loses her virginity before the time, her virgin sister can be temporarily used as collateral.’
‘I don’t understand,’
‘A lock of your mother’s hair, a draw of your blood and Bernice is all he needs. At the alter tomorrow morning, he would slit Bloom’s throat and let her blood fill a bucket, mix your blood and your mother’s hair into the blood, heat it up and make Bernice drink it all. That way, he would be sacrificing Bloom in another blood related virgin, he would burn Bernice alive.’
‘What! How is this suppose to help my life! Are you just going to let that happen!’
‘No, not at all. The only way to kill Velásquez is through Bloom’s blood. Her blood gives him strength, her blood which now has Alisdair’s mixed in it will destroy his. Their blood together will kill him, how to do it is what only Alisdair knows.’
‘So all this time, Alisdair have been his great great grandson? Did he know?’
‘Alisdair didn’t, Argider did.’
‘What will happen if Bloom dies?’
‘Let’s me just say reining Argider will be much more difficult.’
‘Will he die?’
‘Scarcely, but the result will not be good.’ She was so calm while I was panicking.
‘They don’t have my blood,’
‘Reasons while they have Eric, he has slept with you a lot when you had your powers, also that necklace on his neck. He might not be you but he is good enough to extract your blood through him.’ Sapphire explained.
‘What do I do? I don’t have any powers again,’ I cried. Alis sat up instantly, yanking his tubes off.
‘You will follow Alis and Sapphire, you will know what to do when you get there.’ I nodded and wiped my tears as Alis stood on his feet, his eyes completely maroon.
‘Where is Bloom?’ He growled.
‘Taken,’ I said sadly.
🌺🍀 Bloom 🍀🌺
I moaned as I opened my eyes, my legs and hands were still in shackles, painful tight gold shackles. I was captured by that slug, he felt so proud. Bernice was tied beside me, whimpering as she tried to sleep. I sighed and looked over at Eric who had her head on his laps, stroking her hair gently. I sniffed, my mind was screaming for Alisdair, waiting for him to burst in and dramatically save me, be my Knight in shinning armour.
‘Bloom,’ I flinched and looked at him, Dark! ‘Don’t scream,’ he said to Eric who was about to scream his lungs out. ‘I can’t stay here for long, I’ll get trapped. There is no way out of here without you guys getting caught, but there is one way to completely scatter his plans.’
‘Which is?’
‘It won’t be easy to achieve, or rather do.’ He said sadly.
‘Just tell me! Anything is needed right now!’ I snapped.
‘Like you, Bernice need to lose her virginity as soon as possible, you have only four hours to achieve that…’ Bernice sat up immediately.
‘B…b…b…b…how?’ Eric stammered in fear. Dark rolled his eyes.
‘You are the only man here, what do you think?’
‘No way!’ Eric and Bernice shouted.
‘There is no way in sleeping with my sister’s boyfriend!’
‘And there is no way I will do that to Leila,’
‘She will understand,’
‘Dark, they can’t do that for anything.’
‘You don’t really have an option,’ he moaned out in pain. ‘I have to go, do what you must.’ He hissed and disappeared. Bernice shifted away from Eric with fear.
‘I can’t,’ she sobbed. ‘I can’t do that to Leila.’
‘Neither can I,’
‘There has to be another way,’
‘There is,’ I said looking at the door which was being unlocked. Velásquez dretched in with three men behind me and one at his side. I looked at the three men, one was obviously emaciating due to too much drugs and the other looked like a psycho. The third was just weird so the right hand man made more sense. ‘If it isn’t His Royal Majesty, you are finally getting more wrinkles, isn’t that sad?’
‘Of course, I forgot your mouth is almost as sharp as Leila’s,’
‘You know it,’ I said, giving him a wink. He growled and rolled his eyes, letting a smirk on.
‘I now feel fulfilled, no one can ever be more wiser than I am, I am a demigod, a king in this time and a king forever…’
‘Well, there’s a lot of egomania swimming in that head of yours, that old head.’ I said sardonically.
‘I’m sure his brain already rotten in there,’ Bernice sniggered.
‘Don’t test my patient brats!’
‘Or what? We are going to die anyways, why bother?’ Bernice scoffed.
‘You mean why not taunt him for the rest of our hours…dude, you smell like curse, go shave that evil forest you call a beard.’ I said swaying back with my shackles.
‘If I stay here, I will kill them, Boris, get the young one ready…’
‘Your fixation over eternal life is what will kill you!’ I yelled angrily.
‘You three, follow me, we must prepare for any surprises.’ Velásquez said nonchalantly before walking out. The Boris guy walked to Bernice and took her shackles, he glanced at me before spigoting the key into the key hole. I inhaled and closed my eyes, hope I still have it.
‘Boris,’ I called softly, looking at him. He looked at me and that was his doom, he got caught. I compelled him to my will, manipulating his mind to do exactly what I want. ‘You are going to take Bernice to a proper place, lay her on a nice bed and make love to her in the most passionate and delicately way. Slowly, magically, nothing else will matter to you than doing what I have ordered you to do. When you are done, let her clean up and take her to where you originally must, not a word about what happen to anyone.’
‘Can’t defile master…’ He groaned in pain as my orb whirled. ‘As you wish, ma’am.’ He went back to Bernice who was sobbing.
‘I’m so sorry Bernice, I know…’
‘It’s okay, he’s sexy anyways, more than my boyfriend.’ I rolled my eyes and smiled.
‘Everything is going to be okay, I promise.’
‘I know,’ she whispered as Boris took her away.
‘I am both speechless, amused, shocked and completely useless.’ Eric ejaculated. I offered him a small smile and looked back at the door. Alisdair or Argider, if there’s one time I need you, it is now. Please, don’t fail me.
To be continued.
Two or three more chapters to go, yes!
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Moment of silence for Paige.
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