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The sacred bride episode 43

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The sacred bride episode 43 by : 7:03 am On August 8, 2020
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The Scared Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 43
I turned on my bed, something was wrong, something was definitely wrong. I felt my wrist being cut, someone cut me but I couldn’t be bothered to wake up, I just couldn’t. My mind screamed at me, howling that I should move before I don’t have one to move again so I did what I had to, I opened my eyes. At my side was a man so focused on drawing blood from me, that he didn’t notice I had awaken. I looked around carefully, wasn’t sure who I was or what he was doing but I knew I had to protect myself.
Like a sudden fire, I jumped up and sprang into his back, wrapping my legs around his waist. ‘Bitch! Get off! You don’t have any powers so I suggest you get off me before I end you quicker than I plan to.’
Leila Nyx Wellington!
Bloom… I sniggered as my memories jolt back to me, I smirked and caged his neck with my hands. ‘That’s the thing, Leila don’t need powers to be her,’ i snapped his neck out of position and jumped down before his body slumped.
‘Good job Leila, I was beginning to think I would lose a lot of money betting on you,’ I spun on the ball of my foot and glared at the new invader. He was freaking too tall and huge, a creepy smile on his face. I looked around once more, this is my room. Morons. ‘I told him you are still strong no matter what…’
‘What do you want? Kill me?’ I asked calmly, slipping back on the bed like I was dizzy. I m0@ned in feign pain and shifted back until I was resting on the headboard.
‘Sleep with and then kill you,’ he smirked mischievously, crawling on into the bed. Pass my hand to my back and giggled.
‘Well, I guess I can have s£× before I die, it won’t hurt so much.’ I winked at him, curling my legs up seductively. The one thing about most men is that they will always be idiots, p√zzy hungry idiots.
‘Good kitty,’ he husked. ‘You know, I’ve always wanted a chance with you,’ he whispered, klzzing up my leg. ‘If you can give me a nice performance, then I might just save you for another day…’ He left his words hanging as the cold metal came in contact with his head.
‘It’s Leila pup,’ I pulled the trigger and pushed his body away. I got back on my feet and sneered at the blue jaguar who had been staring at me the whole time. ‘I am very much sure that you were suppose to protect me, not watch me get killed.’
‘And what fun would that be? If you don’t die, how is Dark suppose to move on?’ She asked sneeringly. I walked to my wardrobe immediately, just in case.
‘We have both broken bonds, what is it to you?’
‘For years I lost my playmate because of you, he had to go live in you and now he cares for you more than he cares about me, you stole my best friend!’
‘Really?’ I chuckled. ‘I didn’t know cats had the abilities to get jealous or fall in love with another breed of their kind.’
‘Well if you didn’t notice, we are not ordinary wild cats, or are we?’ She snapped.
‘Indeed, you are not. You think he is in love with me? A cat?’ I asked, turning to face her as I shut the wardrobe.
‘He cares about your well being more than me. If we were both to be in danger, he would go help you instead of me,’ she said sadly, swiping her tail under her legs. ‘Isn’t that worth being jealous of?’
‘Have you stopped to think that he would go for me because I don’t have any powers and you do?’ She looked at me plainly. ‘And did you also stop to think that he would know I died because you let them? Did you even think about his reaction or how dumb your plans are?’ She opened her mouth and shut it back. ‘That’s by the way, you are Meghan Blues’ right?’ She nodded. ‘Tell me, do you think she wouldn’t know what her pet is up to?’
‘Fine! I made a big mistake but it is not always easy living with the fact that you can never have someone, even animals have feelings.’
‘Dark isn’t responding to you?’
‘He doesn’t even think towards love or companionship, only how to sleep, eat, tease the life out of someone and protect. He’s so weird.’
‘Agreed,’ I said with a little laugh. ‘Don’t worry, as my new friend, when all of this is over, Bloom and I will chip in some few words.’ I winked at her, she laughed and swiped her tail out joyfully.
‘I’m suppose to take you to Meghan,’
‘Good, but first, can you take me to my boyfriend? I need to make sure he is okay. Then next, Bernice, something isn’t right, I can’t feel my connection with her.’
‘Alright,’ she walked over to me and wrapped her long tail around my body. Like a bright flash light was clicked on my eyes, I found myself in Eric’s dressing room. I looked around the messed up room and squealed into my hands, I was in his dressing room! I might be his girlfriend but that doesn’t stop me from being a fan girl. ‘Ladies,’ she murmured.
‘What is your name by the way?’
‘Sapphire,’ she smiled and stood on her hind. She placed her front paws on each side of her shoulders, leaning her giant weight on me. Tingles ran down my body before she dropped down. ‘You can thank me later.’ She turned transparent just as the door opened and exhausted Eric with three men ranting behind him as he frantically typed on his phone came in. Kate was also there looking like she would faint soon.
‘…you’ll make a lot of money sir if you accept this offer. You and our girlfriend will make our magazine a hit…’
‘Sir, why not accept my offer…’
‘Kate, can you please dial Leila’s number, her line isn’t going through and I’m starting to get worried.’ Eric said, ignoring them instead.
‘Ahem,’ I cleared my throat, putting on a bright smile. Their heads snapped to my direction; I was sitting on his third vanity. ‘Hi babe.’
‘Leila!’ He threw his phone at Kate, she caught it with effort. Eric rushed to me and threw his arms around me. ‘I was so worried, what happened? You weren’t picking my calls, weren’t replying my messages…’ I sighed and relaxed into his arms, I’ve missed him. ‘Are you sick?’ He asked touching my face.
‘Yes, I’m fine love, very fine.’ He looked at my body and smiled.
‘Beautiful,’ I looked at what I was wearing, a bright blue dress and white heels. I looked over at Sapphire, she winked at me. ‘Where have you been?’
‘Later,’ I murmured.
‘Can you all excuse me?’
‘Miss Wellington, can you give us a little of your time?’ One of the man asked.
‘Can you all excuse me?’ I asked instead, rubbing my head like I was sick. Kate ushered them out, she walked out and shut the door. ‘Sapphire,’ she looked at me. ‘Is he in danger?’
‘He has nothing to do with this, he is safe.’
‘Who are you talking to?’
‘Don’t bother, Eric I want you to not bother about me for a while, I’m off to somewhere important.’
‘Where? Can you tell me what is going on?’ He asked with concern. I chuckled and wrapped my legs around his waist, sliding my hands down his chest.
‘I lost my powers,’
‘I traded my powers for Bloom’s freedom, I am ordinary now.’
‘Are you okay with it? Losing something you were born with?’
‘No, I am not okay, but I am fine. Bloom’s safety matters to me a lot, I don’t want anything to happen to her.’ I sighed. I honestly wasn’t okay with it, it hurts but what to do.
‘Hmm,’ he circled his hands on my waist. ‘You’ll all be alright,’ he whispered and klzzed my temple. ‘Have anywhere to be? Ella called and said you haven’t reached her.’
‘I didn’t communicate with the father, why should I communicate with the daughter? I have to go now, I need to check on my mother and Bernice.’ I jumped down from the vanity, klzzed his lips and ran out before he could stop me. I walked run pass Kate and the men.
‘Later Kate!’ I shouted and ran straight out of the backstage, Sapphire wrapped her tail around me, I was brought to my room. ‘Ur! Odyn!’ I shouted, he was f√¢king a girl on my bed! They sprinted away from each other, scrambling around like idiots. ‘Dead meat, you hear that, dead!’ I shouted and ran out of the room to where I knew mom would be, her room. She was straddling dad as they made out. ‘Seriously!’
Mom held dad tighter so he won’t break their section, I sighed and went out to the kitchen to wait until they are done. I tried to call Bernice and Bloom but nothing, none answered the call. Three hours later, I was just done flogging Odyn into cleaning my room and the entire house when my phone rang. I brought it out from my pocket and sighed with relief at the caller.
‘Hey sis! Thank goodness you are okay!’ Bloom shrieked.
‘Where are you?’
‘With Alis, we just arrived in New York, he ran off when he got a phonecall.’
‘What phonecall?’ I asked, striding to the kitchen again.
‘He didn’t say, just ran off. I’m at home now, alone though. Wanna come over?’
‘Sure, I will be there after I check on Bernice… How was your honeymoon?’
She laughed. ‘Phenomenon! I’ll give you the gist when you arrive and I want you to give me some few lesson.’ She giggled.
‘My pleasure,’ I smirked. ‘See you in ten.’ Mom walked in yawningly.
‘Expecting,’ I hung up and frowned at mom. She innocently picked up my water and drank it.
‘What? Didn’t your parents teach you how to knock?’ She chuckled at how ridiculous that sounded. ‘Wanna know why I was seducing him?’
‘I think I would rather not know,’
‘I just convinced your father to officially cut all ties with Velásquez,’ a smile crawled up my lips. ‘He will speak to his brothers you – that you almost killed – tonight, they will come to a reasonable decision or I’ll starve him again and poison him if he cheats.’
‘That’s wonderful mom,’ I laughed. ‘Where’s Bernice?’
‘Went out with that boyfriend of hers, Carl or something.’ She said nonchalantly.
‘Have you called to check on her? She isn’t answering her calls.’
‘I don’t want to disturb her peace, she is no longer a kid.’ She shook her head and whimpered.
‘Mom, are you okay? Where’s Ella?’
‘Uhm,’ she massaged her temples. ‘Left with May few minutes before your arrival…damn this sudden headache.’
‘Too much screaming has given you a headache,’ I taunted.
‘No, this one is…’ She slumped to the floor motionlessly.
‘Mom!!!’ I ran to her and knelt down. ‘Odyn!!! Father! Dad!!!! Odyn!!!’ I shouted at the top of my voice. I screamed when I felt a heavy bang in my head, my heart squeezed into in agonizing pain. Bloom!
‘Something is wrong with Bloom, I must inform Meghan.’ Sapphire jumped away. I screamed out more as my connection with her was severely ripped off.
‘Lei…Doretta!’ Was the only thing I heard before I passed out.
🌺🍀 Bloom 🍀🌺
I rolled my eyes as I watched the lame TV show, flipping from channel to channel. I was waiting for Leila, she needs to teach me what to do to get Alis to worship me. Alis got called by Paige, he didn’t tell me what but he panicked and drove off after dropping me. Someone walked in, I crossed my legs and sniggered, probably Theo or Fred. I felt something sting my head, something just pricked me.
My head bang loudly, ripping off my connection with everyone. The person carried me up and that was all I remember before I blacked out.
→ → → Velásquez ← ← ←
I smiled as I looked at my collection, everything I needed was ready, except one. ‘Sire, we have them.’ I smiled at my servant as he dropped Bloom and Eric.
‘What is Eric doing here?’
‘We couldn’t get Leila’s blood, so I thought Eric’s would do, he is connected to her.’ I nodded with pride and satisfaction.
‘Good work boy, good boy.’ Now, time to begin the rituals before any further interruption.
To be continued.
🍂🔥 Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel 🔥🍂

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