The sacred bride episode 42

The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 42
I dropped my bag sat on the bed with a tired yawn, I had a very exhausting trip. I traveled with my boyfriend, he insisted I come along which was odd but I love him so I followed with mom’s permission. I sighed and took off my ankle strap heels.
‘Yo!’ He exclaimed, throwing his bag on the floor. ‘We are finally alone!’
‘I still don’t understand why you had to pull me here, I didn’t inform my sisters.’
‘As long as your parents knows, there is no harm, right?’ I rolled my eyes and dropped my shoes on the floor. I rubbed my ankles and wiggled my toes.
‘So, what are we suppose to be doing here?’
‘Well, it has been three months since we started dating,’ he smirked.
‘You promised me that you will let me make love to you after three months,’
‘Are you kidding me! You brought me all the way from New York to Vermont just to have sex!’
‘Not entirely babe, sire is always ready for anything.’ He said with a creepy smile.
‘What are you talking about?’
‘You are not ever going to see your family again Bernice, you belong to My Lord Velásquez now.’
I gasped and stood up instantly, fear taking over my system. ‘Wh…wh…’
‘For your sister’s disobedience, you will pay the price,’ I quickly picked up my bag to call anybody but he rushed to me and seized my phone. ‘Let me go!’
‘Sleep.’ He shoved his index and middle fingers into my neck, I lost consciousness immediately.
🌺🍀 Bloom 🍀🌺
I screamed laughingly as I ran around the house, jumping over chairs, stools and other furniture I could jump over. Alisdair was chasing me, I had to cleverly dodge him which is intense. After we arrived at the beach, I changed into a pink, green and white floral shorts and white bikini. He made me tie a scarf over my body so no one would see my boobs, I appreciate. We went parasailing, waterskiing and boat riding. After that, we went back to the beach house, took a shower and somehow ended up with him chasing me because he want to spank me.
‘Alis, please leave me alone, I don’t want you to hurt me.’ I whined as I stood on the dinning room table.
‘Run cupcake, I’m still gonna get you.’ He said in a singsong.
‘I didn’t do anything,’ I cried. ‘What I said doesn’t deserve me getting beaten, why would you beat me up.’ As much as I was happy and hyper, I was afraid too.
‘I’m still gonna get you,’ I jumped down from the table and ran back to the living room. I didn’t see it coming, or rather I was too slow to avoid it. Alis did an impossible long jump, flying over the chairs, over my head and landing in front of me. I squeaked and made to run another way but he pulled me back with a laugh. ‘Gotcha! Muah ah ah ah ah ah!’
‘Alis, please, don’t hit me,’ I pleaded shakily. He didn’t say anything, he pulled me over to a chair, sat down and laid me on his laps. He dragged my hands forward, forcing my fingers to hold the thin metal arm.
‘Hold it.’ He commanded.
‘Alis…aaaaah!’ I screamed when a sting shot from my ass, he hit me! I held the arm tight, my lips slowly beginning to tremble. ‘Alis…’ I sobbed.
‘You are not getting it, are you?’
‘You say you love me and yet you are hitting me, I didn’t do anything.’ I sobbed.
‘Bloom, I’m not hurting you, this is a sexual act dummy.’
‘Huh?’ I asked puzzledly, looking over my shoulder at him. ‘How is spanking me a good thing?’
‘Don’t you read,’ he said with an eye roll. I mouthed an “O” as I remembered it from Leila’s lectures. I grinned sheepishly, my face heating up in embarrassment. ‘It can only be enjoyable if you acknowledge the motive behind it, you ready?’
‘I’m in,’ I said blushingly. He smirked and squinted, telling me to look ahead which I did. He trailed his fingers from the nape of my back down my spine to my waist, his fingers sent wave of tingles coursing through me. He rounded his fingers to my stomach, lifting my body up a little so he could tease my bellybutton. I giggled and squirmed, my lower region twitched with excitement and expectation as I waited for what he would do next.
He loosen the strap of my shorts and pulled it down to my knees, the wind grazed against my newly exposed skin, coursing more pleasure to rise in me. I wiggled my butt cartoonishly, causing him to laugh before a hard spank landed on my ass. I hissed and bit my lip, loving the electricity that charged through my body. He spanked me again, rubbing the spot he hit slowly after each hit. I soon started moaning and begging him to hit me more as he whispered a lot of dirty words into my ears.
‘Alis please, enough torture, isn’t it time to make love to me yet?’
‘Not yet,’ he chuckled.
‘I so much hate you! Must you always torture me!’
‘Yes,’ he said simply, pulling my shorts back on. I sat up and glared at him. ‘What?’ He asked innocently.
‘Once this is over, I will make you pay for all of these by starving you for months.’ I said angrily.
‘You are joking, when I want you, I’ll get you.’ He said confidently, we’ll see.
‘Whatever, I’ll be at the patio, away from you.’ I huffed, stomping to the patio.
‘Great! Dinner out on the patio!’ He shouted after me. I hissed and opened the patio door, cursing him mentally.
‘You should calm down you know,’ I flinched and turned to my side, it was a big blue bird. ‘You need to breathe Bloom, he knows what he is doing.’
‘Blues,’ he completed. ‘I know you have questions but they will be answered with time.’
‘I just want to k…’ She flew off. ‘I guess not.’ I sighed, I slipped down to the deck and folded my legs. I placed my hands on my crossed ankles and sighed again, staring at the beautiful lake. The moonlight shone on it, such a beautiful sight.
‘Mm mm,’ I hummed absent mindedly, picturing me staring at the lake with Alis sitting behind me, hands around my body. I pictured him rocking me gently, humming to my ears which he will never do.
‘I don’t wanna fight tonight
Ima let you be right
I don’t wanna fight tonight
Ima let you be right
We can make up if you just
Kiss me at the next traffic light
I don’t wanna fight tonight
Ima let you be right
Let you be right
Oh oh oh oh oh
Ima let you be right
Let you be right
Oh oh oh oh oh
Ima let you be right
Let you b…’ I shook my head as a new image came, me with Alis’ baby in my arms. ‘Trying so hard to forget you
When were you last online?
I should pretend I never met you
But I’m still so desperate all the time
Do I really laugh like that
Do I speak, do I move
Do I look like that?
Can’t remember what I’m good at
Where you at
Where you at
Where you at
I keep looking in the mirror
Till I see myself
I see myself eh
Hey lover, would you blow my cover
Cause I’m not myself
I’m not myself, I
Wake up in the middle of the night…’
‘I’m here!’ He announced buoyantly. I rolled my eyes, not sparing him a glance. ‘Look what I brought along, drinks for the road.’ He shook the bottles he had in his hand.
‘Are we suppose to drink that in an empty stomach?’
‘What do you see in my other hand, a box of snake and ladders,’ he said sarcastically as he dropped the box of pizza and plastic cups. He opened the box. ‘Hope you like ricotta and basil pizza bread?’
‘I love any pizza that isn’t onion, garlic or vegetable flavored, ew!’ I shuddered with revulsion.
‘There’s onion and garlic?’
‘Nevermind,’ I picked up one already cut out slice and stuffed my face with it. I pointed to the drink he was turning into the plastic cups. ‘What’s that?’
‘Smirnoff ice, it’s nice,’ he handed me a cup, I stared at the liquid uncertainly. ‘It won’t kill you and even if you get drunk, it will elicit the fire in you for tonight,’ he winked at me. I blushed and slowly brought the cup to my lips, my eyes on him as he watched me smirkingly. I dropped the cup and ate my pizza instead.
‘What did you do to the drink? Did you doctor my drink?’
‘Why would I do that and even if I did, what’s wrong in that?’
‘Alis, what did you do?’ He waved his pizza nonchalantly and continued eating, he drank his Smirnoff too to shut off my suspicion. I took a sip and fell in love with the drink in an instant. Before I knew it, my bottle was empty.
‘Not the best romance dinner, but I guess you like it?’
‘It is simple,’
‘Is it okay? You know I don’t know much about being a good man for a woman, I’m trying my best but I don’t know if it’s good enough.’ He said sadly, clearly disappointed in himself.
‘You are doing great Alis, really. How do you even know what to do? I haven’t even done anything to prove my love for you, I should be the one feeling terrible, not you.’ I sighed.
‘First, I have two pussy magnets as best friends, one of them who is born to die on top of a woman and a bossy female best friend who practically yells everything she wants me to do. How can I not be romantic? Kristal sent me a whole PDF on how to be romantic or she’ll kill me. Being in love is hard Bloom, but knowing her is worse.’ He said with a dramatic gesture. I laughed shortly and stared at my wedding band.
‘I’m sorry I haven’t…’
‘Bloom,’ he called softly, taking my left hand into his. ‘You loving me back is enough, you putting me above many other in your life is enough reason for me to be grateful. You trust me enough to give yourself despite your fear, I can never ask for anything more.’ I sniffed as I covered my mouth with my other hand, only to remember that it was my pizza hand.
‘Come on, stop crying Bloom,’ I said to myself as I laughed. ‘I think I’m drunk.’
‘I added milk to your drink to neutralize the alcohol, you won’t get drunk, just tipsy. Come on,’ he stood up and carried everything. ‘We need to wash our hands.’ I nodded and stood up too, I skipped into the house and went straight to the kitchen. I opened the kitchen sink and washed my hands with soap, thinking of what he said.
He loves me even with my naivety, I love him too.
‘Mm mm mm,’ he hummed, wrapping his hands around my waist and resting his chin on my head. He joined me in washing my hands, we washed our hands together while I giggled. ‘Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a – Jupiter and mars…’ He sang, swaying me from left to right.
‘In other words
Hold my hands
In other words
Baby kiss me
Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forevermore
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words
Please be true
In other words
I love you…’ I turned around and wrapped my hands around his neck as he sang softly. ‘Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a – Jupiter and mars
In other words
Hold my hands
In other words
Baby kiss me
Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forevermore
You are all I long for
And all I worship and adore
In other words
Please be true
In other words
I love you.’
‘Awwwn, I love you too,’ I cooed. ‘You have no idea how I’ve been waiting for you to sing to me even if you don’t like it.’
‘Don’t expect me to sing for you again, it’s exhausting.’
‘Alright, but you will sing for me sometimes, right?’
‘If my head is upsidedown,’
‘Jerk,’ I frowned. He lifted me up and spun me around, my legs wrapping around his waist instinctively as I held him tighter so I won’t fall. I laughed in a squealing manner. He bounced me up and headed to our room, his lips coming down on mine. I twined my hands around his neck tighter, and sealed him closer until he was pressed flushed against me, protecting and keeping me warm from the chill wind.
Our lips moved against mine in perfect synchronization, his lips seemed to meld perfectly in mine, causing butterflies in my stomach. He opened the room door and walked to the bed, he laid my back on the bed slowly, our lips still locked. His arm moved around me closer, as the other moved every bit of hair out of my face so they would be no obstacle between us. I didn’t want that moment to end, his hand went down to the nape of my neck, rubbing circles on it. He disengage our lips and kissed down my jaw to my neck, turning my neck to a paintwork, his tongue the brush.
He nibbled, sucked and bite on every skin he could take, his hands ran up my stomach, leaving trail of fire to my back. He undid the strap of the pink bikini I wore and slowly slipped it off me. I moaned and tightened my legs, the tingles in my stomach was lit and the ache between my legs was starting to get unbearable. He kissed down to my cleavage, leaving lovebites until his lips brushed against my tits. I shuddered with pleasure, crossing my legs again. I moaned out loudly when he took one into his mouth, throwing me into another state of moaning and squirming. He sucked and nipped on my breasts, slowly and torturingly, causing more fire to stir in my stomach.
‘Alis, please stop…’ I cried. ‘Stop torturing me.’ His hand left my breast and ran down my body, causing the fire in my stomach to spread everywhere his hand went. I whined and bucked my hips when his hand ran pass the waistband of my shorts, running my hands down his back and hoping that would…why is he still wearing a shirt? I yanked his shirt with annoyance, he oblige and sat up, removed his shirt quickly.
He returned his lips to mine this time, letting his hands run down to the waistband of my shorts and finally slipping it off. I kicked the shorts off and wiggled under him, demanding for more foreplay instead of torture. When have he ever listened? He stood up in a rush, grabbed something I couldn’t see from his wardrobe and the next thing I knew, my hands were tied above my head.
‘No! Alis, you can’t tie me up, don’t do this to me!’ I cried, knowing I was in for another one of his heartless tortures. He smirked and wiggled his brows. ‘Alis, stop, I beg you…’ He pulled down my pantie and winked at me. ‘Please, don’t…oh my god!’ I finished with a moan, his tongue made lazy stroke from my slit to my clit, moving back and forth. One hand grasps my thigh as his fingers went to work, pumping in and out of me. With each pass, his fingers curled, hitting my g-spot. He focused on my clit as he sucked and licked my sensitive bud, I wanted him to get lost between my legs forever.
My stomach tightened as I felt my orgasm barrelling through me, gushing out into his mouth. I breathe heavily, the torture of having my hands tied was still there. I whimpered and wiggled as he took off his pants. ‘This is so unfair Alisdair! Let me loose! I need to touch you!’ He smirked again and winked, so annoying.
‘Ready for the main teasing?’
‘Tease me again and I’ll kill you,’ I threatened.
‘Mm hm,’ he hummed, settling himself back between my legs. He rubbed himself against my entrance, tantalizing me with his movement. My eyes watered, my body was in desperate need for him but he wouldn’t stop teasing me. I raised my hips, trying to push myself into him but he maintained his taunting.
‘Gosh! Alis!’ I shouted desperately. ‘Please, I beg you, stop…oh my!’ He thrust himself in a little, I moaned and bucked my hips, asking for more which he oblige to. He pushed his cock deeper, almost to where I needed it, he pulled out. I screamed in frustration as he laughed. ‘Alisdair! Just fuck me already!’ I shouted in tears.
‘Do what now?’
‘Please,’ I cried. ‘Stop torturing me, aren’t you satisfied yet!’ He leaned down and kissed my ear.
‘You want more of my cock, right?’ He whispered dirtily, rubbing himself against me again. ‘Right?’
‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I want it, please give me!’
‘I’m tired, we’ll do this tomorrow…’ I screamed out in frustration, kicking my legs as he laughed.
‘What did I ever do to you!’
‘You made me fall in love with you,’
‘I swear Alis, you will pay for this, I swear on every hair on my…fucking cheesestick!’ I screamed out as he entered me with one powerful wicked thrust. My face contort into discomfort and pain,
‘Sorry,’ he apologized. ‘Tell me if I’m getting too much for you, okay?’ I nodded, eager to get as much of his length in as possible. He only moved in halfway, still torturing me with incompleteness. He started thrusting his hips slowly while I frowned, not enough. I moaned out with satisfaction as his thick member fully sank into me, he groaned out my name. I rolled my eyes back as I moved my hips, urging him to go faster.
He didn’t want me to enjoy that easily, he slowly started teasing my movement, going extremely slow. He moved his lips back to my lips and muffled my grunts, I bit his lips. He lower region still thrusted inside me as he swallowed my muffled moans. I clutched unto his neck imaginatively, clawing my nails on his neck. He increased his pace, I closed my eyes and fell my head back, imagining my hands sliding down to his chest. He pushed himself to my hilt, making my moans grow louder, it seemed to cause him to go faster. He switched his hand from my breast to my clit, stroking me at the right time.
Every time he plunged himself in, he went deeper than the first, it was a feeling of being full yet not full. My hips jerked up again, urging him to go faster as I tightened my hold on the headboard bar. He looked at my hands, seeing how white it was getting. He finally stop the slow torture as he began pounding me with an uncompromising intensity. His thrusts were dominant, fast as hell. He broke down every wall left in me, dominating me completely. I couldn’t handle his relentless hammering, the pace was too much. ‘Alis, slow down,’ I begged. He slowed down to a level I could handle. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he undid the bind to give my hands freedom. My hands went to his neck immediately, needing to hold him urgently for support, so I won’t drown in the high current of pleasure shooting through my system.
‘Faster,’ I urged him, feeling like I could handle the next stage and I sure did. He pounded me so fast I felt my senses being deleted. He unentangle my legs from his waist and placed them on his shoulders, switching to a side-to-,side and up-and-down motions. The move hit me straight in my g-spot, causing more crazy moans to splutter out. Just when I was about to cum, he pulled out and turned me to my right side, kneeling and straddling my right leg and curling my left leg around his side. He gave my butt three spanks before he plunged into me, he took to rubbing my clit as he pounded deeper.
‘Oh my,’ I breathe as I felt my orgasm pour out like tidal waves. I dropped on the bed smiling. He soon found his own release and laid beside me. ‘That was amazing!’ He chuckled and wrapped his hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him. ‘I’m still going to pay you back.’
‘Either way, you are mine now.’
‘Yes, I am.’ I giggled. We laid there in silent, I was counting how many children we would have. We stayed there in silent for minutes.
‘What are you thinking about?’
‘How many children do you want?’ I asked, looking up at him.
‘Humph,’ he kissed my temple. ‘As much as you want love.’
‘Even if I want fifteen?’
‘As four as you want,’ he rephrased. I laughed and rolled on him, straddling him and going into a reverse cowgirl position. ‘What?’
‘Let me try,’ I said with my best seductive voice, running my hands down his chest. He watched me intensely, curious to know what I’ve got. I kissed his jaw down to his chest, imitating what he did to me. I licked his nipple and looked at him, to ask if I was doing it right. He nodded. I smiled happily and licked his nipple again before taking it into my mouth and flickering over it like he did to mine. A small groan vibrated through his chest, I looked up and smiled at him. I continued teasing his nipples as I stroke him from under, grinding myself torturingly on him.
I watched his face cross with pleasure, his eyes closed and hand in my hair and the other guiding my hip. I started kissing south, making him tense with anticipation. I smiled as my lips went down to his area. He moaned and pushed me down so my lips would brush against his hard cock. I forced my head up and took his length into my hands, ready to do to him what he did to me. I stroke and glided my hands up and down, torturing him like he did to me. I added my mouth to his torture, stopping when he was at his peek and pushing him into frustration.
‘Stop fucking messing with me!’ He yelled. I smirked and sat up, flipping my hair sexily.
‘Now you know how I felt,’ he growled and dragged me up, I put my knees and shins inside his legs and under his thighs. He lifted me up and sank his length back into me. I scrunched my nose in pain and pleasure, he twitched inside me excitedly. ‘Oh…’ He started started rotating his hips impatiently. ‘Alisdair, slow down!’ I shouted as he moved me instead.
‘Move faster,’ he snapped. I chuckled and rocked my hips slowly. ‘Bloom!’ I continued slowly, he tried to hold me but I swat his hands away. With an animalistic growl, he flipped me on the bed, bending my body stomach flat on the bed. He pushed my legs closed, raised my hips a little and began pounding relentlessly. The position made me seem more bigger than usual.
‘Calm down…ah yes…oh…’ I moaned as he rammed into me until we both released. He didn’t give me time to torment him again, he threw the duvet over us and pinned me down.
I giggled and snuggled into his chest. ‘I love you Bloom.’
‘I know, I can’t love you less either.’ He kissed my forehead. I shut my eyes to sleep but as I dozed off, I saw an image of Bernice chained and in tears but it was gone as soon as it came.
To be continued.
Poor Bernice.
🍂🔥 Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel 🔥🍂

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