The sacred bride episode 40

The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 40
‘No!!! Everything is ruined!!!’
‘Sire, you should calm down…’
‘No, it’s all for waste!’
‘What about your backup plan? You mentioned you had one days ago? Isn’t that still intact?’ My servant asked calmly. I sighed, remembering my plans.
‘Yes, I remember that now but it won’t be as effective as the original one will be,’
‘Yet enough to keep you alive until the next one is born?’
‘Yes Keith, it will be enough.’ I nodded.
‘So, what is the plan? How can I help you sire?’
‘Get me Cassandra, or rather, tell her to bring me Bloom as soon as possible, with immediate effect.’ I instructed.
‘I thought you would let me help this time? I tire of staying in one place.’ He said disappointedly.
‘Oh, I have a much more important job for you, a task only you can handle.’
‘I will gladly help you sire, what can I do?’
‘First, tell Rein that it is time to end Leila, I want her dead after he takes a pint of her blood and tell Tony to bring me their sister, Bernice…’
‘The last daughter?’ He asked quizzically. ‘Whatever does she have to do with this?’
‘What one virgin can’t fill in for, the other would.’
‘Oh,’ he said in realisation. ‘I will see to it…how do we get Bloom away from Argider without getting hurt?’
‘You mean how would YOU get Bloom away from him, you are to get me Bloom and a lock of her mother’s hair.’
‘How? He will kill me if I go near his bride, especially now they are fully connected.’
‘Kill the little one he loves, the small girl, Penny…?’
‘Paige,’ he corrected. ‘I don’t think killing her will be wise…’
‘Then do whatever you must do! Just use the little girl to get him away from her so you can take Bloom! Whatever means; possession, accident, attraction, anything! Just him get away from her!’ We are running out of time!’
‘Yes, sire,’ he bowed. I will always win.
🌺🍀 Bloom 🍀🌺
I blinked slowly as I stared at Alisdair, he was still fast asleep, exhaustion written over his cute sleeping face. I woke up an hour earlier, I felt light and different, the heaviness I had been carrying around since forever was gone. I’m no longer a virgin, I felt so different on the inside, at peace but still worried. Is Leila alright? What if Bernice gets hurt? I was stuck worrying about them, stuck trying not to regret what have already been done.
‘You need to stop worrying about your sisters, they will be fine,’ he said softly. I smiled and trailed my finger on his lips. He opened his mouth and bit my finger gently. ‘How do you feel now?’
‘You should know,’ I said shyly. He opened his eyes, it was glistening with love, pride and concern. ‘Good morning my darling groom.’ I said smilingly.
‘You are mine now,’ he said with pride, his eyes roaming down my clothed chest. The blanket covered my body halfway, showing off my open nightgown. ‘Almost mine.’
‘Almost?’ I asked confusedly. ‘What other process is there to take?’
‘Hmm,’ he hummed and moved his face closer. He kissed my jaw and then sucked on my cheek tenderly. ‘I need to show you how true love making feels like, what it can do to you.’ My face heat up as I looked away from his face.
‘Now? I’m still feeling some slight pain,’ I said sheepishly.
‘Then we will wait until sunset, you up for a date?’
‘What kind of date?’ I asked expectedly.
‘Pick one, a visit to a carnival, picnic at a campsite, at a countryside or picnic at a beach?’
‘Beach!’ I squealed. ‘I’ve always dreamt of having my honeymoon at a beach, you know, a real love making honeymoon?’ I said, looking at him desperately.
‘Alright, picnic at a beach it is, we can go…’
‘Back to your beach house? Please?’
‘We will have to tell mom and Kristal before we leave, what plans do you have there?’
‘My to-do-list isn’t that much, let’s have a picnic another time.’
‘Is that what you really want? Can you walk well?’ He asked with concern, letting go of my waist. I sat up and moved my legs, I got out of the bed and walked a little. ‘Feel any pain?’
‘A little,’
‘With the way you are walking, everyone will think I fucked you too hard,’ he said chucklingly. I giggled and straightened myself. ‘I haven’t fucked you yet…’
‘I will take some pain reliever, I’m sure I will be fine before we leave.’
‘Alight, your plans are…?’ He asked calmly, sitting up on the bed, the bedsheet falling off his chest. My mouth watered at the sight of my husband’s muscular “divinity.” I bit the tip of my index fingernail shyly, shifting from one foot to the other. ‘Bloom?’
‘Waterskiing, windsurfing, parasailing and boat riding,’
‘You can’t do all that in a day, it will cause us two days over there.’
‘That’s even better, I want to spend as much time with you as possible Alis. We can just do the ones we can today, please?’ I asked looking at his torso lustfully. I rolled my eyes at his smirking face.
‘Like what you see?’
‘Love,’ I said with a wink. He laughed and shook his head. ‘I better clean up, wanna come?’
He did his sexy slow blinking and smirked. ‘I would have loved to, but I will save it for tonight. In the meantime, while you go bathe, I will prepare breakfast.’
‘Why don’t you let me cook for you?’ He stood up and wore his slippers.
‘I’m use to preparing my own meal,’
‘What use am I then if I can’t cook for my husband? I don’t do anything for you, I just sit there and look pretty.’
‘You have a school planning to begin with, remember?’ I rolled my eyes and folded my arms, no smile on my face.
‘How does work connect with me cooking for you?’
‘Bloom,’ he called softly, walking to me. ‘Do you know I love you?’
‘Do you know I can co…whoa!’ He lifted me up. ‘I can cook Alis, why don’t you trust me?’
‘Okay, let’s make a deal, shall we?’
‘After everything is settled, we will make a time stable, who will cook each week. I’m not doing this because I don’t trust you, I do, honestly. I’m use to cooking, we can both do that, okay?’
‘We will discuss this later,’ I said looking at the scar above his left breast. ‘I was meaning to ask, what’s with the scar on your left breast and the long one on your back that looks like you have been whipped countless of times?’
‘I was whipped by my father,’ he said lowly. ‘Growing up as a child, I was given seven rules; don’t smile, don’t laugh, think fast, never trust, love no woman because they are trash, keep no friends and show no sympathy. It was called the Seven Laws of The Kendrick, each seven rules has consequences for each flaunting.’
‘Your father hit you?’
‘And never let me had a normal childhood, no friends. If I kept any, I received the appropriate punishment; getting whipped at the back of my palm with an iron rod…’
‘Eric and Sebastiano…?’
‘The two brothers who won’t let me be, I really liked them so we were secret friends at first, the stroke on my back was for smiling and assisting an old woman old enough to be his mother. I already have all the scars except the one on my back and chest removed, to remind me why I would forever hate him, hate them.’ He explained bitterly, his grip around my waist leg tightened before he lowered me into the jacuzzi.
‘What did your mother do?’
‘Nothing,’ he said with a sick smile. ‘Absolutely nothing,’ he closed his eyes, his shoulders becoming tense, jaw hardening and fists turning pink from how hard he was clenching them. ‘She was barely around to see me get hurt and when she did see me, she didn’t care one bit. She didn’t do anything not because she couldn’t, but because she wouldn’t.’
‘Maybe she was scared…?’
‘At first that was what I thought, not until I realize she only cared about her hair and makeup, the parties and dressed that must be in her wardrobe. She neither cared for me nor my brother…’
‘You had a brother?’ He opened his eyes, tears slipped out immediately.
‘I should have been home, I shouldn’t have left for that exam or he would have been alive now. Johnathan was the only reason I fought to impress father, the only reason I still stayed. He didn’t have the level of tolerance that I did, he couldn’t handle the pains like I did. Was it a sin to want a normal life? What was bad in wanting to be a zoologist and marine biologist? That were his dreams but that didn’t come true. Dad locked him up in a windowless room, a room as cold as a refrigerator…’
‘That’s awful…’
‘Four days Bloom, four fucking days!’ He shouted, his voice becoming deeper. ‘He wasn’t given food or water, he was left locked up and forgotten until I came. Father killed him and all he said was “he wasn’t a true Kendrick, couldn’t face a simple punishment. When I was his age, I faced worst from my father, you should get stronger too.” Who does such to a seven years old!’
‘And your mother?’ I sobbed, cupping his cheeks.
‘That bitch didn’t find out until five months later, when she wanted to take us to a party and show off…’ He laughed hysterically. ‘Guess what she said when she found out, “who’s dead is dead, dress up Alisdair, we’ll be late for the party.” That was all she said.’ He licked his lips while I wrapped my hands around his neck.
‘Is that when you met Mrs. Snapper?’
‘Yes, my mamaw hired her to teach me when I got admission into Oxford university, home training since I was registered online.’
‘Now I know why you love her so much, she was there for you when you had no one, Eric and Seb were too…’
‘And Kristal and Paige’s mother, they were the family I never had. I wanted to kill my parents myself but death beat me to it. I don’t regret their exit from earth, if I was given the chance, I will capture their spirits and pound them if possible.’
‘Why was your father like that?’
‘Not all family that seems perfect and envy worthy is perfect Bloom. Like us, we had never gotten deeply intimate before but everyone out there thinks otherwise. The Kendrick are cruel bastards, cold hearted fools that grew their heir to be heartless so they will always go for what they want no matter what stands in their way.’ He growled, I could feel his anger radiating from him to me.
‘You are angry Alis, do you want me to try giving you a er…what do you call that thing girls do to their boyfriends? You know, go on their knees and put…’ I pointed at his pants sheepishly and put my finger in my mouth. His eyes knot in amusement before the same expression flashed in his eyes. He face wrinkled up as he laughed.
‘Blowjob Bloom, it’s called blowjob,’ he laughed. I moved back and played with the hem of my nightgown.
‘I tried,’
‘Don’t worry love, I will teach you how to do that later,’ he winked at me and bounced out. I smiled and ran my fingers through my hair, I stopped him from being angry. I loomed at myself in the mirror, my blue eyed reflection. She winked at me before returning to me.
Yeah, everything will be fine.
💚 Sebastiano 💚
I gathered all the signed documents in one place, stacking them on top of each other the best orderly way I can. I was quite stressed out, planning Kate’s surprise vacation to release both of us of the recent stress. I yawned and stretched, leaning back on the chair as I stared at the beeping intercom. I lazily reached forward and pressed the button.
‘Sir, there is a certain Miss Kate…’
‘Seb, let me in already!’ Kate shouted. I chuckled and cracked my knuckles. ‘I’m waiting!’ She said in a singsong.
‘Let my girlfriend in, she’s always welcome.’
‘In your face bitch!’ Kate exclaimed childishly. I cut the intercom off and continued arranging the documents. The door opened, she popped her head in with a doll grin. ‘Good morning to you,’ she sang.
‘Good morning to you,’ I sang back. She giggled and walked in, swinging the polythene bag she had with her. ‘What’s in there?’
‘I dropped by your place this morning but was told you left very early without breakfast, so here I am.’ She dropped the bag on the table.
‘I already ate,’ I pointed at the plastic plates on the glass table at the sofa side.
‘Why do you leave it out here?’ She complained, she looked around the office with arms akimbo and grind her teeth. ‘So disarranged, so dirty, must clean…’ She is a clean freak, a big time one. I continued working while she lamented as she cleaned the office to her satisfaction, organized it as well. When she was done, she tapped my table; time to clean mine.
‘Don’t even think about it,’ she furrowed her brows, daring me to try and stop her. I sighed and pushed my chair back so she could get on it. She smiled victoriously and quickly cleared the table, wiping it until it was spotless. She rearranged the files alphabetically, organized my pencils and pens, cleaned the computer set and rearranged everything in the drawers.
‘There, spotless,’ she said with a satisfied smile. I looked around the office and frowned, she rearranged everything and made it too shiny.
‘I don’t like it, too clean and orderly,’
‘Well, I love it clean and orderly.’
‘This is my office, not yours.’
‘You are my boyfriend, I have rights to make everywhere shiny,’
‘That point is irrelevant,’
She twisted her nose. ‘As long as you are dating me, you must love organizing and…miss a spot…’ She cut herself short and went to clean the clean spot she “missed.” I mean, I love a clean place but not too clean and organize like hers, too orderly.
‘This is too clean, you already made my house spotless, why do this to the only place I can find solitude.’
‘When I leave, you can change it back,’ she said stubbornly. I rolled my eyes to what she was wearing, my dick erected immediately.
‘Kate, can you come here for a second?’
‘Why?’ She asked, dropping her waxer. ‘I have to go back to work, Eric gave me time. I have to book and cancel his appointments, arrange his schedules and…’
‘Aren’t you gonna kiss me before you go?’ She turned and stared at me suspiciously. ‘I just want to kiss you,’ she walked to me still staring at me with suspicion. I caught her wrist and dragged her down to sit on my laps.
‘What are you doing?’
‘Ride me, please?’
‘No, I have to get back to work. Just because Eric is your cousin doesn’t mean I should misbehave, I have been working for him way before we started talking.’ She said coldly. I scoffed and glared at her.
‘Aside from the day we got together, you won’t let me touch you again. Are you going to be one of those sex restriction women? I love sex Kate, what the fuck do you expect me to do when I’m horny? Sex myself when I have a girlfriend? Kate, p…’
‘Please, you talk too much,’ she sighed. ‘Did you really think I walked in here with a red mini skirt and no underwear just to clean your office? Of course not. I plan on getting a quickie if you are up for it…’ She teased my bulge through my pants line.
‘I’m in,’ she smirked. Lifting up her skirt, she slowly put her leg at the other side of me and straddled my laps. I yanked her closer until she was seated on top of my large bulge which was sticking out of my tailored dress pants. Her naked self brushed against my pants. I kept my eyes on her as I leisurely rubbed her waist seductively while she struggled with my belt. I ran my right hand up to her chest, she didn’t seem to pay attention.
She freed my belt and quickly brought out my cock, I watched her with amusement at her impatience. She rolled her hips and twisted on my laps as she lowered herself into me. I grunted as I felt myself being fully sucked inside her tiny hole. Everything she did was amusing which I marvel at, love is ridiculous.
She began bouncing on me, throwing her head back as she moaned. I loved the way her ass bounced on top of me, the slapping sound of our skin and her moans echoing in the quiet office. She wasn’t just jumping and riding like all the crazed-lusty woman I had had all my life, she was different and I savored every single thrust. I shut my eyes and felt the way her ass twirled and swirled elegantly, teasing me and increasing my desire. I held her hips tighter as I pumped inside of her, feeling my member swelling. I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the sounds of our skin and moans, the way she sank her nails into my head. Her raw passion was just like a drug, one I was addicted to.
Soon her thrust became harsh and urgent, rolling and whirling her hips around, her movement fastened as I felt her clench hardly against me. She finally released herself with me and slumped on my shoulders, panting heavily. ‘I can’t feel my legs,’ she groaned.
‘Still wanna go to work love?’ I asked, stroking her hair.
‘I think I’m going to stick around for a while, Eric can wait.’ Eric will fire her soon.
To be continued.

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