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The sacred bride episode 4

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The sacred bride episode 4 by : 6:10 pm On June 8, 2020
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The Sacred Bride
Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 4
‘Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..’ Eric, my jinxed sister and Alisdair laughed me, I ignored them pressing the bag of ice harder on my broken d!¢k. Alis was cruel enough to send my sister the video, she’s a sass queen, the moment we are in the same room, we fight from the beginning to the very end. Her name is Kristal, my sister from another mother but the same father. Back to the main point, my nose was broken, it was like that girl’s fist is made out of iron.
‘Can you guys shut up!’ I snapped. They only laughed more. Even though it was three days already, I still can’t walk well. Investigation led me to the barman who said she has a sister named Barbara, the list of people in the club only had three Barbara and they were blonde and brown haired. Surveillance camera caught them walking in, yet their names weren’t on the list, they snuck in. No one saw them leaving because of the blackout.
I’m going to find that girl and make her pay.
‘Ooh ha ha ha bwa ba ba ba ha ha na na na,’ that stupid girl laughed mockingly. I huffed, this is all that girl’s fault!
‘I warned you to leave her alone, that not all girls are sluts but you wouldn’t listen,’ Eric laughed. They continued laughing, I need to find that girl, she humiliated me.
‘Sir,’ my head bodyguard called, he stood at the door.
‘Did you find her?’
‘I was able to get information that a girl who wears that exact same mask with that midnight black hair works at Mr. Kendrick’s casino,’ I looked at Alis with a grin.
‘Which one?’ He asked with a plain face, a moment ago when there was no stranger here, he was laughing.
‘The middle class casino downtown,’
‘You can go,’ I said with a smile. Alis brought out his phone, his smile returning immediately the guard stepped out.
‘What do you wanna do with her? Have her punch your eyes into your brain?’ Kristal asked jestingly. I removed the ice and threw it at her. ‘d√¢k ice!’ She screamed and whacked it with her hand before it hit her. The ice fell on Eric.
‘Gross! Broken condemned d!¢k ice!’ Eric screamed and threw it back at my face. The ice punched my face hard, almost as hard as that girl’s punch. ‘Enjoy your ice.’ They burst into laughter again. Stupid family, stupid badluck girl that insulted my charms… Wait., what am I gonna do with her anyways?
‘Bad news, the girl and her sister who always wear mask quit last week. According to the manager, from the day they started working until now, no one has ever seen their faces but the good news is that we have a name.’ Alis said laughing shortly.
‘So? What’s their names?
‘Meenah and Babe Johnson,’
‘Who’s Babe?’
‘The sister, the one you are looking for is Meenah Johnson.’ Yes! I’ve got you now.
I clipped on a pair of silver earrings as I slipped on my silver pumps, Leila was laying upsidedown my bed, her hair falling to the floor as she stared at me. I decided to go for the job, try my luck but she got another job at a casino. I don’t know why she can’t work in a normal places, casino to be precise.
‘Are you sure you wanna work at a normal place? Working at bad places is fun for our lives.’
‘I haven’t gotten the job yet, I’m just gonna try and see where it takes me. We need decent jobs, at least one of us should get one.’
‘Okay, since that is the way you put it.’
‘Alright, I’ll be back before dinner,’ I said picking up my silver bag.
‘Oh please,’ she smirked mischievously. ‘Take your time…’
‘If you prepare meatloaf for dinner, I swear, I will shave your eyebrows until you look like a baldhead idiot.’
‘Challenge accepted,’
‘Leila, don’t, please.’
‘Chill, I won’t prepare meatloaf,’ I sighed with relief. ‘I’m making prunes.:
‘I’ll eat on my way home,’ I walked out while she laughed.
‘Be home for dinner honey!’ She shouted with a shrill singsong voice. Wacko.
Oh no! I am so in trouble! In big big trouble! What happened? After spending five hours waiting for my turn amongst the thousands of people – female mostly – that came for the interview, it was my turn. The interview wasn’t just for fund manager, other parts were needed so they came. I walked into the office – awesome by the way – sat down and was minding my business, patiently waiting for the boss to arrive when the coffee machine in the room started misbehaving, it was sparking. Being me, I stood up, walked to it and tried to fix it as the self trained electrician I was. I always carry my little kit in my bag as a smaller purse so I took it out and fixed it myself.
So, after I finished, my stupid legs took me to the box on the chair beside the coffee machine table, I touched it and some kind of sticky web shot out and there I was, wiggling on the floor trying to break free.
This is so uncomfortable!
The door opened, I saw expensive black shoes with golden belt walk in. I didn’t bother looking up, if I wasn’t going to be jailed for theft, then I’m done for. The shoes walked to me and then the person squat down. I found the courage to look up, my eyes got stuck at his face. Oh my God! He’s the….oh….I can’t breathe… Oh my….oh me God.
‘So you want to steal?’ His voice was amazing, oh my God! Leila would freak if she sees this hottie.
‘No,’ I coughed.
‘Then why are you tied up?’ What are you doing Bloom! I puffed and smiled nervously.
‘The coffee machine was malfunctioning so I fixed it,’ I used my eyes to point to the tool purse. ‘Then after fixing it, I saw the box and got curious, the end.’
‘Hmm,’ he looked at the kit for a long time before averting his eyes to me. My hair was over my face due to my struggle. ‘Your hair, I’ve seen this colour before…’ He said absent mindedly, his eyes zoning in on my hair in thought.
‘Well duh, this color isn’t that rare,’
‘Not the colour, the glow, it’s….’ He kept quiet and touched something on the web rope. The stupid thing snapped open and unwrapped itself, I sat up immediately and watched him as he picked up the thing which folded into a ball and stood up. ‘Arrange your hair and sit down or leave,’ I stood up with relief, arranged my dress and hair well again. I walked to the purse, picked it up and returned to my chair where my bag was.
‘Good morning sir,’ I greeted politely.
‘Afternoon,’ he corrected, going through some files. ‘Name?’
‘Bloom Wellington,’ he raised his head and arched a brow at me. ‘Not THE Wellingtons, just Wellington.’
‘Your face….’ He trailed off and looked at the glass wall with a far away look.
‘How old are you? What are you applying for and why do go think I should hire you?’
‘I’m almost 26, I’m applying for fund manager and I think you should hire me because I….er….I don’t know,’ I shrugged. ‘I’m very good at managing, economizing things. If you hire me, I might even forbid you from touching the company funds without proper reasons and explanation. I mean, why will you touch it without at least listing out 30 reasons why you want to use the money, in papers…..’
‘Experience, do you have any experience?’
‘I’m beautiful,’ he chuckled and wrote something down on his book or whatever that giant thing is.
‘Drop your number and name with the secretary, she’ll let you know if we consider you for the job.’
‘Ok sir,’ I stood up with my bag. ‘Until then.’ I scurried out, that was not an interview. Oh well.
I tapped my pen on my lips thoughtfully, it’s definitely her, the lady I saw two weeks ago. I was stuck in traffic, getting late for an important business meeting and boiling with rage. Not until she ran out of a ice cream shop laughing, her hair was literally glowing under the sunlight, the brightest vermilion glow I have ever seen. Somehow, staring at her made my anger die down, especially when her violet were were flashing. I didn’t bother myself then, the traffic moved so I drove out. Ever since then, whenever I got angry and upset, her face always snuck into my head and calmed me down. Here she was, an opportunity to know what type of person she is.
What is there about her? I’m going to find out. Wait a minute, that day, a girl with black hair chased her out and they were both laughing. The two masked girls caught on camera at the club had the same hair colour. Could it……heh heh heh, Bloom.
I inhaled the fag with anger, I was at a casino with a friend, unable to get my mind out of that bitch. Turns out her name isn’t Meenah Johnson and I’m back to square one.
‘Don’t worry man, you’ll find that bitch out.’ He assured me, I still don’t feel better.
‘I just can’t believe a girl will do such to me, I’m Sebastiano for Pete’s sake!’
‘Shhh, just calm d….’ A waitress tripped and spilled her tray of drinks on him. He flared. ‘How dare you!’ He yelled, slapping the girl to the ground.
‘No! She poured drinks on my expensive clothing!’ The manager ran to us. ‘Is this how you serve here!’
‘Calm down please, Luna! Luna! Come here with a bucket please! Somebody get Luna!’
I was at the changing room, my shift was over and it was time to go home. My shadow pet, Dark was sitting on the floor behind me, he’s a shadow panther, main source of my powers.
‘I just don’t know what you are worried about Dark, Bloom wanted the job so I let her go, what is wrong in that?’ He had been scolding me all morning for letting her go. ‘What do you mean I shouldn’t have let her go to that particular company? What’s wrong in that?’ He groaned and purred. ‘Speak English, not panther.’
‘The moment she stepped her feet there, her destiny have been changed but I am not sure whether it’s good or bad.’
‘Dark, you are annoying me, speak straight.’
‘Luna! Luna! Boss needs you!’ Somebody shouted from outside, I sighed and packed my hair up.
‘Everything is changing, something isn’t right,’ he disappeared. I shrugged and carried my bag before walking outside. My shift have ended so I’m not working. I walked to the manager with my mask still on.
‘Luna, where’s the….’
‘My shift is over, send someone else,’
‘You!’ Someone snorted contemptuously, I rolled my eyes to the person. Uh oh. I grinned.
‘Oh hello,’ I purred innocently. ‘You’re alive, how come?’ He looked like someone who was about to explode, cute as a toad. He snapped his f!ng£rs, some huge men walked to me like giants. ‘Bye!’ I sprinted for my dear life.
‘If she escapes! I’ll kill you all!’ I ran out of the casino, I beeped my car open and jumped in. I drove out, almost running over one of the men. And Bloom said not having a plate number is bad, it’s awesome. Dark appeared at the passenger seat with a “I told you” look.
‘Ok I get it, you warned me not to take this job, I’m done with nightclubs and casinos. Happy?’
‘He’s going to get you, but he is the least of your problems. I can see two problems before you, one which will be too much for you to handle.’
‘Might telling me so I can avoid it?’
‘No,’ he stretched on the seat. ‘I’ll just let it unfold and enjoy the movie,’ I rolled my eyes.
‘Whatever it is, I can handle it.’ I said confidently.
‘I’m not dead, am I? I’ll live to see if you can or not. Trust me, you will handle one but the other will either drown or cook you.’
‘How is that any better!’
‘It’s not, I just love amusement. This ought to be interesting.’ He purred and shut his eyes. Whatever, I am Leila, I can handle everything.
To be continued.
Over confident is a disease, who agrees?

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