The sacred bride episode 39

The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 39
~ Alisdair ~
I held mother’s cold hand as I stared at her pale body, tears in my eyes as I remembered all she had done for me. She had suffered a lot, gone through a lot of pains and she indeed needed a rest. I just wished she could have waited a little bit longer, until I can give her what she really wanted; a grandchild. Even though she wasn’t my biological mother, she deserved it more than my late biological parents ever did. I sighed and ran my other hand into her hair, if only Argider would listen to me and try to heal her, he wouldn’t listen. Argider is determine to end our curse with us and not let it pass on to our children, just let it go. If not, I would have healed mother a long time ago.
I sniffed the air with a tight smile as Bloom wrapped her hands around my neck, leaning her head on her arm. ‘Alis,’ she called softly.
‘I’m sorry, for ruining your day. I had so much plans for tonight but everything…’
‘It’s neither your fault nor mine, don’t you dare blame yourself because I’m not blaming me, we wouldn’t have known something like this would come up.’
‘That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t blame myself,’ I sighed. ‘I should have checked on her but I was so busy planning your birthday party, so busy thinking about only you I temporarily forgot about her.’ She removed her hands from me and scoffed.
‘Are you indirectly blaming me? Trying to say that it was my fault?’ I swirled the chair around and looked at her apologetically, I didn’t mean it that way. ‘I didn’t ask you to do all these for me, I didn’t even ask you to marry me in the first place…’
‘Bloom, I didn’t mean it like that, I swear…’
‘You were heading towards that direction and with time, you will fully convince yourself that it was all my fault.’
‘I will never do that, just calm down…’
‘Well before you start blaming me for your mother’s death, I actually came to tell you that Leila figured there is a way to bring her back. Your mother might be dead but like other spirits, she will stay around and watch her bodt and love ones for days, sometimes hours, weeks and even until she is buried. Leila can pull back her spirit into her body and that’s where I come in, I can seal it back in. The only problem now is that I already used up a lot of light healing you earlier today so it might not work, but we still need to try. The other thing is that she will only last for five to seven years, do you want us to do it or not? I don’t even need to ask, I’m just gonna do it before I become the murderer of someone’s mother.’
‘Bloom please, I don’t need any nagging or drama right now, I’m not in the right state of mind for it.’
‘Well sorry,’ she scoffed. I looked at the wall her sister stepped out from with a haze. ‘Leila, can you do it now?’
‘What will happen to Bloom, will she get hurt?’
‘No, I’ll be fine. This is my first birthday party, I don’t want it to be my last.’ She muttered at the end, looking away from me.
‘But…’ She pushed me aside gently and walked around to the other side of the bed. Leila raised her hands over mother’s body and shut her eyes. Soft inaudible words left her mouth, each word increased the haze flowing out of her body and surrounding the room. I looked at Bloom who was looking back at me with a frown, did what I say really hurt her?
‘I love you,’ I mouthed. She rolled her eyes away. I walked over to her and took her hand. ‘I’m sorry, for what I said.’ I entwined my fingers with hers and offered her a small smile.
‘You terrified me, it hurt.’
‘I’m sorry, I should never have said that. I know it’s nobody’s fault, I’m just emotional and…’
‘I understand, I’m sorry for behaving like a nagging wife,’ she said wryly. I rest her head on my shoulder and looked at Leila, demon shadows crawled on the walls, laughing and squealing. The fog whirled around the bed, trapping us inside as the entire hospital building quaked. Lights and windows shattered, things fell and cars honked. Something jumped into mother’s body, like a blue light. ‘Excuse me…’ Bloom left her words hanging as she removed her hand and head. She placed her hands on mother’s chest and shut her eyes, her body slowing radiating of bright yellowish orange light.
The temperature of the room rapidly turned hot and the heat burnt into my skin painfully. I went under the bed to avoid the heat, the quaking was terrible. Everything came to an abrupt stop, only the ringing in my ears and pounding of my head was all I could feel. I came out from under the bed and stood up; Bloom was panting as she leaned on the bed, Leila was staring at her with concern.
‘Did it work?’ I asked expectedly. She shrugged. I closed my eyes and placed my hand on her heart, I could hear faint beating. I laughed and smiled, she’s going to be alright. ‘Bloom!’ I enfolded her into a hug. ‘Thank you so much, thank you…whoa!’ She slumped down weakly. ‘Don’t pass out, please.’
‘I’m just tired, call the doctor and let’s call it a miracle,’ she murmured weakly.
>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<< Bloom walked into the bedroom with a tired yawn, she was extremely exhausted. Honestly, it had been two days since her mother in-law woke up, everyone had forgotten there was a man who wanted her dead waiting around the corner for her days to run out. Alis had been in and out of the hospital, he still had work to attend to so he only visited the hospital while Bloom practically lived there. It was the first time in two days she had stepped into her own bedroom, her stomach grumbled from hunger and her legs could barely move. Alisdair who was sitting on the bed, going through some files looked up at her her and sighed, she looked terrible and lean and needed real pampering. 'Hey, you came home,' 'Yeah, mom got sedated so I had enough chance to sleep for hours. I just came here to get some clothes and see you, we haven't gotten the chance to talk since the incident.' He dropped the file, his expression moulding into one with concern. 'Is everything alright? Are you feeling sick from...' 'Alis, I'm fine. What I want to talk about is different, very important and...' 'Pause,' he said, raising his index finger. 'First, you need to rest, sleep a little. I will make you dinner but first run your bath,' 'I don't need one, just for you to listen to...' She bit her lip and fidgeted because of the "dare me" look he gave her. She kept her mouth shut, walked to the bed and sat down. 'What about mom?' 'I'll call Kate and Kristal, they will cover for you but tonight, you are sleeping home.' He concluded, she knew nothing she said would change his mind so she laid back on the bed to enjoy her little rest time. Even in her sleep, she couldn't stop thinking of her decision, if it was right or wrong. She knew he needed it; she needed it, she was damn tired of the fear and game, tired of the bottling and pains, she just wanted to let everything roll off her back. Halfway through her sleeping decision, she was awaken. She sat up tiredly and looked at the tray of garden salad and chicken with green tea, she looked up at Alis who was heading into the bathroom. The room smelled like lavender and lilac, it smelt nice. She ate her food, pondering about the decision she had made and thinking of how he would take it, how she would tell him. 'Bloom, are you done eating?' He called out from the bathroom. 'Almost!' She shouted. 'Hurry in here please,' she quickly ate the rest of her food, drank her tea and stood up. She plodded to the bathroom, mentally rehearsing how she would say the words to him. She opened the door and lost her breath instantly. The lights were off and white candles flickered on every counter top in the bathroom. Lavender scented candles surrounded the tub which had purple rose and lilac petals floating on top. Soft jazz music floated in the air, one melting her heart. 'You had this done in how many minutes?' She asked amusedly, as she took off her sandals. She stepped her small feet on the petal covered floor and giggled. 'Three hours, you have been asleep for that long,' 'Wow, it's beautiful Alis, thank you.' She smiled, his romantic act only made her glad about her decision. 'After this, I'm going to see if I still have my massaging skills in tact, you need one,' he said with a boyish excitement, glad that she was pleased with him. She leisurely took off her dress, every movement seemed like seduction to him. His erection pricked against his pants, this wasn't the right time to yearn for her body, she was still recovering. 'When will be the right time! We are running out of time!' The voice yelled in his head. Unlike his inner person, he was considerate and determined to be gentle and patient with her. 'Alis, what if I don't just want a massage?' She asked with a coy smile as she lowered herself into the tub. 'What if I want your hands to do something more than massaging?' 'I won't do it,' she made a gesture for him to sit which he complied, sat at the edge of the tub. 'Alis, I'm ready, will you make love to me now if I ask you to?' He blinked in shock, he wasn't expecting that at all. 'I don't want to hold back anymore, I don't want to keep dying of sexual frustration, I don't want you to keep starving because of me. Every night you go to bed with desire consuming you, knowing fully well that there is a woman you are legally married to right there to take the heat away, but can't touch her. What about your mother? I want her to be there when I bear our first child, I want to carry your baby Alis so I am ready. I don't care about the covenant, I have you and Leila to protect me, I'm no longer afraid.' 'Are you sure about this Bloom? It would hurt you,' 'I bore two, I can bear one more.' 'Maybe...' She didn't let him finish, she dragged him into the tub with her, he fell into the warm water. 'You are really serious about this, aren't you?' He sighed. She nodded and offered him a warm smile, he beamed back at her, feeling happiness starting to cloud his head. 'Don't fret,' he said softly, taking her hand. She shut her eyes and relaxed as he washed her, her nerve chilled each passing second. When he was sure she was clean, he reached down and graced his lips with hers, sliding his hand between her thigh as the other went up to cup her breast. His tongue slipped into her mouth, finding hers and feeling tingles run down his spine. They kissed as the soft jazz music tuned the air to their favor, his finger already penetrated deep inside of her, adding fire to her electrifying body. He broke the kiss and kissed her jaw as her hands tried to loosen the strap of his half length jean pants, desperate to feel his length in her hands. He went back to her lips as he assisted her with the pants, pushed it down slightly along with his boxers. She didn't waste time in helping him bring forth his member, it felt odd in her hands but she liked it. 'Bloom,' he called, moving his lips to her ear. 'I want you to hold still and bear, can you do that?' 'Okay,' she murmured shakily. He guided himself to her opening, sitting between her legs as he gazed into her eyes, her beautiful violet eyes glistening with fear, worry, anticipation and doubts. Her tits heaved up and down as she breathe deeply, panic suddenly setting deep inside her as realization of the fact that she was seconds away from losing her virginity and probably endangering her entire family kicked in. She analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, weighed the scale and consequences. He saw the look of contemplation in her eyes, she was changing her mind and he wasn't ready to let that happen; not when he's so close to finally claiming her as his. His lips found hers again, kissing away the doubts and fear. He kissed down her neck, slowly easing himself into her tight opening, the best unnoticeable way he could. 'Um Alis,' he breathe; she might have little knowledge on things like this but she was certain he was bigger than average and his pulsating tarse might not fit in. He tossed her doubt away as he finally entered her with one sharp thrust, just in case she wanted to stop him. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as tears immediately ran down like a stream. She thought getting stabbed multiple times by spiritual knives was painful, she was fucking dumb and naive. The pain was worse than the first two because this time, she felt the fire and knife consuming one spot, her sex organs. Her heart squeezed tight, pulling her veins into a twist, a terrible loopy twist. She clamped her hands over her mouth and screamed into it, she felt things, invisible ropes snapping inside her, connections breaking in her. Her chest heaved up and down like a lion who just finished chasing three bulls, her vision was spotted and black. He looked down at her with a pained face, she was free now but then, the connection snapping off was painful. He pulled himself out of her, causing a loud scream to come out of her mouth, shattering the glasses in the bathroom and blowing out all the candles. Wind blew against the house, flying all light windows and doors open, turning into a storm inside the house. Her scream silent and she passed out. He got out of the tub which water was mixed with her blood, he smiled to himself, his eyes turning red. She would only feel the pain now, but when she wakes up, he will show her the true pleasure of sex. → → → → → → → → → → → Leila screamed at the top of her voice as she rolled on her bed, in complete pain. Her body was on fire, her heart ripping into two but no one was there to hold her. Dark and Sapphire jumped into her room, they knew what they had to do to save her. 'Leila,' he called. 'It burns Dark, what is going on!' She screamed in tears. 'Help me!' He nodded at the blue jaguar and leapt into the bed. He tilt his head up, one paw on her chest before he roared so loudly the entire building quaked, the whole street. She grunted as series of shadows dashed out of her body, haze and energy flood out into the mouth of the roaring cat. The symbol on his back glowed, light gray stripe flowed down from it to the tip of his claws on her chest. With a final roar, he pierced the tip of his claws into her chest, into her heart. She passed out instantly, everything she had gone. He climbed down from the bed and stared at her sadly, she was no longer his master, she was no longer the Mistress Of The Night, she was just plain enchanting Leila Wellington. It was the little sacrifice she had to pay for her sister, for her own existence and for her peace; he would definitely miss her. 'She'll be out cold for days, he will kill her before then.' 'I am at my full peek of power, go, I'll watch her, you need to rest.' Sapphire offered. 'Thank you, don't let her get hurt and when her boyfriend or anyone else comes for her...' 'Blind them to her physicality, to her presence.' Sapphire completed with a assuring smile. Dark smiled, and with one last look at the sleeping human, he jumped back to where he came from. . . . . . To be continued. Few more chapters to go, anticipate and unlock faster 🍂🔥 Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel 🔥🍂

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