The sacred bride episode 38

he Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 38
I laid on my side, watching Alis sleep in so much pain, he took my pain and I knew it. He let out soft whimpers as tears ran down his eyes even though he was asleep. I wiped his tears off every time, crying along with him. One hand clasped against mine tightly, squeezing it and causing me pain but I didn’t mind. His other hand wrapped around my waist was strangling it but I still didn’t care. His phones was ringing because it was eight in the morning and he needed to be at work but he couldn’t wake up as he bore my pain.
‘Bloom,’ I bent my head back to look at who called me. It was no other than Dark; he looks different, taller. ‘Good morning?’ I nodded. ‘He’s still unconscious?’
‘As you can see, isn’t he suppose to be some kind of powerful person?’ I asked calmly, averting my eyes back to Alis.
‘This is the first time he is feeling pains, he had never had a cause to feel pain, nothing hurts him. That’s why he is like that, he will be fine.’
‘But he’s hurting, I was thinking I could help, stop it?’
‘How do you intend to do that?’ He asked smirkingly, yes, he smirks.
‘I was thinking I could use my healing light, it might not have worked on me but it can work on him, right?’ I asked hopefully.
‘Well, you’ll never know until you try,’ I looked down at Alis again and rest my hand on the crown of his head. ‘You will pass out for hours, you know that, right?’
‘Mm hm,’ I hummed, shutting my eyes to concentrate. The surface of my skin tingled with as I felt sparks at the tip of my fingers and electricity curling around my toes. my energy ran out of me before I passed out.
‘Morning sunshine!!!!’
‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!’ I screamed, falling off the bed in a thud, heart attack! I held my chest, breathing heavily as I watched Kristal and my sisters laugh their ass out. ‘What sort of conspiracy is this!’
‘Boredom conspiracy,’ Leila said with a wink.
‘Alis! Alis! There are three mad women in our room! Help!’ I shouted frantically, their smirks were terrifying me.
‘Your darling husband has gone out, you are all alone,’ Kristal exaggerated with a mischievous smirk. I gulped and shifted back on the floor.
‘What do you girls want from me?’
‘Bloom, what happened to your hair? It’s shorter?’ Bernice finally took to notice.
‘Alis cut it off,’
‘Why?’ Kristal asked with a wryly smirk.
‘He likes it this way,’ I lied, giving Bernice and Leila a knowing look. They nodded with understanding and smirked again.
‘Gets ready pumpkin! We’re giving you a makeover!’ Oh boy.
The limo parked at an occasion, it looked like Alisdair was launching a building or something. A red carpet laid forward to the platform where he stood, separating the rows of chairs from each other as Alis lazily gave a speech. The press were making good use of their time, taking pictures and waiting to be the first to get any wrong move. Some of them turned to our car, wondering who the fuck was interrupting Alisdair. I inhaled and smiled at Leila nervously, I know no one ever remembers it but every year I wish they would and surprise me.
‘Come on babe, let’s storm the party!’ Kristal squealed.
‘It’s not a party, it’s a boring talk,’ Bernice said with distaste as she wore her face mask. Leila put on her black shade and smirked. She decided to score her death look, went all full black including her makeup. She looked like Dracula’s first daughter in a crazily ripped black stock jeans, black top with side ribs and black chunky boots with side chains. She wore black beads and a black Rolex wristwatch bracket. She went ahead to adore her neck with black bead as well and finished the touch with black rose perfume; she’s crazy.
Kristal decided to be the rainbow of the team; a sea of red, green, yellow, blue and peach plunge neck top over a funny flare orange, pink, violet, indigo and white pants and curban boots heels. She just dressed so flamboyantly that it seemed like rainbow rained on her. Bernice, she stole my cocktail dress, shoes and everything so I was forced to wear something else, something to suit Kristal and Leila’s taste. I wore a creamy camisole with flowery edge and bronze leather shorts that showed off more skin than needed and a matching bronze leather kimono jacket over it. The jacket had flying collars and a single gold strap belt that shone from miles. They wore me creamy wedge sneakers, gold Royal Lovat bead chains, gold cuff bracket and gold wristwatch.
Leila opened the door since she was sitting by it and stepped out, followed by Bernice and Kristal before I nervously followed. I adjusted my gold earrings and shyly linked my arm with Kristal. You know Leila and I are crowd pullers, right? Well, mine had increased and it was amazing. We walked to the front, ignoring the questions and stares as Theo and some other guards kept us safe. I sat down sheepishly became Alis’ eyes were on me the whole time, he winked at me before rolling his eyes away with a smile.
‘Love,’ Kristal sang teasingly. I laughed and played with my hair.
‘Are we really going to listen to his speech? It’s lame.’ Bernice whined.
‘Let’s talk about dicks,’ Leila whispered.
‘Leila,’ I whispered dryly.
‘That’s a great topic, check out that hot bodyguard of Alis, Fred…’ Kristal whispered. ‘I bet he’s 7inches, will hit the right spot very well.’
‘I can bet thirty thousand that he’s fat and long, too fat to fit in a tiny hole…’
‘The fat ones are better, feel in every space…’
‘Bernice, since when did you become a dickionarian?’ Leila asked in surprise. She giggled and played with her hair. ‘Have you been sucking on random dicks?’
‘Hell no!’ She shouted out loud, gaining few attending. ‘I haven’t been sucking on random…’
‘So you have been sucking on one…’
‘Leila,’ I called laughingly. ‘Leave the girl alone, she’s not a kid.’
‘I’m still innocent, I swear,’ Bernice defended distraughtly. ‘My mouth isn’t but I haven’t done anything I shouldn’t do,’ Leila gave her a a knowing smirk. ‘Okay fine! My new boyfriend, Chad, he have been teaching me some few stuffs but we haven’t done anything yet.’
‘Ooooh! What’s the flavor of his dick…’
‘Kristal!’ We shouted. She rolled her eyes and grumbled to herself.
‘Prude,’ she muttered. ‘Won’t share details…’
‘Bloom, can I have your attention please?’ I averted my eyes to Alis who was leaning on the large glass pulpit with five microphones and staring at me with a warm smile. I looked around embarrassedly and gave him a questioning look. ‘Do you even know why I asked your sisters to kidnap you here?’ He asked them to bring me? I looked at the girls questioningly. They shrugged with an innocent smile and giggled. ‘Please, come take my hand.’ I stood up instantly, my fingers had been yearning to be in his and ask him questions about his health.
‘Are you feeling better now? Any more pains? Is your head still h…’ I reached forward to touch his forehead, he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bright red ribbon. I looked into the building and gasped, is this a school? A highschool? ‘Alis, what’s going on?’
‘Scissors please,’ he said softly to his new secretary. She handed him the scissors with a smile, everyone seemed to know what was going on but me. I looked around not hiding my confusion as Alis snake his hands around me from behind. He kissed my temple and then my cheek. ‘I love you Bloom, do you know that?’
‘Can you tell me what’s going on?’
‘Happy birthday pumpkin,’ he chuckled. I froze, how did he know? I looked at Leila who was smirking and then Bernice with mouth open. ‘Come on, cut the ribbon, it’s your dream school.’
‘It’s my birthday,’ I said dumbly. He laughed and guided my hands into cutting the ribbon. Everyone clapped while I remained nonplus. I’ve never celebrated my birthday, we weren’t allowed to but he just did with a big gift. I turned around and cupped his cheeks, his hands still on my waist. ‘You bought me a school?’
‘I was already done building it, when you mentioned how you loved to have a school, I thought why not give it to you on your birthday.’
‘But I don’t celebrate my birthdays, how did you…’
‘I’m a snitch,’ Bernice giggled from beside us. ‘That’s stage one, wait until you see the rest stages.’
‘I have a school,’ I said dazedly. ‘I have a school!’ I shrieked. ‘Oh my God!’ I squealed excitedly, jumping in his arms as he laughed. I have a school! I couldn’t stop screaming and crying in joy, my first birthday gift. I latched my lips on his, not caring if my family saw it.
I have a school!
~ Alisdair ~
I waited at the entrance of the building for the limo to bring Bloom, I had spent all my time working on her first surprise birthday party and getting everything right. That was why I was busy, just for her. The limo finally pulled at the red carpet, my eyes were fixed on the door to reveal what Kristal have done. Theo opened the door, Bloom came out looking as confuse as I expect her to be. I walked to her with a smile, she was fidgeting terribly.
‘Milady,’ I said with a gentlemanly bow, taking her hand delicately. I kissed the back of her palm and winked at her. ‘Welcome to stage two,’
‘A party for me?’
‘Huh uh,’ I linked my arm around her waist and led her into the building. ‘You look beautiful pumpkin,’ I confessed, looking down at her dress. Kristal outdid herself with her makeup, jewelry and dress. She blushed and nodded sheepishly. ‘You don’t feel comfortable in the dress, do you?’
‘It’s too revealing,’ she whimpered, trying to drag the split of the dress together.
‘Don’t worry, I will rip it off you,’ I winked at her. She laughed and nudged me.
‘Save that for the bedroom,’
‘Don’t make promises you can’t keep,’ I said seriously.
‘I’m promising my good looking husband a hot night, what’s wrong in that?’ She asked with an innocent smirk.
‘I’m going to make that lips of yours curl up in pleasure,’ I whispered into her ear, she shuddered slightly. ‘Should I make you wet for me now? I can easily do that with my words.’
‘Alis, not in public,’ she whined, squirming in my hold. I pulled my lips away from her ear and chuckled.
‘Bloom!’ I winced. ‘There she is!’ I looked at my aging grand aunt and smiled lopsidedly. She pulled Bloom away and strangled her in a hug.
‘Mommy Martha, nice to see you again.’
‘Where have you been? Hope this brat have been treating you well? Are we expecting now?’ She asked, bending down to look at Bloom’s stomach.
‘Oh no ma,’ I looked around for mom and Paige, they ought to be here. I sighted mom talking to Kaitlyn, Eric’s secretary.
‘Excuse me,’ I said lowly. I hurried to them, why is she wearing so much makeup? ‘Mom!’ I squealed boyishly and enfolded her in a hug. Her body temperature was high. ‘You are burning up,’
‘I’m fine, just tired. After I wish Bloom well, I’ll leave, is that okay?’
‘Of course, sorry I had to drag you out…’ I touched her forehead. ‘So hot, are you sure this is normal?’
‘It is, just tired.’ She smiled.
‘What about me? I’m hot too,’ Paige whined. I reached for her and carried her, she giggled and cupped my face. ‘When is my baby brother coming?’
‘Soon angel, soon,’ I kissed her forehead. She laughed and began talking about her stay in mamaw’s place. I kept my eyes on Bloom as she went around with Aunt Martha, receiving greetings and compliments. Damn! She was killing me with her hotness, how long was I going to keep my dick to myself. Enduring the horniness was getting much harder, I just needed to keep her awake all-night, releasing all my bottled up passion.
The thought alone was starting to affect me, I shook my head and lowered Paige down on my body, just in case I get a boner. She won’t know a thing.
‘Mom,’ Bloom smiled, walking over to us. She went on her knees to hug mom. ‘Sorry to keep you waiting,’
‘It’s okay, happy birthday love.’
‘Thank you mom,’ she looked at Paige. ‘Little lady,’
‘Big mommy,’ Paige giggled. ‘Happy birthday, have you seen my gift?’
‘All the gifts are sent to the house, you’ll view them tomorrow,’ I said looking at Bernice who was signalling me that it was time. I dropped Paige down.
‘I’ll be back.’
🌺🍀 Bloom 🍀🌺
I laughed as I spoke with Mrs. Snapper, Alis’ funny talkative grand aunt and her daughter. They are quite the pair, telling me stories of Alis I know never happened. I wasn’t feeling that bad about the dress again, I was doing fine. It was a sleek pink and ultraviolet ombre dress with a long side split running up to my mid thighs. The dress had a surplus necklace and a pretty side bow. I wore a glassy clear platform triple ankle strap heels. Kristal wore me some kind of diamond bracket wristwatch, a pretty one that must have cost a fortune and a Christie’s diamond pendant – I least I think it is – I looked expensive.
‘Excuse me,’ Alisdair’s voice came from everywhere. We all trace the voice to another larger room, a gasp left my mouth. My photographs hung everywhere in the midst of different coloured roses and blossoms. The floor was littered with petals and crystalized vines hung down the ceiling making it look like a beautiful winter night.
🎀 Happy birthday my love 🎀
😻 My life took a new light the day I first set my eyes on you 😻
😽 My world changed from black and white just by seeing your smile, getting to hear that voice that makes my heart do flips 😽
💖 Time and time again, I have to pinch myself when I see you next to me, to make sure I’m not stuck in a dream and even if it’s a dream, I don’t ever want it to end. My deepest wish is that you always be at my side because loving you is the best thing that have ever occur to me. 💖
🎁 You are my love, my joy and the treasure I get to enjoin. You make me laugh when I don’t want to smile, make me hurt when I thought I could feel no pain. 🎁
💋 You are the yan to my yin, the spirit that fills my empty soul, the one whose lips I can never get use to. 💋
💏 No one else matters when I look into your eyes, nothing else exist when I have you in my arms. 💏
🌹 My morning bloom, the sun that rises and set in my life. You are the flower of my life, the one that makes my cold heart beat. 🌹
💘 Loving you will never be a mistake my pumpkin, I love you more than my breath can exaggerate. Happy birthday Bloom. 💘
Were the notes written boldly under each pictures. I stood rooted in the middle of the room, crying with mouth clamped as he stared at me. He pushed himself off a covered something and walked to me with a boyish grin. ‘Stage three, complete.’
‘This is so beautiful Alis, where did you copy the notes from? You are not very good with words.’ He rolled his eyes and muttered to himself.
‘Your sweet mother pinned me down and asked me lot of questions about how I feel and at the end of the channelling section, she had all these written out.’ He admitted, wrapping his arms around my waist.
‘So, it’s your heart felt words?’
‘I guess so, is it bad?’
‘It’s beautiful,’ I sobbed, encircling my hands on his neck as his hands slid down to my hips. We swayed to the slow instrumental of reflection of passion, it felt like just us, no one else was in the room and they fucking didn’t matter. ‘I love you Alis, both of you.’ I said jokingly. He laughed and licked his lips, eyes roaming around as others danced too.
‘Stage four, you ready?’
‘After this,’ I pulled his head down to kiss me but he pulled back and took my hands off his shoulders. He squeezed my hands gently and started walking backwards towards the covered something, his eyes never leaving mine.
‘I had this made two years ago, it was completed yesterday. I was going to use it myself but then, I knew you would treasure it more than I will.’
‘What is it?’ He let go of my hands and stepped closer to the thing. He smiled and tapped the boxy stuff. The box started pulling up, something bright flashed in the room, catching all attention. When the box rose up completely, I was gaping at a shiny new car.
‘Specially designed, just for me – for you now though – golden Bugatti La Voiture Noire, I paid millions of euros for this shit to be made so better consider it your second husband.’
I shrieked in excitement, jumping and clapping. I hurriedly tried to open the door, he threw me the keys. Everyone was commenting in a murmur as I cried and squeal. I opened the door and saw gift five…
‘So, I did good, right?’
‘Awwwwwn, Alis,’ I sobbed, running over to him. I threw myself on him. ‘I don’t know what to say, how to react, what to do. This is just…I…’ A loud commotion from the other room startled us. ‘What’s going on?’
‘Hold on,’ some brave men trooped out with Alis. I went back to admiring my car, I haven’t even talked about my cake.
‘Bloom! You have to come!’ Kristal shouted. I ran out immediately, I gasped at the sight of Alis crying and shaking Mrs. Snapper as Paige wailed.
‘What…Theo!’ I shouted, Alis wasn’t in his right state of mind. ‘Get the car!’
~ Alisdair ~
‘I’m sorry Mr. Kendrick, we lost her.’ The words reverberated in my head as I stared at the doctor with mouth open. She wasn’t suppose to die so early, she was okay.
‘Alis, I’m so sorry,’ Bloom cried, hugging me from the side. ‘I’m sorry…’
‘She’s gone?’
‘Yes, we are sorry. Her sickness had increase…’
‘Why the fuck didn’t you save her!!!’ I roared, grabbing him by the throat. ‘Why did you let her die!!!’
‘Alisdair, please calm down,’ Bloom cried. Seb and Eric tried to remove my hands but I didn’t want to leave the man as bitterness gnaw at my heart.
‘Calm down man, just calm down!’
‘Alis please, don’t make my day worse, please.’ Bloom cried, I let go of him. She would be feeling like shit now, like she caused mother’s death. I walked back and leaned on the wall, burying my face into my palms.
This is not how I expected today to end.
To be continued.

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